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Tryndamere Build Guide by TheShingle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheShingle

Windaqueer: how to make your foes cry OP

TheShingle Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 0

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a quick announcment.

So a few *******s have downvoted me. which sucks balls. they clearly didnt read the guide, and dont understand what i said.

so personally im a bit discouraged. im hoping to get a chance to make the changes i have been hoping to make, but the negativity has me rather unhappy :(

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Hey guys, thanks for coming to my guide for Tryndamere, the **********er that if played right, will not die. Tryndamere is a crit based carry, however one that is extremely reliant on getting fed. He has a weaker laning phase then most, however late game he can absolutely dominate. This is a guide to LANING tryn. I personally dont think jungle tryn is very good, so if you want to jusngle tryn, consult another guide.

A lot of people say tryn is OP. I disagree. I like to see it that tryndamere is a difficult beast to tame. You see, a lot of people will go as tryn, dive into a 1v5, and proceed to get raped by the abundant cc which will be thrown in your direction. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS A TEAM GAME. DO NOT, I REPEAT: DO NOT EVER GO INTO A TEAMFIGHT WITHOUT SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you do this, you will feed, and Baron Nashor will find where you live, and rape you.

Before you read this guide, understand that it is extremely difficult to find exact ststs on EVERYTHING. If someone knows where I can find UP TO DATE stats for League of Legends, besides hunting through the actual game... PLEASE TELL ME :D


Guide Top



If at first you do badly as tryn, DO NOT DESPAIR. There is a learning curve. It doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad player. WORK AT IT. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

But anyways, Good luck as tryn, and enjoy the rest of the guide :D.

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Pros/ Cons

Pros :D

Very high damage output late game.
Very very high crit damage.
Great late game farmer (operative word... late game)
Really fun when you get fed.
Great teamfight utility.
Has actually a decent sized health pool (If my memory serves me right its like the 3d or 4th largest base health pool in game).
Great escape.
Can spin through walls.
Self heal/ AD/ crit damage STACKABLE buff.
Your abilities have very good synergy with one another.
and finally

Cons :(

Still relatively squishy.
Vulnerable to CC.
Lag ****s him over (timing is everything, can't really time your ulti at 3 fps.)
Thornmail ****s him over (he's ALL physical damage)
He makes people think they can dive into 1v5s and get a pentakill.... (* see section CHUCK NORRIS SYNDROME)
Is really boring to play when you don't have a good game.
Is item dependant: IE. you need to get fed or farm the **** out of everything to do anything.
Deceptively hard to use.
Vulnerable to nukers with high damage nukes. (ie. veigar, AP sion, etc..)

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Ok, before I begin, keep in mind that tryn uses his health for his abilities. They aren't expensive, but dont be using Spinning Slash when you're at 20 hp. Some people kinda forget about the health cost (me included), so this is kind of a disclaimer. So... yeah.

Battle Fury: Tryndamere's Critical Strike chance increases as he becomes more wounded.

This is how you get crit chance before you get all of your core items. It gives you a sexy 10% crit chance at the start, then has a bonus for the lower hp you have. I believe it maxes out at 50% in total.

Once you hit level six, you use this to your advantage. As your sitting around at 1 hp for 5 seconds, YOU HAVE A ****ING 50% CRIT CHANCE + ANY ITEMS YOU HAVE AT THIS POINT. This passive makes it so that tryn has a chance against other carries like yi who have advantages over him in the laning phase.

Bloodlust: Tryndamere thrives on the thrills of combat. Whenever Tryndamere kills a unit or critically strikes, he temporarily gains increased attack damage and critical damage.

This is your bread and butter baby. AD and Crit damge PER STACK. It stacks up to 8 times. Once you have a full 8 stacks on tryn, you can whup serious ***. You get 1 stack for every critical strike, and one stack for every kill (such as a minion). This makes last hitting with tryn doubly important early game, as when you do not have very high crit chance, you require last hits to gain stacks. Bloodlust stacks are, IMO, what makes tryn. With full stacks, masteries, runes, and Infinity Edge, you can crit upwards of 300%!!! Also, the animation for tryn's bloodlust is kinda hard to notice, especially if you don't have high graphics settings. This makes tryn's damage output early game deceptively high (his laning still isnt all that good though :( ).

