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Yorick Build Guide by Are You My Mummy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Are You My Mummy

Yorick- Hippty Hoppity Easters On Its Way.. With Corpses

Are You My Mummy Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build on Mobafire and i chose to make it on Why? because since he came into play everyone has treated him like a joke in game. I made this guide out on paper the day yorick hit, and i still stand by it now. I am here to show you a way to play Yorick in mid and take down even the best players and be the last one standing to bury their corpses where they lie :) lets get started.

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Lane Choice

is a very overlooked champion, since he hit the league scene everyone has only screamed about how underpowered he is. While i do agree at some parts he is underpowered, his harass capabilities makes him born for middle lane.

Focusing on and I have out laned and killed many of the best mid champions such as, , , and yes even . The Only champion i have met on the field that I just could not stand against has been oddly enough =\

To compete efficiently in mid you have to play smart using and to nail your opponent when they push forward to hit you so you can burst out damage while healing for the majority if not all of the damage they did with their assault.

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I choose to go defensive runes with yorick.

Marks- x9 - This helps to Give you a bigger bite at spawn and scales well with your skills early game

Seals- x9 - I use the armor from these 9 runes to give Yorick a more defensive start so i can focus more on my damage output before having to get defensive items.

Glyphs- x9 - Again, I choose to follow up my Seals armor with magic resist for more defense against AP based champs.

Quintessence- x3 - I choose to stack cooldown reduction in my Quintessence because this build focuses on utilizing and to harass at mid and deal burst damage.

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With my Masteries i focus on Yorick's damage output more than his survivability.

I go with a General 21-9-0, More Offensive Power and some Follow Up Defense/Dodge

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Skill Sequence

This is where i choose to go a different route than most Yorick builds

Most builds focus on trying to be a nuke by maxing early game. While it will put out a ton of damage when you max it and use it early game, youre relying on your opponent being in melee range, which only occurs enough to use the skill effectively to harass or defend if:
1. The champ you're facing is a strong melee class such as ,or - Which means they can take the hit you put out and keep nailing you.
2.The champ is a Tank such as , , or - Which again means they are going to take those hits with their defense and keep swinging like nothing happened.
3. The player is unskilled or new.

In this build I focus on and

- This is the skill you will start with and max first. The Area-of-Effect damage output on it makes it ideal for farming minions and hitting a champion that is at a distance cannot reach. The slow aspect of this skill really becomes both defensive and offensive.
Offensive Uses:
1. Great farming & Range
2. Great to drop when Chasing, even if the initial slow doesn't land the slow as long as the ghoul is alive can be a great way of catching up.
3. The best way of making sure you can get close range to drop your .
Defensive Uses:
1. Checking bushes by dropping it on top of the area you think a champ is in.
2. When you are being chased you can quickly drop the ghoul on top of your hunter to slow them while you flee.
3. If you are quick on the draw, you can use it to block skill shots that are incoming :)

Next skill you max and the skill to grab at level 2. This skill paired with can be a great burst duo, good damage output, area-of-effect slow, life steal, and two ghouls.

Offensive uses:
1.Use as a duo combo with for good burst damage.
2.When the enemy steps close to use a skill to harass you, respond with this skill to hit them back and heal for a decent amount of the damage they just inflicted.

Defensive uses:
1.To sustain your health and stay in lane longer.
2.To put up a ghoul, and if you are lucky, the opponent will turn their direction to for a second so you can escape.
3.To lighten incoming ulti.

This skill is the skill i choose to max last, put one point into it at level 4 and leave it alone until mid game around level 13. While doing this makes it your least powerful skill and underleveled compared to and but it scales well with your attack damage and we pick up sheen early to make its damage effective.

Offensive Uses:
1.A good burst to hit melee champs that stray into your range.
2.Good to hit a minion with it for a speed boost while chasing.
3.Good to lay a powerful hit on someone focusing down a tower or another team member.

Defensive Uses:
1.Great to hit a minion or a chasing champion for the speed boost to flee.
2.Also great to scare off a champion who is chasing by heavy hitting them with it.

