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Wukong Build Guide by Fenrir1337

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fenrir1337

wukong: king of the swingers; Remastered

Fenrir1337 Last updated on January 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my classic Wukong build. why classic you ask; well mainly because I have found that the season three updates have only sightly effected my standard build and that it has stood the test of time far better than I could have hoped for. few of you may know that I posted an alternative ad heavy kong earlier and received scaving reviews and after revising my old build I found they were steeped in truth. This build has been a long treasured secret of mine and has been requested on many occasions so please enjoy this quality champion at his prime.

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Forwards: my guide vs others

In my first few go's with Wukong (when I was fairly new to Leuge) I used one of the top rated builds and found it fair however lacking. One of the main problems with them was they all field Trinity Force as a core item.
This is problematic how?
half of Trinity Force's components are wasted on kong; for example Zeal and Sheen ; now i can see why someone would think these are great addons to kong and I'm bot trying to downplay anyone who uses them however ill present my case on them.
Sheen and spellblade
the component people find very compelling about Trinity Force is its unique passives spell blade and its across the board stats (attack speed damage health abilities mana basically all aspects of your character) is its guaranteed damage increase after every ability used combined with movement speed and its other components make it quite useful for hybrid characters; and in there lies the problem, you're not a hybrid you're an offtank melee bruiser.
its not so much that Trinity Force is a bad move its just that it isn't cost effective. at the moment it is the most expensive item in the shop a ***ping 4k it also has the most bonuses and abilities and its very easy to scale up however for the same cost you could buy Frozen Mallet and most of Thornmail. While your building your expensive tri-force item your opponents have stacked up on specialized items and can more easily harass and kill you.

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Lets talk runes; more specifically our marks and why I don't use flat attack damage runes. Falt damage runes can put you as high as 90 ad at lvl 1 a formidable match up however in the long term its how much damage you can get through. we have armor runes enough to negate some of the damage that flat damage already putting your opponent at a slight disadvantage. in addition we have armor pen (about 20% off the bat) which renders their armor USELESS for the first lane wave in addition were not going play fair in the later chapters ill explain the (pardon the pun) gurilla techniques we will use with wukong that will set you above and beyond most top laners.

This is a toughy, first off I use mana runes (i run out quickly helps to have some extra when your trying to outlast your lane), however in my opinion seals are whatever your prefrence is be that scaling magic resist health armor take your pick and run with it all are good options.

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Wukong tactics of Gurilla warfare

Gentlemen, the name of the game is hit and run; more specifically a E Q W. Jump with your E, smack him with your q and run with your w or if u prefer not wasting it here is another option E Q S (S stops all motion but doesn't stop auto attack so beware).

Lvl 6
This is the most defining moment of any champions game play and this is no exception for you. your Ult does DPS (at lvl 6 [in my experience] about 100-150/sec * 7 sec) plus a powerful CC effect that launches the target upwards for a moment. At level 6 your ult consecutively does more damage than most top champions (excluding Darius and Pantheon).

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The escape artist

as Wukong you have both a jump and an invisible decoy makes you quite hard to catch.

Bait and switch:
easy basic maneuver enter into the first bush and run into the second; however the instant you enter the second bush pop your decoy and turn around and enter the first bush (this can be tricky because any impediment from the enemy champ and you're done). After you've done this you can do one of two things either wait and prepair an ambush for your foe or pop your e on a nearby minion and run away down the canal (BEWARE MID INTERCEPTION). The best route to take is the obvious one cut back into your jungle and try to reach help or a safe place. If for some reason this becomes unavailable you have two or three choices.
1). have mid come down and help (stuns etc. DO NOT FIGHT their mids on the way and you dont want to give them a double.
2) escape into their jungle: more complicated and depending on your side more difficult; if their red is your top much easier; blue however not so much. If you are forced to escape into blue your best bet is to juke with your E on their blue (if its available) if not just drop you s in the bush and let them figure it out.

*note any of these tricks can be applied to any place on the map be creative he's a very versatile champion

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The first build is very straight forward (tried and true) and their should be very few questions about it the alternative builds however I'm prepared to explain with a not (as of now) they have not been tested on Wukong rather on Pantheon and Riven however the principles are the same and they are fantastic builds.

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Items:why? (alternative builds)

Lets start with Frozen Mallet and why I've chosen it over The Black Cleaver; firstly because you start with flat 30% armor pen making black cleaver off the bat unnecessary. frozen mallet provides massive health boost and a slowing effect (with a little bit of damage).

Next we move onto boots: for melee bruisers like kong I often prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the cdr it gives however it also brings us to a mana problem the more you use the more you loose. we solve this by adding our next item.

Glacial Shroud you receive armor and even more CDR by adding this item this will help your sustain and keep you alive around the adc and melee bruisers.

Iceborn Gauntlet I'm smitten by this item it is perfect for melee bruisers like Wukong in addition to the stats it brings to the table it acts as a melee spell blade adding (in addition to your normal attack) 125% of your attack after you use an ability making it absolutely devastating to even the most daunting foe.

The Bloodthirster after adding the gauntlet you need more ad to really amp it up so we add this (high ad plus life steal makes you even harder to kill).

Finally we wrap it up with Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, and Atma's Impaler your one two punch (more health plus armor and attack per 1.5% of your health and a small crit strike not to mention the return of damage caused by Thornmail)

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When to use which build?

The first build can be used in almost any situation and will be successful; the other two depend on what roll you want to play

Pro nex vs. pro bono

Pro nex is your carry build (more damage more kills hints pro nex)

Pro bono is for supporting and tanking rolls these rolls can be decided upon at any point after Iceborn Gauntlet so you can have some flexibility in your late game.

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situational items

Note* each build has its replacer item in the first it is Last Whisper, in the other two its the impaler (if you're using any of these items you shouldn't be using the final build)

**in addition these are all for ap heavy teams or problematic ap characters

Maw of Malmortius lovely item if your facing nukes gives you a hexdrinker ability which absorbs X amount of magic damage if it would bring you below a certain health and it increases your attack as your health gets lowered.

Mercury's Treads problem with cc? boom magic resist and tenacity.

Mercurial Scimitar This is the prayer that I have long awaited to be answered; if suppression or stunning is a problem ( Malazhar Warwick et. al.) then this is for you. this shuts down suppress champs easily and gives you ad and magic resist good to consider if your going into a team fight without clense.

Banshee's Veil this works in fabulously with your build it gives health, mana, and magic resist plus a spell sheild that negates the effects of the first spell that hits it (amazing against Blitzcrank)

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If you've read this far i hope you enjoyed my explanations. This guide is a work in progress so i will be adding pictures and further explanation upon request. please stay in touch and look for my next builds Vladimier: bleeding them dry and Pantheon: terror from above. thank you and good day