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Build Guide by Tr4ce

Zil The Protector/Killer

By Tr4ce | Updated on April 17, 2011
223 Votes
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Array ( [display_name] => [champion_id] => 17 [skin_id] => 0 [summoner_spell_builds] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [display_name] => [summoner_spell_ids] => Array ( [0] => 14 [1] => 13 ) [description] => [display_order] => 1 [summoner_spells] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [summoner_spell_id] => 14 [client_id] => 4 [display_name] => Flash [url] => flash [description] => Teleports your champion toward your cursor's location. [icon] => Spell_SummonerFlash.png [level] => 8 [cooldown] => 300 [range] => 425 [is_classic] => 1 [is_dominion] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [comment_count] => 36 [last_comment_ts] => 2018-09-12 12:27:03 ) [1] => Array ( [summoner_spell_id] => 13 [client_id] => 2 [display_name] => Clairvoyance [url] => clairvoyance [description] => Reveals a small area of the map for your team for 5 seconds. Spell is no longer available. [icon] => Spell_SummonerClairvoyance.png [level] => 8 [cooldown] => 60 [range] => 0 [is_classic] => 1 [is_dominion] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 1 [is_deleted] => 0 [comment_count] => 13 [last_comment_ts] => 2013-04-13 14:11:26 ) ) ) ) [item_builds] => Array ( ) [ability_builds] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [display_name] => [ability_ranks] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 [2] => 1 [3] => 3 [4] => 1 [5] => 4 [6] => 1 [7] => 2 [8] => 1 [9] => 2 [10] => 4 [11] => 2 [12] => 2 [13] => 3 [14] => 3 [15] => 4 [16] => 3 [17] => 3 ) [description] => [display_order] => 1 ) ) [threats] => Array ( ) [champion] => Array ( [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Zilean [url_str] => zilean [title] => The Chronokeeper [key] => Chronokeeper [description] => In the wastelands of Urtistan, there was once a great city. It perished long ago in a terrible Rune War, like most of the lands below the Great Barrier. Nevertheless, one man survived: a sorcerer named Zilean. Being obsessed with time, it was only fitting that he dwelled in the city's Clock Tower. As the havoc of the war neared his home, Zilean experimented with powerful temporal magic to divine all possible futures, hoping to discover a peaceful solution. But Zilean's enchantments affected his perception of the passage of time, and he was in a contemplative stasis when Urtistan was set upon by an entire phalanx of dark summoner-knights of unknown affiliation. By the time he realized his error, Urtistan was nothing more than smoldering debris. The summoners who were responsible for its destruction had wisely left the Clock Tower unharmed, both to avoid drawing Zilean's attention and to torment him for his oversight. Zilean barely had time to grieve the momentous loss before he learned that his dangerous research had a cruel side effect: chrono-displasia. This mystical disease granted him immortality, but detached his consciousness from its anchor in the present time. He now mentally drifts through time, from any point he has already lived to the present, unable to impact the events which unfold. The most torturous aspect of this curse is that Zilean sometimes experiences Urtistan as it once was and the rest of the time resides in its lonely ruins. Only the powerful summoning magic employed by members of the League of Legends has been able to treat this condition, and Zilean has joined in hopes of finding a cure, and thereafter a way to save his people. "There is no greater grief than for a loss that is yet to come." - Zilean [spotlight_embed_url] => [role] => Support [defense_rating] => 5 [magic_rating] => 8 [attack_rating] => 2 [difficulty_rating] => 6 [damage_rating] => 2 [mobility_rating] => 2 [cc_rating] => 2 [toughness_rating] => 1 [utility_rating] => 3 [health] => 499 [health_increase] => 71 [mana] => 361 [mana_increase] => 60 [movement_speed] => 335 [armor] => 19.1 [armor_increase] => 3.8 [magic_resistance] => 30 [magic_resistance_increase] => 0 [attack_damage] => 51.6 [attack_damage_increase] => 3 [critical_strike] => 2 [critical_strike_increase] => 0.3 [health_regeneration] => 5.4 [health_regeneration_increase] => 0.1 [mana_regeneration] => 