A great ultimate, it gives you or anyone you choose the chance to come back into the fight and lay waste. it can be used in many ways:
Offensive Uses:
1.easily turn your 1v2 fight into a 2v2 fight.
2.Increase your damage even more in fights because the Ghost and revived champion count to :)
3.Bring back your carry when they are focused down in team fights to throw another round of their skills and drop any remaining enemies.

Defensive Uses:
1.It can be used to a lesser extent like 's ulti to confuse chasing enemies while you flee.
2.Use it to scare off champions by making a fight look more one sided in your favor ;).

With my builds over 50% cooldown reduction the cool down is down from 90 seconds to around 45 :)

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Summoner Spells

-An all around great skill for Yorick, you can drop this on a champ and close the middle ground between you to get off you and soon as exhaust is ending you can drop your for an addition slow just to make sure that champion doesn't get away :)

a perfect last hitting skill for the early game kills and a Very useful late game for taking on champs such as , , or any healing power house really.

Other Choices:

-Great paired with you 's speed boost to chase or flee. General uses of Ghost.

-Good for ganking, Chasing, Fleeing, or Flashing over walls. again General Flash uses.

-General Teleport uses: defending, back dooring, returning to lane.

- If this spell ever had a use, its with yorick, i have been trying it out and early game it gives your ghouls a much needed fierce bite for the time its up and i could see it actually being useful for once. The biggest downside to it is the cooldown on it. *i advise everyone to try it out and let me hear your feedback on it :)*

- Has some uses, checking for ganks, following their jungle, seeing starting items early, but i don't advise it. just buy wards.

- If you find yourself having a huge problem with crowd controls i advise picking this up, otherwise i wouldn't pick it.

-I see a lot of yorick builds picking this up, i think its a waste personally, in my build i start with because yorick is mana hungry at the start so the need for this is nullified.

all others -
- not jungle in this build so no.
not needed, a waste in my eyes.
You plan on dieing ?
Leave it to support or tank.

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Items and why my order

- Yorick is mana hungry and low levels so we will grab this as our starting item and a health potion to go with it.

-When you get the chance go back and grab this,so you can start getting stacks early and

-This is your first fully built item, and the main item in my build. We will use it to give our defensive items like and an offensive bite by adding to our mana pool.

- I choose the cooldown reduction boots over because the reduction really pairs well with your ulti end game and helps to spam and while you lane. *if you are facing a very AP based team i could see grabing insted so feel free to do that :)*

-Next we will pick up Sheen to counter the low level of our and adding to our mana pool for

Now we work on our defense-
-I say defensive lightly because you arent going to be a Tank-

- I find this item one of the best for this build, it supports the build in 3 major ways:
1.Adds to our mana pool: remember more mana= more damage.
2.More cool down reduction.
3.It finally gives us the armor we need.

-Intermission in Defense-
- a perfect item for Yorick, more Cooldown reduction while adding to our damage.

-This is where we will pick up our end game magic resist, and again like Banshee's Veil will help us in three massive ways:
1.Mana for our pool.
2.The magic resist we need.
3.The shroud it provides to pop incoming spells.

-Back to offensive-

- While every guide puts a huge load on making this early i find that just grabbing sheen early gives you the best part of it, and allows you to build the rest of your items and pick it up late game. The only downside to trinity force is that the AP boost is wasted on Yorick.

youmuu's ghost blade- Finally, if the game has made it this far, finish your into Ghost Blade. -I wait this long to finish this item because the change from Brutalizer to Ghost blade isn't a huge increase-

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Pros / Cons

1. Well for one, Hes a grave digger?
2. I find him Very fun to play with.
3. Its SO rewarding to rape a team with a champion that EVERYONE sees as a 0% threat :P
4. His mass slow on is epic
5. Great burst damage while being able to take hits.
1. His skills & Ghouls can be glitchy -Sometimes they wont attack right away, which with their current health loss is very annoying-
2. Your HAVE to play smart with him
3. He can be Mana Dependent early on
4. Open to Crowd Control
5. Hops like a crack addict
6. Doesnt have a GTFO skill such as 's

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When farming just focus your onto the wave's and follow up with to heal yourself.

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As i stated before, this is my first build so i would love some feed back on how to improve it and any ideas you have for it :)

I will post photos of my scores now that i figured out how, heres one example:
it works trust me :)