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League of Legends Build Guide Author axes

Win10cent's way of AD Ezreal a.k.a. the imba AD build

axes Last updated on May 11, 2011
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Introduction (this guide is under construction!)

Dear Visitors,
Welcome to my AD Ezreal guide! This guide is based on Win10cent's amazing in-depth Ezreal guide, found here. Respect to him for his amazing guide. Note that in this guide, while it has the same item/masteries/runes build as Win10cent's, I wanted to have my own thoughts appearing on Ezreal as well. Please, keep in mind, that this guide is still under construction, and I'm planning on expanding it from time to time. Take your time to read it and share your thoughts on it, please!
And no, it's not stolen, I've happily and with great honor credited the author of the guide I've based mine on.

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Pros / Cons

+ One of the best Ranged DPS champions
+ Strong mid laning
+ Has spammable skills (but you shouldn't until you go in for the kill)
+ Has a useful escape mechanism (Arcane Shift)

- Squishy if played incorrectly
- Vulnerable to CC
- Quite difficult to successfully play
- You might have mana problems if you use your skills for farming/spam them too much

Guide Top

What's on your mind? Fear, Anger, Confidence, Skins.

Reading through Win10cent's guide the part that got me the most was the part where he wrote down his thoughts on the emotions that players experience while playing League of Legends, and the effects of these emotions on their gameplay. As you all experienced in your life, psychical stress is a lot worse than physical stress, and in LoL you'll be psychically stressed every time you play a match, so let me go through this in my guide as it's definitely useful to know and control this aspect of the game as well.

Fear is the most uncontrollable feeling that you can experience. Experiencing fear drives people into making mistakes and doing stupid things. If you've ever experienced the feeling of fear in your life (and I'm sure you did) you know what I'm talking about. And in League of Legends, fear is one of the feelings that can definitely decide a match. Mental warfare is what this game is all about.
But why not use this to your advantage? With Ezreal, instilling fear is a million times more powerful than with other champs. Why? Because people mid laning against Ezreal with a tankier champ (like Morde) or virtually any more-early powerful champs are usually not afraid at all of him, thinking that he's a fragile, glass dude. Huge mistake.
So let's take this situation as an example. You're mid laning against Mordekaiser, minions have just spawned and you're starting to farm. Do you see Morde standing back at his turret, running away from you? Rarely. Instead, you'll feel him trying to get in your face and pushing you back, while inflicting damage on you. He's not aware that your mind is set to getting first blood, and you've got your masteries/runes/items ready for this. Now, in this situation the worst thing you can do is stay passive or run away all the time. You want first blood against that Mordekaiser. You farm your way to level 2, use your full combo on him (E+Exhaust+Ignite+Q+AA), oh gosh, he's dead.
It's not just a first blood you've achieved this way. Mordekaiser (and somewhat the whole enemy team) will be afraid of you from now on, and play a lot more carefully, because he'll fear you. If you manage to make that Morde hit the floor 2-3 times more, he'll never want to get in a 1v1 with you again, that's for sure.
The point in getting fear on your side is making the enemy players to lose confidence and do stupid things because of it. If you play well and manage to build yourself up as I suggest, they'll be scared shootless when you're missing from the map, or appear in the middle of a team fight. You must take advantage of this at all costs, if you've got fear on your side, that match is halfway won.

Fear and anger walks hand in hand while playing LoL. Just like fear, anger drives people into making mistakes and doing stupid things. So, you must get your foes angry. But how?
Of course you shouldn't go trolling on chat, calling them $@&#s, because most of the time it won't build anger in them, instead it'll get the laugh on you, and it might happen that your team mates will hate you as well.
So, what to do? Taunt. And I don't mean the /taunt command. /dance instead with Ezreal >.> (j/k)
So, every time you kill an enemy, type something in the global chat. It could be something like "I see you've got a bad luck today...", and when he goes down again, "I see you've still got a bad luck..." or something like this. Random things work as well, like "Oh banana, oh oh, banana nana, oh banana, i love banana nana" (thanks Win10cent, I love this :)). The aim is to make your enemies so angry that they'll do foolish things when escaping, or when trying to get you, maybe rush you when they're not aware of your team mates' whereabouts. So, getting anger on your side is definitely important as well. Fear + Anger on your side is like Exhaust + Ignite as your summoner spells. Deadly.

