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Wukong Build Guide by bumtschak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bumtschak

Wukong - Laughing out loudly at enemy

bumtschak Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
3. Masteries Summonerspells
4. Runes
5. Skills + Skillorder
6. Items

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1. Introduction

Hi this is my first guide on one of my most loved champions in the entire game ^^
I hope you like it and i hope its somekind of useable.
As you see i only provide the core build but at the section of items ill show you different item options.

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2. Pros and Cons

- shreds normal armor
- good sustain
- decoy
- good dmg since patch
- good for pushing on turrents/backdoor
- teasing enemy with his way of laughing
- best looking champion ever

- when doing hit-run needs lots of mana
- doesnt have natural heal like irelia on solo top so needs to go back more often
- quite slow at the beginning
- if you cant get trinity fast enough you have to spend lots of time on farming minions

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3. Masteries & Summoner spells

I prefer using usual 21-0-9 for lots of dmg, bit manaregen and bufftime

but you can also go for the defence tree then i would suggest 0-21-9 so you have lots of hp, manaregen and bufftime

For spells id say Flash is a musthave
The second one depends on you: A good choice for solotop is Teleport (also good for switching lanes to push there), Exhaust (more hits with your ulti and nice slow) and Ignite. The rest is not really needed. You already have flash or your E skill to chase enemies.

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4. Runes

In this section i try to explain what runes I prefer to take. But i want to state that its defenetly up to you if you like them or not, becasue everyone has a different playstyle.

The suggested runes are just to give Wu more sustain on Solotop lane and little bit of dmg for early game. Thats why i picked the flat dmg runes. The manaregen. are to compensate his big demand for mana till he has sheen.

Some other runes that might be interessting for Wukong are Aspeed, or more Dmg. I would not recommend Hp since he already has enough, cooldownreduction, ap, mana, movementspeed, exp, or and X per lvl runes. All you actually need is early sustain and dmg. The moment you got Trinity most of your problems are solved ^^

Now why no armorpenetration. Not needed. You have 30% from your Crushing Blow Skill and you can also get 40% more from Last Whisper. So its defenetly not needed.

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5. Skills and Skillorder

Stone Skin: You gain additional armor for each enemy player that is close to you

Crushing Blow: Reduces enemy armor by 30% and adds additional dmg to your next strike (it scales with AD now :D)

Decoy: Wukong creats a image of himself and gets stealthed meanwhile. Image does not move but can take dmg. Very nice to escape or gank someone.

Nimbus Strike: You strike foreward and hit 3 enemies and increases your attack speed. Nice to chase

Cyclone: This ultimate is quite nice. While rotating your staff this skill dmages and knocks up all enemies once and gives you additional movementspeed. Good for chasing or escaping or helping your teammates to escape or to initiate a teamfight

How to skill:

First three lvls put one point in Nimbus Strike, Decoy and Crushing Blow.
Then max out Nimbus Strike first since it gives you the most bonus dmg, then Crushing Blow then Decoy. Of course max your ulti always first when available.

Cyclone > Nimbus Strike > Crushing Blow > Decoy

How to use your skills:

Just follow the following sequenz.

Nimbus Strike > Crushing Blow > Cyclone
This way you make sure that the enemy take maximum dmg from your Ulti but if you need to initiate the teamfight just use Nimbus Strike and right afterwards your ulti so you make sure that all your teammates can first hit the enemy with their skills.

Always use Decoy to escape or to confuse your enemy in 1on1 fights. With this skill you can prevent 1-2 hits and get the advantage on your side ^^

Hit and run:
First you use your Nimbus Strike, then Crushing Blow and escape right afterwards with Decoy. That way you minimize the dmg taken and its very annoying for enemies ^^

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6. Items

In most games i start with a Dorans shield for hp, def and HP regen. It gives you nice sustain. If enemy is pushing hard i try to save about 800g at least to buy a Dorans blade, Boots of Speedand 2-3 Health Potion. That gives you even more hp, dmg, small lifeleech and more sustain on the lane. But with that you should be able to get enough money for Sheen. Sheen will always be the first item that you take for Trinity Force. It will increase your dmg impressively and you dont have to worry to run out of mana that fast. Then i get Phage. Why do i get phage now and not zeal? You will get attackspeed from Nimbus Strike and i prefer to get more hp, dmg and the chance to slow your enemy. Since you will be about lvl 6 when you get this its also nice for your ulti. Then i finish my Mercury boots for less cc effeckts and faster movement. After that finish Trinity Force.

Now do what? If you go on top of the page you can see some examples of different builds and how they might look like. The first one is actual as you can see it there but the third is more flexible.

I usually get lifesteal Emblem of Valor after trinity, so i can go back to the field for longer time. I use Emblem of Valor since if gives you good lifesteal and HP regen. But afterwards i start building more dmg. After getting your B.F. Sword your q will do lots of dmg just like your uti. Expand it to Infinity Edge and you are some crazy tanky dps burst monkey. Ather that you can either finish Starks Favor for more aspeed or you build a Last Whisper for even more armor shredding. Id recommend to get Last Whisper first and buy Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel. But actually after you got your Infinity Edge you can do pretty much whatever you want. Just look at your enemies and decide on your own if you prefer mress, armor, dmg, armorpentration, apseed or whatever.

Ill show you some itembuilds that i saw in games and that i play.
One very nice but quite expensive build is to get Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler afterwards. Youll be very tanky by then but you wont have that much dmg. You are more like a tanky dps. In my oppinion a Sunfire Cape instead of warmogs would be also fine. It gives 35 dmg/s, armor, life and is not as expensive as warmogs.

If you think you might need a real tanky dude you also take these items after Trinity Edge.
Sunfire Cape, Force of Nature, Frozen Mallet (dmg for ulti and q, hp and 100% slow chance), Thornmail, and all those other tanky items. but your role will be different from the two above. you will be the one to engage and the one that is going to give his life for your teammates. I actually dont like this kind of playing wu but sometimes its nesscesary.

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So thats it. I hope my guide did not get too confusing. Just try out the build i posted on the very top and tell me if you like it or not. In normal games its quite effecktive


leave comments and dont flame pls ty