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Yasuo Build Guide by im_zeno



Updated on August 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author im_zeno Build Guide By im_zeno 7,745 Views 0 Comments
7,745 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author im_zeno Yasuo Build Guide By im_zeno Updated on August 14, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Yasuo ADC

By im_zeno
Hi I'm zeno, there's only 3 things you have to know about me.
1. I am a Yasuo player.
2. I've only played 1 and a half season so far, so I'm still a new player.
3. I am a BIG Kyouko Hori simp, basically I am an otaku.

Why Yasuo?

Yasuo is a fun and challenging champion to play, you can pull off a lot of highlight plays and a lot of different things to do in a 1v1/teamfights. He requires a lot of skill to play, in fact one of the highest skill cap champions in the game. There are a lot of small tricks and mechanics you have to pull off within a small amount of time, and it ain't easy to do. He also requires quick reaction time and fingers to play the champion.

Yasuo has a completely different kit with every other champions in the game, has really short cd on his main ability and a cool passive.

If you're looking forward to fight 1v2 as an ADC in the bot lane and also needing to survive lane while having your support roaming. Then Yasuo is your choice of a champion, just remember people tend to flame Yasuo players a lot since everyone hates Yasuo.

Why ADC?

Yasuo was designed to counter ADC marksman and ranged champions, his wind wall blocks projectiles and since auto attacks counts as a projectile, he basically counters most ADC in the game. However, he does have his own weaknesses though.

-Has a very high potential to carry as an ADC.
-Goes well with knockup champions(Alistar, Rell Etc).
-Has multiple playstyles.
-The most annoying ability for ranged champions Wind Wall.
-Can make you standout the most during laning and teamfighting.
-Doesn't use mana.
-Can outplay a gank.

-One of the WORST base stats out of all champions.
-Easily countered by cc (crowd control).
-Can be hard to do anything without knockup champions.
-Weak without a minion wave.
- Wind Wall can be useless in some situations.
-Easily ganked since he's melee.
-Hard to comeback if behind.
-EXTREMELY HARD to master.
Click to see what all his ability does.

Another thing most people would get triggered about while playing against Yasuo, his passive shield can get really annoying while trading. In lane, try to tank autos with your passive shield Way of the Wanderer. His passive also makes it so you only need to build 2 crit items to max out your crit chance.

Use this ability wisely while cs'ing since the base cd takes 4 seconds, use it as a ranged ability to not get poked down too much while cs’ing. This is also your main ability coz it's also the only ability that has cc and it will be an extremely low 1.33 second cd, people will wait till you use your nado or wait it out to engage on you so be aware.

The most hated part about Yasuo ( Wind Wall), many mage or marksman players would find this being "cringe" or "annoying" to deal with, I can definitely agree with that. You will mostly be using this as your 2nd main ability while fighting 2v2 since it's the most effective against ranged. Can also be very very impactful in a teamfight, unless their entire team is melee.

2nd most hated thing about Yasuo, this is what he is known for till this day, the dashing jumping flying anime samurai swordsman is who we all know him as Yasuo. But this ability has a lot more than you think, this is the hardest part about Yasuo’s kit, you will need to position yourself well to dash where you want, you would also need to do that in very quick time. You can also dash through walls using jungle camps as your advantage.

This is my all time favorite ultimate in the game, it has a cool anime feel when he says 'Sorye ge ton!' Korean sounds the best in my opinion. This will be your main teamfighting ability Last Breath, can also use it when you have a knockup champion like Alistar, Gragas on your team. This can also be used as a cc ability when your team is securing objectives.
is the best keystone for Yasuo mid/top/adc, Yasuo is a fighter same with most other fighter in the game you also go Conqueror. Gives the damage you need, lets you duel with your opponent a lot easier and scales really well late game.
is an alternative keystone for Yasuo mid/adc, it's good against a team comp with no tanks or you need the extra sustain. A lot of Yasuo players will have a different playstyle, you will lose tons of damage, won't be able to win 2v2 trades as hard and scaling wouldn't be as good.

for me is the best rune for Yasuo, people would argue the fact that Overheal is a lot better than Triumph, but having the extra healing feels really good and it can also extend your life in a teamfight.
don't prefer using this rune, but some people would find it being more useful than Triumph. It goes well with Immortal Shieldbow, Bloodthirster and Revitalize, however you will lack the healing from Triumph making a turret dive into a one for one trade and also dying a lot quicker in a teamfight.

has always been the best rune for Yasuo, scales well with Yasuo's Q Steel Tempest cd.
This rune isn't as good as people think on Yasuo, the attack speed from Legend: Alacrity is needed and you don't need anymore lifesteal since you're gonna be building Immortal Shieldbow as your first item.

