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Gangplank Build Guide by MrTempZz

Top Yarhar fiddle dee dee, being a decent GP is alright with me!

By MrTempZz | Updated on March 11, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    CUMet Plank
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    Graspu Planku
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    I wanna be rich!


Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Go this.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #31 in
Top Lane
Win 47%
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Ability Order Read notes.

Champion Build Guide

Yarhar fiddle dee dee, being a decent GP is alright with me!

By MrTempZz
In Depth Guide!

It's no surprise that none of you know who I am and why I'm making this dank Guide So I'm going to tell you a bit about myself then we'll get into the in depth juiciness. First things first, Hello! I am GhostTemper, a no name streamer who has over half a million Mastery Points on The Reaver King Currently I am pretty high Gold 1 in rank and slowly climbing. . .

(That's a lie, I'm hardstuck OMEGALUL)

Despite my low rank, I've amassed quite a high rank in Dota 2 And behind that, I've also got 3 Thousand hours, this means that even though my rank is pretty low, I feel like I have a high knowledge of Mobas and can make a decent guide.

Also, I main Gangplank, In low elo where everyone's a damn MONKEY. No one knows how to help, gank or even capitalise off easy games. So I'm kinda trying to pull open a push door, by playing GP. But I love the champion, enjoy his lore, quotes and his playstyle. He's the only champion in League of Legends that actually SETS HIMSELF UP. He has to place his barrels and shoot them to do damage, and can pull off some gnarly combos.

Also, another question Imma get asked is "WhY aRe YoU mAkInG tHiS gUiDe yOu GoLd NoOb" And my answer is that, I stream, people ask, and I am too tired of explaining my build paths while I am playing my game. So I've made a link for people to read and get a good explanation!

Also speaking of my stream, come say hi! Twitch
PIratey Skills Back to Top
Passive: Trial by Fire - Every few seconds, Gangplank's melee strike will set his opponent on fire, dealing True Damage

Q: Parrrley - Shoots target, plundering Gold for each enemy unit killed.
W: Remove Scurvy - Eats citrus to cure crowd control effects and restore Health.

E: Powder Keg - Gangplank uncovers a powder keg at target location. If he attacks it, it explodes, spreading the attack's damage to enemies in the area, slowing them.

R: Cannon Barrage - Gangplank signals his ship to bombard an area, slowing and damaging enemies. Can be upgraded with Silver Serpents

Pros/Cons Back to Top

I can hear you already, why should I play such a terrible champ Gangplank with only 40% odd winrate? Well! these are the reasons why you should, kid! And. . . The reasons why you shouldn't, also.

Pros! Cons!
Powerful Farmer Very Squishy Farmer
High Damage Potential Late Game Easily Ganked
Fun! Can be a grey screen simulator
High Sustain Gotta micromanage barrels and mana

Despite all of that, Gangplank is an extremely fun to play Champion who I enjoy playing despite all of his negatives. Knowing all of these pros/cons I'm now, in the next chapter, going to explain all of his common counters and how to counteract them .
Counters Back to Top

In this section I am going to highlight all of Gangplanks very common counters, these are champions that you will encounter quite a lot if you're low elo, like myself. But who knows, they might also be encounterable in high elo also, at this current moment in time, I am gold 1, so I've no bloody idea.

This big Noxian Bunghole is one of the biggest counters to GP just because he tilts me. He's actually not that scary to deal with though, if he cripples you use your W to purge the slow. When he grabs you, hug him. It won't stack his passive if he hits you with the inner circle, it also won't heal him. Tell your jungler to hug him also if he ganks, then it's an easy kill. Unless he has flash and ghost, then goodbye as he tower dives you with just a phage. Go grasp against him and poke from afar.

Now, like I said in the threats/synergies section There's two types of Riven mains, BoxBox wannabes and Riven mains. The BoxBox wannabe's will try and kill you, but fail. They won't animation cancel, they will spam Q and will rarely shield your Q, these guys are easy to blow up and to kill. If you're against a Mastery Level 7 Riven, you might be boned. Always go Grasp against her and poke from afar, stacking the Grasp and rush tabis.