Sounds like an awesome ability right? BUT WAIT, THERE'S MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!?! Yes my friends, there is more. These stacks can be triggered to heal tryn. The ap ratio is amazing, something like 1.5 per stack, but who in the name of God's Holy Left Testical builds ****ing AP ON TRYN!? But I digress. Anyways, this gives tryn a much needed tool to stay alive: A) in lane; B) While in the jungle (Even though I'm not the BIGGEST fan of jungling tryn, I suppose it's viable. Still, it helps when grabbing buffs); C) In small scale encounters; D) When you're trying to escape a gank; E) In teamfights; F) After you use ENDLESS ****ING RAAAAAAAAGE; and G) ITS A ****ING SELF HEAL STOOPID THAT U GET BY HITTING THINGS, ie. it helps with pretty much anything.

Mocking Shout: Tryndamere lets out an insulting cry, decreasing surrounding champions' physical damage. Enemies with their backs turned to Tryndamere also have their movement speed slowed.

An excellent utility. Chasing someone? MOCKING SHOUT! In a teamfight? MOCKING SHOUT! Having trouble with your love life?... The list goes on and on for the uses of this ability. Alot of people forget the debuff in favor of the actual slow (including me sometimes, everyone is guilty of it). DON'T FORGET THE DEBUFF!I cannot stress this enough. This debuff HELPS YOUR TEAM. With the click of a button, all enemy units near you LOSE AD. THIS IS HUGE IN TEAMFIGHTS! It limits the effectiveness of EVERYONE on there team. It isn't an insta win, but it certainly helps. It's great in early game duels as well, such as killing that overextending Yi.

For the slow? What can I say. Its an AoE slow to people not facing you. Basicly them chicken***** running away from you. Its kinda lame that you can use it to slow people facing you, but I suppose that a slow that affecta all enemy champrions around you HAS to have some sort of tradeoff.

Lastly, here is a neat trick you can pull to save lives. Let's say a teamate is getting chased. What YOU can do is run out behind the chasers, pop the slow, then spinning slash away. While doing this is very situational, remember that even though you're a carry, DON'T BE A DOUCHEBAG AND LET YOUR TEAMMATES DIE. On the flip side, there's a difference between saving a teammate and giving away a free kill. The knowledge of when to use this particular move will make your team love you.

Spinning Slash: Tryndamere slices toward a target unit, dealing damage to enemies in his path.

Spin to win, *****es. This is you're chase/escape/SURPRISE I'M BEHIND THIS WALL. Does a decent amount of damage, but the damage isnt the point. The movement is. This ability has a fairly long range, so it makes an excellent escape. I don't really recommend initiating/ entering battle with this ability (there is an exception, which i will go into shortly) as you kinda of need it to gtfo if everything goes south. I suppose if you have your ult up you can, but it isn't really worth wasting your ult when you could just spin away. The thing about tryn is you have to pick and choose your fights to maximize your gain.

****** HERE IS THE EXCEPTION. The one way I always recommend entering a fight/ initiating it is by spinning throug the wall. This will hopefully catch your enemy off guard and allow you 1-2 free hits before he starts to actually focus. This doen't mean go into a ****ing 1v5 (see section *Chuck Norris Syndrome) cuz u will diez, fool. This DOES mean you can quickly get into a fight with dat Ashe farming top lane.

On that note, yes Tryn can spin through walls. This makes him an exceptional chaser/escaper. Though still not as good as Kassadin. I'll give you a hint on how to know if the wall you want to spin through is spinnable. If the marker goes through the wall, you can go through it. If it doesn't, you can't (derp). If it's kinda iffy, try it. If it doesn't work/ does work, you'll know for next time.

Undying Rage Tryndamere's lust for battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die, no matter how wounded he becomes.


