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Wukong Build Guide by Thadeuss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thadeuss

Wukong and his flying cloud

Thadeuss Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my guide!

I hope you can learn something with this and win some games.
Well i dont want to make this longer so lets start!

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In the Plague Jungles, Kong ruled as king. He could wield a unique, natural form of magic and he was driven by zealous ambition. The Plague Jungles were the ideal setting for fostering his growth - he thrived on challenges and flourished in adversity. However, when he had surmounted every obstacle and defeated every opponent, he grew restless. Worried that there was nothing left to overcome, he sought counsel with the monkey sage who lived behind the Grand Waterfall. The sage told him a tale of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and strength, bent the world to their will. Kong was overjoyed at the prospect of such worthy competition, and he immediately set out to the north, hoping that the sage's story was true.

Traveling north, he crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. Unaware of the League, he arrived outside the Institute of War where he found Master Yi in meditation. Kong was eager to test the strength of these northern warriors, so he challenged Yi to a duel. Intrigued by Kong, Yi decided to humor him. Within moments of his first strike, Kong knew he was no match for Yi. To be the best, he would need a mentor. He asked Yi to take him as a pupil and to show him the wonders of the northern lands. In return, he would honor Yi by becoming the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but only under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong ''Wukong'', and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. After rigorous training, Wukong joined the League of Legends to fulfill his promise and show the world the true power of Wuju.

''The first step to wisdom and greatness is realizing how little you know.''
- The first lesson of Master Yi

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Pros / Cons


+ Nice burst champ
+ Nice escape spell ()
+ Nice CC at lvl 6
+ He is a monkey with an armor (only a bear with an armor is cooler than him)
+ He is like son goku


- He is squishy
- If he is focused, he dies so damm fast :(
- No supersayin form

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For masteries you can grab:

The common AD: 21/0/9 improving and

The tank master: 0/21/9

Or MY set up: 11/18/1

Why i choose this? Because with this i have more Hp, armor, MR, more armor penentrarion, cdr and a nice early game :)

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For runes i choosed to grab:

Greater Mark Of Desolation and Greater Quintenssence Of Desolation It helps your early game and your mid (with your sheen and the brutalizer done)

and to be make more tanky at the early game, cause i dont know if you know but this monkey is squishy at early game.

And at last our Greater Quintenssence of Swiftness to improve our movement, cause you maybe think this is uselles but it helped me a lot, to escape ganks and all the stuff (plus your Decoy)

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Skill Sequence

Guys his skill sequends depends against who are you playing..

If you are in a lane against a tanky / squishy team you are going to need to max first your , why? Cause with this spell you gain atack speed bonus and it is like a small aoe, to bring em down faster.

If you are in a lane against guys like rammus or malphite you are going to max your , why? Well easy this amazing spell brings down a % of the enemy armor, witch one helps to harass him MORE >:/

Then grab your ult every time that you can!!!

Here you have a short video about his gameplay and spells (like the spotlight):

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Summoner Spells

Well why and ?
this is because the monkey doesnt have cc until his lvl 6 and he need everything who we can give to gain a FIRST BLOODDDD and more kills :)
And the to escape faster (we dont need flash, he have got his .

You can even choose:
= To give that last hit and secure the kill, or to **** the healers
= i dont recomend this but some friends who play with the monkey use this and do it amazing (teleporting to teemo mushrooms, jack in the box and wards)

The rest are just **** for him :(

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Team Work

Here you have some tips:

+ In every team battle you are going to enter a few seconds after it started and use your ult so you will help your team mates to kill em.
In my last game as him i went like that in a team fight and our malzahar got a pentakill :)
Im not saying that everytime that you do it somebody will do a PENTAKILL, but your ult helps a lot :)

+ Focus in the carry and the offtank, you can down the % of armor and help your carry to kill the enemy yi :)

+ You dont need the kills, if you see the chance to give the kill to your carry you are welcome. (But sometimes is nice to have some of it ;) )

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The items who you saw in the top of the screen are your core!
After that everything depends of the enemy team!

But if you are doing amazing you must grab the items who you see above!!

If you are facing a High Ap team you will need:
Change the Hexdrinker for one of this!

= Better Knew as "OMG THIS **** SAVED MY ***!! Karthus hate me now ;) "
= this helps you with a nice amount of MR and gives you a nice bonus of atack speed.
= and the last, this is my favorite! why? well cause thanks to this dude i gain movement speed, more HP rengen and a not bad amount of MR, everything what this monkey needs!