The opposite of fear and anger, confidence is the feeling you'll want to feel every second of every game. Being confident means that you can treat situations with a cool head, measurement, and evade unwanted happenings.
What builds up your confidence? Many, many things. Being skilled with the played champion is one of the most important elements of confidence. If you feel like you're totally aware of your champ you'll likely have more confidence when facing situations. Warding the jungle and mid lane side brushes also helps confidence a lot, because you always see when something bad is coming and can prepare for the situation, or evade it. You gain a nice confidence boost if you successfully instill fear and anger into your enemy, too. There are many more things that build up your confidence, but the most important is that you keep your head cool all the time, no matter what happens, don't let fear + anger get you, because you're lost then.

A personal idea: skins
Something just came to my mind, and I think it's kinda useful and true. Watching a live stream of two teams playing, Phreak, the commentator said right at the start that one of the teams is in skin advantage. Then he laughed, saying that of course skins doesn't make you stronger. I honestly believe they do.
If your enemy sees that you have a skin for your champion, he might think of two things:
1, You're too rich and have got all skins for all champs (unlikely).
2, You like playing that champion so much, and played a lot with it, that you decided he/she's your main and you decided to spice it up a little with a skin.
In the second case, your enemy will have a little bit of fear immediately, thinking that you're really into that champ, and this can come in handy, too. I always play Frosted Ezreal, and I've really noticed this, compared to when I played the standard skin.
So, to summarize, I really think skins may give that little bit of fear boost that is required for you to gain your confidence from your enemies' fear and anger.

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Playing style

First of all, you have to understand that most of the people playing LoL think Ezreal is a glass carry and he's totally fragile. However, this is absolutely incorrect. Ezreal can be very fragile if he's played incorrectly, and there are quite a lot of players who play Suicide Ez. But if you follow the rune and mastery build I introduced here, you'll be able to take a lot more damage without dying early game and 90% of the time you should be able to get first blood in mid lane within a minute or two. Later in the game you lose this armor/mres advantage, but late game you definitely don't want to be the one diving recklessly into team fights. This doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't make a move and kill someone if you feel safe with it. Just be sure that you don't run into a hotter situation (or an angry tower :))

Secondarily, always keep in mind that you are ranged. This is a very powerful gift that you should totally take advantage of. This means a lot easier farming/harassing and better survivability for you early game. As mid lane is usually a place for ranged champions (of course there are exceptions sometimes) you shouldn't have too many problems with effective zoning.

Last, but not least, if you progress successfully and build yourself up to a brutal AD carry (hopefully you'll do most of the time), you'll probably be focused on in team fights 90% of the time. So do yourself a favor, and stay back. You're ranged, you do your damage from a distance, you don't need to run in and suicide (and give the enemy team an advantage! Always remember: dying is not just your loss, but your team's loss and the enemy's advantage as well). You're a sniper, and a sniper is lost in melee fights. So, look into the scope and start picking them out from a distance. Your team will love you if they don't have to save your a$$ all the time, believe me.

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Summoner Spells

Ok, this is totally up to your taste. I'll give you general ideas about what you should take, but in the end it's all down to what you feel more comfortable with.

Exhaust + Ignite
Take this combo of spells if you feel more comfortable with Ezreal and you don't need the (huge) survivability boost that Flash + Ghost could give you. Early game, this combo used together with Arcane Shift + Mystic Shot + auto attacking will give you an easy first blood against your foe within a minute or two. Exhaust might help in late game fights as well.

Flash + Ghost
This combo can be a life saver and mean a huge survivability boost to you. You should definitely take these if you are kinda new to Ezreal and not used to his range/playing style yet. It helps chasing enemies at low hp for a kill, Flash helps a lot if you find yourself in the jungle (jumping over walls, etc.) and sometimes it's just nice to have it when your Arcane Shift is on cooldown and you really need to get away from a situation/AoE stuff. Kicking all the stuff in (E + Flash + Ghost) makes it possible for you to run a huge distance in a very short time. It's your bread and butter for surviving team fights late game, mostly when you're playing Sucide Ez >.< If you play Ez correctly and have a nice team, You'll get that ghostly movement speed from your Occult anyways.


It's ok to take this spell along with something else, it might help you with aiming your ult/picking off players returning to base at low hp. Also means an advantage for your whole team! If you have a support champ like Janna on your team, she'll probably take it, so most of the time you're OK without it, and ult-sniping low hp guys off isn't as hard as it seems without Clairvoyance, so it's not a must have.


It's ok to take Heal if you are uncomfortable with Ezreal, but after you get used to him, you won't find this necessary anymore. It can be easily substituted with healing pots early game and a Vampiric Scepter around mid game.


Teleport can sometimes mean a 2v2 suddenly turned into a 2v3, or can turn a dying turret into a dying foe. It's one of the spells that is always nice to have, but as you'll be running around the map picking people off like an idiot^^ (especially with your Occult stacked to 20), it's not that important.


