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Amumu Build Guide by LoveOnTap

Jungle Wrap before you tap. Amumu guide. Patch 10.3

Jungle Wrap before you tap. Amumu guide. Patch 10.3

Updated on February 7, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoveOnTap Build Guide By LoveOnTap 23 3 987,097 Views 11 Comments
23 3 987,097 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LoveOnTap Amumu Build Guide By LoveOnTap Updated on February 7, 2020
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Runes: The best and only Amumu runes

Font of Life
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Hello, Rifthunters! Start in this chapter

I am currently Platinum (ranking back to Diamond when I have time), and I main the wicked jungle and play fill a lot (huge champ pool). Amumu is my main jungle and I have been playing a lot of Jarvan IV this season. I play music and bartend when I'm not playing League. Check Twitch for my schedule and feel free to come in and discuss champs/get help!

Extra information on Runes, Masteries, Items, and Abilities will be included in notes rather than have it's own chapter. This is intended so the guide can be less bogged down and easy to access on the fly.

"**** I panic picked Amumu what do I do"

I love new followers on the Twitch stream, if you're into that action. I would also love to have feedback on improving the guide.

Read on to learn how to throw Bandage Toss in the air like you just don't care. Thank you and happy hunting!
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Summoner spells and jungle match ups

I will keep this section brief. There isn't much to elaborate on for Amumu here

Amumu is a strong team fighter no matter whom is on the enemy team. Even if you're being counter jungled you can just keep farming the camps you have until lv 6 and you will power spike. His Curse of the Sad Mummy will lock down assassins and tanks alike. Just assist your team in grouping properly and follow the chapter in counter jungling and you won't have a problem with any match ups.

Summoner spell explanation:

Pick Smite and Flash for best value.

Flash has synergy with your Curse of the Sad Mummy and your Bandage Toss. It will allow you to make plays all over the rift

Smite is a must. You literally have to have it as jungle this patch or you won't be able to get jungle items to sustain your health. Even if you could go without it health wise, you wouldn't generate enough gold to keep up with the laning champions. Not getting Smite=very bad champion

Other possible options would be Teleport or Exhaust instead of flash in rare situations, although I would advise against it.

Teleport could be used on any jungle if you tell your team mates to keep wards up constantly. It will allow you to control dragon better and gank lanes for your allies if the enemy team is being super aggressive.

Exhaust can be used if the other team has tons of auto attacking champions or attack damage champions in general. Also if your team is very low on CC

I didn't list the other summoner spells as I feel they don't give you enough value to be worth it on Amumu in comparison to these
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How to manage the rift like an alpha mummy(teamfighting)

Your objective as Amumu is to provide a long range engage for your team and attempt to lock up as many squishy people as you can on the enemy's team

You are the front line. Amumu is definitely strongest when he is in a group. If you can land a Bandage Toss on their mid carry or ADC carry and follow up with an Curse of the Sad Mummy and an Tantrum you have pretty much won the fight, just make sure your team is close enough to engage. It's also acceptable to Bandage Toss the tank at the front line as long as when you use your ultimate you still catch squishies.
It is very important not to waste Curse of the Sad Mummy as this is your advantage as a strong team fighter!

After ulting you have two options depending on how your team is doing;
1. Pressure the enemy carries out of the fight
2. Peel for your mid or ADC carry (usually whichever is more fed)
Choose option one if your team mates are already peeling for your carries, choose option two if your carries are being zoned. It is ideal to ask your team mates to protect your carries before the team fight begins since you will only have your Q to peel with after you ult.
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How to toss it like you're hot. A chapter in mechanics

Amumu's Bandage Toss is an extremely long range. Many things to do with that puppy!

1. Hitting an enemy with Bandage Toss will reset their auto attack in a bad way for them. This means if you hit them with Bandage Toss right before they auto attack, it will lower their damage output and increase your own. This goes for minions, jungle monsters, and champions. Doesn't work on the Dragon or Baron. I have used this method to baits fights before, knowing I could stop one auto attack!

2. Amumu or monkey? Your Bandage Toss is a great way to clear the jungle creeps faster. Practice using it at max range around the jungle. Just make sure it is up for a potential fight. If there is a chance the enemy jungle could be around I would suggest not doing this. Once you have Frozen Heart and max levels on your Q, you will be able to use multiple bandage tosses in a single team fight. If you notice an ADC or mid on the other team is trying to run out of the fight and kite it would be a good time to get an extra toss on him.

