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Malphite Build Guide by BusinessRat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BusinessRat

Who threw that rock, in depth jungle Malphite build

BusinessRat Last updated on June 24, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am Business Rat, the most savy of rats and this is my complete guide to the one and only unstoppable force that is Malphite. Throughout this guide I will share an abundance of facts and experience's I have gathered from over more then 300 games. Btw Malphite is a secret weapon very few know how to use, I will teach you. By the end of this guide you will be a perfect rock frustrating your opposition whilst gaining the respect from your team mates. Common phrases herd will be...

  • pro malph
  • fed
  • dont think your good malph carried you
  • bot lane fed mal entire game
  • hax
  • I wasnt evn tryin anyway
  • Mouse kept glitching whenever we team fought
  • **** you mal ****** ****

Guide Top

Lets get into it then


Here are some codes/abbreviations that may be used during the guide

  • AD - Attack damage
  • AP - Ability power
  • IMO - In my opinion
  • Gank/Ganking - Coming out of jungle for a surprise attack on laning enemy champs
  • CC - Crowd control e.g stuns, snares, slows and fears
  • Ult - Ultimate ability (R)
  • RP - Riot points (LoL money)
  • OP - Over powered
  • Drag - Dragon (neutral monster)
  • Baron - Baron Nashor (Ultimate neutral monster)
  • HP - Health points (life remaining)
  • MR - Magic resistance
  • CD Reduction/CDR - Cool down reduction (Rate at which you can cast abilities)
  • AOE - Area of effect (damage to all enemies in an area)

Guide Top

Pros and cons


+Anti harras passive when holding a lane
+Perhaps best initiate in the game. (R) Maybe second to a Nocturne ult... Maybe
+Quick jungle clear times
+Stun slow a haste an attack speed debuff And a super stronk steroid
+Passive saves a ton of health when clearing the jungle
+Underestimated by enemies!
+Perhaps the best counter to AD enemies in game
+Ult secures kills so easily
+Ult is on a reassembly short cooldown
+Stronk poke for a tanky champ (Q)
+Can fit any possition on team be it mid, bot, solo top or jungle
+Ult serves as a flash for sticky situations and can go through the widest of walls


-Ganks kinda weak prior lvl 6
-Aroused easily
-Counter jungled easily
-Heavily reliant on mana
-Somewhat unloved champ
-Losing blue early lvls will wreck your jungling experience
-Reliant on team when ganking
-His dmg output of skills range from armor, AP and AD e.g focusing a damage build wont benefit all of his abilities
-Weak against AP champs
-Cant dance, but he can romanticly slow dance like a boss xD

Guide Top


But Business Rat Malphite is a tanky DPS shouldn't he run 9/21/0?


Yes putting the 9 points in offence instead of utility isn't a bad idea however doing so sacrifices Swiftness witch stacks so wonderfully with Force of Nature Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Seismic Shard it is a truly frightening sight for a one tonne rock to chase you with 500 movement speed. also the point Runic Affinity lets us hold on to that blue for longer since its likely your ap mid will need the next.

Guide Top



Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Though it is very beneficial to stack armor with Malphite to make Granite Shield more durable and to increase the damage of your Ground Slam. If we had poor MR we would crumble very quickly to that pesky Lux. We take MR per level glyphs because we don't need it early game like we do armor.

Greater Mark of Vitality
Greater Mark of Vitality

Malphite is not a tank however we get health per level because our ult Unstoppable Force its our initiation you want to be able to withstand being in the center of the enemies world hehe. Poor players on there team will notice you can hurt them and will attack you.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

This build has incorporated alot of movement speed into it and this is just adding to it. 4.5% extra movement speed may not seem like much however with Seismic Shard It is a hefty boost . Think of it as 26% movement speed at a level 5 Seismic Shard, 26% + 4.5% = 30.5% movement speed.

Greater Seal of Armor

Why armor you say, WHY ARMOR. Because he's Malphite and he's the armor king that's why.

