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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Revory

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Revory

Xin Zhao: Tanky Jungle Carry

Revory Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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I'll open this up by saying I do have another Xin Zhoa Guide up here on It will be staying up, due to it being a full on guide, this however is for those who want a Jungler who can take anything a team can throw at you and still stand and laugh.

First thing is first, this build is focusing on strengthening Xin's Natural Abilities and really making him a Viable Ranked Jungler Pick. Many people will argue that others do his job better, but I'd have to disagree, as I love to jungle, and Xin is by far my favorite and has to be the most balanced out of them all.

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SPACE Greater Quintessence of Alacrity
These are giving you the extra boost of attack
speed you need early.

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation
These allow you to deal True damage in the jungle
for most creeps. Also adds good damage up
till Mid Game.

Greater Quintessence of Strength
This is only in the second build cause we drop
1 point out of Brute Force , so we are just
adding that damage back in via Runes.
SPACE Greater Seal of Resilience
Makes you Stronger in the jungle and when you get
out of the jungle, really helps vs AD champs that
your going to run in to.

Greater Glyph of Shielding
These are simply so through the entire game your
slowly building MR. Also due to the fact building
MR comes later in the build, its good to have.

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Masteries are very flexible. It is all about personal preference.
15/0/15 - 21/0/9

Even though they are personal preference, as a jungler there are a few key Masteries Awareness , Plentiful Bounty , and Utility Mastery . Outside of that, go where ever you want.

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Challenge (Passive): Pretty solid Passive, not the best by far, however this is what really
makes you capable of jungling so well and lasting in long fights.

Three Talon Strike (Active): This is your Burst ability. It adds damage to your basic attacks and for
the next 3 attacks you have a quickened attack speed, this is just due to the animation.

Battle Cry (Active): This is your CDR/Attack Speed Ability. With each attack lowering your other abilities
by 1 second, you can truly spam your abilities.

Audacious Charge (Active): This being your Closer. When ganking a lane with Flash, save it, if they don't
have it, BLAM! The slow % and the cooldown get better as you rank it up which
is the key reasons for leveling this up, however I personally leave it for last.

Crescent Sweep (Active): This is your AOE Ult, Deals Flat Damage and Total % of Health Damage to every enemy hit.
Also adds 30/40/50 Armor and Magic Resist for the next 6 seconds.

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Starting Items

SPACE First Build

Vampiric Scepter
The first build, this is your first Item hands Down.
This allows you to stay in the jungle and go
out for ganks and go back in till you can just
go back and pick up Wriggle's Lantern and
wards for all your lanes.
SPACE Second Build


Cloth Armor and Health Potions
This is for the second build, tested and you have
much better time in the jungle and actually have
2 pots after Blue Buff for me, so you can gank then
pot and hit the jungle, however first trip back
you have to pick up the Vampiric Scepter to keep
going through the jungle.

Guide Top

Core Items

Wriggle's Lantern
The life steal and the armor are just bonuses compared
to the passive on this item for the jungle.

Atma's Impaler
This is what your adding all that damage into the build
comes from to be honest. With out it, your just tanky,
and you need to deal that damage.
Mercury's Treads
These are cause this is for Ranked, and your Xin, early
on expect to get focused, this allows those stuns to
last shorter and gives you more MR.

Banshee's Veil
This being your better choice for MR that goes with
your other items. Hp's for Atma's Impaler, more
MR, Spell Shield for those stuns, and Mana for longer

Guide Top

Optional Items

Primary Choices

Frozen Mallet
Adds 14 more Damage for
Atma's Impaler plus the
20 it already has, and
gives you a Perma Slow.

Warmog's Armor
Adds only 27.4 AD when farmed
with Atma's Impalerhowever
you gain so much HP they
have to cut through.

Sunfire Cape
If you need the Armor, this adds
9 Damage for Atma's Impaler
and puts your Armor over 200.
SPACE For Tanky Teams

The Black Cleaver
This adds some Attack Speed
and some bonus Damage and
shreds armor for those
tanky teams.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Adds a twist to the build.
Armor Pen and crit plus
an Active that just ownes.
SPACE For Flavor

Trinity Force
The damage and utility of
this item is superb however
I place this in "Optional"
cause its really expensive.

Aegis of the Legion
This is in the event you have
another Off-tank rather than
a full on Tank. Helps your
team out a bunch.

Hextech Gunblade
This gives you more damage
in every way. Since AC is
based off of AP, its rather

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The Route

With either build, you can take any route you want. However since this is my build I'm going to tell you to take the Double Golem route.

There are several reasons for running the Double Golem route over Blue Buff route:

Faster XP
Don't need Blue Buff for Jungle
Set to Gank after getting Blue Buff
If no enemy jungler, you can steal theirs easily
Safe route, less chance of jungle ganks

Play by play

Start off at the Double Golems, Auto Attack once and as the animation for the attack hits, pop your Three Talon Strike, while that one is popped up, Smite him and one more auto attack and he is dead. Auto attack the second down and use Three Talon Strike one more time to finish him off.
Place Rank in Battle Cry

On to the Wraith Camp. Use same strategy on the big Wraith of getting a quick auto attack then Three Talon Strike and as your last attack lands for the pop, activate Battle Cry and auto attack it down. As Three Talon Strike comes off of cooldown, use it again and finish off the other small Wraiths.