This Ult is one of the best in the game. YOU DON'T DIE FOR 5 WHOLE SECONDS. THIS IS HUGE! With this, you are one of the best tower divers ever! If you are a newbie to tryn, understand that this isn't kayle's ulti. YOU DO NOT BECOME INVINCEABLE WITH THIS ULTI, ie, DO NOT POP THE ULTI AT FULL HP. If you do... I will cry. Every time a tryn thinks his ulti is like Kayle's and pops it at full health to block tower aggro, 10 babies are stillborn. What it does do is make you unable to go past 1 hp, essentially making you unable so die, for 5 seconds. This is why timing the ult is what seperates the good tryn's from the great. You need to have an excellent sense of the game in order to accurately time this ultimate, as to get the most out of it you need to be as close to 1hp as possible. So chances are if you **** up, you're dead. PS: ONCE YOU POP YOUR ULT BUT IT'S CLEAR YOU CAN'T GET A KILL, GTFO. DON'T SIT THERE LIKE A DERP HITTING PEOPLE TILL IT WEARS OFF.
Aside from that, there isn't too much to say about this ult. You really have to get a feel
Keep in mind, this ult gives you 4/6/8 bloodlust stacks, meaning you can heal yourself reliably afterwards. No, don't stay in a teamfight after your ult wears off just because you can heal after. A general rule of thumb as tryn is once you've used your ulti, get out, because you're now killable.

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Skill Sequence

Really not complicated on tryn. Grab a point in Spinning Slash for the escape, grab a point in Mocking Shout for the slow/debuff, then max Bloodlust ASAP. Obviously, get Undying Rage whenever you can. Then max Mocking Shout, and finally Spinning Slash. There. Is that too hard? Nope. For easier planning, look at the skill tree.

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Why not get bloodlust first? (Continued from Skill Sequence)

This section is essentially part of Skill Sequence, but it addresses an issue some may be confused about, so I'm giving it its own section in order to more quickly accessed.

A friend brought up a very good point. Why don't I get bloodlust first? Well although Bloodlust is tryn's best ability (apart from Undying Rage), it won't really save your life that much in the first 5 levels. It'll help you stay in lane, sure, but your first priority in these first few levels is staying alive. Spinning slash is your escape, which is why I ALWAYS put my point into this first. Secondly, is your mocking shout. The debuff can help you escape in a pinch, and also when that Master Yi overextends, you can slow him to grab first blood. THEN you get bloodlust. And max is first, cuz you're gonna want to get the most out of the 4-5 stacks you'll be getting early game.

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Greater Mark of Critical Damage: These runes are good on tryn. Usually, I'd pick either these or crit chance runes. If you're confident in your early game, pick these. They will help you more in the long run of this build.

Greater Mark of Critical Chance: The crit chance runes of awesome. These give Tryn a much needed boost in the early game. Use these over crit damage runes if you find your early game suffers.

Greater Mark of Desolation: Not Ideal on tryn, but armor pen runes are great in general, so I thought I'd toss em in here. You can use these for ***** and gigs if you want, but I'd recommend the other 2.

Greater Seal of Evasion: Decent runes on tryn. I main Jax, so I personally love dodge chance. These CAN help you, but it's a bit risky. It's more a matter of preference.

Greater Seal of Health: Gives tryn a nice early game boost to his HP. Again, anything helping trym's early game is excellent on him.

Greater Seal of Vigor: Decent runes for staying in lane. These would be my last pick out of all the seals, but they're decent.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Uh.... yeah. I don't really like using offensive or defensive glyphs as they kinda suck relative to offensive marks or defensive seals. Feel free to use those if they float your boat. This is the only real "true glyph" that I find benefits tryn at all. Again, if you don't feel like CDR, use something else thats more offensive based.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage: Crit damage. Again, this is if you have absolutely no trouble early game.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance: Crit Chance. Makes your early game better= more win. Yay.

Greater Quintessence of Health: Flat health quints. These are good, in general. My two faves are the crit damage/chance, but these can help early game.

Greater Quintessence of Evasion: If you like dodge and think you have enough of crit chance/ damage, take these.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Again, armor pen runes. Not ideal on tryn but I thought I'd include them more as homage to how awesome they normally are. Use if you must, but I don't recommend them.

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Always, and I ****ING MEAN ALWAYS, take 21 points in offence. TRY to master your summoner spells IF YOU CAN. As to wether or not the other 9 points should be put into defence or support, whatever floats your boat. I usually spec defense, but you can spec support. Just dont be ******ed and grab masteries improving your mana, cuz YOU DON'T HAVE MANA >_<. Get the reduced death time, increased experience gain, and the extra gold every ten seconds if you decide to put points in support.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite An excellent spell to get anyone fed early game. Even late game. I highly recommend this spell.

