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Wukong General Guide by Hollow Dreamz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hollow Dreamz

Wukong: 3v3 Guide - Inside The Mind of A Monkey King

Hollow Dreamz Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Quick Introduction

My name is Blak Monkey King (level 30 Wukong)/MAR00N (level 8 Wukong), and I enjoy playing 3v3's most specifically with Wukong 95% of my games I successfully get easy early kills, which I snowball very easily. I'm not going to lie and say that I am the best Wukong player out there, but I do seem to know how he plays when it comes to fight mechanics more than most. I have played Wukong on the accounts named above since level 1 with the exception of maybe 3% of games being Katarina or Yi. I have used almost every popular build for him on Mobafire and I have seen the pro's and con's of each throughout the time I spent using them to rank up. I have tried everything from rushing TF (like what most old Wukong players used to say was necessary) to building straight tanky with Frozen Mallet and Atmos at the start. Over time I found the most success when I used builds similar to this one that you are reading. Please enjoy and leave any feedback/message me if you found it helpful in any way.

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[+] Ridiculous Damage
[+] Passive tankiness
[+] One of the most annoying champs in the game to play against
[+] Dem Jukes
[+] CC Ult with huge damage
[+] Can kill tanks relatively easy.
[+] Potential for devastating ult combos with other champions


[-] Countered in general easily
[-] Being annoying can cause people to "tryhard" against you
[-] Jukes can be predicted if not done properly/countered
[-] Ult can be countered
[-] Normally targeted first in team fights because of damage threat

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Armor Penetration Marks - Syncs extremely well with this build. Has you pumping unbelievable damage throughout the whole game. Some tanks will stack an extreme amount of armor early game so having these prepares you for your enemy nomatter how they build.

Armor Seals - Standard seals for almost every champion. Allows you to trade better with AD Bruisers and AD Carry's better early game.

Magic Resist Glyphs - These will help you against AP's who decide to get close to 60 AP at level 1. Late game your Runic Bulwark and Mercury Treads should be satisfactory in keeping magic damage to a manageable amount. Standard except for in certain cases*

Armor Pen Quints - Same reasoning as marks.

Attack Damage Marks - I have seen these being used by other Wukong's and of course, they had an early game advantage. However, as the game went on, I eventually passed them on damage and they couldn't compare late game. If you see that a Wukong has a significantly higher AD than you, STAY AWAY early game. You will want to try to farm to the best of your ability but you cannot trade at the moment. When you get the Brutalizer and Last Whisper depending on the other Wukong's skill level, you can start trying him in lane because you will shred through his armor significantly more because, of course, armor increases every level so his AD runes are getting weaker and weaker, while your armor pen runes are getting more and more useful.

Armor Glyphs* - These are the one exception that I will make for Magic Resist Glyphs. When Season 3 kicked in and bruisers ran 3v3, I used this to get an early advantage against them 1v1. The lack of magic resist can hurt you IF their AP is pressuring you like that. If so, you are probably going to want to the use the build above that builds a good balance of magic resist and damage early game. Late game the missing magic resist won't hurt as much considering Runic Bulwark gives you a lot and you'll have Mercury Treads. Also, with this build since I prefer to go defensive masteries, you are *to a degree* tankier than what you are if you were to go offensive so it becomes manageable if you know how to play right.

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I like to go 0-23-7 in my masteries for guaranteed *safety* if you will. With Armor Pen Marks and Quint's, your damage is in safe hands.

Going the Defensive Tree picking up anything that can *screw over* my lane helps ALOT.

Reduced SlowsReduces effectiveness of slows by 15%

Increased TenacityReduces duration of crowd control effects by 15%

Reduced Damage Taken

Reduce damage from basic attacks by 3 - Lowers harass from ranged champions as well helping a little with early AD Carry harass.

Grants 1 extra Armor and Magic Resist for each nearby Champion
- Stacks with Wukong's PassiveStone Skin

+ 5 Armor - Sustain against AD's

Increase bonus armor and magic resist by 5% - More sustain

+5 Magic Resist - Sustain against AP's

Reduce damage taken by 2 - *With block reduces auto-attack damage by 5, which can help for first blood*

Reduces damage taken by 3% - Gives sustain against all damage

help you sustain against tough lanes in addition to the specific case builds that I have above.

