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Riven Build Guide by anriofastoria

Top Yamahvv's Platinum 1 Riven Guide

Top Yamahvv's Platinum 1 Riven Guide

Updated on January 7, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author anriofastoria Build Guide By anriofastoria 9 0 7,144 Views 0 Comments
9 0 7,144 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author anriofastoria Riven Build Guide By anriofastoria Updated on January 7, 2023
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Runes: Conquerer (Fighter)

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Current Meta
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

Yamahvv's Platinum 1 Riven Guide

By anriofastoria

Last Updated: 01/07/2023

Hi all, I am Yamah. I have played league of legends since season 2, and have mained Riven since late season 4 as well as a few other AD carries. I like like Riven mechanically and although there are many different champions that can exceed in the things she accomplishes, I think her kit is very well rounded. Particularly, her mobility and interactions leads to many great games where your experience and skills matter. With that all said, here is my first attempt at a written guide. Thank you for reading.

A lot of this guide is written based on my experiences and a review of Azhy's gameplay.

Table of Contents

Summoner Spells
Top Lane Matchups
Laning Phase
As of right now, Conqueror is the best rune page (although there were instances in previous seasons where Summon Aery, Electrocute, and Aftershock excelled.

Primary: Precision Conqueror

Conqueror: Basic attacks and spells against an enememy champion grant 2 stacks per, up to 12 stacks (6 aas or spells). Each stack grants 1.2 - 2.7 AD (14.4 - 32.4 AD), and when fully stack heals for 6 percent of all damage dealt

In a full combo, stacks will be applied quickly (stacks): e > aa (2) > w (4) > q1 (6) > aa (8) >> q2 (10) >> aa (12) >> q3 (12, heals) >> aa (12, heals). This will allow you to progressively increase damage done in short or extended trades, and allow healing which is exceptionally against tanks.

Slot 1 Triumph

Overheal converts 20 - 100% of the healing in excess of your maximum health into a shield of 10 (+9% percent of maximum health), which in my experience is effectively a 75 - 256 shield. The issue is that at level 1 with Doran's Blade the conversion of healing into a shield is:
Level 1 85 AD x 0.025 (omnivamp from Doran's Blade) x 0.20 = 0.5 shielding with one aa with one aa at full health
Level 11 169 AD x 0.105 (omnivamp from Doran's Blade and Goredrinker) x 0.67 = 12 shielding with one aa at full health

Leave overheal to ADCs and champions with Legend: Bloodline. Triumph's 10 percent missing health restore and + 20 gold on champion takedowns is much more effective.

Legend: Alacrity I think in many instances its helped me in duels, allowed me to split-push quicker, and v. importantly it is a fun rune slot.

Legend: Tenacity reduces the duration of all status effects except airborne, nearsight (i.e., Graves, Quinn, and Nocturne), stasis (i.e., Bard), and suppression(i.e., Malzahar and Warwick). Therefore, the exhaustive and relavant list includes:
1. Blinds — which causes aa to miss (i.e., Teemo)
2. Cripple — which reduces attack speed (i.e., Fiora, Malphite, Nasus)
3. Disarm — which prevents aa (i.e., Lulu)
4. Beserk — which causes aa to target allies (i.e., Renta Glasc)
5. Charm — which causes the champion to move toward the source (i.e., Ahri, Evelynn, Rakan, and Seraphine)
6. Fear and Flee — which causes the champion to essentially become dissbled (i.e., Fiddlesticks, Hecarim, Nocturne, Shaco, Vex, and Warwick)
7. Taunt — which causes the champion to aa the source (i.e., Shen, Rammus, Galio)
8. Ground — which causes the champion to be unable to use movement spells including flash (i.e., Cassiopeia, Poppy, and Singed)
9. Silence — which causes the champion to be unable to cast any abilities (i.e., Blitzcrank, Cho'Gath, Fiddlesticks, Garen, and Malzahar)
10. Sleep — which causes the champion to essentially be disabled (i.e., Lillia and Zoe)
11. Slow — which reduces movement speed [percentages cannot reduce below 110 movement speed]
12. Snare and Root — which causes the champion to be unable to use movement spells including flash
13. Stun — which causes the champion to essentially be disabled
14. Suspension — which causes the champion to essentially be disabled (i.e., Nami)

Slot 3 Last Stand

Last Stand increases damage to champions from 0 - 11% based on your percent missing health, whereas Coup de Grace increases damage by 8% if the enemy champion is below 40%. Last Stand breaks even when your HP is 45 - 50% health.