Cleanse This spell can help you when you're bogged down with CC, helping you get your ulti off, helping you escape/rape their faces. Also highly recommended.

Flash I really don't need to explain this spell. It's in general an excellent ability. Not as important on tryn I find, as he can already spin through walls, but still. Excellent all round pick.

Ghost I'd argue this spell is better on tryn than flash, but it's all a matter of preference. However, DO NOT TAKE GHOST AND FLASH AT THE SAME TIME ON TRYN. He already HAS an escape. You don't need 3.

Exhaust A decent pick. You already have a slow, but the debuff makes it worth it. Personally, I used to go exhaust ignite on tryn, because the combo of those 2 spells can help you get that first blood.

Teleport Kind of good. Helps you get back into lane I suppose. Take it if you must, but I don't recommend it.



Clarity No comment...

Clairvoyance If anyone takes this, it should be your tank or support. Your job is getting kills.

Fortify Again, your tank or support should take this. Not your job. GET MOAR KILLS.

and to all other spell, just don't take them unless you're trying to troll your team.

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The items shown are your core build. In my humble opinion, 2 Phantom Dancers and an Infinity Edge should be a part of every tryn build. You get high attack speed, move like a ****ing jet, and have pretty much 100% crit chance, not to mention the crit damage bonus and 80 AD from Infinity edge. Amazing combo.

Anyways, you want to start with Brawler's Gloves and 2 health pots. When you go back to base next, you should have to 775g needed for Zeal, and hopefully boots. Berzerker's Greaves are really good for the early game AS. Then grab your first Phantom Dancer, then another Zeal. Then build you're Infinity Edge, starting off ALWAYS with a B.F. Sword. Once You have you're Infinity Edge, build your second Phantom Dancer using the Zeal you just bought. And hey presto, you're core build is done. Now you have several choices, depending on the flow of the battle.


The Bloodthirster Get 2 if you want. At this point you should be able to farm like a boss, so 40 minions shouldn't be too much of a problem. PS: THIS ITEM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO GIVE YOU THE MOST FLAT AD OF ANY ITEM EVAAAAR. Also, there's lifeteal involved, which is really good on tryn.

Tiamat I don't really know about this one. It all depends on whether or not the passive works with your crits. If it does, then this is a great item for tryn. Again, I still need to test this thing out in game. If anyone knows, lemme know.

*Edit: Yes it does, I think. THIS ITEM IS ****ING AWESOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly when I got this item I was raping face even more in teamfights and ****ing EATING minions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Youmuu's Ghostblade I don't really like this item. I'm not a huge fan of active abilities, but thats just because I always forget to use em. Overall, this item is pretty good. You won't really need the extra crit chance, but the damage and armor pen are good, not to mention CDR. And if you remember to use the active, you can rape serious face.

Zeke's Harbinger Makes you an even more contributing member of your team in teamfights, with the buff/ debuuf. Also gives you some nice AS and Lifesteal.

IF THE ENEMY STARTS STACKING ARMOR (Because thats the smart thing to do.)

The Black Cleaver Overall a great item. Attack speed, Attack damage, and an armor reducing passive. Awesome vs people that don't have stupid amounts of armor, but enough to affect your killing power.

Last Whisper If armor is getting serious, get this. Gives you decent AD, but more importantly 40% armor penetration. This should help you ALOT.


Thornmail There ya go. Problem helped, if not solved. They shouldn't have a fed carry anyways, but what are you gonna do. **** happens.


Force of Nature Magic resistance, health regen, and movement speed. Nuff said.

Banshee's Veil An awesome amazing stupendous item. I don't like it (don't know why) but it CAN be a lifesaver. The mana is redundant on tryn, but the health and Magic Resist is great, as well as the ****ing awesome passive that can save you from being killed or having to use your ulti (or blocking that stun preventing you from using your ulti.


Avarice Blade The extra gold is a really big help if the enemy team isn't letting you farm. As you know, tryn's laning phase isn't the best, so this item should help you get the gold needed to start raping faces.