In Utility, I pick up

bonus movement speed (good for ganks) by 2%


reduced cooldown reduction for summoner spells by 10%

The cooldown reduction for summoner spells I thought at first would be useless but it actually comes in handy ALOT. Having Barrier and Flash cd reduced allows me to get away from more encounters AND MOST IMPORTANT allows me to tank damage if I get focused while ult'ing. Especially early game when you don't have defensive items, the enemy team will focus you down and try to nuke you HARD.I found using Barrier to be an efficient counter. It allows me those extra precious seconds to finish my ult which can make the different in a team fight. Barrier also blocksIgnite so it can stop early game cheap kills and its also good for tower baiting, one of my favorite hobbies. If you're against a tough lane and you're tower hugging with low hp, any reasonable LoL player will dive you if they don't pay attention to see you have Barrier. They dive in, you decoy of course, when you come out they're thinking "I got him" but you pop Barrier and ult them under tower. At this point, you force them to commit or back off. If they commit, hopefully your ult and the tower should do enough to secure a kill. The lower your cooldown is, the more often you can do this.

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Item Build W/ Explanation

You are going to want to start withBoots and aDoran's Blade. Standard loadout for any AD. Where I go different is that I don't upgrade my boots until around 30 minutes in.

After your starting items, you are going to want to build ALOT of damage items. This is extremely useful in getting early kills. The first semi-big item you want to get isBrutalizer. This gives you more Armor Pen, Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction. This helps you keep an early damage advantage against your lane opponents.

After that get aLast Whisper.

Most people would finish theBlack Cleaver BUT you have to get close to 2k before you finish.

Meanwhile, you can get theLong Sword for the Last Whisper and get the immediate % Armor Pen while still having the main benefits of getting the Black Cleaver - Armor Pen and Cooldown Reduction.

After you have your Black Cleaver and Last Whisper, get aVampire Scepter for a little life steal for slightly more durability (helpful if jungling often) and turn it into yourHydra.


This item gives you significant AD (75), which is extremely close to that of theInfinity Edge, Health Regen, and Life Steal. The most significant stats are the AD and the passive on it. The aoe damage helps for clearing lanes fast before having the possibility of getting ganked and jungling becomes a breeze. Your ability to rack up cs in 3v3 can be a huge deciding factor in your effective. The faster you can clear minions, the better and if you're lucky, you can steal enemy camps extremely fast as well. The life steal from this also helps if you just finished a fight, but don't want to recall, u can life steal back up in the jungle. This is useful since you won't be tanky as of yet.

Now that you have your main 3 items, its time to build tanky. My standard build isFrozen Mallet andRunic Bulwark.

Frozen Mallet has me sitting at around 3k Health and Runic Bulwark has me solid as a rock and on top of that my ult is around 600 damage per second.

With these last two additions, you are a pain in the ***. The main reason for waiting late to go tanky is because early on in 3v3 you are going to want to get kills/fed. If you build tanky early, then you're going to put more pressure on your teammates to put out damage. If you have good damage out, which you should easily, then more than likely no one's going to try you without help. When this happensDecoy->Crushing Blow orNimbus Strke->Cyclone and pop Barrior if necessary. There have been plently of times where I was overextended and with early damage I was almost able to 1v2. If I couldn't get the 2nd kill, at least one of my teammates would be there to finish thus getting a 2 for 1 exchange. Using this build is about abusing Wukong's damage capabilities early on and using it to snowball into a bruising nightmare late game toward tanks and squishie's alike.

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The Importance of Each Skill