But Business Rat Movement speed quints cost over 6 thousand for three. IP doesnt grow on trees ya know


Very true, if this is the case I would recommend you use one of the following in its place
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed Malphites attack speed is low, getting these will increase your damage output when chasing down someone with Seismic Shard you can pick these up for 1025 IP.
  • Greater Quintessence of Desolation Good substitute for the move speed, since this is AD malph not AP it will definitely help peel back some of that armor them enemies are wearing. Nab these for 1025 IP.
  • Quintessence of Movement Speed these give slightly less movement speed then our recommended runes but are much cheaper at a measly 830 IP, your choice what you choose.

Guide Top

Here's a fun fact


Did you know Malphs ultimate ability Unstoppable Force can be stopped mid launch by a quick Malzahar ult Nether Grasp (Stoppable) x(

Guide Top

Them abilities

Granite Shield
Really handy passive that works great with Malphite. This passive makes you almost immune to lane harras however its main usefulness is to reduce incoming damage from jungle minions. Also this passives gets stronger from armor and health which is perfect for the armor king himself.

Seismic Shard
Where levelling this first for the strong slow it provides as well with it serving as a decent poke. Without this tool Malphite would not be a viable jungler however it does not make him a strong one you'll need to have skill and timing to pull off a gank with this if there not pushed. The important thing is to focus the one enemy when ganking for this is not an aoe slow unlike the rest of his abilities.

Brutal Strikes
Really good steroid end game giving you 40% bonuses to AD and armor thats huge truly a rock solid end game ability. We don't level this until last because it isn't really that handy early/mid game, well definitly not more then Seismic Shard or Ground Slam. This ability is why he is the armor king.

Ground Slam
This is the skill that really messes up there ad champs I mean a 50% cut on there attack speed is awesome. Using Unstoppable Force to get you to there ad carries and hitting them with this couldn't be easier trust me. Also wrecks jungle creeps attack speed, really nice ability

Unstoppable Force
Let me tell you how good this ult is
Just the perfect initiation for a tanky champ to have
Deals alot of damage
A super long range Flash pretty much
Its a skill shot, so if that Xin Zhao runs into that brush in a frantic escape you can smash him in there easy
Cool down is strangely short less then 70 secs (at lvl 3)
Baron stealing like a boss, done it many of time

Enemy champs hating on jungle maplh, weak ganks they said, no damage they said. Well at level 6 they'll keep quiet with the Rape train traveling at 1500!+ movement speed right into there face hehe.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Heres the deal you have four choices (good choices) to chose from other than the mandatory Smite crucial for every jungler IMO to last hit baron/drag etc those choices are.



  • + Malphite lacks dmg compared to other junglers like Nocturne or Shaco grabbing this will make you more of a threat
  • +When low on health and grabbing blue etc. can be used to get it faster
  • +Use it when ganking healers like Taric and Soraka


  • +Another Debuff for AD champs
  • +Slows target dramaticly good for ganking
  • +can be used for escapes aswell


  • +Even though Malphite has his own in built flash some prefer not to waste it on gettaways if this floats your boat pick it up
  • +Use the old Ult in on baron smite kill it then flash out combo


  • +Take this only when no-one else takes it Malphite should pick up on what the team is lacking
  • +Use it to set up unexpected global ganks
  • +Save a tower
  • +Take a tower


Wouldn't recommend


  • Very tempting to slap this on him for that 600+ movement speed
    however I wouldn't recommend it there are more valuable SS than this
  • If you wanna grab more movability I would recommend flash it has more uses


  • I would only take this if your summoner level is poor
  • Good early levels but scales into uselessness end game


  • Maybe just maybe if you don't grab Mercury's Treads this
    is viable. But even then personally I wouldn't take it
  • Better taken on a squishy champ against a heavy CC team

Guide Top



Here's the portion of the guide completely dedicated to his skins. This is where ill teach you what's good and what's bad for each of his skin choices

Marble Malphite
+Activating Brutal Strikes changes his fist color to brown
+Cheapest at 520 RP
-Because its the cheapest you'll get less respect from your fellow players
-His leg looks funny

Classic Malphite
+Color changes when activating Brutal Strikes
+Likely to underestimate you
-Nothing unique about it
-No-one will say "Sick Malph skin"
-Morbidly obese