Last Stand feels a lot more stronger than Coup de Grace right now, has a lot stronger 1v1/1v2/2v2.

This is a very off meta rune to take. I only take this when I'm going tank Yasuo, it will proc once your Way of the Wanderer shield procs.

The best secondary rune for Yasuo ADC in my opinion, since you're gonna be down levels as an ADC might as well have the extra defense stats mid game.
Only take this if you think you're gonna get poked a lot in lane, this rune works well with Doran's Shield.
This is only good if their enemy bot lane are both melee. TRUST ME, there are people out there that will legit pick Renekton, Wukong ADC just to counter you. Bone Plating is good against champs that can all in one shot you.

I don't take Overgrowth a lot tbh, but it does scale and gives you more hp. You can take this rune if you think you need the extra health to survive heavy bursts like Zed, Kha'Zix, Rengar.
This has been my favorite rune in the resolve tree, ever since they introduced Immortal Shieldbow. Gives more healing and shield with with Revitalize, combine that with Spirit Visage SHEEEEEEEESH!
This is good against heavy cc team comps if you think Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash ain't enough. Taking this is also better so that you don't have to sacrifice Legend: Alacrity for Legend: Tenacity.
Item Builds
ALWAYS the first item you buy on Yasuo gives attack speed to lower Steel Tempest cd and movement speed to build your Way of the Wanderer a lot quicker.

A rush strat followed by Korean Yasuo players, you will have 1.68 seconds cd on your Steel Tempest combined with Berserker's Greaves, 38% crit and also 7% movement speed

Currently the best mythic for Yasuo right now, having lifesteal as your first item feels real nice, and the item passive is really good on Yasuo since he can easily get one-shotted by anything due to his low base stats. There are a few ways of building this item. if you don't have enough for Noonquiver then you can buy 1 Cloak of Agility, Long Sword and a Dagger. If you do have enough for Noonquiver then you can buy Noonquiver along with 1 Cloak of Agility to get 75% crit chance and also a Long Sword if you have enough gold for one. If you have enough for Noonquiver but you need the lifesteal instead, buy Vampiric Scepter, 1 Cloak of Agility and Long Sword or Dagger depending on what you need.
This mythic gives you mobility and more damage, but it isn't good paired up with Revitalize since you get 0 lifesteal from the item. Build this mythic if you think you're ahead of the game.
To me Kraken Slayer is a for fun mythic item, gives you the most damage compare to the other two. Only build this item if you wanna slice people up like sushi or when you're ahead of the game.

The all time best 2nd item for Yasuo, maxes out your crit chance and gives a ton of damage. This item is the ad version of Rabadon's Deathcap
A really good healing reduction item for Yasuo, you can build this as your 2nd item if their enemy team have a lot of healing to deal with, healing these days are pretty spammable nowadays. Keep in mind, Zeal builds into Mortal Reminder as well.
A good 3rd or 4th item, you can build straight into this if their team doesn't have much healing. This is a really good item against ad champions and having two lives can stall a teamfight and can also help winning them.
A really good item combined with Immortal Shieldbow and Revitalize, having increased lifesteal and shield is pretty busted.

It's good against someone like Tryndamere or a fed ADC.
I usually build this item if I'm against Fiora, since it's her kryptonite. DO NOT build Mortal Reminder if you're building Thornmail.
Overall just a better item to build against heavy ad champs like Zed, Talon, it also gives plenty amount of damage.
LMFAO if you build this in a ranked game, you are getting reported. But really though, you can actually build this item against someone like Master Yi which is the type of champion that HATES Zhonya's Hourglass. ALSO not to forget Sweeping Blade scales with ap.

