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Wukong Build Guide by Sreimund

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sreimund

Wukong, throwing poop at UP

Sreimund Last updated on July 29, 2011
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An introduction to Wukong

Welcome everyone to my Wukong guide. You can refer to the item build to get a general idea of what to get but should still take your time to read why you are getting those items. As with a lot of champions items are the key of game play but they also tell you what you should be doing. Wriggles is an excellent example where it enables you not only to get well-rounded stats but also the ability to farm minions and potentially the jungle incredibly efficiently.

The game play of Wukong takes a little from Jax and Xin Zhao. Just like them you have a charge that brings you to a target of choice and as a bonus it attacks two targets which is one of the various reasons for leveling it up. Wukong is generally an evasive champion who wants to farm first and become tanky dps. He is no a powerhouse such as jax, xin, Yi or any other champion that rapidly shreds through people although I will guarantee you that with this build you will be able to kill people AND stay alive.

This guide is partially inspired by Guardsmanbob playing Xin Zhao since A lot of similarities are to be found with him and Wukong.

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Wukong's Abilities

Stone Skin

Wukong's Passive gives him 4/6/8(lvl 6/11/16 presumably) armor and Magic resist for every enemy champion nearby.

An okay passive that doesn't have an awful lot of impact but does add to his tankyness. in a team fight this stacks to a pretty nice degree.

Crushing Blow

Deals 30/60/90/120/150 bonus damage with a 9/8/7/6/5 sec cooldown, also decreases the target's base armor by 30% for 3 seconds.. I find guides that level this up first laughable because the armor penetration remains the same and the damage increase becomes less impressive every level. This is a great way to get in another attack and will increase the damage of Nimbus Strike and Cyclone by armor penetration.


Creates a copy of yourself to stand in the place where you cast the spell and makes you invisible for 1.5 seconds. The copy will deal 75/115/160/205/250(+60% of AP) magic damage.

One rank is sufficient for the purpose the spell has. It's primarily a getaway and a great way to nimbus strike and get out before taking any hurt yourself. An important thing to note is that it copies the Banshee's Veil effect but not the buffs from Golem/Lizard/Baron
I am not sure about Guardian angel.

Nimbus Strike

You charge towards an enemy and create two copies of yourself that will charge two additional targets for 75/105/160/205/250(+0.8 AD) physical damage with an 8 sec cooldown. Nymbus strike also provides 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed for three seconds after usage.

I love this spell, it's amazingly effective at hitting minions and champions alike, you can strategize hitting an enemy champion with this by charging at other targets just as much as just using it for pure harass. This is primarily leveled because the damage increase easily tops Crushing blow, the reduced cooldown on nimbus strike also allows for harassing more often. Nymbus strike becomes more powerful because the attack speed is so dominant. There are numerous aspects that make me value leveling Nymbus Strike over Crushing Blow but the attack speed really makes it easy to realize.


Cyclone basically makes you go ape, you spin around with your staff dealing 20/110/200(+1.0 AD) damage per second with a 120/105/90 sec cooldown. When you hit someone be they minion or champion they will be knocked up for a small amount of time. Wukong gains 5% movement speed per second while the ultimate is active and will lose the speed boost when it ends.

Personally I believe this spell needs some tuning, the range is deceptively small, if the outer part of your pole hits someone visually it might not actually hit someone, it's pretty harsh on a player to keep someone in place and make the entire ultimate deal it's damage. the damage is pretty mediocre for something that can be disabled and requires 4 seconds of staying in range as well. I've seen ultimates that either deal more damage or deal it instantly. You can definitely take at least one person down with a nimbus strike > crushing blow > cyclone thouhg.

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Wukong is a standard melee attacker. The armor penetration should come as no surprise. Although his Crushing Blow ability arguably reduces the opponent's armor by 30% this is only base armor. Usually a champion would have about 60 base armor at 18 which would translate to 18 armor reduction which is not that impressive. Standard armor and magic resist runes will help you stay in your lane longer although You may opt for cooldown reduction blues since Wukong's Nymbus strike does not gain a lower cooldown leveling it.