Coral Reef Malphite
+Activating Brutal Strikes changes the color of his entire body to reddish
+Using Ground Slam causes a water splash (awesome when using it in the river)
-Expensive at 975 RP
-Looks soft and more delicate then his other rock solid skins

Obsidian Malphite
+looks skinny
+Shiny black
+Hands are now clawz OP
+Activating Brutal Strikes makes him look indescribably epic
+best skin
-Expensive at 975 RP

This ends our "skins" portion of the guide, now if you'll follow me to the skill sequence plz

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I've noticed alot of Malphite guides encourage levelling Ground Slam (E) first. However even though the slow on our Seismic Shard doesn't increase much upon levelling it up past one, his ganks are really weak without this. More slow = better ganks. And you cant be a good jungler if you dont net your team kills. To me this is the smartest choice when jungling with Malphite.

Start at blue Malphite is mana hungry, first skill we grab is a level in Ground Slam (E) this slows the attack rate of jungle minions reducing your damage taken whilst dealing aoe damage to them. (with or without leash)

Last hit blue with your smite you will be level 2, now time to get a level in Brutal Strikes this gives you aoe damgage of your basic attacks in a cone in front of you.

Wait for Granite Shield to recharge this will take 4 seconds waiting in front of wolves. Attack them just be for it is charged by the time they attack it will be ready Ground Slam them after you activate Brutal Strikes this increases your armor thus increasing the damage of Ground Slam.

Lets run to wraiths your shield will be up by now do the same process with wolves >>>.

Charge for the two stoner's and smack them around a little NOTE DO NOTE SMITE the Smite will come off cooldown around halfway through killing them but we need to save it for red.

Level three grab you a Seismic Shard go to red wait for your Granite Shield as usual and ATTACK THE LIZARD throw a (Q) (E) and (W) in between autoattacks. Make sure you activate Brutal Strikes before entering any jungle fight because it reduces your damage intake, Once the little lizzards die from your aoe autoattacks and Ground Slam run into nearby brush red will follow this prevents that Fiddlesticks who wants to thief it for himselfs.

As usual always last hit the buffs with smite ALWAYS, if you waste it at the start or smite it thus leaving the buff with 100 HP it can easily be stolen that sneaky invading Nocturne trust me not much is worse.


You can now hit up that Wraithcamp once more or you can gank one of the two closest lanes to you (preferably hit the Wraiths doing so will let you level up Seismic Shard again) but if there pushing one of your lanes heavy go in for the gank. After Wraiths go and gank gank gank your heart out. :)

Guide Top

Item talk

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Nomad's Medallion

Ruby Crystal

Heart of Gold

Boots of Speed

Giant's Belt

Mercury's Treads

Sunfire Cape

Randuin's Omen

Force of Nature

Frozen Heart

Infinity Edge
  • And one these are our starting items, these will provide sustain when clearing the jungle whilst forming our...
  • philosopher's Stone Super quick. Another option is to get Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion get this if you don't have the correct runes/Masteries.
  • now, to form a...
  • This makes us more durable for tower diving ganks. (Use extreme care when tower diving this early a stun underneath a turret will mess you up.) Now we have our gold per 5sec items, its important to get these fast to maximise profits end game. $$$
  • is next, however feel free to get this before we complete our Heart of Gold its your choice. I prefer to get Heart of Gold first though.
  • Mmmmmmm I like this item I like it lots. Once we have this tower diving will be a breeze this also adds an extra 43 HP to your passive Granite Shield.
  • I always get these unless the majority of enemy champs are AD and have little CC (which hardly ever happens) in this case I would grab Ninja Tabi
  • why do I rush this on Malphite? because all of its attributes synergize well with malphites abilities. However this item lacks in its features end game and should be sold last to for an item such as Trinity Force Frozen Mallet or Zhonya's Hourglass but tbh I doubt many games will carry on this far into it
  • This, this is the item that is a must don't underestimate it. It's on a slightly shorter cool down then our ult so its ready to use every time so make sure you do even if you don't think you'll need to, its a good habit. the active slow on this scales with armor. Please get this item.
  • This item gives us our needed MR and health regen. Without this when we lose a dramatic amount of health we would be forced to go back to shop. However another option to replace this is...
  • Taking this sacrifices that health regen but gives a spell shield every 45 seconds. keep in mind Force of Nature gives a third more MR then Banshee's Veil.
  • Yet another item which fits so perfectly with Malphite. Frozen Heart gives huge bonuses to mana, armor and CD reduction whilst its passive which slows AD speed of enemy champs by 20% combines so well with your Ground Slam, this is a must get item!
  • Truly awesome AD item, activating Brutal Strikes with this will give you an extra 80 attack damage giving you 280 AD. Really good item to pick up last. Perhaps the only better AD item for malph to replace this would be Trinity Force however that's the most expensive item available thus making it near impossible to afford for someone who will be letting there carries farm the gold.
    philosopher's stone You may have noticed we have seven core items here and because we can only fit six one has to go, sadly that's our beloved Philosopher's Stone. We sell this as soon as there's no room for your next item no sooner.