8.5 [mana_regeneration_increase] => 0.09 [attack_range] => 550 [attack_speed] => 0.625 [ability_power] => 0 [ability_power_18] => 0 [attack_speed_18] => 0.838 [health_18] => 1808 [mana_18] => 1381 [movement_speed_18] => 335 [armor_18] => 83.7 [magic_resistance_18] => 38.5 [attack_damage_18] => 102.6 [critical_strike_18] => 0 [health_regeneration_18] => 13.9 [mana_regeneration_18] => 22.1 [attack_range_18] => 550 [tip_playing_as] => * You can combine the use of Time Bomb and Rewind to place two Time Bombs on a target quickly. Placing the second bomb will detonate the first and stun all nearby enemies. * Time Warp is an effective way to enable allies to finish off enemies, or escape from a losing battle. * Chronoshift is a powerful deterent to attacking your carries, but casting Chronoshift too early in a fight can cause the enemy to switch targets too soon, making it less effective. [tip_playing_against] => * If you're able to match Zilean's speed, it can sometimes be beneficial to wait until his ultimate has faded before landing the killing blow. * Zilean is fragile if a team focuses on him, but otherwise he's very difficult to kill. Commit to killing him as a team. [client_id] => 26 [riot_points] => 585 [influence_points] => 1350 [icon] => /content/champion/312e302e302e37302d3236.jpg [is_published] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_buildable] => 1 [is_free] => 0 [views] => 21602 [view_count] => 3019477 [comments] => 1 [comment_count] => 6 [votes] => 13 [vote_count] => 13 [community_tier_list_vote_count] => 390 [community_tier_list_score] => 0.557949 [community_tier_list_rank] => 3 [score] => 9 [lastpost_ts] => 2010-11-08 09:24:38 [last_comment_ts] => 2013-12-10 19:02:41 [critical_strike_chance] => 0 [critical_strike_chance_18] => 0 [preferred_skin] => 0 [create_ts] => 2009-04-18 00:00:00 ) [skin] => [abilities] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [ability_id] => 734 [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Time in a Bottle [unranked_description] => Zilean bottles experience over time. When he has enough experience stored to finish an ally's level, he can right-click them to give both himself and his ally the amount stored. Time in a Bottle cannot be used in combat. [ranked_description] => Zilean bottles {2/3.5/5/6/12} experience every 5 seconds. When he has enough experience stored to finish an ally's level, he can right-click them to give both himself and his ally the amount stored. Time in a Bottle cannot be used in combat. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 120 [cooldown_rank_2] => 120 [cooldown_rank_3] => 120 [cooldown_rank_4] => 120 [cooldown_rank_5] => 120 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 0 [cost_rank_2] => 0 [cost_rank_3] => 0 [cost_rank_4] => 0 [cost_rank_5] => 0 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => Passive [video_url] => [display_order] => 0 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ) [1] => Array ( [ability_id] => 83 [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Time Bomb [unranked_description] => Zilean tosses a time-delayed bomb to a location, which then sticks to the first unit that comes within a small area around it (prioritizes champions). After a short duration, the bomb detonates, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies. Placing two bombs on a unit detonates the first bomb early, stunning all enemies in the blast for a short duration. [ranked_description] => Zilean tosses a time-delayed bomb to a location, which then sticks to the first unit that comes within a small area around it (prioritizes champions). After 3 seconds, the bomb detonates, dealing {75/115/165/230/300} {0.9} magic damage to all surrounding enemies. Placing two bombs on a unit detonates the first bomb early, stunning all enemies in the blast for 1.5 seconds. [description] => Places a bomb on any unit, allied or enemy, which detonates after 4 seconds, dealing area of effect damage. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32362d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 10 [cooldown_rank_2] => 9.5 [cooldown_rank_3] => 9 [cooldown_rank_4] => 8.5 [cooldown_rank_5] => 8 [cooldown] => 10 [cost_rank_1] => 60 [cost_rank_2] => 65 [cost_rank_3] => 70 [cost_rank_4] => 75 [cost_rank_5] => 80 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 650 [range_rank_1] => 900 [range_rank_2] => 900 [range_rank_3] => 900 [range_rank_4] => 900 [range_rank_5] => 900 [keybind] => Q [video_url] => [display_order] => 1 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => unit [comment_count] => 1 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-07-29 02:13:10 ) [2] => Array ( [ability_id] => 84 [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Rewind [unranked_description] => Zilean can prepare himself for future confrontations, reducing the cooldowns of his Time Bomb and Time Warp. [ranked_description] => Reduces the cooldowns of Time Bomb and Time Warp by 10 seconds. Cannot be learned at level 1. [description] => Zilean can prepare himself for future confrontations, reducing the cooldowns of all his abilities. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32362d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 14 [cooldown_rank_2] => 12 [cooldown_rank_3] => 10 [cooldown_rank_4] => 8 [cooldown_rank_5] => 6 [cooldown] => 18 [cost_rank_1] => 35 [cost_rank_2] => 35 [cost_rank_3] => 35 [cost_rank_4] => 35 [cost_rank_5] => 35 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => W [video_url] => [display_order] => 2 [range_type] => self [target_type] => self [comment_count] => 1 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-07-29 02:13:45 ) [3] => Array ( [ability_id] => 85 [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Time Warp [unranked_description] => Zilean bends time around any unit, decreasing an enemies movement speed or increasing an allied units movement speed for a short time. [ranked_description] => Zilean slows an enemy champion's movement speed or increases an allied champion's movement speed by {40/55/70/85/99} % for 2.5 seconds. [description] => Zilean bends time around any unit, decreasing an enemies movement speed or increasing an allied units movement speed for a short time. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32362d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 15 [cooldown_rank_2] => 15 [cooldown_rank_3] => 15 [cooldown_rank_4] => 15 [cooldown_rank_5] => 15 [cooldown] => 20 [cost_rank_1] => 50 [cost_rank_2] => 50 [cost_rank_3] => 50 [cost_rank_4] => 50 [cost_rank_5] => 50 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 650 [range_rank_1] => 550 [range_rank_2] => 550 [range_rank_3] => 550 [range_rank_4] => 550 [range_rank_5] => 550 [keybind] => E [video_url] => [display_order] => 3 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => unit [comment_count] => 1 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2011-09-07 14:15:09 ) [4] => Array ( [ability_id] => 86 [champion_id] => 17 [display_name] => Chronoshift [unranked_description] => Zilean marks an ally champion or himself with a protective time rune for 5 seconds. [ranked_description] => Marks an ally champion or himself with a protective time rune for 5 seconds. If the target takes lethal damage during this time, instead of dying, they will be untargettable and remain in stasis for 2 seconds, then return to life, regaining {600/850/1100} {2} Health. [description] => Zilean places a protective time rune on an allied champion, teleporting the champion back in time if he takes lethal damage. [icon] => /content/spell/312e302e302e37302d32362d3 [cooldown_rank_1] => 120 [cooldown_rank_2] => 90 [cooldown_rank_3] => 60 [cooldown_rank_4] => 60 [cooldown_rank_5] => 60 [cooldown] => 180 [cost_rank_1] => 125 [cost_rank_2] => 150 [cost_rank_3] => 175 [cost_rank_4] => 175 [cost_rank_5] => 175 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 900 [range_rank_1] => 900 [range_rank_2] => 900 [range_rank_3] => 900 [range_rank_4] => 900 [range_rank_5] => 900 [keybind] => R [video_url] => [display_order] => 4 [range_type] => ranged [target_type] => unit [comment_count] => 2 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2015-06-07 10:50:59 ) ) [threat_counts] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 [2] => 0 [3] => 0 [4] => 0 [5] => 0 ) [leaguespyStats] => Array ( [status] => 1 [data] => Array ( [champion] => Array ( [id] => 26 [mobafire_id] => 17 [name] => Zilean [url] => zilean [free_to_play] => 0 ) [lane] => Support [laneAlt] => Support Role [rank] => 3 [rankings] => 93 [rankingsCount] => 41 [winRate] => 52 ) ) ) 1