Moving to the Wolves camp. Yes, once again use the extra Auto Attack before activating Three Talon Strike on the Big Wolf, and going right into Battle Cry and Auto attack little Wolves. You will have enough mana to use Three Talon Strike again here, however, just Auto Attacking the small 2 will bring your health up quite a bit, so its your choice, Safety over Speed, your choice.
Place Rank into Audacious Charge

Check all lanes for all the enemies and take note of any MIA's incase of them ganking you. Also let your mid and closest lane (be it top or bottom) you will gank after grabing blue.

Now your at the Blue Golem. Pretty easy here. Start with Audacious Charge and after you use your first auto attack, trying to do the same as with each camp prior, activate your Three Talon Strike and then into Battle Cry as per the usual, don't Audacious Charge again here, wait for Three Talon Strike to get off of cooldown, and use it, 1 or 2 more auto attacks and it should be with in Smite range.

This is where you go gank if one of your closest lanes are set for one, or to go cover a lane if needed.

If you ganked and have more than half you life left, back into the jungle with you! Your going right back to your Wraith camp, use same strategy as before and then onto Double Golems. Same way as Wraith camp.
On your way to Double Golems, place Rank in Three Talon Strike.

Here your once again going to look at your mid lane and closest lane for ganks and MIA's. If all ememies are in lane, proceed to Red Buff and let your lanes know you want a gank either lane after you grab up Red Buff.

Kill Red Buff just as you did Blue Buff, and head for gank.
Place Rank in Three Talon Strike.

If there is not a gank set up, this is your chance to back for items.

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Jungler Mindset

Ok, so you are looking at a Jungle Build, so I must Stress this "Chapter" to my build. This is a must read.


First thing is first, as the jungler your not the carry. At each Gank, if you can let the lane get the kill do so. You are going to get gold as the assist, but you want your Carries to get fed. You get to gain gold unharassed in the jungle, even if they are winning their lane, let them get the kill.

Second, use the mini map. As the jungler you are expected to be everywhere, and you really should. If you see the enemy jungler setting up for a gank, or already in a lane ganking, you need to be rushing there. Your 5 hits from getting that buff though!?, get in gear this is a team game, if your top lane is being ganked and huddled at the tower, you need to get there to cover so they can go back and get HP's and items.

Thirdly, ward the hell out of the map. While the first tower in each lane is up, you need to be warding the river and entrances to your jungle should be covered at all costs. If warded right you only need 4 wards every 3 minutes to ward top, mid, dragon, and bottom lanes. Later in the game when towers start dropping, ward in jungle near buffs and by still standing towers. This map coverage can actually get you to win games. That Ashe goes to get red, your team ganks her and rushes mid for a tower or 2 while they are down. That is why this is so good.

Forth and final, GIVE YOUR TEAM THE BUFFS. After you have Mercury's Treads and Wriggle's Lantern, you have no need for the buffs. Tell your AD carry to get Red Buff and your AP Carry to take Blue Buff. If you really want those buffs, steal theirs. Before stealing theirs though, ward your way out and their way to you. Any time you invade the enemy jungle, safety is first. You don't want to give the enemy team gold if you can help it.

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Team Fights

This is where this build differs from most others I see. As you are building Bulk, Tank, and Damage with this build, there are a few things to talk with your team about.

Will your Tank be focused on Protection of your carries or you.
If you are not, then you will be steamrolling right to their carry as fast as you can to take them out of the fights quick. No Carry wants a Xin on them, they die, they will run or are dumb and didn't look at your items and try to fight you.
If you are, then your going to hold back and wait for them to send someone through to your carries. Your going to start with Three Talon Strike and try to hold them still for your carry to kill them. After the pop if they continue to your carry, Audacious Charge will slow them down enough that they should drop, and if that isn't enough, Battle Cry and your carry should finish them off quickly.
Are you the Tank?!
Ok, so yeah I've had these teams where they thought an all carry team was the only way to go, and well, it can still work with Xin as the Tank. With this build you are basically a Huge Rock that drops on everyone's head. With just the Core Items, after you Ult you have over 200 Armor and Magic Resist for the next 6 seconds. I would Initiate with Audacious Charge and if there are 3 in range Crescent Sweep and then Three Talon Strike the nearest Carry. After the pop, naturally you want to Battle Cry to get your Audacious Charge off cool down asap for the ensuing chase that is bound to happen in a few seconds if your team wins the fight. Stay on priority target if you can, but watch for your Carries getting pushed out. If they are ping the guy doing it and your team should switch targets and full team save is risky but usually worth it in a full Carry team set.

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Final Words

This build is building into a Supreme Jungling Off-Tank. The damage you build into isn't anything to laugh at, and if games go long enough to full build you won't really have any problems at all, I've 1v3'd and came out with 1/4 life left to push the inhib and then steal their jungle. That being said, your not a stand alone champ, and should never think this way.

This is a team game, this should be on the forefront of your mind while playing Jungle Xin. Without your team, you are nothing, and with out you, they are nothing.

Enjoy the build, give me some feedback, and hope to see you in the Field of Justice, and soon, in the Crystal Scar.