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The Artists of MOBAfire

Preface: My shipfic is currently on Hiatus. I got 2 clients I'm working for atm and I want to actually make it into a flash game, which takes time to do. Plus I wanted to get some other projects going, some of which will be discussed in this thread (maybe).

Notice, I didn't use MOBAfail for an instant. That means this is a SERIOUS TOSHABI THREAD!

I'm thinking about starting some projects on here, but that all depends on one single question; Do you even draw?

That being said, I want to get an idea of what our artistic talents look on here. I don't want just people who are goddam pros. I wanna know who draws on here despite quality/skill, because art is all about interpretation. I want to get some pretty interesting collaborations going to bring up a pretty unique and diverse feel for our community here on MOBAfail, some of which are as followed;

1. MOBAfail Poke ChampDex.
We assign X amount of Champions for people to draw. When their artwork is done, it will be submitted t…

Support Review Part Deux

Greetings and Salutations once again, If you are reading this and not seen Part one of my reviews then click the link here - Support Review Part one

Today I shall give my personal view and opinion on 6 more awesome support champions or champions that have been used in the past as Supports (whether they were actually meta or not) so let us begin with the first one

Galio is one of the most underrated supports I have seen in League of Legends and for the life of me I can not understand why he is so overlooked...He is a fantastic general in both bot lane and in the team fights.

Combining his shields, movement speed buffs and the taunt that you get from his ult a well played Galio can be a key difference to any team and should be tried out by any support players who enjoy being in command and leading the rest of the team merely by their actions.

I know alot of people will say he is better in Top or Mid lane and although I would agree he is good in both lanes he is equally as good still

hi friends

Hello all,

I'm back in the US for college ;o

Shud be fully settled in a few days n i can finally play some NA leaguerino!

Haven't played ranked for a dam long time hopefully i dont suck ;-;

Anyone wanna play some games sometime ;o

I'm in the east coast with 80 ping to na and 100 ping to euw

rip 12 ping in china

Support Review Part 1

Hello, greetings and welcome to another one of my Awesome blogs

As some of you may know I am a support player, I love the support role because I feel its one of the most important and yet underrated positions in the game and is usually avoided due the reputation of other team mates being abusive and rude towards them.

I assure you this is not always the case and 9/10 if any person is negative towards the support you have a bunch of people on your team prepared to set the record straight and give their support to their support.

So I thought I would do a blog giving my personal review on all the champions I have seen doing a support role, what I think about them, what I feel they bring to the table and most importantly if I believe personally they should be support champions or not.

One of the most dangerous support in the game on both end of the spectrum - If you know how to play as Anivia and in particular know when and where to use the wall then Anivia is perhaps one of the most u

If League of Legends came to the consoles

Everyone has been asked this before - Could League of Legends actually work as an Console game complete with controller and 99% of the time the answer given is a guaranteed NO but I want push this one further...Lets say that Riot turned around one day and said "We have decided to do a console version of League of Legends and we want you guys to help us make sure we bring the best product possible".

And theres no "If we don't answer they won't make it" - it is a case of "if no one speaks we make it anyways, the game sucks, it ruins League of Legends and it all disappears in a few years due to lack of interest" kind of thing.

Well I have thought about it and I feel I have come up with a way that League of Legends could actually be turned into a legitimate Console game and here is how (And I apologize if I seem to ramble on)


OK I am going to talk about this as if it became a PS4 exclusive but I am sure someone will be able to translate it on an Xbox controller as some point

My intro

Hello. I am new here. But my guides will lead you to victory. Take my word. Its true, I am 12. Maybe you wont take me seriously cause of that. I am, after all, not even old enough to play league. But trust me, my guides work (with some practice for champs that you have never played.) Check my guides out.
P.S: Just got Void Fizz!

Would you be interested in a FIBA World Cup thread?

Earlier this summer we had a FIFA Worl Cup thread, where football/ soccer fans(including myself) would share their opinions and discuss about the matches.

In 2 weeks time the FIBA World Cup is starting. So would any of you be interested in a thread, where basketball fans could do more or less what football fans did in the adequate FIFA thread?

Taking into account that basketball and especially international basketball has a kind of limited fanbase compared to international football, I feel like this is a must-ask before I proceed and create such a thread(otherwise I might waste my time).

Thanks for reading! I am really interested in your thoughts.


Things done:

1: Wrote A Guide

2: Made A Video

3: Discovered A Conspiracy

So yeah, Guess I'm back on the site. Been lurking for the last couple months stockpiling ideas and stuff for the guide I wanted to write. Its Off-Beat Builds: An Introduction. Its essentially a look at some old and new builds that are somewhat unusual and different from the regular fair. I made it in hopes that it facilitates some discussion about non-meta champion builds, and maybe inspires some newer players to experiment a little bit for themselves, since that's what led myself to writing up my ap Gangplank guide.

Chances are you don't know that I'm looking into becoming a game designer. I know the basics of game creation that is taught in my college course, however the fundamentals of good game design is somewhat left to the wayside. With that being said, I taught it might be a good idea to do some videos on my own ideas of what good game design is. Then perhaps I could get some feedback and maybe some…