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Warwick Build Guide by ConanOfCimmeria

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ConanOfCimmeria

Werewolves of London (Tankwick in the Jungle)

ConanOfCimmeria Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build for Warwick. End game you will be pretty much invincible. You will be able to take an incredible amount of damage and do a lot of damage too. I hope you like it! :D

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-Awesome ganker at level 6
-very good jungler
-unstoppable late game
-great at chasing and finding champions below fifty percent health
-can sustain lots of damage

-somewhat weak early ganker (before level 6)
-If early ganks go bad it will take a while to get good
-very susceptible to cc
-not the highest damage Warwick build; although it has a lot more survivability

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Jungle Route

start at the wolves => blue => wraiths => double golems ...port back and buy boots...
=> wraiths => red => GANK! (At this point you should be level 4 with boots and blood scent making it difficult for people to escape you). At this point you need to pay attention to the jungle and your teammates. Get blue when it respawns around 7:10. Don't hesitate to help your team mates! When you reach 6 you can pretty much gank anyone as long as your teammate/s are on board.

Once you have Mercury's Treads madreds bloodrazor Spirit Visage and Thornmail you should be able to solo the baron by yourself as long as you have the blue buff. If you are going to try this, make sure your team mates are doing something to keep the enemy occupied.

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Item Order

Start with the Long Sword => Boots of Speed => Madred's Razors => then build Mercury's Treads (if they are really AD heavy you can build Ninja Tabi but if they have and sort of cc keep the mercury's treads) => Pickaxe (I build this before the Recurve Bow because the Pickaxe makes your ult do a lot more damage) => Madred's Bloodrazor (This is the only damage item I build on Warwick, it makes him enough of a threat to anyone that they cant ignore you) => next build a Thornmail or the Spirit Visage (it depends if your opponents are doing more ad or ap damage) => I then build the one that i did not build => next build either the Guardian Angel or the Banshee's Veil (If they have a lot of cc build the banshees, you may even consider building it earlier instead of the Spirit Visage, if not build the Guardian Angel; It is hilarious when they put everything into killing you and then you get back up to keep on terrorizing them)

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Item Alternatives

You can mix up the items to meet your gaming preferences

Frozen Mallet I do not find this item to be very helpful for warwick. The health and damage are nice but the slow is a bit excessive. If the enemy is below 50% health then you should easily be able to chase them with blood scent. If they are not under 50% it might not be the best idea to be chasing them. There are many exceptions to this but over all I think it is better to avoid this item on Warwick.

Sunfire Cape This is a pretty viable item for warwick. It gives him armor and health to increase your survivability. At the same time it gives you a nice passive that damages every enemy around you. It works well with Infinite Duress too. I prefer a Thornmail* to this item but the sunfire cape works.

Wit's End is also another popular warwick item. I build the Spirit Visage instead of the wits end because the spirit visage increases the healing from Hungering Strike Infinite Duress Eternal Thirst

*I choose Thornmail instead of other alternatives such as Frozen Mallet and the Sunfire Cape because it gives you a ridiculous amount of armor for the gold cost. It also makes you less desirable to attack by ad characters. I think having more armor is beneficial because Warwick is only able to heal himself so much. I would much rather take less damage from attacks so that when I heal myself I will be gaining a higher percent of my health back. The Thornmail can also give you that edge you need to defeat almost anyone in single combat. The added armor also helps you tower dive or chase fleeing enemies who think they will be safe under a tower. Although the passive on the Sunfire Cape works well with your ult.

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Eternal Thirst

Eternal Thirst
- Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 6 / 12 / 18 health. Each successive attack against the same target will stack this amount of healing to Warwick up to a maximum of 3 stacks per strike. The stacks remain for 4 seconds.

Warwick's passive allows you to jungle without armor or lifesteal. I always take the long sword so my jungle is faster. You have enough for a potion but i usually don't buy unless I am afraid that the enemy jungler will try something. It is important to let this stack to 3 times before using hunters call for maximum healing.

Hungering Strike

Hungering Strike
- Takes a bite out of enemy unit for damage and heals Warwick.
Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75/125/175/225/275 (+1 per ability power) and 8/11/14/17/20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

Cooldown - 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
Cost - 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
Range - 400

This is one of the best attack in the game. It allows Warwick to stay alive almost no matter what is happening. Use this attack to sustain yourself during battle. It does percentage magic damage. Use it against enemies who are building atmogs (atma's impaler and warmogs armor) or a lot of health in general to hurt them a lot and to heal yourself for a large percentage of that damage.

Hunters Call

Hunters Call
- Warwick lets out a howl, increasing all nearby friendly champions' attack speed for a short time.
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80% and all nearby friendly champions' attack speed by half of that for 10 seconds.

Cooldown - 30/27/24/21/18 seconds
Cost - 35/35/35/35/35 Mana
Range - Self + 1200 AoE

Hunter's call can make the difference in many team fights or when you are fighting enemies 1v1. It increases the attack speed of you and your teammates. It helps to get through the jungle fast in the beginning and late game it can help your team burn towers really fast.

Blood Scent

Blood Scent - Warwick passively senses weakened enemy champions around him. The scent of blood sends him into a fury causing him to move at incredible speeds.
Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 distance of him; Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20/25/30/35/40% Movement Speed.

Cooldown - 4 seconds
Cost - Passive/Toggle
Range - 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700

This passive makes Warwick a terror to anyone under fifty percent health. It increases your movement speed and gives you sight of enemies who are under half health when these enemies are in the range of your ability. It makes Warwick and effective ganker early on. You will be able to chase down almost every character.

Infinite Duress

Infinite Duress - Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them and dealing damage for a few seconds.
Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 1.8 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40/60/80. Warwick gains an additional 30% lifesteal while performing Infinite Duress.

Cooldown - 90/80/70 seconds
Cost - 100/125/150 Mana
Range - 700

Knowing when to use this attack can make or break a Warwick. It is best to hold on to it for sometime in team fights. Your enemies will play much more cautiously. I usually wait for an enemy to fall out of formation or to use their cc moves before activating this ability. Warwick attacks the target 5 times and any procs you have will be activated here. So the maldreds blood razor will do 20% of their life as damage plus your attack damage. This can destroy any character who does not have MR (magic resist). It is important to watch out for enemies who have a banshees veil or some sort of ability that blocks spells ex. Nocturne.

This attack is fantastic for ganking at level 6. You will suppress your enemy for a couple of seconds. Hopefully you will have red so they will be slowed and your team mates have come to help kill/cc them to ensure your team gets a kill.

When your ult wears off always try and follow it up immediately with a hungering strike. This will usually finish them off or at least get them under fifty percent so your blood scent will kick in.

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Summoner Spells

Smite This is a fantastic summoner spell on warwick. A speedy jungle is a good jungle. It speeds up your jungle route and it can help you steal dragon or buffs later on in the game.

You can jungle without smite. However, I think it is much better if you do.

Flash Flash is another fantastic summoner spell for Warwick. It really helps out for early ganks. You can flash into a lane from the bushes and be in range with your ult. If you time it right with your teammates your prey will not have any time to retaliate before they are dead. Flash can also save you if the opposing jungler tries to get you in the jungle when you have low health. One of the best uses for flash is to use it to escape from the back of the dragons nest if the other team comes to gank you.

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(soon to come)

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Hello fellow summoners!

I hope my guide helps you out. It is my first one so please be nice :D If you have any ideas or I said something completely ******ed let me know. Your comments have been very helpful so far. I think they help to make this guide a lot better.



Special thanks to giantzombie, A Chubby Baby, AtI***