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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by Dawnlicker

Support Wind Witch Support [Updated for Pre-Season 7]

Support Wind Witch Support [Updated for Pre-Season 7]

Updated on December 13, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Build Guide By Dawnlicker 63,568 Views 0 Comments
63,568 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Janna Build Guide By Dawnlicker Updated on December 13, 2016
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Why This?

Janna scales very well with AP. Many builds forsake this for support style items, but adding AP is a great way to have a very powerful ultimate, more effective slow, faster passive movement, stronger shield, and stronger AD buff on the shield. This seems like a no brainer to me.

*Upadted a little bit for the Pre-season.*
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Ive played for a while. I am not amazing at many things, but I have a good deal of experience with Janna. Every time I played Solo Queue, i would just say fill, and 4/5 times this meant I would be support. I have around 80k Mastery with Janna, most of which was collected a while ago, largely due to being more unemployed than I am today.

I also play Jungle Karthus, but I have not done this in a while.

(I am not updating much of this guide, but i will touch on the items.)
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Masteries / Runes

This looks like you will go over the CDR cap. But it is very unlikely that you will, even if you are doing well, the items are quite expensive and collecting all of the CDR would take 40 mins or more.

Otherwise, standard sustain, heals, and shields.

Runes- Stay alive, all I can say.

*New* I was having some mana issues without tear in the new patch if my team was struggling and I had to shield towers more and spam tornadoes to slow pushes, this is why I dorpped the 3x Scaling MR blues in favor of 3x Scaling Mana Regen.


Early trades at low levels can be greatly impacted if you are able to auto attack very well alongside your ADC. If you are good at auto-attacks, then some people would take Hybrid Pen runes to increase their auto-attack poke, but these are expensive, and magic pen is good and cost little IP.
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*New* Janna has mana issues until you are able to get Medallion + Idol, but this happens soon enough. Save your Q for when the enemy engages on your ADC, and try to predict the skillshots and shield your ADC before they hit. So long as you don' play aggressively early, you should be fine with mana.

*Old*Cast Rates- Conserve Mana Early, but once you have Medallion + Tear, don't hold back on casting. The more you cast the sooner you will have 750/750 tear, which means you can get a powerful item-cast shield on yourself which can save you if you get focused. Q and W are more expensive than E, so cast them more sparingly. Cast Q and W on minion waves if there is no threat, as this is a good way to build charges, but make sure to wait 2 seconds between them or otherwise you will waste the spell and not get +5 on the tear.

Q - This is good, but costs much mana. Don't spam early, spam more once you have Tear + Medallion. Let it charge up, and learn to time it. Guess where the enemy will be in 2-3 seconds. It has a long distance if you let it charge. It is also good to use for escaping even if you don't have time to let it charge, as it will buy you half a second of escape time which is sometimes enough to save you or your buddies life.

W- This is great. Passive Move Speed, Cast Slow, this scales with AP. The damage is mild, but the slow and passive are great. If you cast this, you lose the passive move speed, so cast if you have to save your buddy who is running from an enemy, but don't cast if it is just you running away, as you will be slowed down more than the enemy if just you are running away, since the duration is shorter than the cooldown.

E- This is the magic. This gives shield and bonus AD. Spam this once you have good mana, as it cost the least mana of any of the spells. Prio the AD carry if there is no damage threat as it will increase wave clear and pushing potential. Shield junglers if you are roaming. Shield yourself if you are in danger, or if you want to try to gain some CS if you are alone in lane for some reason trying to push back waves a bit.

