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Yasuo Build Guide by I got you fam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I got you fam

Yasuo: Bot Lane ADC - SEASON 6 - ( Montage included! )

I got you fam Last updated on November 12, 2015
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard Bard's only effectiveness against you are his heals. He should never stun you due to your mobility. If he roams to collect meeps, punish the adc.
Janna The wet dream of supports for Yasuo. Squishy and primarily used for disengage. Your mobility should dodge her tornadoes. Honestly, focus her and windwall the adc. Two to three trades should kill her.
Thresh Very easy lane. Lvl 1 will suck because flay AA's will chunk and you can't do too much about it. After you get lvl 3, thresh becomes obsolete. He should never land a hook on you...ever. High mobility and windwall should negate it. Feel free to engage on him or the adc. Thresh's ult will only be used to save his or the adc's arse.
Ezreal Easiest lane. Everything is blocked by windwall. His "Q" is the main source of his early damage and with your mobility, it'll be hard to connect. Make him use his blink and then engage when it's on CD. If Janna is his support....go balls to the wall lvl 2 and don't stop until they both DC out of frustration.
Jinx Veeeeery popular in current meta. Luckily, she's nothing when laned against you. Her zap and ult are easily windwalled, her chompers have a delay when casted, so your mobility should bypass them, and when she uses her rocket AA's, it pushes the lane and farming under tower as yasuo is equivalent to afk farming. Go hard lvl 3 and trades should be won
Kog'Maw This cute little guy here is the epitome of immobile champions. While his early arcane barrage will provide heavy harass, his ult is easy to dodge and can become mana hungry. Past lvl 3, he becomes a punching bag.
Twitch You want them to pick twitch. His early game is trash. Yours is not trash. Do the math. Engage on him lvl 2-3 depending on the support and win your lane.
Varus Immobile, squishy, bad early game. Only problem is don't get hit by his VERY telegraphed skillshot. It will HURT if it connects but you have windwall and sweeping blade. Focusing the support would be a good tactic. He has no way of helping them due to his immobility and your windwall
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Que Montage!

- Here's a little montage my friend and I threw together with some of the recent games. It's just a glimpse of the success we've had with this lane, and we had as much fun making the montage as we do playing our bot lane. If you guys enjoyed it, leave a comment, subscribe, or provide feedback on how we can improve future videos!

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So why ADC Yasuo??

-Well personally, I LOVE to play Yasuo. I've played him mid and top a decent amount before season 5 and was just mediocre with him. Season 5 placements put me in Bronze 4 and I knew I had to carry myself out of this elo or it would trap me there. So...I started practicing with a hyper-carry.

-However, playing Yasuo in a solo lane requires that your team build around you to ensure that you won't be out comped because in mid, you sacrifice poke for an extra adc (albeit melee) and that alone could potentially lose you the game in the end because you lacked an AP mage which carry hard in team fights, and most of the time, more than Yasuo can if he doesn't have ample knockups.

-So, with season 6 providing major buffs to yasuo, there is no better time to play him

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- High Mobility
- Easy Farming
- Quick Burst Damage
- Windwall Defense
- Manaless
- Amazing Passive
- Superior early, mid, and late game damage when compared to ranged ADC counterpart
- High Skill Cap


- Lack of range
- Subject to early harass
- Possibility of being zoned
- Needs units to be mobile
- Sieges on towers can be a pain late game
- Worst of all: Your Teammate's approval

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How does Yasuo ADC work?

-Yasuo's unique kit allows for him to carry not only from Mid or Top, but also from Bot as the ADC.

Way of the Wanderer -Yasuo's passive shield, when used and managed properly in laning phase, can absorb up to 100 damage in trades before your health bar is affected. That's about two AA's or an ability that can be absorbed while you're quickly trading with the enemy ADC. Most trades early with an E+Q+AA combo and your passive shield up will end in your favor.

Steel Tempest -Used for ranged farming, strong harass, and hard CC which nearly every ADC lacks

Sweeping Blade -Allows for insane laning mobility, fast and hard trades, powerful farming tool, escape ganks by dashing back through minion wave, and often over looked, but massive early magic damage when stacked

Wind Wall -The bane of all ADC's. The tool-tip should literally read " Cast to make enemy ADC utterly useless" But for real, it is an invaluable defense mechanism that must be used only when necessary. Primarily used during trades to block projectiles ( 95% of adc abilities and 100% of their AA's) and take little to no damage in the process. Can also be used to deny farm when enemy is shoved under tower.

