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jhoijhoi's review & discussion service

Creator: jhoijhoi June 29, 2011 5:44pm
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Dec 10th, 2010
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Response to critcism: For tank Guide.

Pre-comments: Note that Jarvan, Alistar, Galio are very tanky dps. While they can be tanks, but they are often called off tanks, and we already have a popular guide for that, so I decided to take the true tanks.

1) I have noticed that rammus, amumu are almost always jungling, and shen not so much.

2) Thats because there isn't, mostly because this isn't a guide to teach you how to jungle, but of how to play tanks effectivly and efficently.

3) I hate grammar...I'm sorry I really do.

4) yeah time to fix that.

5) He can, but he isn't what I call a true tank.

6) Don't do it if you can prevent it.

7) Kay needs more voice.

8) Thanks.

Now then thank you for your services, and I will be back for re-evaluation...that is gonna make you cry. I'll make sure to add about 50 new sections for ya. +rep.
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Mar 20th, 2011
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^haha :P Any improvements are improvements, even if I didn't provoke them :3
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Jun 6th, 2010
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Trojan995 wrote:

1) Greater Seal of Replenishment. Does Tristana really need it? It's also a Secondary Rune, isn't it? If you've chosen Glyphs of Warding, perhaps Armour Seals would be more complimentary? no it's not a secondary rune, but yes it's actually very useful/necessary. Tristana relies on her skills a lot early game, and she needs to be able to spamspamspam! It makes it so I don't need a sapphire crystal way early.

Is she really that mana heavy? I can usually make do without any extra mana-reg at all, but I don't play her much.

6) In your "Masteries" section, a screenshot of said mastery allocation would be nice for the visual empathises. Okay, I'll be sure to do this.

Or you could just use what I use >:3

How it looks:


All in all, a very detailed and informative guide. The only gripe I have about it is the Doran's Shield + Doran's Blade start. It's so bizarre o.O Personally I think Doran's Blade + philosopher's stone would be a better combination. I get more than enough farm to warrant a philo stone - it'll set me back. I already explained the doran's shield thing, but I'll test the two comparisons.

Avarice Blade is the superior GP5 item for Tristana. People aren't buying that item enough on carries. It's not that important, but it certainly doesn't hurt.
D shield start is a great start for Tristana. When laning against a support/carry you'll mostly need that armor for damage reduction and the HP5 will help lots if you aren't laning with a healer.
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Jun 6th, 2010
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@Da Bard
I'm glad you listened to me on the things I recommended.
I just spotted another small thing you might wanna change.
Putting more than one point in perseverance is a waste. Take a point in Utility Mastery instead. Extra buff duration is good since Morgana is somewhat high priority for blue buff.
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Jun 23rd, 2011
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Boy, oh boy.

I do not envy the OP right now.

You definitely have your work cut out for you. Cheers.


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Apr 28th, 2011
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Guide for:
Why I'd like this to be reviewed: My first guide ^^ critcism is acceptable and this motivates me to improve and make better guides ;)
What I'd like you to focus on: anything
Guide link:
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May 29th, 2011
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Response to criticism:

A completely remade guide.

Thank you!

Credit to jhoijhoi for this intense battle.
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Oct 4th, 2010
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@ Searz:

1. I wouldn't say necessary, but I consider them a huge asset. Being able to rocket jump more just means I'll be able to use Tristana's biggest virtue more - massive mobility. Moreover, if I don't get BV (instead getting QSS), i WILL be mana-starved.

2. I'll try the rune thing, thanks!

3. Yeah, avarice blade is viable on Tristana, but I'd only say if you're behind in farm/can't get a solo lane/support stealing CS. And it shouldn't be turned into a youmuu's either.
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Apr 17th, 2011
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My guide: Mad as Hell: A guide to playing Renekton 3v3

Why? Because I really worked hard on this one, and tried to make it as entertaining as possible.

I focused on covering every aspect of gameplay in 3v3, and just cramming in as much useful information as I could, so let me know what you think. Is my information relevant? Is it correct, and is it presented in a convenient fashion? Did I make it entertaining to read?

I don't care about my rep, but you can +rep if you want to.
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May 23rd, 2011
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My Ezreal guide:

I'd like to know what I could do better for this guide and for future guides I may or may not be writing, as in, format. This guide had a strong start with the community but then took a nose-dive in the score and I was at a loss for why. I recently re-formatted and condensed the guide a little lot after a breakthrough in my theorycraft as well, so I'd like to know if its better? Or too long?

Also, I know images and colors and videos make a guide more memorable and pop out more, but if I am to do these, where and how shall I do them?

P.S. I know some of the current image links are broken, please try to ignore it maybe? I'm working to figure out how I DON'T have to dig into my wallet to make Photobucket happy right now.

Fantastic artwork by Xiaowiriamu & TheNamelessBard!

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