Q - This skill is what makes you able to kill anything no matter how tanky it is. It makes your next auto-attack deal extra damage and reduces their armor by 30% for a few seconds, which works wonders with Black Cleaver and Last Whisper from the build. You should always try to start off a combo with this ability seeing as it makes yourNimbus Strike andCyclone considerably stronger.
W - The juke ability. Leaves a decoy at your current location and you become stealthed for a short moment. The decoy does damage when it goes away after the effect has ended. This ability is the 2nd most annoying thing about Wukong. A well-timed decoy can lead to a good bait whether in team fights or tower dives or any other situation where you are being prioritized. This skill can make you or break you against good competition.
E - You hop on a cloud and hit 3 target in front of you that can be a reasonable range away. This ability is your follow-up after your q and is also a gap-closer. Also what helps a lot early on in 1v1's is the attack speed bonus it gives you after using it. This and your Q are your bread and butter.
R - This ability is what makes people rage the most. Make your staff extremely long and swing it around dealing massive damage as well as knocking up any enemies it comes in contact with. Also gives movement speed during the animation. This ult is one of the best initiations in the game. With a 2 AD Ratio, early ad items can turn this into a Fiddles/Nunu ult easily. For you to be a successful Wukong you must learn when to and when not to use your ult. In most cases it should be used when the enemy team is completely group together, but it can also be used to chase down enemies since it gives bonus movement speed during the duration. EITHER WAY, USE IT WISELY BECAUSE IT HAS A FAIRLY LONG COOLDOWN.

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Skill Sequence

When it comes to Wukong's skill order, I like to go even simply because it allows me to do damage nomatter what is off cooldown and the cooldowns are roughly the same. An example of where maxing Nimbus Strike or Crushing Blow first could go wrong would be:

1. Max Crushing Blow First - "It has tremendous damage" people say. Fact is, it does, but what if you're against ranged champions in your lane? Your e is weak so more than likely they can take your damage and return it 2 fold leaving you decoy'ing away with your tail between your legs.

2. Max Nimbus Strike First - "Huge Burst damage" people say. Fact is, there have just been too many times people get away because my Crushing Blow wasn't strong enough. They'll be low health and when I hit Crushing Blow, they'll escape with maybe 20 health.

Having good damage on both of these makes you seem to be more of a threat. If you max one skill, when its on cd the enemy will harass. If both are hitting hard, then they know they're hit either way. In addition to this, 90% of the time you're going to be engaging with your full combo. It doesn't seem as intimidating when you e in for massive damage and ur q tickles them. Or the reverse. When you both even, both hit for a good consistent damage.

On a side note, I DO NOT GET MY W AT LEVEL 3 AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING SO. The point of this guide is to be a bully in lane, that means getting as much early damage as you can. I take a point at level 4 because I want it before I get my ult or more importantly, if I feel I'm going to need it. Because I "zone" or "bully" in lane, at level 3-5 I'm on their side of the map, sometimes alone if I'm top. This being said, I'm in gank territory. Waiting until level 5 can be costly because in 3v3 its ridiculously easy to gank. If you get it at level 3, you could possibly lose your advantage in lane because your enemy has their full combo. It'll be your luck if all 3 of their abilities do damage while you only have 2 and they're both weak. Having 2 points in e at level 3 helps you stay on top of your lane. Thus, since you don't want to take it at level 3, and 5 is way too late, I recommend taking it at 4. HOWEVER, you can take it as you see fit. If you feel you are doing good damage (depends on your laning opponent) then you might be more persuaded to take it at level 3 if you're more concerned of ganks than damage.

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Flash - Standard, almost a must-have. Easy escapes and in 3v3 you can flash over walls/corners quickly since they are everywhere.

Barrier - My new favorite summoner spell. This spell saves me every game I use it. Whether its tanking a tower shot, taking the damage of ignite for me, tower baiting, surviving team fights to finish my ult, or simply helping me fight longer at the start to get first blood, this spell helps me significantly every game I put it on.

Exhaust - This used to be my 2nd main spell. Good for securing first blood because flash + exhaust > flash (assuming them have ignite like 98% of ppl in 3v3). Also, it's a good play-maker late game in critical team fights. Exhaust the carry and its now its a 2v3 which makes a HUGE difference in 3v3.

Revive - Most people might find it simply troll to run this, BUT if you are trying to carry your team to win and they mess up ONE TIME, it could cost you the game very easily. I've ben killed and ben on a 30 second counter* and they took last tower, inhib, and someone suicides on the final tower but gets it. Now your basically stuck in base praying to god that they don't heal up and just dive back in. Now they have spider buff and altars and super minions. All of this could've ben avoided if you had revive and were at full health at tower, waiting for them. Chances are (if your team is decent) they should be significantly low to the point to where they shouldn't tower dive you. Take this spell if you feel you're getting matched up with people not up to par and you're enemies have been having a tendency to blow through your structures.

