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Kayn Build Guide by Jinx_48

Will you prove Worthy?/ Kayn red/blue form guide for beginne

Will you prove Worthy?/ Kayn red/blue form guide for beginne

Updated on August 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jinx_48 Build Guide By Jinx_48 6,781 Views 1 Comments
6,781 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jinx_48 Kayn Build Guide By Jinx_48 Updated on August 31, 2021
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Runes: Rhaast standard (description)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
tanky (rhaast)
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



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Champion Build Guide

Will you prove Worthy?/ Kayn red/blue form guide for beginne

By Jinx_48
Sorry for my bad English langueage I am not from English languege countries in my country we learning Enlgish and I'm not too good at it . I hope you will be possible to read whole guid and dont die to my English.

Thats it if you want go to guide past next text of this chapter and go next chapters,

Hello I am kayn onetrick who dont play only one champion beacuase it will be too boring for me so i played kayn only in ranked games if i am not enjoying playing him non stop. I more like Red kayn so most part of guide will be about red kayn but i ahev some experience as Blue kayn so my adnolage of this champ will putt also to this guide. I wont type there more beacuease who care?
In kayns gameplay important is analize your squad in champ select. How much you have tanks/ bruiser ; did you need damege or more tank?. GOod if you going red if you want if you have soemthing like Bruiser top (for example riven she is tanky but if she is only bruiser / tank good to go red form! To get better defensive Squad) If you want go blue and you have mage toplane / marksam and same as mid and enchanter support is imbecile go blue form bc you dont have good front line to tank ( even if this is gwen or trynda for example who one is healing so much second cant die ) . BEST TO PICK Blue kayn is make sure you have somethingnl like tnak / bruiser top tank support/ midlaner ( e.c galio) and thats good . Keep it in midn in early game exceptn leona and nautius ( sorry if i miss something ) most tank support are not that tanky how can be possible RHaast so keep it in mind in soloQ what just will be better for your team! ALSO ANALIZE enemy squad to dont pick armor in full ap enemy team xC.

Something to new kayn players.

Thats very but VERY important what i told uphere beacuase you have to manage runes before game.
IF you want to climb and you are not sure what you should pick red or blue kayn or even other champ bc that will be worst possible matchup for kayn ASK YOUR TEAMNEATS!
Ask something like " we need tank or dmg?" (if they are just have somewhere to tryhard in ranked so they wont respond you you have to analize by yourself aeverything), and they can responds you and they possibly can help you.
Kayn's gameplay
Kayn gameplay is LATE GAME Assasin or MIDGAME bruiser , if you get form early game *** blue you propably will be kinda uselles until half build bc you wont oneshot every one but you can still ganking and make your teamneats will keep game in right stats. As a red kayn form in early game he can be usefull bc he healing so much from passive so he can tank without half build just 2 items and he is rly good tanky bruiser !

In early you wanna gank most possible with fast camps clears to get fast midgame in early games in items advantage. On boths forms you have done this what i said befor eto can do something. Kayn have rly low dmg early game without any items so ganks good is to one bar people ganks not full hp with full mana is RLY IMPORTANT to WATCH whole map and analize where is good to gank and possibly get kill . On kayn is best lvl 3 ganks never lvl 2 bc you cant continue clear fully with W second ( i mean you can but it gonna be possible to Kitting bc you will have not enough health ) also if you gonna took to lvl 2 ganks e your opponent will run away propably bc you dont have any souirce of cc or even slowing....
There i going to say some words about both form passive.

1st thing you have to do is try both passive and think which one is better for your gameplay or actually matchup you playing ( second thing i do almost).

Kayn without form passive can transform to 2 forms Red ( fighter/ rhaast) or blue (assasin / shadow kayn). Both ofd they hjave other movent and passive where one passive changing building items .

Red form's passive is healing basicly 40 % max of dealing dmg, so basicly omnivawmp or lifesteal. Ideal to be tanky ; you can go on low in R to someone and heal so much .

Difference from standard form in gameplay :
W- knocking up ( airbone ) for 1 second when it hit.
Q- dealing extra damage
Passive- healing 46% from any damage sorce from your champ. ( Maybe it have cooldown but i dont remember).

blue form passives is dealing adaptive 44%(max) AP damage from abilities; that nothing changing really in gameplay, but so much changing in abillities and movement.

Differences of blue nad standard:

W- blue form allowed to moving while you use W so you can basicly do combo W Q in same time .
E- BLue form add move ment speed to e and reducition cooldown (80 % ms max and 4 second max with stacked Transcendce).

To reach blue form you have to hitting range damage enemy (ahse ; sivir ; twisted fate etc..) good is to stuck on support in enemy bc so much support are range and adc too so gank recently botlane for blue form.

To reach red form you have to attacking short distance enemy (katarina ; irelia etc.) the best thing is ganking top lane to reach this form and mid recently the best is top bc on top is less range than mid.

ANYWAY if you reach second form whick one you dont want dont tranform just wait 4 minutes and transform to main you want this is important bc one runes dont working that well with second transform.
If you wanna do fast clear without fast gank start red than rocks (lmao) and raptotrs then 1st smite you even use go on greatest wolf ( the 2 heads) beat all wolfs to 1 hit with Q and leave him with this use your e to go on blue hit blue and hit with Q going to you wolfs than clear full and do scuttle.

link to this clear there :

IF YOU WANNA fast gank lane who should leash you ( if you start raptors you dont have get leash ) you should start raptors ; red ; rocks ; gank ; do blue site.
In both try to start gank with E and try to slow enemy with W than go Q . Remember whe n you ganking spam pinging to laner bc some people farming when you ganking....
Gameplay in teamfights
In teamfights if you playing red form you should knock up enemies with W and go all in this one who will knock uip and try to tank damage.

If you are blue form do Combo W Q R - W and Q dealing so much damage with Q you dashing to enemy so is so much chnage you can by iunsta killed so spam R when you hit Q to be safe ins omeones opdy then leave when they start fighting and do whatever you want. TIP: try to hit i both form hit *** many possible people with W.
When you are on low in both form just use e and heal some times you have to reatreat and heal on jungle camps nothing wrong but do much possible you can before backup.
Purple kayn is kayn who have same runes on blue and red kayn !

Thats build where core item is goredrinker and poin of this build is you going 1st form you have no matter its blue or red bc this build is for this ! core item is gorerendrinker then you espacially building ASSASIN or BRUSER especially which form is 1st. |

I POOT RANDOM ITEMS in build for purple kayn build it what to normal blue / red kayn but build goredrinker and manumane i poot manumane for save if you wont have form before second item so build this is good item for second before your form . Thanks for attention .

GAMEPLAY IS SAME just you have free way to choose whatever form you want
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jinx_48
Jinx_48 Kayn Guide
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Will you prove Worthy?/ Kayn red/blue form guide for beginne

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