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Xerath Build Guide by Lptfr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lptfr

Xerath, OP range.

Lptfr Last updated on October 12, 2011
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1. Introduction

Hello summoners !

Welcome in my first MobaGuide ever which fill be based on the new champion, Xerath The Magus Ascendant. The aim of this guide is to create, with you summoners, a list of the most operating builds existing for this champion. AS A CONSEQUENCE : all comments are welcome but i'd like to ask you to keep polite and be respectful of the skill and knowledge of everyone (Mine in particular, i'm everything but a pro!!!) Please, keep all comments focused on the improvement of this guide.

Xerath is a very fun champion to play, his amazing range (thx to Locus of PowerLocus of Power) can become really annoying for your opponents as far as you use a correct Item build/Skill sequence.

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2. Teams and builds

On Team 1, i'll post builds corresponding to your suggestions in the comment section below.

On Team 2, I'll post Pro's builds and advices : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE

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3. Runes

My Rune choice is totally arbitrary, don't forget to post your suggestions !

- Greater Mark of Insight : Basic magic penetration, i don't think any one is going to complain about this one.

- Greater Seal of Resillience : I choose those ones in order to prevent AD junglers from ganking me in early game. Basically a life insurance for early games. (SUGGESTIONS GUYS!)

- Greater glyph of Focus : Quite usefull to be able to double Arcanopulse on a single Locus of Power Locus of power CD in early game. Basically, you can't avoid those ones as far as I'm concerned.

- Greater Quintessence of Potency : Quite obvious, AP is needed.

I will Post alternative Rune builds once you'll suggest them to me !

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4. Summoner Spells

I first tried to play with Exhaust and Flash but I couldn't manage to use Exhaust as Xerath range is too high. I will then suggest you tu use Teleport or Ignite or even a Ghost !

Explanation here.

Explanation here.

Explanation here.

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5. Masteries

I use a classical (9/0/21) mastery. Ideal for mid lane.

If you want to use Ghost, don't forget to choose in the mastery-utility tree.

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6. Items

Team 1

Build 1

In this build, I'll start with a Doran's Ring. Then I'll get my Boots of speed and a second Doran's Ring on my first back. Then I finish my Sorecerer's shoes and get a Giant's belt in order to get some PVs and to prepare my future Rylai. Then comes Fiendish Codex for shorter CDR and mana regen which will be the key to harass your lane's opponents. In the mid game, finish your Rylai's crystal scepter [Want to never miss on the stun? Please!, cromagnumpi] and get your Will of the ancients. In the late game come your Void Staff, a Needlessly Large Rod and finish your Morello's Evil Tome. Eventually for ultimate AP get you final Rabadon's Deathcap.

Team 2

Build 1

This build is the one proposed by Phreak in his League of Legends - Xerath champion Spotlight.

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7. Skills

Ascended FormAscended form (Passive): Xerath feeds on arcane power, making him increasingly resilient to physical harm. Converts 15% of his Ability Power into Armor.

Arcanopulse (Q) (Active): Fires a long-range beam of energy in a line, dealing magic damage to all targets hit.
Range: 900/1300
Width: 100
Cost: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 mana
Damage: 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 (+0.6 per ability power)
Cooldown: 7 / 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5 seconds

Locus of powerLocus of Power (W) (Active): Xerath anchors himself to the ground he is standing on for up to 8 seconds, increasing the range of all his spells and granting him bonus magic penetration. Upon disabling this ability, Xerath gains 35% movement speed for 2 seconds. He can deactivate the ability at any time after 0.5 seconds of casting it.
Cost no Mana! < please read
Cooldown: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 / 4 seconds
Bonus Magic Penetration: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 %

Mage chainsMage Chains (E) (Active): Deals magic damage to an enemy and marks them with Unstable Magic for 3 seconds. The next spell Xerath strikes this enemy with will stun them for 1.5 seconds.
Range: 600/1000
Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds
Magic Damage: 70 / 120 / 170 / 220 / 270 (+0.7 per ability power)

Arcane Barrage (Active): Calls down a blast of arcane energy, dealing magic damage to all enemies in an area. May be cast another two times, with no cost, within the next 12 seconds before going on cooldown.
Range: 900/1300
Effect radius: 400
Cost: 150 / 180 / 210 mana
Cooldown: 80 / 70 / 60 seconds
Magic Damage Per Cast: 125 / 200 / 275 (+0.6 per ability power)

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8. Story

In the ancient civilization of Shurima, the mage called Xerath practiced magic with undying passion. He believed that with enough magical power, he could gaze into the heart of Runeterra to know the secrets of history and the universe beyond. Such magic was beyond the limitations of a mortal body, but Xerath obsessively pursued a path to infinite power nonetheless. With every breakthrough he grew more and more powerful, yet not without consequence. Xerath's increasing arcane abilities wrought havoc on his physical form. Desperate, he undertook a dangerous ritual to transcend his dying body. The outcome would be immortality or self-destruction. Violent magic unleashed during the ritual caused devastation throughout Shurima, but when the dust settled, Xerath emerged as an ascended being of pure arcane energy.

Free of flesh and bone, Xerath held nearly infinite power at his command. However, in the wake of his chaotic ritual, the mages of Shurima feared his careless disregard for life would bring ruin to the kingdom. After a terrible struggle they subdued Xerath, but they could not destroy his ascended form. Instead they trapped him within an enchanted sarcophagus and sealed him in an underground tomb. Eons passed, civilizations rose and fell, and Xerath's imprisonment was lost to memory. For centuries, Xerath's vast power tore away at the sarcophagus and weakened its spell. Finally, he willed forth a burst of magic that shattered his prison, but its core remained, containing Xerath and his power within its broken pieces. Seeking to rid himself of this burden, he was drawn to the magic of Valoran's nexuses and found he could absorb their power. Yet the nexuses had gatekeepers: petty mages known as summoners. Xerath knew his key to true freedom from his prison lay in gaining their trust, and he offered his power to the League of Legends.

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I'm french speaker but learned English for 6 years and I could'nt understand some of Xerath quotes because of the voice distortion, here they are :

Champion selection

"I will be free."


"I will show you true power."
"I will be their undoing."
"I follow the path to power."
"So be it."
"None will control me."
"I am eternal."
"These chains cannot hold me."
"The secrets of magic are mine alone."
"The affairs of mortals are beneath me."
"Behold my power."
"Flesh and blood. So fragile."
"Force beyond measure."
"Magic. I'll show you real magic."
"Primitive magic shall not best me."
"Simple fools."


"It will take only a spark of my magic to end you."


"Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! lightning bolt!"
"Power laning, power farming, power ganking, power kills! So many kills! Four-hundred kills!"