Anecdotely, a lot of the damage from riven comes from the end of her combo when she is low on a duel i.e., windslash and Goredrinker proc. After watching my matches, I also coincidentally often fight at about 45 - 50% HP.

Secondary Choice 1 (Sorcery) Transcendence, and either Nullifying Orb or Nimbus Cloak

Transcendence at level 5 and 8 grants + 5 Ability Haste(AH). AH has diminishing returns, with that said early AH is quite good in scaling into the match. At level 11, it also reduces the cooldown of your ablities by 20 percent. You or a teammate killed on champion? This allows you initiate closing the gap on the next champion for a multikill.

Nullifying Orb is consistent against AP top laners.
Nimbus Cloak is aggressive and synergizes v. well with Ignite.

I like Gathering Storm, however, most games end in 25 - 30 minutes and this rune's +5/+14 AD at 10/20 minutes doesn't feel impactful.

Secondary Choice 2 (Resolve) Unflinching, and either Second Wind or Bone Plating

Unflinching is great against champions and teams with tenacity. If I think about in lane matches, I think of champions with lingering effects i.e., Nasus (wither), Trundle (chomp), and Tryndamere (mocking shout).

Second Wind is good against ranged champions, or champions you anticipate can poke you and therefore proc Bone Plating before it has any effect to reduce damage.
Bone Plating is good against any champion with an auto attack recent.

Summoner Spells
Ignite damages an enemy champion dealing 70 - 410 true damage over time, reveals them, and applies 50 % grievous wound i.e., reduces healing. This does not reduce the maximum health gained from champion spells. It also applies 2 stacks of Conqueror, and will synergize with Nimbus Cloak.

70-410 true damage is typically 8 - 12 % of your enemy champion's maximum health, although this may vary.

Flash is mandatory.


Teleport allows you to transport to an ally structure with a cool down of 6 minutes. After 14 minutes in-game, allow you to transport additionally to an allied ward or minion with increased movement speed and its coodwill will decrease to 4 minutes.

I personally recommend this over ignite because it allows Riven to split push effectively and work as a disruptor (2 people will have to come after you, alleviating pressure from your team). Once you get away safely, you can reconviene with your team to with a fight or objective.

If you have Teleport available, I do not recommend using it between 12:00 - 14:00th minute in-game (basically, use teleport once to get back to lane until it is unleashed teleport. The cooldown will not decrease while it is on cooldown when it is upgraded to unleashed teleport (tentative). If you use it at 12:00, it will come off cooldown at 18:00. If you use it at 14:00, it will come off cooldown at 18:00 and you can use on additional allied targets.

Ability Order





















Runic Blade (Passive)
Range: 150 (225 during ultimate)

Riven's ability casts generate a stack of Charge that lasts 6 seconds, which refreshes on subsequent casts and stacks up to 3 times. Riven's basic attacks consume a stack to deal 30% − 60% (30/36/42/48/54/60 at levels 1/6/9/12/15/18) AD bonus physical damage.
This passive encourages you to weave in auto attacks (aa) when casting your spells and abilities.

Broken Wings (Q)
RANGE: 150 (250 for the 3rd cast)
Riven slashes with her sword forward each cast, dealing physical damage to enemies struck within an area. The third cast will knock back enemies for 0.5 seconds, and can be used to cross terain ("wall hop"). The ability goes on cooldown starting at the first cast, and if Riven does not recast the ability within 4 seconds of the previous cast it will go on cooldown
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 15 / 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 (+ 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65% AD)
TOTAL DAMAGE: 45 / 105 / 165 / 225 / 285 (+ 135 / 150 / 165 / 180 / 195% AD)
  • Each cast can have it's recovery animation (the latter part of the spell after it deals damage) canceled inputing a movement command directly after damages ia applied, and then inputing an auto attack against the target. Rinse and repeat. That is "animation canceling".
  • If you hover over the target during clicking Q, you will move a short distance towards them. If you hover past the target (i.e., no target is highlighted by your cursor), then you will move at the spell's maximum distance in the direction of your cursor.
  • When leashing the jungler, start casting 13 s until the buff spawns. You'll have additional procs of Runic Blade to increase damage.

Ki Burst (W)
RANGE: 250 (300 during ultimate)
CAST TIME: 0.25 s
COOLDOWN: 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 s
Riven emits a flash of runic energy that deals physical damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 0.75 seconds.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+ 100% bonus AD)
  • When casting during Valor (E) the stun can either position at the start or end at the dash, depending on how soon Ki Burst is cast

Valor (E)
RANGE: 250
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 s
Riven dashes a short distance while shielding herself for 1.5 seconds.
SHIELD STRENGTH: 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 / 180 (+ 110% bonus AD)
  • 1.5 s is a short window to shield damage, so be careful of the timing to either dodge an ability or mitigate the damage dealt.