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


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Win 52%
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Ability Order


Well Hi everyone, and welcome to my first build. Please read my build, then tell me if its good or not. If its bad, what can I do to fix it?

Check out my gragas build right here --->

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Pros & Cons

A lot of AP
Awesome supporter[The best IMO]
Can kill squishy characters fast in late game
Great survivability
The only character that can revive
Easy to get used to
Great person to lane with
Great tower diver
Over 3k mana to work with

Targeted first in most games
Slow start

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My Build vs Other Builds

So what does a supporter mean? A supporter is known for helping their teammates. He can either buff them or heal them. Could a supporter also help? Doesnt Robin help Batman fight the enemies, or does he sit in the background and give him his weapon? No, he fights along batman's side. So let me explain to you what other builds do and what my build does. I mainly focus on AP so that i could do more damage. By focusing on AP I not only let you hit hard, but I let you impact the game. Although other builds focus on having less cool-down, I believe that doing more damage is more beneficial to me and my team. [Especially me!] I hate feeding! Don't you hate it when a supporter dies because they were alone and they couldnt kill a caster or an opponent because they don't hit hard? The worst part has to be when he/she gets owned because they don't do any damage. Well, I dont want that to happen to zillean, so let me compare the difference.

AP VS Cool-Down....
-More attack power on bombs
-Chrono revives for a-lot more..
-Time warp and rewind are not affected.

Less Cool-Down On skills:
-Less Attack and in my experience I barely scratched some people..Which made me look weak.
-Chrono Is not to its full potential.
-All skills have less cool down.
-Some items also help [Depends on which build]

What I find Very Very Ironic, is that they go straight for maxing Timewarp and they only put one point on rewind which takes 18 seconds to reduce all skills. Yes ALL skill by 10 seconds.
So lets compare it again
At lvl 13 My build has
Bombs Maxed and Rewind Maxed TimeWarp at 1. and Chrono at 2

At lvl 13 most cool-down builds have:
Bombs Maxed and Rewind at 1. Maxed Timewarp and chrono at 2

So whats the difference? When they use Rewind They wait a total of 18 seconds to have 10 less cool down on all of their skills. Equation: Y-18x=0
While My build has Y-5x=0 because when maxing it your able to use it every 5 seconds to have 10 less cool down on all of your skills.
[X represents the # of times you used Rewind[Each time you use X it subtracts your skills by 10], the y is how much your total cool-down is, and 0 is how much you need your skills to be to at to be able to use them again]

For 5 levels this will be the difference.. but isnt it IRONIC? They tell you to get items to make you have less cool-down on your skills, but they don't grab the most common skill to help that! Instead of wasting money on those items, you can do something useful by buying items with AP to increase your skills damage. 0.0

But Im not going to sound Ignorant. The difference of leveling timewarp in the beg. and later isnt really a big difference. At 13 they would be able to move at 55% for 5.5. seconds while you have it at lvl 1 and are able to move at 55% for 2.5 seconds. TBH it's not worth lvling yet.

So what are you comparing?Move Faster for 3 more seconds or be able to use your rewind 13 seconds sooner. What would you pick? Go my way~be able to use rewind 13 seconds faster or Move faster for 3 more seconds? This also depends on what you want...[REMEMBER IM NOT COUNTING ANY ITEMS OR ANY RUNES USED JUST A OVERVIEW!]

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Free Skill Explanation + Other Free Skills I recommend

Free Skill Explanation:

For My New Zilean users....:
Let me start with why I picked Ghost and Exhaust. +
In the beginning people are going to try to gang you. So you might use Ghost to run away, or use Exhaust to make their damage go down. I'm sure I know what your thinking. Why get Ghost , when you have your timewarp ? Timewarp can decrease/increase a enemy/allie movement . [which is kinda like putting both skills together][But, getting rewind and timebomb maxed first gives you a huge advantage]
BTW I call Time Warp = Speed/decrease buff.
Well my friend, read the combos to get to know why I chose them;
*Combo1 Speedbuff +Haste can be used to Chase or Run.
*Combo2 Exhaust + speedbuff can decrease someones speed so fast that your members can rape them. or Haste [To run away] + Speedbuff [To slow them down]. Get Creative!
**My Special Combo: If your being pushed and there hitting tower go for the one that has the lowest health and the first thing u do is use your speedbuff [to slow them] + exhaust [slow them more] By the time you do exhaust the tower will be hitting them like crazy and you can do two bombs + + [If you have enough mana] But usually all you need to do is that combo, and 90% of the time that person will die. [Works best in the beginning of game[Lvls1-8ish]

Already know how to use zilean users:
Flash And Clairvoyance :]
Flash- A great way to run away or chase.
Clairvoyance- Seeks out potential ganks or areas where your teamates want to see for Example: Dragon or Baron.
This can also help you seek out the jungler to prevent him from leveling and or slowing his leveling. :]

Other Free Skills I Recommend:
Ignite - Awesome For runners who need that last bit of hp gone.
Flash To Runaway, or Chase, Etc.
Cleanse - When your feeling doubtful
Teleport - For my lazy people :]
Clairvoyance Clairvoyance- Too seek out the jungler :] or look at places where ganks are about to happen.