Heart of Gold If you're REAAAAAAAAAALLLY getting starved, then get HoG. Sell it when you need the item slot. Again, only if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.


Quicksilver Sash There ya go. A cleanse. Problem solved.

Cloak and Dagger A decent item. Crit chance and attack speed as well as tenacity. So yeah. Get this item if you want, prolly won't do a whole lot to your DPS as you should already have 100% crits, but still.


Rabadon's Deathcap.... umm... yeah. Well you'll be healing for ****loads, cuz the ratio for each stack of bloodlust is like 1.5 x your AP. If thats what you want then... sure... go for it... I guess... O.o.

*Edit: Actually tryn also has a 1-1 Ap scaling on his spinning slash, so if you wanna get rabadon's for ***** and gigs you can actually do some damage. So this item is semi viable. Still... don't use it unless you're playing for fun (imo).


Boots of Swiftness I actually sometimes get these. Makes you move super fast :D. Like a jet. Anyways, if that's what you want feel free.

Ninja Tabi Only get these if you have dodge runes and are really ***** for more dodge. You could get like 25% dodge, which is actually decent. If dodge is you thing, go for it. Oh and there's armor too, which is kinda good, I guess.

Mercury's Treads This could also fit under the "getting raped by CC" section. 35 tenacity is pretty damn good, as well as magic resist. Again, get these if you really need the CC reduction.

Boots of Mobility I suppose if you find yourself ganking alot that these are decent. But sell them for something better once your ganking days are over, you aren't twitch.


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Chuck Norris Syndrome

Let me make something abundantly clear.


Let me elaborate.


you have been warned...

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Why Tryn has trouble laning

Tryn is crit based. His self heal requires crits, his damage output is crits. When you're tryn, your Jesus Christ is Crits. Early game, without items, your crit chance is gonna be ****ty. Your self heal doesn't heal for a whole lot until it is leveled (which is why i max it first), and its hard to get stacks because your crit chance is so low. You can get stacks, by last hitting, but your animation is kinda ****ty. Finally, the big one, YOU HAVE NO HARRASS. AT ALL.

So be really ****ing careful laning with tryn. Never solo lane. Ever. Tower hug if you have to. But the bottom line is, tryn needs to lane more then most champions, however he's bad at it. This is one of the reasons tryn is hard.

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Tryn's 2 Major Turning Points In Game

Ok, so there are 2 points in a game as tryn where your overall gameplay should change.

The first turning point is when you hit level 6 and get Undying Rage. At this point you can start to be aggressive in lane, take some risks, wheras before you were playing it safe (if you've been following this guide, that is). THIS IS HUGE. Why? Because you can play mind games with your opponent. They will never know when you are going to commit to the kill, and therefore they will be forced to play defensively. It is always better to be on the offense then the defense, because on the offense you can always fall back to defense if necessary, while if you're on defense you have nowhere to fall back to without giving up a turret push.

The Second turnin point is when you finish the core build and get 100% crits. At this point, you can settle into a definite rhythm of critting the minions to gain bloodlust stacks and timing it so you can get into battle with full stacks. Also, your damage output at this point is substantial, further reinforcing any uncertainty your opponent had before. Finally, this is the point where YOU CAN ADAPT. This is why I have not made a mandatory list of items beyond the Core build, you should always adapt to the enemy. Force them to adapt to you, then proceed to counter adapt (if that makes any sense).

So plan your gameplay around these 2 points, m'kaay?

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Alright so now that you have a grasp of Tryn, here is what you should focus on doing.


Early game you should focus on farming. Just focus on last hitting enough to make some gold. Leave harrassing to your lane partner. You should be paired with someone who has good harrassment/cc, or is a tank. If you get a kill, fantastic. It's not going to happen often in the early game until.... YOU HIT LEVEL SIX. This is the first major turning point in tryn's gameplay. Now you can start to be a little more bold, even going out and whacking enemy champs. Most people know about your ulti, so they will most probably be a bit cautious in engaging you directly. By this point, you should have at least a zeal, maybe boots depending on how farmed you are or whether or not you got a kill. Mobility shouldn't be a problem for you right now. Now again, don't fall vicitim to *CHUCK NORRIS SYNDROME and tower dive as soon as you get your ult. No, bide your time and wait for an opening. Stay coordinated with your laning partner. Your objective is to get gold. If this means farming and not killing, so be it.