Blade of the Exile (R1)

CAST TIME: 0.25 s
COOLDOWN: 120 / 90 / 60 s
Riven empowers her sword for 15 seconds, gains 20% AD bonus attack damage (from her current AD on activation), 75 bonus auto attack range (225 units total), and 50 bonus range on Broken Wings and Ki Burst.
After 0.5 seconds, she can cast Wind Slash (R2) once anytime within the duration.

Wind Slash (R2)
RANGE: 1100 (cone)
CAST TIME: 0.25 s
Riven unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in the targetted direction that deals physical damage to enemies hit once, increased by 0% − 200% based on enemy target's missing health (maximum damage procs when enemy is at or below 25% percent health).
MINIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% bonus AD)
MAXIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 180% bonus AD)


There are a lot of online guides on ability combos, and other streamers i.e., Azhy to reference from. I'll write the simple ones here (AA = auto attack):

Doublecast (burst damage)
1. E >> W (fast), the stun will occur where you started
2. E >> W (slow), the stun will occur where you end
3. E >> WQ cancels the W animation
4. E >> R1 >> AA >> WQ
cancels the R and W animation

Short Trades (Safe)
1. Q1 in >> W >> AA >> E + Q2 out (Q3 can be used to safely knock back)
2. Q3 in >> AA >> WW >> E out

Full Trades
1. E >> R1 >> Q3 >> AA >> W >> Goredrinker (2) >> AA >> Q1 >> AA >> Q2 >> AA >> R2Q3 (doublecast)

Full Trades Teamfights
1. E >> R1 + Flash >> Q3 >> W >> Goredrinker (2) >> R2 >> Q1 >> AA >> Q2 >> AA >> Q3

The difference between a full trade and teamfight is that you'll want to priorities having all the CC out immediately to lock down the enemy team and then apply damage (that way you do not get cc locked yourself).


There are multple locations throughout Summoner's Rift that Riven's third cast of Broken Wings can wallhop, either to escape or engage. I am working on a compilation, and in the meanwhile watch this excellent video explaining the mechanic.
Doran's Blade + Health Potion start is standard.
Doran's Shield + Health Potion start is a safer start, but not neccesarily recommended. I prefer winning trades in damage than by sustain.

Core Items


Ravenous Hydra

Attack damage + Ability Haste (Cooldown Reduction) + Sustain (Health, Armor, Lifesteal). These are the core stats that allow Riven to output a good amount of damage while remaining durable as she works through the enemy frontline to kill their carries.

Before I used to prioritize purchasing Pickaxe into Ironspike Whip then Caulfield's Warhammer because the active allows additional trade potential and makes farming safer (it's range is larger than your auto attack range). Hilarious.

Purchase Pickaxe now into Caulfield's Warhammer, Vampiric Scepter then complete tiamut into Ravenous Hydra. That way, you can stack the item as early as possilbe into the game and deal tons of damage. I always build tiamut last in the build path so I can control the minion wave from pushing into the enemy turret. That way, I can keep a favorable position in lane where I wont get ganked by the enemy jungler.

Goredrinker is the second item, followed by Plated Steelcaps or Ionian Boots of Lucidity or . I rarely find myself opting for Mercury's Treads because AP threats aren't a concern top lane, and late game I feel like it's a matter of dodging crowd control effects or just dying. Tenacity will not help if the enemy chains their crowd control or kills you before you are out of the stun or snare.

Goredrinker grants +55 AD, +300 HP, + 20 AH, and + 8% omnivamp. Its unique active improves the dmage from Ironspike Whip from 100% to 175% base AD physical damage in a circle, and now heals you for 20% AD (+ 8% of your missing health) for each enemy hit. Ther damage benefits from Last Stand, and most of the heaing is from the 20% AD so use it whenever, although it's most beneficial at low health.

The next item is another Caulfield's Warhammer into either death's dance] or [[black clever.

Death's Dance is good because it grants + 55 AD, + 45 Armor, and + 15 AH (overall more offensive) and a unique passive that stores 30% of all damage recieved (including on shields), which is then taken as true damage over 3 seconds instead [preventing burst damage]. Additionally, should an enemy champion die within 3 seconds of you damaging them, the remaining stored damages is removed and instead you are healed for 140% bonus AD over 2 seconds. This is primarily against assassins (short trades) and AD heavy teams (think Fiora or Irelia).