Guide Top

Your role in the team


Hears the deal imma throw out a few situations and explain what the smartest move would be to do


You've got blue 'n' red and are ganking first time in the match

By far your most important role, your first gank should be at level 3 and 1/2 - 4 (preferably 4) hopefully if your team has half a brain they wouldn't be pushed past there half way point. Its pretty strait forward here but run around and hit them from behind throw a quick Seismic Shard asap if there pushed you should be able to use it twice in a gank. Because you'll have red the slow off your wheel will be even greater. Always ping the target before you enter the gank go for the squishiest and go hard use your Exhaust/ Ignite depending on what you have chosen if your team mate/s was helping you should have scored that kill. CAUTION On occasions the gankie will rather fight to the death in hope he can take someone with him if this is the case your team mate in distress should be reasonably safe with your combined (red & Q) slows. rinse and repeat until level 6

HELLO level 6 is here time for some nightmare ganks. First step locate your target someone who is worn down or squishy and who isn't tower hugging once you find said target lets use an e.g Your mid is Veigar and is going up against a hungry Ahri, she's confident got a kill on our Veigar and is dominating the lane right. Now ask for a stun just before he hits it run out give Ahri a taste of Unstoppable Force throw a wheel at her a slam everything you have combined with every thing Veigar has and she's dead easy. Easy peezy mac'n'cheezy.

If your team mate has no stun its fine just run behind them, the range on Unstoppable Force is extreme. To be honest by the time they realise your ganking them there all ready in the air with you underneath them. That's about it for ganking really not to much to it to be honest.

Team fights!

So it seems everyone's mid and both teams are poking a little but nothings really going down yet

Seems this is where Malphite has the most fun cause your gonna initiate it and pretty much light the fuse to the Time Bomb. Size up your ult wait a little while when you see you can hit two squishies at least, or if someone NOT THE TANK over extends out of there group. As soon as you unleash the Unstoppable Force your team will charge in with you, try to hit everything you have on the singled out target and by the time the enemy makes it to you it will already be a 4v5. Odds are you will win this team fight after which you should either kill the Dragon get baron or push depending on your level of course


Someone's unwantedly hanging around ._.

So your minding your business maybe checking out the scenery having a in depth discussion with blue when you catch a sneaky Teemo shrooming the place, you think to yourself I'm a hungry rock and dat squirl has some savoury looking mushrooms so you ping at him and your good buddy Galio is nearby. Since you timed it like a boss you should Unstoppable Force through that tree only to smack Teemo over the head firmly long story short you and Galio disposed of one less rodent that day

Baron/Dragon moments

Using that smite the right way

As your teams jungler if baron/drag gets stolen say from that Lux finales funkeln then that's completely your fault never ever ever ever Smite the target when it wont kill it. Smite is an important tool vital to your team. This is what I do
  • Hover over smite icon (this will tell you its damage output, it grows level to level)
  • Left click baron/Drag (you will notice his HP will be shown top left corner)
  • When Smite dmg is higher than baron/drags health Smite kill it. (Same with blue and red)

Guide Top

Wowzers you made it to the end!

Big thanks to you for reading this old thing. xD
Also to anyone who shares my luv for Malphite,
Jhoi Jhoi for Her how to make a guide, guide
and to all the little Business Rats out there in the making.
Bye bye oh and don't forget to vote!