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Soraka Build Guide by digital_sauce

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author digital_sauce

(WIP) Respect Raka as God - Support

digital_sauce Last updated on April 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide. I'm going to speak a little truth first off.

My guide is shallow and bland. However I'm not trying to teach you how to play support and I think I've covered the basics of using this unique build in the cheat sheet notes alone. Please give it a chance and let me know what you think, I'm new to writing guides here.

This build is still a prototype and I'm going to experiment with runes more as I go. One game I played, I earned 21.1k gold which was the most in the game. I can't play ranked matches yet but I've had a lot of fun/success playing this build unranked. I've seen good guides focus on a defensive style of play and tried them but I prefer being a little less reliant on team-mates to carry with this build.

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Start of the Game

The first thing to do is buy your starting gear and run to the river. Your auto-attack hits pretty hard and whether you took Astral Blessing or Starcall, you can hold your own. If you're fast enough you should scout for invasions from a bush. When you need to start being the support, place your ward and head bot.

Once the lane phase is under way, you'll want to harass the carry or support with your auto-attacks for gold. If you took Astral Blessing focus on the carry, you can get pretty aggressive but keep in mind you are pretty squishy to the enemy carry - until you heal. If you took Starcall focus on the support, staying in the bushes will offer more chances to use the ability without taking or damaging the cs for your carry. Infuse has a little more range than your auto-attack and silences them, which is a safer way to farm offensively.

500 gold is when to consider going back. Building Frostfang early will double your attack income and generate twice as much gold. If you die before getting 500 gold get a pink ward for your tri-bush. After Frostfang you'll want to buy TotG so you can build mana. Not only will it work towards the items transformation and let you cast more spells but it increases the damage and mana restored by infuse.

Avoiding your own death is great. However, this support's main goal is for the competent carry to do well during the lane phase. Even if you sacrifice yourself, Astral Blessing gives your carry the vitality boost to survive and possibly get a kill or defend the tower. The carry has much less chance to bounce back than little old Raka.

Once you hit level 6, grab your ult and check the health bars. If anyone is low consider giving your team a Wish. When your abilities are all ready... Astral Blessing + Wish + Barrier + Flash will soak a lot of damage and give you an exit.

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Transitional Phase

You'll know you're in the transitional phase (better known as mid game) when you're playing support for someone in another lane. At this point you should have at least one item from Transitional Gear seen above. You should start spending more time in your own jungle and keep an eye on enemy movements and positioning. Your presence will strongly influence a lane at this point. If you did your job in the lane phase your carry should be okay for periods of time to farm solo while you roam around and help other people to scout/gank the enemy.

You'll want to give your team health or mana every time its convenient. Remember to purposefully cast your Infuse during team-fights, a crucial Infuse can shut-down a lethal carry or power-up your own. You'll want to focus on maximizing gold income for everyone during this phase. Push towers, get dragon, assists, kills. Clear as many lanes/camps as your team will allow. Flash + Frost Queen's Claim can secure a kill or an exit for your team now.

Your ultimate goal is to complete Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter before this phase is over.

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End Game

By now, the majority of turrets are down and maybe even an inhibitor. Your first Bench Gear item might be finished and your team should be well on the way to victory.

Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter should have your Starcall peeling the enemy team. After all the AP and mana boosts, your Infuse is hitting hard enough to finish off enemies that your team can't kill too. If that wasn't enough your Astral Blessing is strong enough to stop people from dying during a team fight and Wish can turn a loss into a sweep.

If it's a stale-mate, it gets worse for the enemy team. You can keep saving and swap Frost Queen's Claim, Ruby Sightstone and Ionian Boots for any of the Bench Gear at this point. This means you can finally get an item or two with resistances. Your killing power will also increase with any of the Bench Gear.

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Well that's it for now, I'm sorry it's a pretty bad guide right now. I will rework this guide a lot once I've read the guide for guides and thought about it more. The core is there though and as with any champion, learn to be a master baiter.

I hope my guide has at least given you something new to think about!