Ignite - This spell deals true damage and reduces healing by 50% which can be used to pick up an easy kill. Good for first blood fights or if you are having a tough time finishing off someone. This spell is also useful if you find yourself going against a lot of healers such as Mundo, Jax, Vayne, Lee Sin, Nasus,Olaf, Master Yi, Tryndamere, AD Sion, along with any other AD Carries or Bruisers heavily reliant on sustainability.

*Can be also be useful on healing AP's such as Vlad and Nidalee.

Ghost - Useful for quick escapes if Decoy does not suffice.

Escape, Aggressive Early Gameplay - Counter To Healers

Escape, Good Chasing Potential

My Default, Escape, Baiting

Escape, Team Fight Help

Low Level Recommended, Escape/Chase, Team Fight Help

Escape/Chase, Aggressive Early Game - Counter To Healers

Late Game Saver, Escape

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Team Work / Advanced Play

Tower Baiting - This is my favorite thing to do especially when somehow my lane gets pushed and I'm low on health. I cannot count the times I have successfully done this with Barrier and made the other team rage. My strategy for doing this as Wukong is one that requires attention and teamwork in some cases. First off, you have to know how much damage the person who might dive you can put out/their combos. If you can take 1 ability, then you're good. If not, recall because you might mess up. Next thing, when they go to dive you, wait for the commitment. When they hit you AND ONLY WHEN THEY HIT YOU, Decoy so that the time you're stealthed, they should get 1-2 turret shots.

When you come out, hitCrushing Blow andBarrier and thenCyclone.

With this, their armor is reduced so the turret has increased damage, you have extra health, and you have your ult nuking them at the same time. At this point, they have two options: run or keep attacking. More often than not, they will stay and fight, in which case you should pick up a kill if not being extremely close. If done properly, you can get a kill, and recall under you tower with around 30-40 health.

Once you've done this, the other team will be extremely cautious of tower diving you which is an advantage you should take advantage of if you want to squeeze out that extra level in lane.

Winning Damage Trades - First off, this is somewhat easy as long as you know how the other champion works that you're against in lane. If you don't know every champ in the game, at least memorize the damage output and playstyle of the more popular 3v3 champs: garen, evelynn, teemo, darius, lee sin, riven, master yi, tryndamere, amumu, etc. Basically anyone who people consider to be one of the top "OP's". Once you know this, it's about judging their individual playstyle. Are they passive players who want to farm, or are they in your face trying to fight.

Passive - Zone them hard. Walk over on their side of the creeps (for experienced players only) and deny them farm/xp. If the person you're against is passive more than likely they don't want extended fights with you. They will try to harass you a little but a quick Nimbus Strike/Crushing Blow combo will have them thinking twice. With early damage items, anytime I have done this they have backed off and are forced to farm under their tower. This is good because now they have to possibly use their mana more often to farm, you can go get some quick cs in their jungle, possibly take their altar if bot is low, you can gank, or you can recall without fear of losing a lot of xp. Most of the time, I choose to go for ganks if possible. If not, then I recommend (if you are comfortable and you know bot lane isn't going to gank) camping next to their turret and attacking them any time they leave the turret range. Occasionally you can get in a good Crushing Blow since it has increased range. Against people of this play style you should control your lane and assert dominance. Don't slack and give them what they want. Punish them for not wanting to fight.

Aggressive - Against these players you only have 4 options.
1. You can back off and be the passive person in the lane if you know you can't win.
2. You can duke it out if you can win, and force them to play passive. If they don't cross over after 2 deaths, best believe their team is raging at them and their morale is lowered.
3. You can call for ganks. If someone wants to constantly fight but you're not sure if you can win, call for a gank. This will cause them to play passively whether they like it or not otherwise they're going to feed. This will produce the same effect as #2.
4. You can gank yourself. If you can't win top, and your team doesn't want to gank, then gank the other lane when you can. If a gank is not possible go jungling for a bit until your minions are at tower. If you know you're going to be jungling, grabbing an early vampire scepter would be a good choice so you can return to lane instead of having to recall every time.