At this point, if teamfights havn't started, start ganking. The early mid game is usually one of the most important phases for tryn. Make sure that your laning partner is okay with soloing the lane while you go get fed.

Before ganking, try to grab the Red Buff. Then, alert which lane you are going to gank, so that your allies can lure them back/help. Nothing is worse then ganking a lane, then having your 2 allies go back because they didn't know you were coming. When ganking, BE SELFISH WHEN IT COMES TO KILLS. I personally hate killstealers, but when you're tryn, IT IS NECESSARY THAT YOU GET FED.

Another thing to do mid game is start farming dragon if you don't have a dedicated jungler. It's 190 gold for your team, so why not?

Once teamfights start, your role is simple. Kill the enemy carries. When you get low, pop Undying Rage, swing a few more times, then gtfo. If you did your job, then your team should be able to mop up. In the time between teamfights, FARM. What people need to understand is that THE MORE FARMED YOU ARE, THE MORE FED YOU ARE. There is a direct corelation between farming and winning. The more fed you are, the easier it is to win. The more you farm, the more fed you are. Simple as that.


At this point you should have the core build and then some. Your job in teamfights remains the same, ie kill squishy damage dealers. REMEMBER, ONCE YOU USE YOUR ULT, YOUR JOB IS OVER. GTFO. You, as the carry, need to stay alive. You don't want to be sitting in respawn for 60 seconds depriving your team of your presence. THE TEAM NEEDS YOU ALIVE. BETTER TO STAY ALIVE AND NOT DO MORE DAMAGE THEN DIE AND NOT DO ANY MORE DAMAGE ANYWAYS. Late game is pretty much all teamfights, so its pretty simple. If you have available item slots, keep farming as well. If your team score an ace, help them push towers. At this point, the game is a cycle of teamfichts an pushing, so your job is fairly straightforward.

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Ideal Laning Partners

BLUE= :D GREEN= :) YELLOW= :I Orange= :S RED= :(

BTW-> IF your favorite champ is red or orange, and you start raging, let me first explain that the coding DOESN'T MEAN THE CHAMP SUCKS. As tryn you want to get fed as you (should) be the primary carry on your team. THIS LIST IS FOR SYNERGY, NOT A CHAMP REVIEW >_<.

Akali: While her harrass is good, she has no utility or cc to help you. Also, that akali wants to get fed just as much as you, so she'll prolly try to take kills. You don't want this.

Alistar: Uh.. **** yes? He ****ing rapes people with his Pulverize -> Headbutt combo, GIVING YOU KILLS. The fact that his Triumphant Roar keeps you in lane is the icing on the cake.

Amumu: YUSS STUNS :D. Bandage Toss can be an absolute lifesaver, as well as Curse of the Sad Mummy. PLUS HE TANKS *****ES. Only reason he's green instead of blue is cause he has accidental ksing potential.
Anivia: Anivia... is kinda helpful. Crystalize can help you get kills, and she has lots of cc. HOWEVER. Anivia is an AP nuker meaning chances are she wants to get fed too and will take your kills. And she's pretty squishy.

Annie: She got stuns, which keeps her from the red zone. Otherwize, too squishy and too likely to steal your kills. Meh.


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2 words: BUY THEM.

These little beauties are amazing. Just because you tryndamere doesnt mean you don't have to pull your weight and buy these. They get you kills, kills get you fed, if you're fed, you win.

To make things simpler: WARDS IS GOOD.

So buy them ;)

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Well thank you for reading my guide. Please, leave a comment and vote this build up :D. IF you decide to vote it down, please give me solid reasoning behind it. Nobody likes a troll.

If you find any information that is incorrect, any points you want to discuss, or anything I should add, please feel free to let me know.

No go, young tryndamere. Make your enemies QQ.

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These are just jokes I found over teh interwebz that I thought where ****ing hillarious.



Tryn is so OP that...