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Mastery Tree

Lets go to Mastery Tree:
I do 9-0-21
Why? Well simple, the 9 are so that your bombs can do more damage.
The 21 is because if you level faster, you can kill faster. get it?
Reducing cool-downs especially rewind is a huge [+]

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Skill Tree

Okay lets go on to...Skill Tree:
First thing to do is Max Time Bomb . The higher the level, the more it will do. [The easier your life will be] [REMEMBER: THIS DOES AOE DAMAGE]
Since you can't level Time Bomb right away you can put 1 point on rewind and 1 on timewarpTIMEWARP.
When rewind is maxed its cool down is 6 [Without Cooldown Mastery point skill]and about 4.5 <--- not sure.. with the cool down bonus. The reason you want to max it is so that: A) you can spam bombsTIMBOMB like CRAZY! and B) Chronoshift [A.K.A Gods blessing on Zil will be used more often]

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Rune Explanation

Rune Explanation:
Red- So that your bombs penetrate.
Blue- So that your bombs start hitting hard from the beg.
Yellow- Mana Regen. is needed
Quints- More AP rocks :]

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Item Explanation

Item Explanation... YAY My favorite part.... Not really..J/K
** Tear of the Goddess: this item is needed as soon as possible. You need mana, the more you can get sooner the longer you can stay outside fighting. So start of with a Meki Pendant for some mana regeneration ;] and get some Hp pots for survivability.
** Boots[Reg]: Simple, you don't want to walk like a turtle. :] Then after upgrade it to Ionian shoes for less cool-down on all skills. :]
ArchAngel Staff: People usually get a rabadon's, but to be honest you barely have enoguh mana to do anything! so get a archangel staff. You might say HEY! WTF this is useless. But it's not! Not only does 3% of your mana become your ability power but this is also helped by your first item, which gives mana too. Here's an ex :][Ex: lets say you have 3,000 mana = 3% of 3,000= [90AP [Free AP!] Wow 90! that's alot! that's like getting two blasting wands!] = +
Ionian Boots: Less Cool-down on ALL SKILLS.
Rod Of Ages:- So lets say you buy this at 20minutes.It will take another 10minutes to max it [I'm talking about the bonuses] And most games last maybe a little less, sometimes more. So It's a huge [+]
Scepter:You want to get this because this stacks when you use bombs on people. The best part is, this helps you survive.
Rabadon: Increases 30% AP + 155 AP This item owns :]
Guardian Angel: If your game is going this long then you need some help from GA. The reason why I'm telling you to get this is because sharing is caring!:] So share that chrono! :]
**=Needed ASAP

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Different Item Options

Hey Trace, I don't like some of these items what else can i get?
Mejais: The more Kills the more AP. Stuff can happen, so if you don't get kills = you dont get Ap.. It's risky.. I Suggest Using this with a pre-made team.
-The following can happen when having mejai's-
Starting to loose, [You gotta notice this early]
If your loosing at like lvl 10ish and your about to get your mejais .. or already gotten your mejais do the following:
A-Already gotten Mejai's : Get a elixir of brilliance. The reason you want to do this is because if your team is feeding the opponent, then its less likely that your going to be getting kills or assists.

B-Haven't gotten Mejai's : Get a elixir of brilliance because you'll start hitting hard. You can start getting other items that give you ap. So skip mejais for now.. and get your Archangel staff instead.

Deathfire Grasp: Gives cool down reduction and a bit of AP.
When active throws a fireball. I suggest this for my cool-down lovers.
then making it a
Hextech Revolver --> Hextech Gunblade
When you use a skill on someone you get some hp back for it. When you make it a gunblade you can slow people down. [Making it easier to chase or runaway]
Abyssal Scepter: if your enemies have too much magic resistance, lower it down and get some AP while your at it.
Tome: This item is also pretty good for my CDR lovers, it let's you use your skills more often.
Veil: I get this when there's too many stuns, fears, etc.

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Ionia Boots[CDR] > Sorcerer Shoes[Magic Pen]

a) Cooldowns
First of all, reducing cooldown on rewind drastically reduces all Zil's cooldowns through it. I will give cooldown values of ultimate with both 9% cooldown and 24% cooldown, when spamming rewind every time it's ready. Let's call this "rewind mode".

9%: 11 rewinds: 60s, since rewind has a 5.46s cooldown and ulti has CD of 163.8s

24%: 9 rewinds: 40s, since rewind has 4.56s cooldown and ulti has CD of 136.8s

b) Damage output
Ionian shoes are clearly very good for cooldowns, now what about the damage output? Let us say, that we plant one bomb per rewind (because rewind has shorter cooldown than bombs and we use it every time possible - remember, rewind mode). Let's also say that a bomb deals 300 damage (no AP bonuses, just to make it simple). Also let's assume that bombs hit 20% less hard without spell penetration.