Summary:: Takedowns are quicker this season even after the durability patch, so you'll be more likely to be healed in the fight which in turn saves you.

Black Cleaver is good because it grants + 45 AD, + 350 HP, and + 30 AH and a unique passive that applies armor reduction and grants bonus movement speed. This is strong against extended duels and full engages (think Sion).

Additional Recommended Items

Maw of Malmortius can be build before Death's Dance if AP damage it the primary threat. Grants + 55 AD, + 50 MR, and + 20 AH and a unique passive that grants a shield that absorbs (200 + 225% bonus AD) magic damage. It's v., v. effective against AP assassins.

Guardian Angel grants +40 AD, +40 Armor, and a unique passive that resurrects you with 750 - 1165 HP (level 11 - 18). I would recommend this is if an enemy champion (i.e., an assassin or champion with an excecute) is going to kill you through death dance's passive (looking at you Rengar and Urgot).

Situational Items

Chempunk Chainsword grants +45 AD, 250 Health, and 15 AH. It works well against champions with inherent healing and lifesteal (i.e., Aatrox, Fiddlesticks, Fiora, Irelia, Kayn (Rhaast) Nasus, Olaf, Samira, Soraka, Vladimir, and Warwick) or champions that build eclipse (?), death's dance, goredrinker, ravenous hydra, and riftmaker.

Silvermere Dawn grants +40 AD, + 30 Health, + 35 MR, but most importantly will cleanse any crowd control effects (except for knockups) including suppressions (i.e., Malzahar and Warwick) and certain champion ultimates (i.e., Mordekaiser).

Serylda's Grudge grants +45 AD, +20 AH, and +30 % armor penetration and has a unique passive that slows enemy champions by 30% on ability damage (not auto attacks). It's supposed to emphasize kiting and extended long fights against tanky enemies, making it much better in 12.10.

Sterak's Gage is not recommended after its nerfs in 12.3. It grants + 36 to + 46 AD (Riven, level 11 - 18), + 400 HP, and a unique passive that shield equal to 70 % of bonus health (630 shielding on Riven, with Goredrinker and Black Cleaver). It is less effective after its 12.3 nerf (the previous effect granted 895 - 1230 shielding).
Top Lane Matchups
In progress in consideration there are 48 matchup to currently write on. Thank you for your patience.

Small updates (ignoring formatting so I can just put info down)

Aatrox: Aatrox is much safer and as the lane continues, his Q cooldown decreases per skill level increase unlike Riven's Q. The match up gets progressively more difficult as the game continues, so your best option is to either ban him in champ select or play aggresive early.

Camille: This is anecdotal but I find that playing tank Riven i.e. doran's shield into plated steel caps and then goredrinker is the best option. The early mobility prevents her from landing her AOE skill shot AND will prevent her from being able to walk up to you to land successive empowered auto-attacks.

Darius: Easy. Other than a surpise flash Q, a Darius has nothing to match Riven's mobility unless they take Ghost. Even then, you should be able to keep your distance and for the most part be able to dodge his axe spin by dashing IN (reduces his damage to 35% and it will prevent a heal and the bleeding affect passive from being refreshed on you).

Fiora: Because Riven works so hard to kite at melee range, Fiora becomes difficult because she will dash in range and proceed to autoattack. Instictively, you can W to stun her auto attack and dash away but a good Fiora will lunge and riposte to prevent the CC to work, and even may stun you if aimed right. Always make sure to only E and not E W away. Also, stagger your third Q and W in unpredictable tempos.

You can win early, but don't feel bad if you still are outdamaged. Fiora has been the strongest top laner for the past 3-5 patches and is perhaps due for a nerf like Aatrox had.

Gangplank: Really easy, of course late game he has a lot of damage and potential but it takes him forever to achieve this. Much longer than it takes other champions, so you should be able to bully him all game. I've played against GP long enough that the I have really good timing to auto-attack and clear his barrels before he has the chance to proc them. I will usually use me E aggresively into the barrel to clear them, rather than reactively to dodge and from there he has no real way to contenst a duel other than placing another barrel in a prayer to reset his passive.

Illaoi: No comment other than you win if you can dodge the E (ghost pull thingy), you lose if you can't The problem is that if Illaoi is good she will clear the wave quickly making it impossible to stay behind minions for a shield, and will have beetter chances to hit you with her E. Yes, it leaves her open to ganks but post level 6 Illaoi THRIVES on 1 v 2 or 1 v 3 scenarios. Late game, whenever she ults just walk away and NEVER, EVER, fight her in the jungle where all the tentacles from her ult would spawn in close proximity. You would be asking for a blood bath.