.. he one shots master Yi in full meditation.
.. he can destoy fountain obelisk .
.. he cuts the chicken from mocking shout in half.
.. he can kill you while in stasis
.. you will die immediately after respawn again.
.. he destroys towers when he spins through them
.. he can one shot you while under Kayle`s ulti.
.. he can kill enemy vendor
.. he scares Nashor so much that he won`t spawn for 2nd time.
...he makes Shaco stop laughing
... hemakes LeBlanc's copy hide when she appears
... he sometimes wears an armor who slows him down to have more fun. he calls himself Mordekaiser. way stronger than himself too
...can make the nexus ragequit
.. he tears of Blitzcrank's Fist
.. he can hit Ezreal during his Shift
.. even TF's Destiny is afraid to show his location
.. Rammus won't Taunt him
.. he Feasts on Cho'Gath instead
.. he one shots Anivia just because he wants to eat scrambled eggs
.. he makes Heimer's turrets commit suicide.
... he makes an enemy Janna's shield shield him instead so it won't get destroyed by him.
... he can spin his sword so fast, he turns into a helicopter (that's how he spins "through" walls by the way).
... he makes Alistar's ulti increase the damage instead of reducing it.
... he makes Vladimir stay in pooled shape permanently.
... he turns Mundo's cleaver into a boomerang which hits Mundo instead.
... he can catch Sivir's boomerang blade and throw it back for quadruple damage.
...he Vegeta will tell him that his crit hit for over 9000 damage so he won't be butchered by Tryn.
...he minions will start fighting for Tryn's side. If both sides have a Tryn, a black hole will appear.
... the new maps are afraid of Tryn walking on them, so they wouldn't release.
... he makes the announcer say that he scored a tenfold-kill.
...his attack-damage says "INSTANT-KILL".
...his attack-speed says "One hit, one kill, over 9000 times in a second."
...he creates "trynda is op" threads as a part of his religion
...he can counter everything with ad
...mundo goes where tryndamere pleases
...he makes zilean use his ulti-> die -> ressurect -> die again, then ragequit
...he can still score pentakills after zilean left
...nashor stacks thornmails while trynda is in game
...he can kill karthus and kog'maw while in passive
...his team usually leaves him 3 sololanes and a jungle for better farming
...he can win vs ryzebot
...he can kill your team within 1 sec, he just needs further 4 secs for shopping in your base
...his name is an anagramm for armed entry ( he may already hit you with his monsterblade while you were reading this)
...he triggers trapskills, then waits for the gank next to a brush
...he summons tibbers to kill annie
...he can use the summoner ability Teleport on enemy champs
...he can kill pantheon before he arrives the ground, then he screams "TOUCH DOWN"
...can kill enemies only with his manly scent.
...knows Chuck Norris is planning to call his newborn son Tryndamere.
...make sure people die if they are killed.
...the player himself dies instead of their champion.
...he thinks that "spinning kick of instant annihilation" would be a pretty decent spell for first level.
...he uses his ultimate to avoid wasting his *really* good spells
...he retires in sadness when one of his attack deals only triple damage Oracle once asked him what was going to happen (and he answered "this'll be a slaughter")
...he bought Excalibut to have a back-up weapon
...he has a spell that can destroy the whole world. 15 second cooldown.
...he does not have a last name. just more criticals.
... When he enters a game, Baron Nashor ragequits.
... When he gets in range of turrets, they target themselves!
... He can get a pentakill in a 1 on 1 game
... he broke the server
... he makes rammus say "nope"
...he taunts Galio when he gets caught into "Idol of Durand"
...he throws Singed when the Mad Chemist uses "Fling"
...he heals 50% of his HP and gets +10% crit damage when he "finds" Teemo's mushrooms
...he doesn't let the enemy team to respawn until he has enough handicap and is ready to fight them
...he makes Vladimir give away HP instead of draining it
...he can dodge "Rune Prison" and "Spearshot"
...he never dies.He lets himself get killed to make his enemies feel better
...he can't get stunned/slowed/snared,he just takes a smoke
.. he makes Sona speak
.. he can blow away Garen while spinning
.. he is the source of Amumu's sadness - he knows he can never be as awesome as Tryn
.. he taught Twisted Fate how to play cards.
.. he can eat the cake from Caitlyn's Yordle trap without setting it off