R- This is an amazing spell if you have a good deal of AP, otherwise it is mediocre. Channeling the whole thing can heal you up to full health if you are low given you have good AP. It also heals your allies, so remind them to stand inside of it if they don't know this. It will knock enemies back, buying you some precious time to channel it in a team fight, but moving will cancel it. It is often very woth it to cancel this spell just to provide some healing, and still be able to escape. This can also be very useful to knockback the squad of enemies that have jumped on your buddy, just to buy him some time to eascape and heal him a bit, but don't channel for too long or the enemies will just jump right on you.
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Team Work

Stay behind your ADC, learn to time your knockup. cast your slow on the enemies that dive into your squad. Shield your buddy if they are being hurt. Shield your ADC if nobody is at critical health just to have them get quality harass off.

Warding s key, learn to ward. Ward the bushes.

Pink Wards. Pink wards are good where you can see your Blue/Red Buff. In the bushes behind the Red buff. In the bushes by the river near Mid. In the Tri-bush near your tower. Stealth ward to fill the river bushes by your lane to prevent ganks. Trinket Ward corner bushes if your enemy hides in them and you have time.

Trinket- If your team is good at warding, it may be safe to get a red trinket. Otherwise I keep the stealth ward trinket, because doing all the warding, only having 3 or 4, it is very easy to run out. With rechargable stealth wards, you can place these in strategic places that are just a bit less important in order to save sightstone charges.

*New* If your team is capable of warding is is VERY beneficial to have a red trinket. Somebody once said, "Warding is what prevents your team from losing the game, but de-warding is what allows your team to win the game." Sweep barons and dragons, sweep the jungle. It's good to know your team isn't sitting on a ward.
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Sorcerer's Shoes - These are a very offensive buy, and are bad unless you have a good deal of AP, Janna doesn't do that much damage, the AP is good because of how much it helps the shields and ultimate heal. The flat penetration is very good if the enemy team does not have any Magic Resist, but if they are building MR the flat pen won't help very much.

Mercury's Treads- These are a common choice when going up against teams with a good deal of CC and can also be justified when the enemy deals a fair amount of magic damage. (Corki, wizard support, etc.)

Ninja Tabi- These can be taken if the enemy team is basically all AD, and there is no real threat of CC.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - These can be good if you are low on CDR for some reason, it is fairly easy to get 45%, but if your build doesn't put you to that point these can be a good choice.

Boots of Swiftness- These are good against a team with high slow compostitions, and skillshots that can be avoided. (Ashe, Karthus, etc.)

Mobility Boots -I Don't reccomend these unless you are very keen on holding your W and you like to roam. The W does good damage if you have high AP, one of the advantages of this build, but once you let it go your passive movement speed is gone and you also have no mobility bonus. If you like to roam, these can get you across the map a lot quicker.

Eye of the Oasis - This is the easy money support item. The passive heal is nice.

*Old* Archangel's Staff - This solves your mana issues, allows you to spam all day, and ends up giving you a good item-cast shield. With the addition of redemption and improved crucible as priority items, you get more mana regen earlier than you used to. Archangel's is a bit excessive now.

*New* Janna doesn' have much of a mana issue anymore now that support itemization is very heavy with mana regen. This is why I suggest Rylai's.

*Note* Although I did have some mana issues if I was staying out for a long time, and if I had to spam shields/tornadoes to defend a tower, this was really only if my team was doing poorly. This is why i suggest 3x Scaling Mana regen blues instead of 3x Scaling MR blues, just to help your sustain without tear. A good reason to go back is once you are out of wards, and this will help keep your mana healthy.

*Old* Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This item is good because it gives you HP, AP, as well as a slow. This can be clutch because you don't have to lose your passive movement speed from W to slow somebody because you can slow them with a tornado. This increases your catch and peel potential if you can hit your tornadoes, and the AP is also very nice.

*New* This got nerfed pretty hard early into pre-season. It is now a 20% slow for 1 second on all spells, rather than a 40% slow for 2 seconds, this makes it worthless, as your knockup will consume most of the 1 second. I recommend Ardent Censer instead, it provides AP, CDR, Movespeed and a quality buff to allies from your shields, locket, and ultimate.

Rabadon's Deathcap - This is a power spike that keeps your shields and heals competitive against stacked opponents.