Aww, Gangplanks first true love! How disgusting she is! I don't mean physically, I mean if you're into that fair enough, GP lad. But she's just a broken disgusting champion that I hate playing against, she counters you because she has high damage, high health, high sustain and if she goes klepto, she makes more money than you, so she basically is a better version of you. My tips for her, is to dodge her spirit test. If she hits you with it, purge the slow from W and dodge the tentacle slaps. If you all in her and she ultis, RUN AWAY. GET OUTTA THERE KID. and wait for it to pass, then go back in. Tell your jungler that as well. Go Grasp, rush steraks and pray that you outscale her.

Big yikes moment if this guy gets picked against you. He'll go electrocute ignite, run you down, slap your cheeks, tower dive you, camp you. The whole shibang. Just go Grasp, rush steraks, dodge his **** and pray that you get a good jungler. Or that your bot wins, but come on that never happens.

This guy actually ain't a counter to you, but I slapped him in here because I've seen GP's call him a counter. He's really not, he's the only top laner I think Klepto is a great idea to go against. You will out run him if he q's at you, just trial by fire a creep, or use a barrel to slow him down and spam your Q, you'll make loads of money. Go whatever rune you want against this guy, seriously.

RUN. RUN. RUN. DODGE, HIDE, CRY, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN. I was informed she was nerfed. HAH. I built an iceborn, frozen heart and tabis against her, she was the same level as me with a triforce, nothing else. She one tapped me under tower, about level 9. This champ is disgusting, remove her from the game. If she's picked, dodge. Seriously, or lock in a better toplaner because she will run you down.
I promise these guys are easy to lane against. Back to Top

Admittedly, I left out a massive chunk of counters in that list, because most of them are midlane assassins and you won't be laning/playing against them anyways. So, now we're gonna talk about champs that I keep seeing people say "Are counters" But in my experience, they're not? I dunno, maybe I'm lucky and play against the worst of these players, but I've never personally had a problem with them.

Go Grasp, get a tiamat, auto attack reset, you'll be fine. Focus the ghouls, get merc treads. You actually win this lane if you know what you're doing, if you're getting caught by his wall of torment or whatever it's called, just get titanic hydra. Two hits, boom it's gone.

This guide is pre Teemo mini rework, so after that happens I don't know, he could be op asf. But until then, he's quite trash against GP. If you're arcane comet, you'll pop him like a zit. His blind doesn't effect your Q so just save your Q to shoot him in his rat face when he blinds you, then auto attack. Your W doesn't(?) Remove the blind, I keep meaning to try it but never face a Teemo anymore, I'm sure it does. Doesn't matter anyways, just shoot that clown.

Check the the other chapter to hear my thoughts on him. Go whatever rune you want and poke him from afar, you'll do fine.

Yasuo isn't that scary if you know what you're doing. You can go Comet or Grasp, whatever will make you comfortable. Build Tabis, if you're grasp go randuins after your steraks and if you're comet, build Tabis and Phantom Dancer after your triforce. Just sidestep every few seconds and he'll miss his Q

Rush Executioners, take Klepto, poke from afar. Don't let him split push, you'll be grand mate.
Why these items? Back to Top

I can already feel it, the F.A.Q "Why go Comet? Why not Klepto? Why Essence Reaver Rush?"

So let me answer some of these questions.
    Why Comet? - I honestly prefer comet because I feel like late game, my Ulti and barrel combos give me so much damage, honestly. I've procced comet
FOUR TIMES. In a single team fight before, it does crazy damage late game and gives you some decent mana sustain also.

Why not Klepto? - I feel like Klepto becomes obsolete late game, after a certain point if you get close enough to Q someone, they're close enough to kill you. So you are without a keystone late game and deal no damage. Yes you've got a lot of money, but you don't have healing on hit, you don't have extra damage on hit, you don't have true damage on hit, etc.

Why Essence Reaver rush? - It's a great item, wtf why would you ask that. Have you not seen the stats? Awesome Attack Damage, awesome Mana on hit, cooldown reduction, the list goes on.

Full tank lol? - Yup. I go full tank and pop off with him, I've gone full tank and still one tapped a whole team, GP doesn't HAVE to build damage to be relevant.