Just like teleport, Cleanse is always nice to have, but not that necessary/important, Flash or Ghost is much better for survivability imo.

Guide Top

Skills / Skill Sequence

Rising Spell Force

Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
This is the very skill AD Ezreal is so powerful of because imo. You can easily get it up to 5 stacks with using skills, and your ult will probably immediately do so. Your auto attacks are very powerful with the correct mastery/item/rune building and spamming them out faster is a huge difference, so you really should take advantage of this fantastic passive.

Mystic Shot

Ezreal fires a bolt of energy that will deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first enemy it hits. If it strikes an enemy unit it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 1 second.
This should be the first spell you learn and rank up. This spell is useful for quite a lot of things. I would not advise you to use it for farming, but sometimes when you feel like and have your mana up safe, you can last hit with it. I'd also not advise to harass with it, use your AA for that. It's range makes it amazing for hitting running foes, or even turning around an 1v1 while you're escaping. It activates your on-hit items (like Sheen, which is one of the most important items to have on Ez). Very versatile and powerful skill, and definitely makes an AD Ezreal. With the latest patch it scales a little with AP, too, but I don't find it enough for making Hybrid building effective enough.

Essence Flux

Ezreal fires a wave of energy at a targeted area. Any enemy champions it passes through are damaged and have their attack speed slowed for 5 seconds, while any allied champions it passes through have their attack speed increased for 5 seconds.
This should be the last skill to learn and rank up. It's not that useful on an AD built Ezreal since it scales with AP, however, late game it can prove useful in team fights and when chasing foes down (it passes through minions).

Arcane Shift

Ezreal teleports to a nearby target location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, dealing damage to it.
Though it scales with AP, you should learn and rank this up as your second spell. It's an amazing spell for exploiting foes with wrong positioning, or initiating a fight. When using it for initiating, you should immediately use your Q afterwards and try to get in a few AAs. Also, it's amazing for escaping/jumping through walls.

Trueshot Barrage

Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles, which deal damage to each enemy unit they pass through. However, it deals 8% less damage for each unit it hits with a limit of 30% less damage for any hit after the first 4.
The skill we hate or love Ezreal for (depends on who's on the casting side, hehe), this ult is one of the most feared and powerful ults in this game. It has a global range, and this means you can literally snipe off low hp - base returning enemies with it. You can turn around a team fight with it easily when cast at the right moment. Also, it scales with AD now, too, making it finally really useful for AD Ezreals. A secondary use of it is clearing off minions waves, but I rarely find myself wasting it for that unless it's really necessary (like saving a tower or so).

R > Q > E > W, learning W only when you have no other choice really. At lvl2 you MUST get Arcane Shift as it's a must have addition to your killing combo.

Guide Top

Spell usage in situations

First Blood / initiating 1v1:

E in, use your Exhaust + Ignite (if available), immediately shoot your Q and AA as much as you can. Guaranteed FB in 90% of times. Escape with E when needed.

Problematic 1v1:

If you find yourself in a problematic 1v1 situation where you feel like you'll most likely die and have no chance for escaping, you should consider ulting your enemy when he's around or lower than 40-50% HP. Even if your ult doesn't kill him immediately, it will scare your foe most of the time, and throwing in a few AAs or your Q will surely kill him. While I don't recommend doing this as it can be easy to miss and counter, it has saved my life so many times that I can't leave this little tip out of my guide.

Sniping off low hp/recalling guys:

Most of the time low hp and recalling guys will stand behind their towers or the brush near the tower. Try aiming your ult that it passes through both of these places, making it sure that you get the kill. If a low hp foe is running away from you, try to anticipate his path, and shoot your ult that way. If you miss it, whatever. You tried.

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Building masteries is just like getting summoner spells, it's really up to your taste. There are really 2 directions that, in my opinion, is worth taking.

21/9/0 (pic coming)

While some people will hate me for this, I totally agree Win10cent that this mastery build is the best to have on Ezreal, especially for early game. Your real potential is in your auto attacks after all, and you shouldn't run into mana problems if you have Ezreal really under control. Putting 9 points in defense tree also helps your early game survivability.

9/0/21 (pic coming)

I used to build this talent tree for a long time, it's very useful if you don't feel too confident about Ezreal yet or you like spamming your skills and need that increased mana availability. It's really up to your taste whether you take the first or the second mastery build, I just feel like that as a really powerful AD carry, maxing your attacks is of most importance.