Juking Advice - One of the main differences between good and bad Wukong players is their ability to use decoy efficiently. This ability can be the secret between life and death several times in a game. The trick to doing successful jukes is actually quite simple: STAY CALM. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. I see Wukongs in ranked games for 5's as well as those in 3's who panic and just try to run away when they are low. They decoy and run backward every single time. Doing this guarantees your death. When you see you are getting targeted in a fight, you should already be thinking of where you are going to go when you get low enough. Decoy should not be a last minute resort but rather a planned strategy. Instead of running backward like what most people assume you will, run upward or down or straight behind them if you can. Most people do not expect this and its only the slightest increase in distance between you and them that you need to escape. If possible, decoy in bush while running away. You go into stealth in bush and they will more than likely continue through it thinking you went straight ahead. By the time you come out of stealth, they should be exiting on the other side of the bush. If you go the other way (the way you came from) then they won't be able to see you once they are on the other side. This gives you a hot minute to recall or figure out how you're going to get to safety while they're figuring out where the hell you went. Another common tip that most Wukongs know is to decoy from bush when you're going to tower dive or initiate a team fight. What I don't see most doing is what I call "juking the juke". Instead of being utterly predictable in this and just decoy'ing everytime from the bush, leave the bush a little and then press S to stop. Most people think you are decoy'd at that point and either run away/give up (if they're chasing you) or they burn a summoner spell or ability. I can not tell you how many times I've baited a heal spell, a pool from vlad, mundo's ult, etc. Normally things that can screw you out of a kill. When you learn to fake decoy'ing, you can start playing mind games with the enemy as you can do this several times. They don't know which time you stop that you've decoy'd instead of just standing still, so you can react accordingly. If they stand there and don't waste anything, either they don't have anything or they're a good player. In which case, you can choose freely to do whatever you were going to do since you know they are "committed". If they are chasing you and u stop and they run straight past you, decoy or just walk the other way. Remember, you can fake the juke as many times as you want but you can only use decoy one time so play smart.

Self-Sacrifice ( DO NOT DO UNLESS YOU ARE SKILLED) - I do this numerous times early game and occasionally late game as well depending on the circumstances. As Wukong, you are more than likely going to be a carry for your team. This being said, your main goal is to get your items asap and try to get your team some assists along the way. Even if you're following this build and/or are not a/the tank, don't be afraid to dive in 1v3. With your ult, you have tremendous damage and even going full ad at the start, you can survive for a good amount of time. Even if you die, YOUR MAIN PURPOSE IS TO GET OFF YOUR ULT. Even though you may die, if you lead the way with a good ult, you may be able to take out a carry in the process if they have no escape and now they are all extremely low. Thus leading the way for your team to get a 3 for 1 exchange. If you are confident AND ONLY IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT that your team will follow behind you / finish up, have no fear of death. You may have died, but if everything works out, you should have a kill and 2 assists. Now your teammates are closer to finishing their build, you can possibly get a tower, and most importantly you establish your role as the leader of the team. With your ult, you are expected to initiate and lead the way. When you go into a fight, there is no way for you to back out. You don't disengage after you ult, because while your ult is down, you're almost useless. You might as well stay and see how many kills you can pick up. With this build, there is no way you shouldn't be able to finish your ult and not take out at least half of everyone's health. From that point, your team should be able to finish if you passed away ( keep in mind they should've ben attacking while you were being focused so the enemy team should be significantly low enough to be in a retreat state of mind). The other time besides team fights where you would probably want to sacrifice yourself is when you can take out their carry. If you know their victory depends on one person and you're confident in your teammates winning the 2v2 afterward, don't be scared to use your ult to kill their carry even if its a 1v3. Sometimes, it's not the best thing to do, but when one person has been carrying extremely hard, just taking them out of commission for 50 secs could make a difference. Another case would be to lead in with your ult in a 1v3 situation and have them waste their spells while chasing you into a bush, when you can just decoy its 2v3 technically but the enemy team is low and you should be able to squeeze in one last e and a q on their carry to make your team's first kill easier. Be warned, this can go horribly wrong, but is extremely satisfying/worth it if your team has good burst. Weigh the consequences of what will happen if you sacrifice yourself, and decide if you think whether it's for the best.

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Countering Counters

As stated at the beginning of this guide, Wukong can be countered easily. I do not know every single counter to him in the game but I will address all of them that I am aware of.

Garen - Nothing really you can do unless he builds tank. If he builds tank, then armor pen will rip him to shreds. If he builds damage all you can is farm and try to decoy when he's about to silence you. If Garen lands his combos, you are screwed in lane.