Redemption - This has become a key item on most supports. It can turn a team fight and can be cast while dead. The heal is substantial and the damage is not terrible. The regen is good. It is just all around a good item. Most people prioritize this.

Frozen Heart - This provides good defenses and CDR, but it is great because it slows down the kill-rates of Auto attack based champions. This can be good if the enemy team has very little magic damage.

*Old* Locket of the Iron Solari - This provides your team a pinch of MR, but also a great item-cast shield in a pinch. Also gives you some health.

*New* - This item was changed, it no longer provides an MR aura, making it less of a must buy item. The shield was buffed a bit i think, and it no longer provides health. it has good synergy with redemption in that it offers both armor and MR to help you survive poke while redemption provides health. This can be good against teams with high burst combos, if you can cast this and survive their burst, then your team is able to stay in the fight. It is a quality item.

Mikael's Blessing - This is a very good item if the enemy has some crippling CC. Any long acting roots, stuns, slows, etc. can be cleaned with this. I don't know of the complete list, but things such as Ashe Ultimate, Malzahar ultimate, Fizz Ultimate, may be able to be cleaned. I don't buy this item because I am too slow to realize within the 2 second period of (Hey my buddy got CC'd; Im going to item-cast this before he dies.)

*New* It is hard to juggle this many actives, but Crucible got a huge buff in the pre-season, and now has +20% heal and shield power, basically a little rabadon for your shield and heals. It is very nice, but if the enemy team doesn't have any CC, it is basically just a nice heal.

Mejai's Soulstealer - This is a decent and cheap alternative to Rabadon. If you are good at dying and your team already has momentum, this can give you a huge AP Boost. It is easy to rack up assists just by throwing a shield on somebody in the fight, you don't have to attack or anything.

Ardent Censer - This is a great item because it gives your AP, Move Speed, and CDR. The bonus to shields gives your ADC some good damage and attack speed, but the damage is MAGICAL ON-Hit damage, which will not benefit the way their abilities scale. The AP provides a bit more AD from your shield though.

*New* This now also gives more AP and + heal and shield power. It's utlity in terms of survival is decent with movespeed and CDR, i reccomend this after the two support items, or even before hand, because it synergizes well with Raba, and one of the few viable AP items after the Rylai's nerf.

Zeke's Harbinger = This is a good item and provides great synergy between you and your ADC. The charge range is quite small though, so you basically have to be in your ADC's pocket for this to be a worthwhile purchase. I do not buy this often because it is not great when roaming or if the ADC dies, because it may be on cooldown and therefore useless at that time.

*Old* Abyssal Mask - If you are not facing any real threats, but your mid lane is having trouble unloading upon the enemies due to a lack of penetration. Buying one of these can help your mid laner do well, effectively giving them +20 magic pen if they don't have one of these. If your partner is Corki, I would put this above Rabadon, because the bonus penatration REALLY helps Corki a lot, as he does an even greater amount of magic damage now.

*New*( This is no longer flat penetraton since the pre-season, so as 10% increased damage it is not as good. I wouldn't buy this.)

*Old* Morellonomicon - This item is very situational, however, if your teal is having a lot of trouble with somebody who is fed or otherwise has a lot of lifesteal, this can cause them to be nearly unkillable. With this, you can reduce the effects of their healing and if you are good enough to land your spells, it can substantially reduce their healing rates, which is very useful, because normally the only way to kill champs like that if they are too fed is to ignite them.

*New* (Janna gets a ton of CDR with redemption and mikaels along with Eye of the Oasis. Janna' spells are not very reliable so this isn't a great buy. If the enemy team has that much lifesteal, tell the ADC to buy Executioner's Calling, it is much more efficient and works 100% to 0%, rather than just from 35% health)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker
Dawnlicker Janna Guide
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Wind Witch Support [Updated for Pre-Season 7]

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