Guide Top


Again, I totally agree with Win10cent on rune building. You definitely need flat runes for some increased dmg, armor/mres early game, if you don't take those, you probably wouldn't have enough dmg resistance to get first blood without dying.
Why do I recommend taking flat Seals/Glyphs instead of /lvl ones? Simple. While /lvl runes might give you better stats for late game, Ezreal needs a lot more def early game, and flat stuff grants you this increased survivability.

So, without further ado:

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation * 6
Greater Mark of Strength
* 3
Armor penetration speaks for itself, no explanation needed. However, taking 3 Strength Marks increases your early game damage output enough to make it totally possible for you to grab that FB.
Greater Seal of Resilience
* 9
Again, taking flat armor Seals will give you a huge advantage in resisting damage early game, which is of most importance for you.
Greater Glyph of Warding
* 9
Same concept as the Seals, flat mres Glyphs will totally boost your chances early game, must have for mid laning.
Greater Quintessence of Strength
* 3
Enhances your strong early game damage output even more, totally needed.

I'd like to strongly emphasize that rune builds are totally subjective and personal. Take whatever you like, whatever works for you. This is just an idea. Hopefully a good one.

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Probably the hardest and most important aspect in any game is how to build yourself, what items to get, which to start with, etc. For Ezreal it might be even harder, because some people would make him either AP or Hybrid. While I think a Hybrid Ezreal could still be viable, to me, he's an AD guy hands down, so I build him accordingly. Win10cent did a totally amazing job on creating an AD Ezreal build that is totally viable and up to date now, and I use his item build all times. So:

Your first item should be Doran's Blade simply because it's a good staring item, giving you that increased damage output so important to you early game. Head down to your lane, try to get FB and farm a lot. Recall around 1400 gold, and get a Sheen + Health Potion *2 and Mana Potion *2
Farm a bit more, maybe get a kill again, then get Boots of Speed and possibly a Vampiric Scepter the latter one being a great substitution for healing pots early/mid game.
Now, some people don't believe in snowball items but I find that most of the time you're so powerful and getting a nice amount of kills that you really should invest into a Sword of the Occult and try to make it stack up as high as you can, the desired number of stacks is, of course, 20. At 20 stacks your enemies will shake in fear.
After getting Occult, improve your boots into Berserker's Greaves and after hopefully killing a lot and getting nice income, get your The Bloodthirster for a nice life steal effect and attack damage.
I usually don't get to this point because the enemy team surrenders after I start stacking my Occult >.<
But to continue, your next item should be the good old Infinity Edge as critting is something that would be very desirable for you, also the increased AD is always nice. However, instead of the IE you should also consider getting a Last Whisper if the majority of the enemy champs have above 100+ armor. Another option instead of IE is Madred's Bloodrazor with so many desirable effects that you'll like.
For defensive items your choices would be Banshee's Veil for it's unique effect and mres
Guardian Angel for a great unique and some armor/mres
And last, but not least, Randuin's Omen again, lots of nice effects on that item that you'd love to have (especially the slows).
If you find yourself having more money than you could spend, get your Sheen improved into a Trinity Force
I'd also advise you getting all 3 Elixirs and keeping them on all times if you happen to completely finish your item build (rarely happens).

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My thoughts on the above item build

The build above has been a great help for me to really understand how can you turn a fragile little boy into a raging monster. However, there are situations when I do some things a bit differently.
First of all, Sword of the Occult is definitely a situational item. If you feel yourself struggling with killing, don't buy it, as it's just gonna take up space and gold and not be useful. I just had a match when I was struggling with killing but got my Occult already, guess what, I just sold it and I had enough gold this way for my IE. We won in about 10 minutes.
Another thing that you might do (but I don't recommend it unless you really need to) is getting your Boots of Speed before Sheen. It might help if you've got problems with dodging your laning foe, however, it lowers your dmg output and killing capability.
If the enemy team has way too much CC and you find yourself having a really hard time with it, you could go for Mercury's Treads instead of Zerk, however, this is something that I don't recommend again, unless you really feel like it's a problem.
As a general rule to follow, always try to build yourself for countering the enemy team. If they're mostly AP casters, rush Banshee's Veil, if they're mostly tanky, rush Last Whisper, if they tank up for HP, rush Madred's, etc. etc. The item build above is not a strict and unchangeable system but a recommended, standard guide instead for what items you should consider getting. Be adventurous, experiment with different items, and get whatever suits you the most in the given situation. Using your best sense while building items is worth a lot more than any item build.