9%: Bomb_Damage / Rewind CD * 1 (full efficiency)
9%: 300 / 5.46 * 1 = 55 dmg/s

24%: Bomb_Damage / Rewind CD * 0.8 (no spell penetration)
24%: 300 / 4.56 * 0.8 = 52.5 dmg/s

If we look at the numbers, they do not differ much. Lets say, that zilean is in a fight for 20 seconds. With spell penetration he deals 1100 damage. Without it, he deals 1050 damage. Small change, the only difference is you gotta spam bombs more.

Conclusion: Against 200 or 300 magic resistance, you hit 20% weaker without spell penetration. Against 100 magic resistance, you hit only 10% weaker without spell pen, implying you even deal slightly more damage against low-magic resist champs, while dealing basically the same to high-MR champs.

-I thank Arides for this- :]

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A Different Way to Start

A different way to start:

2 Tanks in lane:
If there are two tanks in your lane, I recommend changing the build a bit.
Get a sapphire crystal , then boots, then a ruby crystal to give you more hp so that you can survive. Start going back to the tear of goddess ..etc. Tanks usually go for the partner that has less health and usually that means you.
Doran's Ring: If you feel like you need more health, I suggest starting with a Doran's ring. [Gives Hp,AP,Mana reg]

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What to do

What to do, What to do:
Early Game: Goal:Tear Of the Goddess + Boots
Just to let you know don't waste your mana in the beginning. Wait until your level 3 to harras because level 1 bombs suck. when your bombs are lvl 2, start harassing don't be afraid to use your mana! ]especiall if you have tear of goddess] The more you use your spells, the better. If your lane has squishies then your off to a good start. Squishies should be targeted first. If your laning with someone who can stun, tell him who your going for and who should die first. Other than that, keep it safe :]
Mid GameGoal:Ruby,Finish Staff,Finish Boots, Have Half of Rod of Ages
Hopefully by now you have the first few items. If you do, your doing great! If you feel like you need mana, then go grab golem he'll help out a lot. Remember to help out teammates! Start planing out some ganks, tell your teamates who should be tanking or whose offering to tank because thats your #1 priority to revive. Be smart and make sure that person knows what hes doing. And if hes about to die, thats good! It means their falling for your revive bait :].
Late Game: Goal: Have all the items up to Rylai's
If your winning by now, then you should have up to rylai's. Your bombs should be owning everyone :]. But remember don't stand in the front!! People will start hating on you because of your bombs! Be somewhere in the Back/Middle of your group. Always revive the person that gets killed first. Because then its a 4vs4 [While you have one reviving]. Also don't forget to do your bombs! Your bombs do AOE Dmg!
Past Late Game: Goal: Rabadon and GA
If your bombs are not doing enough then Rabadon's 30% passive should spice things up. If your being targeted get the GA ASAP! Reviving your teamates is Priority!

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Ways to attack with your Bomb

Let's start with your bombs and why AP makes them rock your opponent. When you put a bomb onto a person, it has a certain time limit before it explodes. If you quickly add another bomb then the first one explodes and the second one starts to count down. After a certain amount of seconds it explodes. Got it? Good! :]

So,It's time for me to give some secrets out XD...
How can you use it to give a surprise attack?
So lets say you put a bomb on a creature or a person, before it dies, you quickly put a bomb,so that when it dies, it gives a random burst of damage to nearby enemies.

How can i keep on slowing them down?
Thanks to Rylai's your bomb will slow that target down. So, how can you abuse this awesome power? Well, let me explain it to you. Bomb[Which Applies Slow],Timewarp,Rewind[Immediately after Timewarp],[Bomb],[TimeWarp],Exhaust,[If you have it],[Bomb],[Rewind],[Bomb]...I'm Pretty sure it goes something like this.

So, what are some other ways to harras?
Well, your bombs are your main harassing tool. People need last hits to get more gold, so you put a bomb on the minion your opponent is about to kill and presto he got a piece of his own medicine! [Only works with Melee chars]

-Another way to harras your teammates is, simply putting it on things they cannot see!
Huh? Yeah...Let me explain. If your partner can go invisible like twitch, Simply put a bomb on him and make him go near your enemies and presto! Free Hit! They didn't even see it coming! Suckers!
Idk If this has been patched...0.0 haven't done it recently.