Playing with Wukong has rarely led me to believe he needs Mana regeneration. His spells do not become any more expensive when leveling up so after a few levels you may come to regret not getting runes that will stay relevant.

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Some may opt for something along the lines of 9/21/0 or 0/21/9 but I believe that Wukong is already a little lacklustre on the damage. You're already building quite tanky with runes and items alike so to reach a certain balance a 21/0/9 build is not so strange. Wukong doesn't rely on spells(his Decoy spell is admittedly a spell but since you don't aim to go for an ability power build you don't care much about the damage from it) therefore he doesn't need Archaic Knowledge .
The final point in meditation could go into Utility Mastery if you believe you're worth taking a red buff(or a blue buff if you're really carrying the team).

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Wukong can not deal high amounts of damage in fractions of seconds. This is what I want you to know before we look at the item build. He simply isn't made to take someone down from full health. Where you can see a xin or jax jump on someone with full health and making it work at a low level you see Wukong making a quick jump at someone throwing in a crushing blow for good measure and a Decoy to make for an escape, content with the harass you just put out.

Cloth Armor+5

Many people have already looked at me funny and I can imagine. Guardsmanbob is often seen making use of armor+5, even in conditions where he's not getting a wriggle's lantern(though with wukong you should ALWAYS get it. 5 potions simply make you stay in your lane. if your opponent has a Doran's blade or ring they simply cannot compete with Wukong's harass and 5 potions. the cloth armor also serves to reduce damage from AD champions and build into the lantern.

Wriggle's Lantern

Wriggle's lantern is an amazing item. You may have assumed I was talking jungle Kong but This actually enables you to go through minion waves amazingly fast. For Wukong I could only suggest a solo top lane to show how he can push waves of minions and then take down a Turret with his Crushing blow dealing... a Crushing blow to the turret! Wriggles provides an amazing array of stats. 23 attack which almost equals getting a pickaxe, 30 armor(believe me you're getting tankier by the minute) and a whooping 18% life steal. Rather then worrying about what items to get you should be wondering when to get them since you're never leaving your lane anymore.

Of course the free ward will make your laning experience much more safe when you see that jungler coming for you miles away


This is a touchy subject,

Personally I am all for Mercury Threads. Wukong is amazing at avoiding getting hit at all. With flash, a charge and the Decoy it's hard to catch Wukong in CC properly but when you're in a stun... You're in a stun.

When there's multiple high melee dps champions such as jax, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, AD TF and so on you should consider the Ninja Tabi. Although these don't contribute much to fighting CC you will return to the basic idea of avoiding damage entirely. Also they are incredibly cheap so that's a + to consider.

You can go the way of Berserker greaves although I rarely encounter a case where I do not meet at least one heavy CC champion. If your opposing team however has no hard CC nor any auto-attacking champions then these can be the boots for you!


You may wonder why To obtain Zeal at this point since it doesn't seem I'm aiming to get Trinity Force, This is true. I don't believe in Sheen and trinity force for damage. I When using my Crushing Blow in combination with previously mentioned I did not see any, or a significant increase in damage. The overall stats on Trinity Force are nice but I believe that Wukong doesn't get the full package out of it. I will admit though that it's an amazing all-round item to have but in this case not for Wukong. This is based mostly out of personal experience, not from hard calculations.

Frozen Mallet

This item is amazing, a slow, attack damage and a healthy amount of HP to make you durable in teamfights. This item is simply amazing.

Last Whisper

Frankly I have a hard time deciding whether to get Last whisper before Frozen mallet or sometimes delaying it after Phantom Dancer. Basically the key to getting Last Whisper Is when you start seeing people get Chain vests and the likes. I personally believe most in Wukong aiming to kill off carries, not tanks. with this in mind you should primarily see whether their carries are still stubbornly building an Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster or really adapting to your tanky dominance.