Irelia: Irelia has the same fight pattern every game I have played against her. She is so weak level 1-4, that if she even attempts to get close to you take the trade because you will win almost everytime UNTIL you're wave reached under her turret. At that point, you need to respect her because she will Q all the minons in rapid succesion to meet her passive stacking conditions and then will all in you.

K'sante: Meme champion with a omoi wa shinderu ult. IDK, honestly his q is easier to dodge than yasou and I think Riven outmatches K'sante at all stages of the game. Minimal threat. His ult confuses me but all his skills are projected and predictable so as long as he doesn't get behind you and ult you into his tower like Sett does, you're fine.

Poppy: Save E to prevent her ranged empowered auto attack passive and make sure you pace your abilities. If you ever use Q or E while in her barrier skill, you will (1) take damage, (2) be knocked up (0.5 seconds), and then (3) slowed and unable to use your next Q or E for 2 seconds.

Renekton: Good luck. His empowered W (the stun attack) will destroy any shield before applying damage, and his ultimate is an anti-execution tank stat + sun fire cape THAT DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE (375 - 1125 base damage for the full 15 second duration).

Anyways, he usually will all in you level 2 and outsustain the lane indefinitely. Your only consolation is that no one plays him because he falls off hard late game, but chances are if the Renekton + their jungler is good he will be clearing your tier 2 tower before you even have a chance to play.

Shen: No real comment other than with experience you can hover around him and the enemy cs at a fair distance and when he dashes toward you, you can dash backward as well. The dashes are at about the same speed, I'd say Riven is a little faster so you will have time to react. Damage wise it's pretty even.
Laning Phase
The laning phase is an impactful factor on how the mid and late game will go. Riven has low sustain, but v. powerful trade potential in short and extended trades and has a decent scaling into the late game. There is no way to summarize all of what to expect and how to react in a match, but that is what makes League of Legends fun. Here is my thoughts on how to improve laning phase and late game play.

Trading Pattern

At level 1, Riven has a powerful trade if the enemy champion stays in range because you can q in >> aa >> q2 >> aa >> q3 >> aa and walk away. This often does not put champion in kill range for ignite, especially in patch 12.10, however, will allow you to play more offensively at the start of the match.

At level 3, you have access to two very safe trade patterns: q in >> W >> aa > E out or Q3 in >> AA >> W >> E out. Both of these trade patterns will allow you to come in, deal damage, stun lock, and dash out before the enemy champion is able to react. This pattern is especially strong against champions like Darius and Sett, who will not be able to catch you with their pull in spells.

Through level 3-5, continue these short trades in damage when possible while last hitting minions. Make sure that your abilities primarily attack the enemy champion, not the minions, if your goal is not to push in.

I usually back before level 6 to purchase as much AD as possible. At level 6, Blade of the Exile works similarily to Vayne's Final Hour, in that you recieve a major AD stat boost and it additionally grants you an execute that is most effective when the enemy champion is below 25% health. Finally, Runic Blade now increases the additional damage on autoattacks from 30% >> 36% bonus AD. You are well in place to go in for the kill.


You're mobility will allow you to extend an escape. Use the top lane brushes, Valor to dodge cc or shield damage, and Broken Wings to extend the distance between you and the enemy team. Remember that the third cast of Broken Wings can wall jump, and that:
    1. You can extend the range traveled by clipping terrain
    2. You can knock back enemies by clipping them in the direction opposite your destination

It is worth mentioning that in some well-timed instances, you can knock back Lee Sin during the second cast of Resonating Strike to prevent damage


In late game, you can intiate well-timed fights by catching enemy champions out of position especially with Flash. With that said, make sure to disrupt the enemy team and understand that while you have dive potential, you may be not be ahead to dive + secure a kill as well as an assassin. An overcomittment to a dive may lead to inting. Late game, your ADC WILL have more sustained and in some cases burst damage than you therefore, please peel them in their fights.

Summary As a distruptor, you work as both a tank, initiator, and damage. You're responsible for a lot in the teamfights and for the most part, should prevent their frontline from reaching you carries and then dive the major threats (AD or AP carries).

Split Push

Riven is one of the most mobile champions in the game, despite being released in the end of Season 1. With succesful timing, your wallhop with Broken Wings can allow you to have 2-3 enemy champions chasing you, even through both north and south jungles ( Valor will prevent most of the turrent damage when moving across the mid lane outer and inner turrets.
Guide published: 05/30/2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author anriofastoria
anriofastoria Riven Guide
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Yamahvv's Platinum 1 Riven Guide

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