If you are facing a High Dmg team, with some trynd or xin or Yi fed:
You can grab, remplacing the hexdrinker again:

= thanks to this bad baby Trynd, Yi and even Xin will hate you, cause every time that they atack you it gives em back a 30% of their dmg as magic dmg ;)
= who ever wanted an item who does dmg per second, plus a nice amount of HP and Armor?? (ME, ME, MEEEEE!)

or a tanky team:

+ + + your and your = GG :D

Other optional items are:
= LifeSteal and Dmg who goes up every time that you kill a minion ;)
= Critics, atack speed And movement Speed again, this is asome!
= do u want to be more tanky, grab this cold guy plus his old friend to slow with each atack, more armor, critics and A LOT OF HP! ;)
= this is another item who seems to work nice plus the atmats.
I saw this in a lot of Wukongs, but i still prefer the frozen mallet or the randuins instead an item who only gives HP and HP/renge, cause the HP is a plus, and i prefer have more armor than a lot of Hp...

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T-Force Vs GhostBlade

Why do i take ?
I love the cd, armor pen + his AMAZING ACTIVE!!
It helped me to kill, escape and help team mates, and BD (backdoor) with this cool guy.
And i only grab this first when the other team is a squishy one :)

If there is a tanky team rush
But everything depends, cause i only grab it if i have a normal game.
If im having an amazing game i rush first, cause it gives me everything who the monkey needs, even makes him more tanky + you will be a beast !

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Scores !

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Worst nightmares and happy dreams!!

This chapter is about with who you should lane, and well against who you shouldnt lane :)

Worst Nightmares!

This girl is a PAIN IN THE ***, for you. She can be stealth and do a lot of burst dmg, and dont forget that when she reachs lvl 6 is twice annoying than before :/
You are going to need the oracles at early game, because the only thing who makes her stronger is her stealth :)

A lot of CC (headbutt + Pulverize), heal every 10 sec (taking out 2 sec per minion death) and a ult who reduce his dmg by 75 % (if im not wrong).
You need to play smart to beat one good alistar, if he is an idiot you are just lucky.

Long range, traps, and net who makes her escaping easy :/
The secret make your moves unpredictable, so she will waste his mana and it will be more easy for you.. No mana = No net escape :)

If he is a good monkey you will have some troubles... But if he sucks you are a very lucky man :)
A nice way to counter him is waiting for his first move, then he will decoy and after that you are going to be able to burst him! (when he atacks you, decoy faster!)

Now is time to!!!

Your happy dream!

You and this guy means TROUBLE!, nice CC, and a nice amount of output dmg :)

I cant tell you what i fell everytime that i lane with this dude, we control the lane and harass from the distance (i use my ).

When we reach lvl 6 Cho will have a nice dinner, his rupture + the feral scream + your ultimate and offcurse cho ult means at least 1 kill for you!

Critics, parlet, critics, parley, and your annoying hit and run, means a fun game! But i still prefer other combinations than two melees in a lane.

Well another champion who my friend play, and offcurse YOUR MASTER!, i dont know why but this two champions works amazing just like lux and garen, still i dont know why.
But this works. (Yi must know how to play or he can fed)

If you are laning with her, god just had bless you. Why? Well cause you will grab all the minions kills, she will heal you, give more MR and the best of all she will regen you mana!!!! Even you are going to be able to play aggresive, heals all the time ;)

When i played some games with this nice barbarian beast i understood what tower dive means, but since the new rage sistem do this can end in his death :/ (if the other team have poison, hard CC or even ignite)

If he doesnt want to mid, tell him to lane with you.
His abilites to stun and do a nice amount of dmg from the distance makes you lane stance more enjoyable :) At 6 if there is an ap champ in your lane you can tower dive and burn him with the help of this tinny dark man :)

One of my closest friends use him (he is his main) and i cant tell you what this combo means.
I never saw a teemo die so fast, or any squishy champion. But you need to have a nice timing, or you can lose the control and lose the lane :/

Im going to keep filling this section as long i face enemies hard to counter...

Guide Top

Summary !

Well guys this is all, i hope you enjoyed the reading and liked it :)
Btw sorry for my bad english im from Argentina and im not the best dude writing in english but i try :)
Im going to update this guide whenever is possible !

Cya in game!