-Another way is, putting a bomb on someone who can go to them immediately. Like Amumu [Put a bomb on him he attacks his opponent with his stun and PRESTO! a bomb will hit your enemie(s).
[Will try to get on Video]

* REMEMBER THIS WORKS WITH ALOT OF PEOPLE...YI,TYRAN,NID..etc. You just gotta be creative! :]

More Questions To Answer coming Soon! :]

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Ways to use your Rewind + Timewarp

So...this is quite simple....
When do I use Rewind?
-If your chronoshift is not ready, you must keep using this!
-If you are in a fight and you just used your first bomb, rewind and use another!
-If you just used TimeWarp and you need to slow someone else or keep running, you use rewind!

Time Warp
When do I use Timewarp?
-If you need to run away or help your teammates get away.
-If you need to slow an enemy to have your teammates gank him, or so that you can finish him/her off.

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Ways to use your Chronoshift

Who Do I revive first in battles?
1-The first person who should get this skill used on is your carry! Don't be greedy!
Carries usually have 2k~3k Hp and USUALLY they get owned First. By Reviving them first they instantly get their HP back to normal like if nothing happend.

Can I tower dive with this skill?
Heck yeah you can! Maybe someone got lucky and before they expect it, you go around bomb them twice. Put revive on yourself and when you come back up, its like your brand new! :]
You can give it to a friendly teammate who wants to be fed. Cuz nothing saids Free Kill, like giving your Ryze a free chrono so that he can get a kill, revive, and act like nothing happened.

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Tips,Screenshots,Game Scores,Etc

1Huge tip: If you just used your chronoshift , then use rewind like heck, especially if its maxed. That way you can revive someone A.S.A.P. [Don't be selfish share the chrono
1vs1: If you think you can handle that person, go ahead, but make sure chrono is ready to be used! having exhaust helps!

Against Another Zilean:
Important fact against another zilean
Well guess what If he drops a bomb on you, drop a bomb on yourself. It cancels his bomb and you don't take any damage. Dont forget this while you fighting another zil. THIS WAS TAKEN OUT BY THE PATCH!!

Having Mana Issues?
You might be running out of mana....Get Golem! Gives you mana regeneration and you won't have to spend money on buying a mana reg. item.

P.S. Watch who your dealing with. Although Zil can be deadly, He can drop fast too.
Watch out for stuns..Like Ashes Stupid arrow, or Cho'gath lame stun/mute combo..etc
Well thanks for reading, and hope you like this guide..I've spent a lot of time on zil <3

P.S. Your chrono shift should revive up to 3k... I've had 1000(20XX) before.. but if you
have the first 4 items+[having mejais max]= you should have about 2.5k rev 1000[15xx]

With all the items in my guide my chrono was at 2.8k!....1000[1852] and my Ap=617... Godly ;]

If you read my guide, you should get score like these.

And sometimes you might not get really good scores, but remember, your a supporter.

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Scores By Mobafire Users:

Thanks for posting your scores! If you don't want me to show them, tell me! :]

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Last Words

Hope you read my build. Leave a comment! Don't be afraid, I don't bite!!!!
Hope you have fun with my build.

REP ME!!! :]

Yesterday is HISTORY
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY
And today is a GIFT!
So use it wisely!

~To do List:~
Get Videos for my examples
Get New Screenshots for the Totals
[Zils Ult has been nerfed]

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My Elo

Currently Im 1500 :]
When I created my guide, I created it to help you guys get better with zilean.
I haven't used it in rank much, since hes banned for having such a leet special.
But whenever I can, I will use him. To show you guys that I'm not some random dude who made this build, I'm some dude whose made it to 1500 Elo so far. I will play more rank games when Season 2 starts.
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Change Log

3/1/11- Fixed my description on what exhaust does now.
3/1/11- Added Tome to situational items.
3/1/11- Added Banshee's to situational items.
3/1/11- Added Doran's Ring to "A Different Way to Start"
3/1/11- Made a section for scores posted by you guys.
3/1/11- Made a Change Log Section
3/9/11- Made the font a bit bigger.
4/10/11- Changed Masteries
4/11/11- Corrected the build. [No more zhonya's Ring]
4/15/11- Made 2 sections for the Free Skills
4/16/11- Made a section for my Elo :]