.. he makes Jax run for his original weapon
.. he can toss Olaf's axe back on him
.. Fiddlestick's Fear works as a taunt on him
... he uses his spinning slash and it becomes last spring
... he is the only champion that can go through a wall on Summoners Rift and come out on Twisted Treeline
... he destroys the enemy Nexus by spawning
... he has never banned Rammus, nor any other champion
... he has a higher ELO than any summoner
... he saves his Undying Rage and Mocking Shout until he needs it to blow out the sun
... he sat next to the burning Monk to brag about the time he sat in a volcano
...the announce says "legendary" right at Spawning
...He knows facts about Amumu´s Past life
...Noxus Only lost vs Ionia cause Trynda threatened to coem if they woulsn´t surrender instantly.
...he once entered the void. that´s the reason why cho gath ran towards the league
...enemy shen stand united with him only for not being killed.
...he makes Rammus say something else instead of "OK"
...his right arm is a lot stronger than his left arm, seriously...
...when someone taunts him, he's dead
...<This unit is a barbarian king>
...he dares to challenge Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee at the same time
...he has AoE fear
...he kills minions before they spawn
...he can disable Baron
...he catches all of Katarinas daggers
...he deals damage to Fiddle if that scarecrow uses his lifedrain
...Alistar gets stuck into the ground if he uses Pulverize near him
...Malzahar gets stunned if he focuses him with his ult
...he dodges Poppy's Heroic Charge so that she crashes into the wall and knocks herself out
...he made Brolaf cry
...When WW smells is scent, he gets Feared, blind and slowed for 10secs
...his huge sword is just the tip of is ****
...his farts cause hurricanes
...when janna trows hurricanes at him, he uses the breeze to adjust is hair
...When you see him, you will **** bricks 2012, he will divide by 0
...his power level is over 9001
...he is the reason why the real Baron Nashor left the River
...that when he gets close to Heimerdinger's turrets, they started shooting at Heimerdinger for not getting killed.
... that if Mordekaiser kills him with Children of the Grave, his Ghosts kills Mordekaiser and his team
...he is the reason why the patch is delayed. Maokai doesn't want to get chopped down since it's his free week. the true reason the blind monk is blind. One day he saw Tryndamere scoring a Hexakill. After that epicness he decided to blind himself because after that he could never see something that epic. his sweat to Singed for his Insanity Potion.
...he pentakill a team, spinslash to the next game and kill both Team on that game
...he can spin out of your screen,and kill you IRL
...when Malzahar casts his ult,he stuns his teammates
...Riot once decided to nerf him,in response to that,he killed there class designers
...he can shot the sheriff and the deputy
... He can catch Caitlyn's "Ace In The Hole" with his teeth.
... He's the reason that Kassadin and Cho'Gath were in the void in the first place.
... He hit Teemo so hard, they had to give him a Legendary skin.
... Upon death, KogMaw runs AWAY from him.
... Anivia melts in his presence.
... Cho'Gath gets all 6 stacks by feasting on him.
... He made Gragas an Alcoholic.
... If you manage to "last hit" him with Parrrley as Gangplank, you recieve 10,000gold.
...he's able to grab Blitzcrank instead of being grabbed.
...when he's around, Nasus and Renekton stops fighting.
...he kills Kog'Maw by spitting on him.
...he's the reason why Taric is attracted to men (supposed).

... he humiliates Taric to make jewelery
... he wears a dress and looks cool
... he solos mid agains high range champions and then kills them at their turret (and then dances on their corpse)
... he makes soraka turn into a star just to stay away from him
... he kills Kennen with lightning
... his real name is Mr. GOD
... he shuvs tristanas cannon up her ******
... he flips of Chuck Norris on a daily basis
... he breaks of Alistar's horns
... he eats teemo's darts and then spits then back at him
... he is Nocturne's worst nightmare

Swain originally used tiger as a minion. But Tryndamere got hungry. Hence the raven, it can at least fly away when Tryndamere approaches.

Once upon a time Evelynn was a tough melee tank with flashy abilities and no stealth. She once met Tryndamere alone in the jungle. Since that time, she's the one we know

Hope u guys lol'd. I sure did.

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