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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Yuumi Build Guide by Abusable Yuumi

Support [10.10] [Diamond] Yuumi : The Magical Healing Statstick

Support [10.10] [Diamond] Yuumi : The Magical Healing Statstick

Updated on June 6, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abusable Yuumi Build Guide By Abusable Yuumi 13 1 16,214 Views 2 Comments
13 1 16,214 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Abusable Yuumi Yuumi Build Guide By Abusable Yuumi Updated on June 6, 2020
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Runes: Standard - Aery + Revitalize

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm


+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.10] [Diamond] Yuumi : The Magical Healing Statstick

By Abusable Yuumi
Summoner Spells
There's only three I consider worth taking.
Exhaust : Yuumi's job is to keep your carry alive, nothing more nothing less. Exhaust is the best summoner spell for doing that, so we keep this constantly.

Heal : You can consider taking heal when you're up against people with immense kill pressure to run triple defensive spells, paired with Barrier and Exhaust. This is much more difficult to minmax due to grevious wounds than ignite, the last option.

Ignite : Typically my secondary just because of ease of use and always getting off 100% value. This is a set it and forget it spell, without a doubt worth taking more often than not.

All the other spells don't help you accomplish your win condition nearly as well as these three, so we don't take anything else. There's just no reason to. Strictly better spells - it's no contest.
Abilities Breakdown

Passive - Bop N' Block

Spoiler: Click to view

This is Yuumi's main trading tool that allows her to get gold from her support item, as well as sustain in lane to be able to heal the ADC on the first and second back. Procing this as close to on cooldown as possible is incredibly important, with respect to making sure that you don't get killed for it.

Come late game, the shield has incredible scaling and becomes massive with Aery - It's potentially game changing to be able to get off, proc your shield and hop back onto your carry in the midst of battle, this is likely the hardest mechanial feat on Yuumi, reliably being able to avoid getting one shot by fed endgame carries given the timing to hop back in. :)

Q - Prowling Projectile

Spoiler: Click to view

This is Yuumi's main poke tool, should you choose to use it. It's incredibly weak in its early levels and scales well, it can do quite a bit of damage if you choose to level it up. If it's level one, it's like .6 damage per mana and not quite worth using if you're not all inning, trying to stop healing or zone - if you're leveling it up first it can hurt quite a bit, though.

W - You and Me!

Spoiler: Click to view

This is what makes Yuumi the statstick she is. Her ability to anchor herself to a hypercarry and provide support to enable them to do what they do best -- not to mention the whole time she's completely invulnerable to most all effects. There's so many uses for this skill and the fact that you even get to share adaptive force is just insane.

Ideally, your end game with this skill is to stick to the person who will be able to bring home the win - though, more often than not there's a lot of hopping around to be done, be it to reposition onto your tank to ensure a wombo combo or to hop back to save your secondary support, this skill has infinite uses.

E - Zoomies

Spoiler: Click to view

This is what keeps Yuumi and her ADC in the game to reach where they dominate : an incredibly strong albeit costly heal that when paired with your passive will keep your 1v2 lane going long enough for your hypercarry to be able to properly kill the whole team. At no point in the game is this a bad ability and it never stops getting better due to its amazing scaling. Slamming this ability onto your ADC gives them the health and attack speed steroid required to turn fights and demolish frontlines.

Hopping around and saving your team can often be the right decision, but when you use this ability you need to be aware of it's relatively long cooldown and the fact that if you're saving someone who isn't your ADC, you may inadvertently be putting your ADC in a spot of weakness where you could just lose the game. Judgement can be tricky, but that's the name of the game with Yuumi - realizing your win condition.

Oh, and not to mention when you use it lategame you move faster than most champions in the game. Who needs boots?

I'm a firm believer that the best way to play Yuumi is as a fully supportive cat, and this ability is the best way to stay in the game until you're out scaling properly, hence why I always max it first no matter who i'm on or what i'm playing against. Survivability is key.

Ultimate - Final Chapter

Spoiler: Click to view

Finally, Yuumi's ultimate - more often than not, her saving grace and an ability that'll be able to turn fights, help you escape when you shouldn't be able to and of course, set up absolutely disgusting teamfight wombos with champions like orianna and malphite. Deciding if you want to use this ability to engage or to peel for your ADC will often be the decision that leads you to a win or a loss.