3. Fly you fools! Minions and jungle monsters as well as a low health enemy champions can all be used as means of escape if you're in a bad way. on the other side of that, you can use it to chase people down if there is a minion wave or jungle creep to grab.

4. STEAL THE DRAGON AND THE BARON! Bandage Toss in when it is lowish health. First Curse of the Sad Mummy, then use Tantrum, then use Smite. They will all be stunned and cannot retaliate. I have gotten 85 percent of the dragons and barons I have tried to steal by doing this. Keep in mind they can still Smite it if the enemy jungler is there. Smite can be used at anytime you aren't silenced as it is the summoner casting it and not the champion (cool to think about, right?)
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Warding/counter jungling

After your third trip to base(assuming everything went smoothly) you should always have a Vision Ward on the map. I like to use the Stealth Ward with Amumu and upgrade it. The reason being, Amumu is very slow and his clear speed is meh. Because of this I want to be able to ward deep in the enemy jungle every time I have a chance so I always know where they are and what I can get away with. This is a reasonable thing to do with every jungler but since Amumu in particular is strong after he has his Curse of the Sad Mummy and in team fights I find the Arcane Sweeper to be less effective on him than others. It isn't a bad idea to buy extra single shot wards if you notice a lane is having a rough time and you want to help them.

When do I delve into the enemy jungle? The answer is very simple. WHEN YOU HAVE INFORMATION! You will farm farm farm while clicking up into lanes periodically to check your friend's and enemy's health bars. You will keep dragon warded with preference on early warding if you are against champs such as Warwick or Nunu & Willump who can eat it very early on. If you notice an abnormal amount of enemy champs are missing and the dragon isn't warded you should immediately issue pings and ask bot lane to throw wards on it if you aren't in a position to do so. The number one rule of thumb is if you see the other jungler doing something, you will want to use his position against him. If he is on the opposite side of the map from you, it's probably okay to move into his jungle for a brief moment to ward and take a creep or two. Use the river crabs to your advantage as much as possible. Always take one if you are in the area as they are a free river ward as well as providing a big gold and experience advantage
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Random tips, info, and ways to be very best like no one ever was

Experience is the main factor in getting better

Minions and monsters give more experience to you and nearby allies if you are under leveled. The Dragon gives more experience to you in the same way and will grant even more experience if your team has less average levels than the enemy team

When warding over terrain the ward only has to go halfway over to succeed. You don't even need to put the mouse cursor right where you want to ward. Put it halfway over the terrain and the game will pop it out in the next available walkable ground. The same thing goes for the Flash summoner spell

The new practice client is amazing. Use it to test new builds. The dummy option can test dps!

There are trolls in League and people who are just fed up with personal life or with other players. There will be many toxic players. Be as helpful as you can and never flame your team. Only offer good advice and don't be pushy about it. I've found that sucking it up and being the bigger person reflects on your win percentages directly. When some one is too extreme just simply mute them and say nothing. Be nice and profit, you never know when you will play with the same person again

Turrets do increasing damage as they hit you

DON'T UNDERSTESTIMATE LEVELS! You gain health/damage/armor ETC... as you level up. Think of levels like several hundred gold worth of items. As a general rule of thumb be careful around anyone that is higher LV than you

Surrendering doesn't affect the amount of LP that you win or lose. Only your MMR compared to the other team and the amount of games you've won in a row will have an effect on this

If you notice you are having trouble with clearing the early jungle camps just ask for a really good leash next time you start!
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The end of the Nexus

Thank you for checking this guide and adding one of my favorite champions to your roster!

Comments/questions/advice/rants and whatever you want to talk about is all welcome here. Feel free to message away. Very glad to have such a great resource as Mobafire to publish my first guide and I will be inclined to make more as time and need for it permits. I will add new tips and information as I discover new things and continue to evolve as a player. I plan to keep any guide I make fully updated at all times. League of Legends is my main hobby right now and I am attempting to transfer into full time game streaming as my only job! I would greatly appreciate good votes if you enjoyed or learned from the guide(or both) and if you had any problems with the guide I will be glad to edit, I'm making this for the community and I want it to be great. Or I want an army of mummies. Either way we all win.
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