Can Gangplank play support? - HELL YE! Go Tank, or Klepto and go relic shield for tank, spellthief for Klepto. You'll actually do decent.

Can I mid? - Of course, go comet never tank if you're mid though. And take Exhaust against assassins or TP against hard match ups.

You say you're gold, but atm (01/03/2019) Your says you're silver! - Yeah, I may have tilted and inted to silver, I'll get back to gold 1 though, no problem.

Laning Phase Back to Top

So then. You've queued up for rank, gotten a game, gotten Top, instalocked in Gangplank What next?

Well, let me tell yer fella. YA FEED. Nah, I'm kidding. Before you get into the game, please have a look at who you are against and ask yourself 4 questions.

1) Does my team have a tank?

2) Am I against a Tank (Not Bruiser) who I will snowball off?

3) Am I gonna get absolutely pounded?

4) Will this lane be easy? Can I go damage?

So let's go to the scenario of each of the questions. And if you're a smart boy/girl/arachnid you'll realise I marked each of these questions with the runes you should go ;) Aren't I cool.

So Question 1), Does your team have a tank? No? Then you should go Grasp, you need a frontliner to peel for your ADC, I'm sorry if you're low elo you cannot carry with GP. He relies too heavily on team play and cannot 1v5. Sit back, stack grasp, take easy fights and just try and stall until you become tanky.

Question 2) A Tank is someone who cannot push you out of lane, he doesn't do high damage nor does he have low cooldowns. For example, someone like Sion or Garen. A Bruiser would be someone who is tanky and can deal damage, think of Rhaast Kayn (But he's not a toplaner?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Yeah I said THINK OF HIM. Anyways, if you're against someone like I dunno, Maokai? Garen? then. . bleurgh Go Klepto, you make too much money off them, especially if you outrange them.

Question 3) You gonna get pounded? Well,I made that grey because your top lane is gonna be the triple A rated critically acclaimed video game known as Grey Screen Simulator. I'm sorry, but you gotta rely on your jungler and if you're low elo, that's not gonna happen. Always go grasp in hard matchups so you can at least get health back during the lane. Try not to die as much under tower and buy a cull, you'll be able to come back later into the game and if you work well with your team (And they don't feed also) You'll win the game.

Question FOUR. If you're gonna have a good lane against someone who cannot harass you a lot, gO COMET AND HAVE FUN. Comet is easily the best keystone don't @ me, I love and stand by this keystone. In teamfights you will proc it a thousand times, dealing an absolute testicle amount of damage. Like, not even joking I can proc comet six times in one teamfight with barrels, q, and my ulti popping off. It's so much damage late game and honestly better than Klepto and Grasp combined. To play with Comet in lane, just spam barrels (Auto attacking them, save Q for fights and farming) Especially when you're level 7 and they tick down faster.
Fin Back to Top

Right, so that's pretty much my guide to Gangplank I hope it was good for a first time guide, I've already seen some inconsistencies for example the colours and stuff. I'm sorry about that, like I said, It's my first guide and I'm trying my best OKAY?! Leave any feedback, be it build paths, or on how to make my guide better and check out my stream.

Although if y'all gonna tell me how to play GP please be at least mastery 7 and higher than silver before you comment, I'm tired of these "I played GP once, in Bronze and I think" No. Shut up. You probably watch Tobias fate play Klepto, go 2/10 and blame his team and think that's how GP is played. That's a joke, pls don't hate me pirate daddy.

Also, I bash Klepto quite hard but it's not that bad of a keystone, I just personally don't like it. It doesn't help in teamfights, it barely helps in lane. Yes it gives you some free sustain and some juicy gold, but after the 10 minute mark, when people are fighting. If you got shut down, you're kinda boned for the most part. You won't be shooting anyone, you'll be comboing with barrels etc, etc. So Yeah! Hope you enjoyed the guide guys, I'll be updating it more as I rise through the ranks, or as I descend into silver.

League of Legends Build Guide Author MrTempZz
MrTempZz Gangplank Guide
Yarhar fiddle dee dee, being a decent GP is alright with me!
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