Darius- Very hard to beat early game, but starts to fall off. Early game, good Darius's will try to grab you and pull you back during your decoy so you will have to find some other direction you can go. Whether its behind him or into the bush, you need to find a way to fight him in bursts until mid game. Mid game with damage you can rape most Darius's.

Teemo (/any ranged harasser) - He may not seem like that much of a threat, but when you're against a good one and your only damage is your e (blind makes you miss your q), it can be a tough matchup early game. He will constantly harass you and all you can do is e him -_- At level 6 everything changes, and you probably know what must be done BUT the advice is in pre-6. Against any ranged harasser, from what I found out so far, is either one of two things. You can e to them and try to force an extended fight if you can tank it OR save your abilities for when their main damage abilities are on cooldown and then go in and hope you can nuke them. If you don't have damage and/or can't tank them in a 1v1, your pretty much done.

Vlad (/any high sustain) - Against people who have a ridiculous amount of self-sustain, your best option is to farm until level 6. You're going to want as much damage as possible when you get to this point.

When you get your ult,Crushing Blow->Ignite->Cyclone.

If you don't have Ignite, you have to have a gank come to help you out.

vs. Good Escapers - SAVE YOUR E. Every time I make an engagement I try to avoid using Nimbus Strike just in case they flash or use another ability to escape. Having your E available if possible can help you catch up and get in those last couple of hits. If you engage with Nimbus Strike, then your not going to get a kill if they have good escape potential. An example would be Ezreal blink + flash, Kha'zix leaps, Leblanc double jump, and Vayne's knock-back and tumble. If you are ever facing someone who can escape your ult/attack period, it is critical to use your flash, e, and ult wisefully.

For example: Against a Vayne - I ult, she knocks me back and tumbles, I flash toward her and with the speed boost from my ult I should be able to get in range of Nimbus Strike to continue to fight. But if I would've opened with Nimbus Strike, I wouldn't have had it as a resource as a gap-closer.

vs. Any Bruiser - Sorry but here you just have to man up and duke it out. Whoever does more damage wins hands down. Each bruiser has their own advantages and cc so if you're against a good one, your not going to be able to juke your way out of fights easily. For AD/bruiser problems, build Tabi, brutalizer as always, and try to get an early leagis. When you're going against someone stronger than you, you want to build durability of course, but if you forget to get damage, then your still going to lose your lane. In 3v3, you need to not feed as well as still get kills/contribute in team fights.


In 3v3, when the enemy AP gets a Wooglet's Witchcap, you can possibly be screwed. This item places them into stasis (non-targetable) for what is seemingly the full duration of your ult. First off, see if your enemy AP carry even realizes this passive. Some will completely ignore it, in which case nothing to worry about. If they do realize it, and use it when you you ult, then you have to bait them. I have baited this several times before by Decoy'ing from a bush and Nimbus Strike into Crushing Blow. Normally at this point, they believe every Wukong has committed and is about to ult. They will pop the passive while you sit beside them and wait. When stasis ends, pop your ult and finish the kill.


If a person on the enemy team has a knock-back such as Vayne's crossbow and Lee Sin's Kick, be wary. See if you can bait it by playing aggressive like mentioned before. If not, then you will have to use flash to get into the fight. When the enemy can knock you away be careful of when you ult. If your ult isn't on top of the enemy team then it's useless in which case you have to disengage and wait another minute or you lose the teamfight.


People can still stun you during your ult and then they will run off. Melee stuns like Riven's are no problem because they will take the damage of the ult while they're stunning you and you get a movement speed increased to chase them down. BUT ranged one's such as Taric's and Xerath's can be a problem. These above mentioned counters to Wukong's ult are the reason I go the defensive tree for increased tenacity. The quicker you can recover from these, the better. If you don't have tenacity or flash, you can be rendered useless for the most part in that team fight.

CONCLUSION - To avoid having your ult countered pay attention to the enemy's crowd control effects and realize which are and aren't a threat. Plan accordingly and use your Summoner Spells wisely.

