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Master Yi Build Guide by lucasdeis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lucasdeis

You Don't Know The Real Power of Master Yi (MidLane)

lucasdeis Last updated on March 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is my first guide in Mobafire, and I wanted to share how I play mid lane Master Yi with you guys.

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How To Play Him

You must play Master Yi Defensively in the early game (this doesnt mean you cannot play agressive. but we're focusing in a late game Master yi) i would recommend just to farm (this is very impportant) in early game and when you get your first item (statikk shiv) start being agresive. Dont be afraid of dives when you are ahead in items, remember you must play master yi as if you were insane but with caution. You have to know when to enter to the teamfight and you cannot initiate it, and you gotta know who to focus.

there are some combos for master yi that not many people know:

dodge a skill with Alpha Strike: when the enemy champion is going to use an skill such as (leona ulti,ziggs ulti,and snare etc) use your Q to dodge it.

Using you Q to travel when they cross a wall (this is a very hard trick but it is possible to achieve, when you think they are going to flash or use an ability to jump walls (like tryndame's E) use your Q and master yi will follow it

to harras, attack de minions, look if you have the passive, jump into the enemy champion with your Q , activate your E and get a nice burst with the double basic and double true damage.

there is also a new trick that coreans have found to get 3 basic attack. attack twice the minions (to get half of your passive) then jump with into the enemy champion your Q and you E activated hit him once then use your W and attack him immediately with your passive
Triple basic attack

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In this guide you wont see a burst Master Yi. my build focus on DPS but it actually has some nice burst.
We focus on building the statikk shiv as our first item after getting the attack speed bots and maybe life steal. after that we want to get the infinity edge as fast as we can (this is where yi shows his true potential) after getting these 3 core items (statik, infinty and AS boots) you are going to end the blade of ruined king (just if the enemy doesnt focus too much or you dont die easily). If you feel that you are being focused in the tf you should buy Randuin's, banshee's or maybe a frozen mallet (this one adds a nice CC to your kit).

Your damage core items will always be statik shiev, infinity edge attack speed bots and blade of running king after that i would reccomend build some defensives items because you are trying to DPS the enemy team and you need to survive the teamfights, i would normally build radiums vanshee's or frozen mallet but there are others ways to build him.

You can have more than 4 damage items (IE,Statik,Boots,BORK) but always get 1 defensive item

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Reasons why i build attack speed instead of damage

The reasons why i build Attack speed instead of damage is very simple and the answer is master yi kit abilities.

if he has alot of attack speed he will his pasive more often (this is DPS)
mora attack speed = more basic attacks = more Alpha Strike (because of Alpha Strike's pasive)
more attack speed = more basic attacks = more true damage (because you will do more basic attack in less time and you will repeat the true damage until it ends)

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I always take Flash because is a great spell to catch up people or get away from death.

I use Barrier because i consider master yi a stronger melee adc and he needs to survive and DPS the enemy team as much as he can (i wouldn't take ignite because its not a late game spell as barrier and master yi is focused on late game)

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Ranked Play

I am a Diamond in the server Latin America South and i am a main jungler but i never use master yi in the jungler or toplane just in midlane but he's my favorite champion for many reasons (one of them would be: he's a jedi)

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Pros / Cons

He can 1v1 pretty much all the champions.
Faster champion in the league (tie with pantheon).
He haves so much burst and DPS.
He can destroy the enemy carry or midlaner in a fewseconds.
Amazing champion for backdoor.
Free farm.
He’s a Jedi.

He’s weak in lane phase because he's a late game champion.
He requires a lot of farm to show his potential.
Weak against CC and really difficult to kill the carrys if the whole enemy team focus you.
He needs an initiator (pref tank) in the team
Everyone hates master Yi.

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When your Alpha Strike gets level 3 you can farm all the mageminions and maybe poke the enemy midlane, it’s really easy to farm with master Yi, but if the enemy midlaner is wining the lane pretty hard, he can put things a little harder to you. It’s really important to farm with master Yi so you can get your core items to start making tons of damage

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I hope you like my guide. this is my first guide and i dont really understand how to make a guide but i guess this is a good start and remember may the DPS be with you