Phantom Dancer

This item may feel a little odd to some. Personally I really believe in the combination of Speed, attack speed and crit. You are a champion who moves around fast and wants to grab a quick kill and get away with it. Though you're tanky you don't want to overstay your welcome and this item will enhance your ability to kill someone fairly fast. Later in the game your inability to kill someone by using abilities will show more clearly(although your ult will hit okay-ish) so you'll have to resort to auto-attacking. You should always plan your escape route though. Noone likes a dead monkey.

Here you can opt for a little freedom in your item choices as well. This could be an opportunity to get that Trinity Force if you want to experiment or feel it'll fill the job better.

Banshee's Veil

Frankly this is luxury all the way. Personally I'm enjoying being tanky. Your Decoy will infact copy the banshees veil which is could be one of the vital reasons to get it. It'll really convince people it's you. Of course this could go all the way up the list before Frozen mallet if they are insanely heavy on Mages(I've been there before) although generally you'll only have one or two mages at most which should be survivable with the 700 health from the mallet. You should always consider the option of carrying along just a
Negatron Cloak, maybe even two. You don't actually have to build these out but since they're cost-efficient magic resist items you'll have a quick get-out-of-jail card to switch to an anti-mage build.

If the magic damage is really low you could opt for either armor or an actual dps item such as Infinity Edge.

Items to consider

These items can take the place of any other. it is up to you to decide which item you may drop to get any of the following or others you prefer.

Boots of Speed+3

If you're confident in the fact you'll be up laning against a champion like brand this will make it a hundredfold easier to avoid his attacks. Else stick to the armor+5.

Quicksilver Sash

This is a great item to get out of anything that's thrown at you. I wanted to put it in standardly but there are also cases when you don't need it.

The Bloodthirster

This item is something you could get to replace your Wriggles when you reach an end-game. although the game should be long over by now. It is definitely an improvement if you manage to stack up the effect though so do not hesitate to make the difference.

Wit's End

Wukong may have a hard time getting to auto-attack but there are cases where you do get this opportunity, sometimes entire games. Wit's end provides excellent damage and magic resist to those cases and just like how Atma's Impaler Gives you a perfect balance of armor and attack damage, this games you a a perfect balance of attack speed, bonus magic damage per hit, and a magic resist bonus. It's basically the magic resist atma's impaler!

Atma's Impaler Atma's impaler is a great balance of anti-AD. This item, just like Wit's end should find it's place when it's needed. That can be before getting a frozen mallet or replacing the Phantom Dancer

Items that I personally say no to.

Doran's Blade

This item provides no staying-power in your lane. At best you'll manage a kill on someone but Wukong's attacks are not impressive enough to kill early-game. That makes you want to stay in your lane to farm out minions but that's not going so well when you're being harassed by the opponent and have no potions. The life steal from a single doran's blade is less then impressive. You'll have that 18% from Wriggles soon enough.

Doran's Ring

We're not building Ability power here, Wukong's attacks scale with AD(with the exception of Decoy). Decoy's damage isn't that great so we'll pass kindly on building AP.


Sheen is all the talk since Wukong came out a few days ago. Personally I tried sheen on a few occasions and got no results out of it using it in conjunction with Wukong's Q ability. Wukong does not need the Ability power nor the mana from Sheen either which makes it a highly redundant item. Wukong needs to concentrate more on being a rock in the water rather then a fish trying to claw a bear.

Items I haven't actually had any experience with

This section is mainly because one item for now namely:

Doran's Shield

Doran's shield is not a bad item, in most cases however it feels 5 potions would regenerate more in the relevant time and the shield doesn't actually build into anything which leads me to believe you'll get more out of cloth armor. I might theoretically rate Doran's blade over the shield because of the higher chance of it enabling you to get a kill and have an easier time last-hitting.

