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Xerath Build Guide by Wicked FlamezZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wicked FlamezZ

Xerath, Poke and Smoke

Wicked FlamezZ Last updated on February 11, 2015
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Threats to Xerath with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nidalee Nidalee's Spear can out poke you so just dodge it and you'll be fine
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Hey its Wicked FlamezZ. I have Youtube named Wicked FlamezZ and will be posting video guides soon but not yet. Anyway, This is a guide to unlocking the chosen power of Xerath. This guide is for lower to mid Elo players looking for a xerath guide.

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Glyphs: I chose magic resist glyphs on xerath because 9/10 your opposing laner will be AP and you want to resist them. This Increases your ability to stay in lane.

Marks: You will use magic pen. marks to increase damage you deal even if the enemy team builds magic resist. This is useful in damage poking and poking team fights.

Seals: In this section you will split up Armor and Magic Resist runes. Armor and magic resist ensure you are ready to take all attacks. But remember this doesn't mean you can tank -.-

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Offensive: Xerath uses AP abilities in his attacks. For this reason, we will use the masteries that give him magic damage and AP damage. I always use Execution on Xerath because when they are at low HP and run away you can use your ult and it will ensure the kill even more than usual.

Defensive: Again, Xerath does not have the best escape or sustain. For this reason, in the defense section I Build armor, Magic resist and HP.

Utility: I do not see much purpose for Utility Maasteries on Xerath, The only thing I see useful is the Recall Masrery.

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AVOID LICHBANE - Alot of people think lichbane is a good pick. The mana and AP are nice but this falls off late game. think about it, its passive is for BASIC attacks, in a teamfight when will you be in auto attack range? if you are then your in the wrong place bud.

Morellonomicon - This item has high CDR, AP and gives you a passive that can secure kills. The mana sustain is cool too.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Since this item gives AP PLUS gives a huge 30% bonus AP it is necessary for all mages and AP fighters and should be bought at the Mid or Late game phase of the game.

Will of the Ancients - This item is for your AP and Sustain. If you are low on HP and your team wants to have an all-in fight, you can poke the enemy team with your Q to get HP back before or during the initial teamfight.

Rod of the Ages - This item gives you massive HP and Mana to help you fight longer. I suggest to get this item Early to Mid game.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptar - This Item gives HP, mass AP, and slows enemies on hit. If your team is winning a fight and they run, you can hit them with your aoe W plus this items slow effect will make them almost immobile and easy to kill.

Sorceror's Boots - You will use these boots for the Magic Pen. that increases magic damage ratio against magic resist. This also increases movement speed like all boots. We will take the Distortion enchantment so when we flash away we have a better chance to escape with the bonus speed.

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Skill Sequence

Arcanopulse - We max out this move or "Q" first because it will deal most of your damage and is needed early games to poke enemies out of the lane.

EoD - This move or "W" is maxed out second because you will want the slow in teamfights and pursuing but not as much as your Q. You can also use this to clear out minion waves fairly fast.

Shocking Orb - or "E" is maxed out last. We do this because its only level up bonus is a CDR and you can just build CDR and max out the above moves first.

RotA - or "R" is an amazing kill secure move. Use it when you see a low HP enemy attempting to hug turret or even flee. Max out whenever the level lets you. (levels 6,11,16)

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First choices: Flash and Exhaust

This is my Preference because I play Xerath extremely aggressive. We always take flash just for that moment when we are forced to run and need it most. Exhaust is when they are trying to flee and you don't have your Ultimate. Pretend that your against a diana mid and she is up against your turret, taking it. you come up and burst her to low HP and she tries to run. P.S. Your Ult happens to be on CD. you will use exhaust to slow her until all of your moves CD are back up and kill her.

Second choices: Flash with either Barrier or Heal

Flash - ALWAYS take flash

Barrier - if your against a Katarina and she teleports to you and uses her Ult you can use barrier to evade damage and get away.

Heal - Heal is more for teamfights in my opinion. If you take heal use this when your team either needs HP to keep fighting or if they need a speed boost to run away.

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Pros / Cons

Best Poke In Game
Good Mana Sustain
Great at securing kills

Bad escapes
big gank target
High CD in early game

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Team Work

Xerath is a great champ to have in teamfights. When you teamfight with Xerath you are essentially the teams sniper. You must stay back and fire from behind the front line. Use your Q to poke the enemy team until someone engages. After that, Focus whoever the team does or target someone that needs to be focused to let your team know. If the enemies flee you can clean-up low hp enemies with your Ultimate or "R".

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Farm > kills

One champion kill is the same xp and gold as killing 15 minions. Even if you are behind in kills just make sure for each kill the enemy laner has you have 15 more CS than him.

Ex. Your 0-2 and the enemy is 3-1, this means you need to have 45 more CS than that enemy and you will be Equal.

This is important because late game unless you time the last hit you wont be getting alot of kill. you will be getting assists more likely because the ADC and top laner are likely to have more attack speed.