-When his kit is used in unison, Yasuo can become an ADC that is hard to stop.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal


-Running eight marks of AS helps aid Yasuo's laning phase. Instead of running armor pen, the AS allows for more steel tempest casts, due to the CD scaling with AS. This is a necessity in bot lane. Harass comes often and being able to farm from a distance will help reduce the amount of poke received. This is preference but you can also run the 1% crit chance mark. Yasuo's passive turns it into 2% crit chance and early cheese can turn the tide of a lane.


-Your options here are are either health, armor, or a mix of both. I opt out for full health seals because the 72 bonus health brings Yasuo back to his pre-nerf base health. Running doran's shield with these runes gives you an extra 152 health into lane.


-Flat MR helps more in lane than late game compared to scaling MR. From my experience in bot, your biggest fear, as far as damage goes, is not the adc, but the support. Nami, Soraka, Sona, ect,all deal heavy damage early and consistently. The flat MR will help with sustaining against the aggressive supports.


-You get more bang for your buck if you run three quints of life-steal. Because we're not starting doran's blade, we have no life steal. Doran's shield passive health regen combined with 4.5% life steal makes for a very sustainable lane.

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Summoner Spells

-I recommend heal in bot lane over ignite. Heal brings plenty of more utility to lane with the heal to win engages and survive tower dives and the speed boost to either secure a kill or make a last resort escape.

-I've recently tested barrier out for Yasuo and I love it. Barrier synergizes so well with Yas because of his passive shield. At level 18, when you ult, you get your passive shield's value of 510 PLUS the 455 shield from barrier, which is nearly an extra 1000 points of shielding before your life-bar is even touched! Combine that with your 15-25% life-steal and you become a fierce team fighter.

-Never enter a game without it on Yasuo.

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Item Explanations

-I've gotta say, I had mixed feelings about this item on Yasuo, but I absolutely fell in love with it. The reason being for the rise of Trinity is because of the IE nerfs awhile back that forced Yasuo players to buy more crit chance runes to achieve 100% crit, leaving out AD, AS, or lifesteal runes to boost his early game. So let me explain the reasoning behind trinity and its benefits.

-1. Zeal --> Yasuo utilizes every stat superbly and gets you to 100% crit

-2. Phage --> Extra health, flat AD, and the MS buff can and WILL save you from ganks.

-3. Sheen proc --> Steel tempest, Shiv proc, sheen proc, crit. R.I.P. their lifebar. Not only that, but its relatively cheap compared to other baby power spikes Yasuo gets from item parts. (Possibly biggest baby spike you can get)

-Build order --> Sheen > Zeal > Sheen > Phage

-I usually pick BT up when the enemy team is composed of all squishies or rely on a bruiser to be their tank. Now that the meta has changed to a "fighter-ish" type of game, grabbing BT over BoRK provides more burst and sustain through the consistant damage output of enemy fighters.

-When the tank meta was in full swing, I usually bought BoRK second because of the health stacking of cinderhulk, but the meta has shifted since then and I only grab BoRK when the enemy has 2-3 health stacking tanks. Besides, you have ample AS from runes, shiv, and trinity force, so its not as necessary anymore.

-Possibly one of the biggest changes I've made recently is selling my boots or not even buying them if I'm snowballing, and grabbing dead man's plate.

-SO,thanks to riot, they buffed fighters this patch with a plethora of new items, but the one Yasuo benefits the most from is deadman's plate. Boots were always a staple in Yasuo's build because the MS outside of combat was essential because he was very immobile without units. Well deadman's plate offers a hefty amount of defensive stats, but gives you a MS, once ramped up, of about 450 to 460 which is about 40-30 more than boots offer. Not only that, if you manage to discharge your stacks on an enemy, your damage output will be massive. So, if you're behind, grab boots, but if you're fed off your ***, finish your 4 damage items and then get dead man's plate for the defense and MS.


-Good item when enemy has armor stacking tanks, but our amour pen from our ult should suffice

- I only pick this up if they have either a Zed, Lissandra, Warwick, or Malzahar.