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Why TF Is A Garbage Early Item / Why Early Tanking Is Bad

Even now in Season 3, I still see some Wukongs building Frozen Mallet early or going for TF. Even in the past, I considered this item to be a complete and utter waste of 4k. Your damage output is garbage along the way and even with it, and you're not going to get fed going for this item first easily. Yes, it does add damage on your Crushing Blow. Yes, its a good overall item. BUT, it's useless when it comes to your ult, which is the most important part of your kit. Your Crushing Blow will hit harder, but your Nimbus Strike and Cyclone will be stronger if you get another ad item instead.

On top of that, other ad items have ad items that make them up that are considerably stronger than a phage -_- for 1465 its really not worth it if you're trying to get fed.

Let's just look at your damage at 2700 gold, at level 1 abilities, and level 1 base attack damage and no armor enemies.
Assuming you're not going to wait 2 seconds after your q for your e* (shouldn't do if trying burst)

+20 AD, 200 Health, 200 Mana, and Sheen Proc
Crushing Blow = 85 flat + 30(ability bonus) + 63(sheen proc) = 178
Nimbus Strike = 76
Cyclone = 113 x 4 = 452
Total Damage = 706

+50 AD, 35% armor pen (no armor enemies so not counting this)
Crushing Blow = 118
Nimbus Strike = 100
Cyclone = 149 x 4 = 596
Total Damage = 814

+70 AD
Crushing Blow = 140
Nimbus Strike = 116
Cyclone = 173 x 4 = 592
Total Damage = 848


Now someone might say well what about when we finish Trinity Force, ok let's do the math with 4k cash instead.
+30 AD, 150% Sheen/TF Proc
Crushing Blow = 96 (ad bonus) + 94/95 (tf proc) + 30 (ability bonus) = 220
Nimbus = 84
Cyclone = 125 x 4 = 500
Total Damage = 804

Now let's use my build and see our damage out.
+75 AD, 10 Armor Pen, and 35% Armor Pen (Armor Pen Not Calculated)
Crushing Blow = 145
Nimbus Strike = 120
Cyclone = 179 x 4 = 716
Total Damage = 981

My build does close to 200 more damage at 4k gold not even including if the enemies had armor in which case the TF would be even weaker. At this point people would say what about the other bonuses that TF gives like movement speed, extra attack speed, a slow, and health.

Movement speed/slow = Cyclone gives movement speed bonus and in 3v3 there's hardly any long-range chasing.

Attack speed = how many time are you auto-attacking in a team fight? like really? and Nimbus Strike gives extra attack speed anyway.

Health = 250 health OMG lol I get that from Barrier at level 7-8.

Same tankiness, significant more damage, hopefully I have convinced you of TF's weakness as a first item.

Getting back to the argument, your attack damage can be significantly higher if you go another route. Now late game, if Runic Bulwark is enough tankiness for me, then I get TF instead of Frozen Mallet as my last item. The extra movement speed, tad bit of health, and extra AD make for a nice icing on the cake, but this item is not reliable for easy early game kills. Now, the other thing that I completely disagree with is build Wukong tanky early. 1. You have no damage. 2. Without damage on your ult you're useless. 3. The reason you're useless is if your ult is weak it won't phase the enemy. If your ult is weak, a lee sin, vayne or any other ad that normally gets a good amount of life steal can easily life steal through it. Once you get out of your ult what are you going to do? 1v1 someone with life steal and horribly lose in the process? In my experience as Wukong, if your ult doesn't burn through health and pose a damage, you are not going to be effective in team fights. Yeah, you have a knockup but meh, its not enough. When it comes to Wukong, I like to treat him as an Amumu almost. They are both certainly good as tanks, but when you build damage on In 3v3, if you're not dealing damage, you're not a threat. If you're not a threat, you have no presence. If you have no presence, the other team will ignore you and you will become a burden on your team. No point in being tanky and living and your teammates are dead because you couldn't burst the enemy team with your ult. Now you're alone 1v3. Nuff said.

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Basically Wukong is going to be the leader/carry of his team in 3v3 since he has one of the best initiations in the game. When building him, you are going to want to build several damage items to have an effective ult while still building tanky to survive while you're in it. When playing as him, you want to try to be as aggressive and clever as you can. Remember to always out-play your opponent and to lead by example. Your success as Wukong is heavily dependent on your relationship/communication with your teammates. Lead the way as the Monkey King for you are Wukong - The One and Only.


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