A good mr item to build, gives you that 50 bonus mr and movement speed
A much better version of Mercurial Scimitar, gives you 300 more health and the active works the exact same with Mercurial Scimitar, and you won't need the crit chance from that item anymore, so Silvermere Dawn is just a better item overall.

Good lifesteal item combined with Overheal, Immortal Shieldbow and Revitalize. ONLY build this item if you're really fed.
A good alternative item for Mortal Reminder, build this if their team doesn't have much healing or you want to build Thornmail instead.
The best armor pen item you could buy for Yasuo, build this item if you're struggling with a lot of tanks.
I know riot will recommend you to build this item on Yasuo, but it's only good if you need to execute someone quickly.


If you need more damage and lifesteal .
If you're struggling with a lot of cc even though you have Unflinching, Cleanse, Silvermere Dawn or you can buy it for the bonus health to avoid getting bursted down.
How to play Yasuo ADC

Playing Yasuo ADC would REALLY depends on how your support plays, it is VERY important. If your support ints, then coming back would be the HARDEST thing to do. Champions also matter, it will change A LOT of the difficulty during laning phase.

Early game

Do not worry about getting out cs'd against your opponent, you are a melee champion so try to ONLY get poked when your Way of the Wanderer is up.

Level 1:DO NOT get poked too hard, otherwise your lane would be over. REMEMBER You are very sqiushy due to having one of the worst base stats out of all champions, so taking like 3 autos and you'll be half hp so be careful! Wait till enemy pushes into you, no need to walk up to cs just walk up for xp and you'll be fine. If the enemy denies you from cs'ing however, then you can start Wind Wall but it will make it impossible to fight level 2.

Level 2:
Engaging or not engaging will depend on what your support picked, if he/she picked a melee support then ping that you're ready to hop onto 'em and look for sum trade or killing them even. If he/she picked a ranged support however, then farm a little bit more till level 3.

Level 3:
It's your time to shine or int ;), you can tank one auto with your passive shield Way of the Wanderer, then use Wind Wall to block auto attacks or projectiles that their support would be throwing at you. If you have Fleet Footwork however, then look for short trades since you're not gonna have the same amount of damage Conqueror would give.

Level 6:
This is where most champions get their powerspike, if you have a support that has
a knockup like Alistar, Nami, then it will be very effective. There are different ways of fighting lvl 6, most obvious one is to press R instantly when your support gets a knockup. Can wait till you also get a nado to engage, since you can get a double knockup to dish out more damage before ulting. If your support is ranged unfortunately, then get a nado and find an engage or wait till he/she to land their cc.

Mid/Late game

ALWAYS play around dragons since you're playing the bottom side of the map. When it's up, look for a shove to obtain priority so that you're able to move first with your support. Low elo players underestimate how useful dragons can be, so ping dragon 5000 times for them to understand how important it really is.

If either one of the turret is gone, then go mid and look for an engage with your support, if he/she is ranged then you'll be the one to apply pressure and also look for an engage.

If you've fallen behind, look to go top or bot lane since mid lane will be the teamfighting lane. Keep solo farming/split pushing until you think you are able to start contesting in a teamfight, if your support has an aggressive and good engage then following him/her would also make you more useful.

There are a few playstyles in a teamfight.

The Fighter

You as Yasuo would be the one to do everything, engage, deal the most damage in a fight and kill everyone. Your support can also be the one to start the fight.

The Assassin

Go STRAIGHT for their back line in a teamfight, Yasuo has a high potential to 1v2 so focusing on the back line or zoning them off a fight with Wind Wall can be really impactful.

The Engager

Obviously not everyone would like to play as the engager, so it's up to YOU to be the one engaging/initiating a fight. Your E Q nado combo can easily pick off 1-2 people with your Last Breath.

The Peeler

When you have someone that's fed or you're behind, use Wind Wall as a supporting ability to block any projectiles flying at your team, Wind Wall is one of the most broken abilities in the game when it comes to blocking projectiles.
That wraps up my Yasuo ADC guide, I already know that there's gonna be a lot of disagreement with my matchups/items/runes/playstyle. I've only played one and a half season so please be nice with what I think about everything, I'm making this guide so that the community hopefully would be able teach me something about Yasuo or even game knowledge. Hope my guide can be useful! :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author im_zeno
im_zeno Yasuo Guide
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Yasuo ADC

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