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Early Game

You'll want to go mid lane with Ezreal whenever it's possible because you're totally viable in 1v1 fights against most of the champions, and if you can push that lane early, it will mean a huge advantage for you and your team. Try to get first blood if you feel comfortable with Ez, it's possible against virtually everyone, harder against some, piece of cake against more. Win10cent made some amazing tutorial videos about getting first blood against a variety of champs, I've put the link to his YouTube acc in a later chapter.
As a main idea, you'll definitely want to get your enemy hit the floor again and again, while minimizing your losses. If you can get a few kills early game, you've pretty much gained that advantage over your enemies that is very hard to deal with. Of course you'll also want to farm and work on getting that Sheen ASAP, and hopefully an Occult as well.

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Mid Game

By mid game you should already have at least your Sheen and maybe your Occult (hopefully), so it's time to get into some more serious fights and get those stacks up! Get the Lizard buff whenever you can, it's a must have on Ezreal. Getting the Golem buff might help, too, but it's not overly important. You might steal the enemy's buffs if they don't have a jungler, or if they do, maybe pick that jungler off in the process >.> However, nowadays I find myself being a lot less buff dependent while being tough enough, so it's OK to leave them for your team mates if anyone needs them.
You should be aware that the enemy team will most likely focus on ganking you if they notice you wandering out alone. Try to be invisible when moving around the map, use the jungle for moving instead of the lanes, remain undetected. You might pick up a ward or two and ward Dragon, Baron, and (most importantly!) mid lane side brushes. If you decide to farm a lane, don't move out of your safe zone if you're not sure about some enemies' whereabouts.
Whenever you move in for ganking or you discover a lone enemy overextending, engage, shoot, pwn, snipe off everyone you can, but be careful not to die too much in the process. You should be having around 8-12 stacks in your Occult now, steadily rising.

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Late Game

My experience with Ezreal is that late games are definitely harder than early/mid games. Late game part of the enemy team will surely build up quite tanky, and because you don't want to die, you can't let them close, yet for killing, you have to chase them down, or position yourself excellently in team fights. You'll be definitely focused on, so you really have to be careful. If you took Flash + Ghost, using it along with Arcane Shift helps a lot in getting away from tough situations. Your damage and criticals will be very nice late game, and you should really focus on taking squishier enemies out in burst attacks when possible. If there is a huge team fight, stay back, and spam your AA and Q, try to get as many kills as possible, and most importantly, assist your team. Don't be selfish, doesn't matter how strong you are, always keep in mind that this is a team game, and while you might think you could get that running enemy, if you get ganked in the process, it's a huge drawback for your team. Usually if your Occult is at 20 stacks and you've successfully built most of your items, it's a QQ game over for the enemy team.

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About smart casting

Many people like to set up their Q, W and E skills as smart casting spells. This means when you push your Q/W/E, the spell will shoot in the direction your mouse pointer is. Everyone agrees on aiming the ult normally.
While I understand that it might be easier and faster to shoot your skills this way, there is one thing that's always been keeping me away from it: not seeing the range of the spell. I think that when facing someone, it's of most importance that you know for sure right before casting that spell that it will not miss. If you miss with it, you lose precious mana, and there are situations where it's totally unforgivable.
I'm constantly testing smart casting, but as for now, I don't like it, and I don't advice you going with it unless you are _really_ totally sure about your range.

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1v1ing different champions in mid lane (+ Win10cent's videos)

Win10cent did quite a few amazing videos on 1v1ing some champions in mid lane. You should really check them out, even if some of them is before the Doran's items' nerf, when you could take healing pots with you along with Doran's Blade.
You can find these videos here in his YouTube channel, be sure to check them out!
You can definitely 1v1 anyone without having too much problems (unless it's the same Ezreal facing you with more skill :)) but there are some guys who it's harder to do it against, like Anivia (hugging the turret and coming back to life), LeBlanc (will harass you to hell with her Sigil and Distortion if you let her reach lvl 2 before killing her), Malzahar (he can't do too much after he shot his Q but still be careful, that guy is weird), Brand (his AoE is very annoying and hard to dodge without a Boots of Speed, and if he can stun you it's probably a QQ for you), Caitlyn (annoying because of her range and Q, but if you manage to get up closer to her she's most likely gone), Lux (VERY annoying if she gets her Lucent Singularity first, you need to get closer as fast as you can) and so on.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide and got some useful tips and ideas about playing AD Ezreal. I'd like to thank Win10cent for creating his amazing guide, which is the one I based this one on, and I'm honored to play it even today, getting more first bloods, kills, and won matches than ever.
This build is currently under construction and I'm planning on expanding it from time to time, so stay tuned!