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Wukong Build Guide by Spar7an

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spar7an

Wukong: Powerpole Extend!

Spar7an Last updated on July 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is just a quick guide to the newly released Wukong. I've tried different thing with him almost every game to see what works in what situations and what doesn't. I wanted to try and work him out on my own instead of getting a basic idea from other builds.

+ Good solo top
+ Good farming/harassing
+ Flexible builds
+ Hits really hard from early to late game
+ Decoy
+ ......Decoy
+ Awesome Ult

- Can be squishy
- Open to early harass if played wrong
- Extremely slow without TF and YGB

Some success I've had early on with him using both of these builds.

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Greater Mark of Desolation These are great, no point in going AD because he already hits hard.

I tried one game without these and it made it extremely hard on me. I think mostly defensive runes help a lot during laning, especially if you play more aggressive like you should with him.

Same deal as the armor runes, to help with early and mid game.

or Greater Quintessence of Desolation are dependent on how you play him. I'm able to farm fairly well with him at this point with just ArP quints so I don't necessarily need the health but if you're still having trouble flat HP or HP/5 are really good choices.

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What I don't want people looking at this guide to do is just look at the items and just go try and build them in a game. I like to be very specific with which items I buy, which order, and when I buy them.

My usual starting items are either Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion or a Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion. Either work it just depends on how comfortable you are with Wukong and whether you want a faster Philosopher's Stone or not. Either way you want to go back and grab it whenever you can.

Long Sword + Health Potion is another set of starting items that I start out with. It may not be the most optimal items out there but what does do is help with farming (especially last hitting 3 minions next to the other champions with Nimbus Strike into Decoy) and getting a really early Phage. I try and farm until I have enough for Phage and a few pots/ward, boots if I'm farming well, then back.

From here you can get Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads depending on the other team and how the game is going. I love getting Berserker's Greaves with an early Phage, Decoy into someone slightly overextending with this combo is instant kill on most other champions. The thing is I only get Beserker's if the other team is playing badly so most games I just stick with Merc's.

After this I think there's no other item to build from here than Trinity Force. The extra movement/attack speed, health/mana, and extra damage from Sheen bumps Wukong up onto another level. From here you can deviate into a full DPS build or a tanky-DPS build.

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Early Game
If I plan on going solo top or going a tanky/dps build I always go Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion. The early Philosopher's Stone is great and to me is a little better than the Longsword route if you don't have problems getting CS with less damage. You can also do great harassment to Champions without much health regen, possibly even get a kill with a good EQ->ignite. You probably won't need to go back till you can afford your Merc's and start on your Phage.

Buidling Tanky-DPS
After the Trinity Force you need to pick your items based on how the game is going.

Do they have a few Ashe/Trynd going into midgame? Thornmail before your Warmog's Armor.

Are they AP heavy? Force of Nature after Trinity Force.

If they are an AD heavy team with Heroes like Xin Zhao and Master Yi you may want to consider going Randuin's Omen before Warmog's.

This is my favorite thing about Wukong. You get the core build of Merc's + Trinity Force and go from there based off what you see. This might seem obvious but I'm still throwing it out there.

After you consider what sort of item you might want to build before Warmog's, if you did at all, you should get it as soon as you can. Thornmail + Warmog's Armor means if you're focused by some AD characters alone or in a teamfight then they'll be dead wayyyyy before you even get close to dying. Obviously you'll probably want Atma's Impaler after you grab Warmog's.

The last two, maybe three, items you'll want are also situational. In general Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature are not bad choices at all. Sunfire helps your Ult do so much more damage with the extra Health converted into AD and then its passive. There's not really a reason not to get it even if their team is AP heavy, you just may want to get FoN first if the game goes on that long.

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Pure DPS

Early Game
If you want to go DPS you'll probably just want the fast Phage that I talked about earlier by starting with the Longsword. It helps you farm a lot better. I like it more than Doran's Blade because of the Health Potion. If you get stuck with Heroes with health regen in some form with Doran's you're probably not going to be able to farm that well due to possible harassment.

You'll want Phage whenever you have that 900+ gold for the extra health and damage, probably grab a pot or two as well. This way, even if you're pushed to your turret you can usually still get that last hit in on most of the creeps.

How to build DPS
After the Trinity Force I like to get Youmuu's Ghostblade for the extra movement speed, CDR, and all the other obvious reasons. It is such a great DPS item. After this if I'm feeling squishy I'll get a Sunfire Cape or Giant's Belt to hold me over while I build The Bloodthirster.

Sunire Cape and your last item can be used as other items. I've tried getting Hexdrinker for games where the other team was AP heavy and had a Karthus. It definitely took the edge off his Ult. You can also go Banshee's Veil instead of Sunifre but like I said, it's up to you during the late game.

My last item tends to be something with ArP. Such as The Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. You can choose to get them earlier on, maybe before Sunfire Cape or after The Brutalizer.

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I love Wukong's abilities. He's like a Xin Zhao but stealthier. Decoy has to be my favorite ability in the game. I've even won a game because the other team initiated on my decoy during a stalemate and my team handily won that team fight.

Early Game
You can do a lot of good harass after you get all of your skills (DO NOT try to harass before level 3) with a good Q>E>W. Please do this sparingly so you don't use your skills then not have enough mana to Decoy and die like I have many times. Philosopher's Stone helps a lot with mana regen so you can harass a lot. After you harass a lot if the other players try and get greedy and stick around their lane you can either do Q>E>W>Ignite or Decoy into Q>E> Ignite if they're farther away.

Mid/Late Game
You'll probably just want to stick to Q > E > R most of the time. Decoy when you start getting hit in teamfights then keep fighting, they won't be able to hit you probably. You can also Decoy out then Q>E back into the fight.

Don't be greedy with your Decoy's. I don't know how many people still get into a rush in a game and waste cooldowns on my Decoy. The poor guy gets Ignited and Exhausted all the time.

You can also use Decoy very effectively in 1v1 fights and to trick enemies. I've been in 1v1's with Warwick and timed it just right to get my Decoy to take his Ultimate while I bash his face in. Just using it slightly after 1v1's start can get your Decoy to take a lot of damage for you, I've won a lot of fights I shouldn't because of this.

When laning you can also use Decoy to get from bush -to- bush. An example of this being useful is going into the bush and Decoying into the next to gank the person I was laning with that I had harassed to low health. I've also done this to get closer to enemies when our jungler is about to gank.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are my preferred spells. Flash is great with Decoy and Ignite + Cyclone is a great combination in the late-early game.



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I've waited for Riot to release Wukong for a long time now. I really wanted to try and start doing builds on MOBAFire with him so I gave it a shot. Please comment if you have anything at all to say about the builds or guide in general. I'll try and update this as much as possible. I just wanted to get this rough draft out first. Once my new power supply comes in I'll start streaming and post it in the build and maybe make some tutorial videos.

Like I've said, after Trinity Force it seems like it is very situational what else you build and I'd like to reinforce that. The builds I have are just guidelines for general games that aren't like, AP/AD heavy, etc. Add me or message me if you wanna play some games or have any questions.