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Wukong Build Guide by MadManKo4o

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadManKo4o

Wu Kong: Harassing has never been easier!

MadManKo4o Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-Introduction to Wu Kong The Monkey King.

Welcome to my Wu Kong champion guide.

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Buying a skin for wu kong?

Here is a video where you can chose:
Should I/Shouldn't I buy a skin for wu kong?
I prefer the default one.

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-Pros & Cons

Excellent soloer.
Easy to harass whit.
high burst damage early game.
Easy to escape ganks.
You can jungle w/o wriggles lantern.

Really sqishy early game if you don't know how to play him yet.
Always targeted in team fights due to being the biggest threat.
Pure laner, not tanking skills whit an exception of his ultimate but that doesn't make nothing in the long run.
Can't jungle whit him. It is nion possible.

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For runes I suggest:

Greater Mark of Desolation Highly arguable due to high damage output, everyone can counter you easly whit high armor (Talkin' bout tanky dps). You need this.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist You are sqishy, you need magic resistance to survive that nasty: Annie, Brand, Blitz and so on and so forth in the laining phase.
Greater Seal of Armor Armor. You are sqishy, early game you need armor to survive: Tryndramare,Pantheon, Nocturne, Cait and so on and so on and so forth in the lanining phase.
Ok, point is you need Magic resist & Armor early game aka the early phase because you will die w/o it.
greater quintessence of desolation You need this for MORE MORE DAMAGE!

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-Summoner spells

There are always options.
What summoner spells I recommend to get:
Flash - always useful.
Exhaust - guaranties a kill mid game on any target.
Ignite - Always useful. (100% kill chance if you use it correctly. OR Assist :) )
Ghost - Always useful. (Escaping ganks/Chasing)
Heal - Always useful. (I'd recommend this if your playing a tanky style'd wu or if your team doesn't have one)
Cleanse- Always useful. (Escaping ganks/ Chasing)

Summoner spells I dont recommend to get:
Revive - Waist of a summoner spell for dps in none ranked games (In ranked can be really useful late game).
Clarity - Simple, your not a caster.
Fortify - Useful but Id recomend it for tanks.
Teleport - Useful but I dont recomend it for melee DPS and in late game can do nothing and sometime's wonders BUT I DO NOT PREFER THIS.
Rally - Not useful late game.
Smite - You just can't jungle whit wu, there is no way to do it if someone isn't helping you all the time.
Clairvoyance - I dont recommend this for melee dps aswell.

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For items I start of whit a Doran's Blade. If you feel used to wu in a while by all means start off whit boot's of speed and some pot's.
After farming and grabing some kills return to your base and buy Berserker's Greaves and a component of sheen, if you have the gold. If you got alot of CC'ers on the enemy team get Mercury's Treads
Before we move on I would like to discus the benefits from Sheen!
#1. Crushing Blow scales whit sheen, doing about 300 damage on a target (You will be probably level 7-9 when buying Sheen ).
#2. Decoy : After using decoy you get the sheen proc which gives you burst damage aswell.
#3. Nimbus Strike also scales whit Sheen, but after using it you have to land an auto attack.
#4. Cyclone: After the using Cyclone, one aka your first proc of Sheen scales whit the damage.
Ok, so lets move on.
After that head for Trinity Force.
The slow effect from Phage and the bonus attack speed + movement speed + crit is all you need for mid game.
Manamune If your having problems whit your mana don't think twice. Buy it.
After that focus on The Bloodthirster. Buy a Vampiric Scepter to keep you healthy.

CORE ITEMS Mercury's Treads/ Berserker's Greaves Trinity Force The Bloodthirster

Ok, this is situational. If your enemy team has high burst casters buy Hexdrinker & Force of Nature.
Now, if your enemy team has high burst dpsers like tryndramare get a Warmog's Armor if needed

After that its dependable. (If none tanky items are needed, follow this item selection down bellow)

If your enemy team has alot of low armored champions w/o escape mechanics buy a The Black Cleaver for the high damage output.
Now, if your enemy team has +2 tanks (Yes, this is possible) and Tanky-dps buy Youmuu's Ghostblade for the use effect and for the ARP.
Now, last item should be Infinity Edge.
If the game still goes on and your making tons of gold sell your boots for Phantom Dancer.

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-Skill sequence

Ok, this is the part where I will tell you some tips and tricks.
First of lets do the basics:
Max out Nimbus Strike first.
Then Crushing Blow.
And finaly Decoy.
Ok, so if you watched Phreaks wu kong champion spotlight you should know the "tricks"

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-Some of my wins whit this build

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Thank you for reading my guide.
I will not go on other wu kong guides and down vote them.
Please, do the same.
I respect every wu kong guide out there.

I will try to make a video of a 5v5 none ranked game soon! (I just can't get fraps to work, crashes my fps to 1, tho will figure it out or find another program).
If you have any ideas of how to improve it please, post them in the comment section down bellow.
If you use this guide and find it useful please P.M me a SS of your win/loss so I know how it's worked out for YOU GUYS!

Now go dominate Summoner's rift :3