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Skill Sequence

Your Skill Sequence is completely based around hit and run tactics until you become confident in auto-attacking your target. Nimbus Strike is excellent at charging at someone. Personally I also like this ability to take down the caster minions or multiple minions if I want to push or am unsure I can last hit them in time. You could use Nimbus Strike to charge at a minion and hit an enemy champion with it. You can use Crushing Blow before nimbus Strike to immediately use it after charging at a target though I prefer charging at someone, hitting them once and then using Crushing Blow since Crushing Blow Resets the auto-attack timer which makes it more efficient to use it right after an attack. If you're looking for a quick hit and run, Charge your Crushing Blow use Nimbus Strike on your target, wait till you actually hit with Crushing Blow and use your Decoy. Then back off and you should have successfully harassed an enemy champion with barely to no damage taken.

If you intend to run your ultimate you may want to consider Charging in with Nimbus Strike and make use of Crushing Blow for the Armor penetration effect. Then spin around with Cyclone. Stay well In range since Cyclone Has an annoying habit of seeming to have a larger range then it actually does.

Mana cost on Wukong's abilities are relatively low but as an experienced mana-user you should always realize there is a limit. If there's no realistic chance of getting a kill on your opponent you're best off using nimbus strike to get last hits on minions. two or three minion waves easily compensate for the lack of a champion kill.

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Summoner spells.


Flash is not optional. it's the get out of jail card that you NEED. Wukong seriously lacks CC and counter-CC. Ghost can be considered to be good because you can run a little faster while invisible from using Decoy but Flash is simply much better in so many ways. If you consider Ghost over Flash then you need to work on using Flash to the best of your ability more.


Ignite can be replaced although it is nice to have at least one ranged spell that can finish off a target or cripple the target's ability to heal.


I haven't actually tried cleanse though if push comes to shove you can consider a Quicksilver Sash, I feel ignite enables me to kill more confidently.


As mentioned at flash, Ghost is simply not needed. Wukong is not much of a chaser and the times that he does get to chase you have a frozen mallet and Zeal(Phantom dancer optionally) for a combination of speed and slows.


If you are sure of the opponent being heavy on AD champions you can really make it hell for them by using this, Ninja Tabi and an Atma's Impaler. Tailoring your Wukong to counter certain setups can make the game amazingly easy.


I don't feel that teleport fits Wukong much but teleport can always be a fun tool to teleport to wards and such for sneaky ambushes. I feel Wukong is pretty solid in laning so I don't think you have to worry much about constantly needing quick returns to your lane.


For laning smite is lousy. The first thing that jumped to mind was Jungle Kong. The attack speed boost from Nimbus strike and the triple attack seems very in line with attacking the threesomes of golem, lizard and wolves not being any less useless against the two golems and wraiths. The jungling however did feel a little weak although it is possible. It's not as fast as say, Master Yi however.


No, just no. Wukong does use mana but cannot justify this spell. He's not mana intensive at all, if you feel he is you're playing him wrongly.


Rally is a really poor spell, skip this.


Your support or tank should be getting this, not you. you are here to bring the pain.


A level 1-15 summoner might consider this over ignite because he's new to the game and stuff although I'm amazed you have Wukong, little one. You have five health potions though so you don't actually need heal. Ignite is nicer!


This spell is nice but not that great for Wukong, Ignite is better.


No. Dying is bad, if you're using this that means you'll be dying more.

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Overall Wukong is fairly balanced, I'm sure many would like to see him buffed as of this writing but he is not unplayable and if played well he can dominate. My build is what I use, I've beaten plenty of people as a level 30 although I cannot boast over a high rating so I cannot tell you that you can become an 1800 player with this. I can guarantee you that you'll feel like you are quite burly and can take some beating before biting the dust. I hope you enjoy playing Wukong and hopefully manage to do so with my item build and help.