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Support Synergies

Yasuo's early game in a solo lane isn't the strongest or the safest. He's a high risk, high reward champion that is vulnerable early and scales hard into late game. When placed in bot lane, picking a support that makes up for what Yasuo doesn't have in his kit can transform his bad early game to a strong one hat scales just as hard.

With that being said, there are some key traits you want in your support.
-Strong CC
-Sticking abilities
-Aggressive laning phase
-Possibly a knockup
-Preferably tanky
Here are the best candidates for supporting the samurai.

-Naut touches on all but one of the above categories. Lets face it, if he had a heal, he'd have a 100% ban rate. Naut is a WALL in bot lane. He can play aggressively or defensively depending on the situation. Equipped with a hook and ult that provide hard CC engages(Both knockup), an aoe slow that does great damage early, and AA's that snare. We have found that naut is the best all-around support for Yasuo.

-Gems....gems are truly an outrageous support. Taric compliments Yasuo very well in lane. His point and click stuns make for amazing engagements to set Yasuo up for easy trades, while increasing Yasuo's damage by decreasing enemies armor with shatter and increasing Yasuo's. What sets Taric apart from other supports is being an extreme tank while providing a high power heal. Yasuo receives a lot of harass early and Taric's heal allows Yasuo to sustain through it.

-Braum's passive synergizes with Yasuo almost as well as it does with lucian. Steel tempest is coded as an AA and it procs Braum's passive, allowing for fast stuns in extended trades. What's better than windwall in lane? A second mobile stonewall. They can be used defensively to aid in farming, but also fighting through the shields while making the adc nearly useless in trades.
Yasuo's mobility can leave most supports in the dust, but Braum's ability to jump to allies can help Yasuo pursue and engage with enemies in unison. Braum's ult is a great way to initiate Yasuo's ult and follow up with stuns to secure kills.

-Arguably the most aggressive support in the game, and Yasuo's follow up on engagements make for devastating trades and all-ins. Both Yasuo and Leona can stick to their targets and punish caught out enemies. The lack of ranged harass, knockup, and heal brings her utility down in lane, but her kill potential is higher than any other support.

-One of your biggest enemies in lane can become one of your strongest allies. Her harass early can keep enemies off you while you farm. Her ebb and flow ability heals for a significant amount and doubles as a damage spell. Her bubble and ult are perfect abilities to setup Yasuo's ult and great for disengages and quick saves from ganks.

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Farming Under Tower

-I just want to take a chapter to briefly talk about farming under tower with Yasuo, because early game, you will be forced to. Remember, you have three amazing CS tools at your disposal. Sweeping Blade, Steel Tempest, and of course, your AA's.

Melee Minions

-Allow them to hit tower at full health and take two tower shots. Then a Sweeping Blade, Steel Tempest, or an AA will finish it off. If it isn't full health, you want to damage it to about half health before a tower shot hits it. This will allow for an easy last hit after the tower shot.

Caster Minions

-I usually CS casters with Sweeping Blade. Its faster than AA's and once you stack your dashes, they do more damage. AA once and let it take a tower shot. Then last hit. If they have less than 3/4 health, then combo your abilities and an AA in any order you feel comfortable with. Mine is Q > AA > E

Siege Minions

-You just have to get a feel for their health bar and last hit with either Sweeping Blade or Steel Tempest because they are easier to than AA's. Remember they automatically take agro from the tower after it finishes off the minion it is currently attacking, so keep an eye on its health before it takes agro.

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Early Game Tactics


-Yasuo's most vulnerable lvl in bot lane. This is where the range difference hurts. If you don't have a ranged harass support, being zoned is high possibility. They'll more than likely hit lvl 2 before you so just start Steel Tempest and last hit when your flow shield is up.


-Once you take a point in Sweeping Blade, farming under tower becomes very easy. Refer to previous farming chapter for more details. Level 2 is where we begin trading. When either the support or ADC are separated from one another and your passive shield is full, you can attempt to trade. A simple trade consists of dashing to a minion, then dashing to an enemy champion with the E+Q combo, then dashing back through another minion to your minion wave. Preferably early, you want to only trade when you have a third cast of Steel Tempest ready, as it will knock the enemy champion up and allow for less retaliation.


-Now you have Wind Wall at your disposal and Yasuo's place in the bot lane becomes apparent. Against most bot lanes, you can become aggressive now. I prefer to harass the support if they're squishy because nearly every ability ADC's have can be windwalled. Prep a Steel Tempest'nado, E+Q onto enemy champion to knock them up. Throw the Wind Wall towards the other lane opponent to deny follow up. Disengage when your Wind Wall dissipates if there isn't any kill potential. It is also advantageous to initiate when you have a full flow bar, as it will soak up 100 damage points.

