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Ezreal Build Guide by MCButFukk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MCButFukk

Who needs a map? (Ezreal ADc Guide).

MCButFukk Last updated on July 28, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threat Champion Notes
Draven There are only 4 main threats to this champion, the rest should be fairly simple.
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Ezreal is a very underrated Adc, who many people find extremely annoying and unfitting as this role due to his extreme mobility. Ezreal is ofter overlooked by these other meta pick Adc's, but is starting to become more popular witht the new meta fitting so well with his new playstyle. The laning in the current meta isn't at all as agressive as it once was, meaning that if ezreal survives or even wins the laning phase he will be the strongest Adc in the game. In my opinion Ezreal is the strongest Adc at the moment, and with this build you will most likely bring a tear to your opponents eyes. Bare in mind, this is my first ever Mobafire guide, so make sure to leave me some tips on how to improve!

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Information about myself

Hello! I am and have been an Ezreal main, but not always like this. During the whole of Season 5 i played Ezreal mid way to often, of course as an Ap caster and looked down on the whole Ezreal Adc thing. I found that Ap Ezreal put out way more damage with his W compared to Ezreal's Q, meaning that i thought that Ap was way more effective (and maybe i was right at that point). When season 5 came to an end i discovered the oh so overpowered blue build. I started comboing the Gauntlet with the Manamune, and later i became an Ezreal Adc main instead of an Ap Ezreal player. When riot announced the new marksman update i was thrilled, knowing that the blue build on Ezreal would be even stronger now. So as a result, i have and still am playing Ezreal Adc almost every game, and he just keeps on getting stronger. 'He did recently recieve a nerf and an indirect nerf aswell. His regular nerf was his increased cooldown on R, and the indirect one was the Gauntlet nerf. ''Dont let this fool you, he is still as strong as he used to be, he can just not spam that R as often anymore!''

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Pros / Cons

- A very versatile and bursty Adc
- Only has 3 core items, meaning that you can
experiment a lot.
- Has strong poke with his Q, mystic shot.
- Due to his high mobility set of abilities,
it is fairly hard to be caught out of position.
- One of the best Adc's when fully understood
and played a while.
- He is a very enjoyable and rewarding champion
thanks to his skillshot damage being fun to play with.

- He is fairly hard to master due to his skills being so
hard to know when and how to use.
- When his E is down, he can very easily get caught in
bad positions.
- He only has skillshots in his kit.
- If you fall behind he is not nearly as strong.
- Dependant on his 2 core items.

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The rune page is very basic, nothing to talk about really. The only thing i have to mention here is that it is very good playing 2 Attack speed quints, since the ad from both the marks as well as a Quint is more than enough. Oh, another thing why this works good. This gives you more viability while picking items, since you can skip the Bork since you already have the attack speed covered.

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Thunderlords Decreee OR Fervor of battle , what do you play?

After the recent Fervor of battle buff, the way to go is definately Fervor of battle , since it gives you more damage then the nerfed Decree does. It gives you more damage in fights since the Fervor procs with every ability in a teamfight, as well as in some 2v2 and 3v3 matchups aswell.

Fervor of battle on the other hand gives you a better 1v1 sustained fight, meaning that you can easily win fights using this mastery.

As a result, if you fight more in team than solo laning vs. 1 enemy i suggest playing with the Fervor of battle mastery.

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Rising Spell Force: This is Ezreal's passive. You can stack up to 5 times, and you gain 1 stack after hitting an enemy (minion, monster or champion) with either a basic attack or one of your abillities. After a short period of time while not attacking, these stacks fall down to 0 again, and you just re-do the process. Try to stack this when you really need the attack speed, maybe when you are split pushing or something like that.

Mystic Shot (Q): This is Ezreal's main damaging ability. The Q offers incredible poke, as well as an easier farming phase due to the low cost low cooldown effect of this ability. This Q is a bolt fired from your gauntlet, and can proc any on hit effect, for example the iceborn gauntlet or a Nami's extra damage on allies ability. This means that your Q will proc the extra damage and AoE slow with the iceborn gauntlet, and this is why it works so darn well. This ability is supposed to be used as often as you can early to stack the Tear, and later to put out a lot of damage.

Essence Flux (W): This ability is the least useful of them all, but can (if used correctly) be to a huge help. Ezreal fires out a mini version of his ulti, dealing magic damage to only enemy champions. If however used on an allie it grants an attack speed buff, and proc your Passive aswell. Quick tip! Use this on yourself and an ally when pushing a tower or fighting to gain extra attack speed.

Arcane Shift (E): This is probably the most important ability of them all. Your E offers a mini flash, flashing to a target area inside of the range of the ability, firing one empowered basic attack dealing magic damage. This is a very good ability that creates Ezreal in a sence, giving him the ability to escape almost every situation. If you are a good Ezreal player, you save this for when you need to escape, or juke some of the enemy team. A bad Ezreal player will most likely use this as an engage as opposed to a dissengaged, causing the bad player to die unskilled and unecessary deaths.

Trueshot Barrage (R): This is Ezreal's ultimate ability. Ezreal charges up for a split second, firing a huge barrage of mini missiles dealing magic damage to every enemy that it passes through. However, after every unit passed the ability does 10% less damage to the next enemy it's about to hit. This ability is very versatile, and can be used in many ways. You can clear waved in the later stages of the game when it does enough damage, but you can also steal objectives like the Dragon, Baron and even Blue or Red buff. Try to gain vission using the Blue trinket upgrade, and later on fire off and see how it goes.

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Here is one of the many existing montages of Ezreal's true ability, i suggest that you watch a few of them to see some of the plays in there, and also to understand the true power of this prodigy.

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So, i hope that you've seen or at least understood the potential of this champion. I truly hope that you all give this slightly underrated marksman a chance to prove himself, i promise that he won't let you down.

As i've said already, this is my first ever guide. I really want to look to better this guide for all of you, so i would be truly honored if you left some improvements in the discussion bellow. Also, if you liked this Guide to Ezreal, please make sure to drop a + rating on it.

Thanks, and remember: It's all skill.