LVL 4-5

-Continue leveling up Sweeping Blade. Reason being is because it makes your trades more powerful, faster, allows for less retaliation, and makes it easier to escape from ganks. You'll notice your early range disadvantage is being overshadowed by your mobility and damage.


-Kill potential sky rockets. You should have your Statikk Shiv or at least all the parts, which is more than enough to all-in the ADC on sight. Buy a couple wards. This is where you'll get that good camp from the enemy jungle, because the enemy ADC will be pinging for assistance non-stop. Either you or your support land a knock up on the ADC. Last Breath is a sure-fire way to blow enemy summoners, and if they don't have flash, heal, or their escape, one all-in should result in a kill. After all, Yasuo's purpose is to assassinate squishies, and you're conveniently placed within dashing distance of them in lane.

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Late Game Tactics

Team Fighting

- You're Yasuo...and the ADC. The enemy has no other reason to make you the primary target ALL the time. With that in mind, you stay in the middle of your team at all times when grouped to avoid being picked off. When engaging or being engaged on, you have 2 options. One is the kamikaze method where you or a teammate lands a 3-5 man knockup, in which case you ult in the middle of their team. Its risky and I only advise doing it when its on high priority targets and you have a chance of one shotting them. Putting yourself in the middle of the team could potentially lose you the fight.

- Therefore, I recommend just sticking with your support and attacking the closest target to you and trying to generate Gathering Storm stacks to set up your ult on their backline. However, ulting the frontline could be just as beneficial. Yasuo can shred tanks when he gets his armor pen from his ult and once you've ulted, Wind Wall the backline off as you and your team shred the frontline.

Pushing Down Towers

- The biggest downside to ADC Yasuo. This is where complications occur, but they can be dealt with. His lack of range makes it hard to take advantage of tower sieges, even with baron, so stalemates can happen at enemy towers. To deal with this, you have 3 options:


- Yasuo is an insane duelist and with a lead, will need at least 2-3 champs to deal with. Splitting a lane while your team pushes another will force the enemy to either deal with you or your team, leaving one of you with an advantage to take an objective.


- Extremely risky but the payoff could be worth it. Yasuo, in my opinion offers a lot more to teamfights than the ranged ADC as of right now. If you're ahead and your team can handle a dive, you could come out on top. Risky but it may come down to it.

ADC/Ranged champ in another lane

- Champions like Jayce and Urgot are good synergies with ADC Yasuo becuase they can make up for the lack of range when taking objectives and they can solo lane, so that won't be an issue. A lot of the times, people will take vayne or quinn top to counterbalance the comp which helps, but they should only do it if the matchup is favorable

-The way I look at it, when you pick an ADC, you gain their strength in certain areas while sacrificing other areas. For example, Ezreal. Ezreal provides strong poke damage with high burst, but lacks sustain damage in team fights. Yasuo is no different. Yas provides a strong team fight, high possibility of shutting down the ADC and forcing the enemy jungler to focus on bot more, giving other lanes some ease at mind, the utility of wind wall in fights, but sacrifices late game tower pushing. Overall, the tradeoff balances itself out and makes Yasuo a viable ADC in my eyes.

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Recent Match History (ADC YAS)

-My builds look a bit different from my example build at the top of the guide, and that's because I've been experimenting with a bruiser ADC build. Reason being is because of the current tank meta. Building straight damage is great for blowing up squishies but because of being squishy and melee, it's hard to make plays sometimes when the enemy has 3-4 tanks on their team. Therefor, I believe a bruiser build is more effective when their team is primarily tanky and you still possess the power to burst squishies

-My Yasuo ADC win rate for S5 from Bronze 4 to Gold 1. The website collects your stats and determines your ranking in each lane. It placed my Yasuo ADC performance in Diamond 4. However, I was Diamond 1 a few days ago, so the accuracy of the site might be questionable, but I think its a helpful way of checking your performance in each lane and better improving on your weaker areas of the game.

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-Again guys, please leave feedback! I enjoy answering questions about the guide and ADC Yasuo in general! If there are any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section! And have fun trying ADC Yasuo!