Since this ability comes in waves, spell shields and fiora's Riposte are unable to stop it from rooting - Even if the 3rd wave is blocked for fiora, the 4th wave that hits will stun, same with spell shields.

With such a short cooldown, more often than not there isn't a reason to hold onto it - every single Yuumi build gets max CDR in the first few items and with a the low base cooldown you shouldn't feel the need to hold onto it if you think you might even slightly need it.

If you're going to ult, if possible try to fire off Q and passive proc first, though often this isn't an option - can't do either while casting so best to put them on cooldown first.

Runes - What and Why?

Let's quickly go over why every rune is where it is!

Meta Runes : If these aren't in your build, something's probably wrong.

Summon Aery is undeniably the best keystone rune for Yuumi at the moment, the shielding is too valuable to give up and go with comet instead. Keeping your ADC alive is more important than the damage from comet will ever be with the current numbers.

Revitalize, similarly is Yuumi's best non-scaling singular rune - unfortunately, the options you get for your secondaries are slightly subpar but I still firmly believe it's worth taking even if you do get a B tier rune to go along with it. It's that good.

Presence of Mind is top tier for two reasons. One, on its own, it's an amazing rune. Virtually endless mana in all stages of the game past the first back. What more could you ask for? Secondly, the fact that you get one of if not the best second choice secondary rune for Yuumi in the game - Cut down. More about that down in it's own section, but taking these together is getting arguably more value than you do with revitalize and a B tier rune.

And lastly, the scaling CDR stat rune - this rune is incredibly powerful regardless of if you're running Transcendence or not, the only time i ever wouldn't take this rune is if i knew for a fact I was trying to get early game cheese, which if I knew that from champ select I.. wouldn't pick Yuumi. So this rune is a constant.

A Tier : Runes that should be 80%+ of every Yuumi's build.

Cut Down, as stated above, is an incredibly powerful rune on Yuumi because she has the lowest base HP in the game and rarely if ever builds it - therefore, you're nearly always getting the full bonus 15% damage from it. Combined with Presence of Mind, it's wonderful, even if it doesn't help your ADC stay alive via traditional supportive means.

Manaflow Band doesn't have too much going for it, not to say it's bad - it's just the best of the options available in the row. Both nullifying orb and nimbus cloak are incredibly sub par.

Gathering Storm is probably my favourite rune in the game. I strongly feel that the damage you get from scorch isn't worth skipping out on the best late game run on the best late game support, whilst waterwalking is pretty useless no matter what.

Transcendence is a strong rune, but only if you're building lots of CDR and overcapping - which, with my build, you won't. You'll be at 40% exactly. Therefore, we skip out on transcendence in favour of Absolute Focus.

Scorch isn't bad, i just feel it's outperformed by the alternative option of Gathering Storm. Being able to provide such a massive amount of raw power to your carries, not to mention be infused into your shields and heals - not something worth skipping out on for a few hundred damage.

Absolute Focus! Whenever you're above 70% Health, you receive extra bonus AP. Which is pretty much always. What's not to like? Free stats!

Demolish is what I take as my secondary with Revitalize, I feel like Font of Life is worse for my play style so I don't often take it. I much prefer the faster pushing and backs from this rune. Not unlikely to see this rune pushing 1.5-2k+ damage on towers in a game.

Font of Life, however, isn't bad at all - its healing doesn't scale very well, but it is something for the early game and your ultimate will proc it team wide in teamfights. This is the other option if you aren't scared of dying yourself.

And finally, the adaptive force stat rune - this is what you'll be taking in your secondary option slot, ideally the first being taken by CDR.

On to C Tier - runes that are quite unoptimal to straight up bad and I can't really ever recommend taking.

Firstly, Arcane Comet just isn't worth taking when you aren't building full damage. Even if you were, i'd still recommend taking Aery. The shields are too good to pass up.

Guardian, I wish I placed lower almost. This rune is so incredibly bad. The biggest problems with this rune are not only do you get forced into Resolve with ****ty options, but being in Resolve limits your choices and keeps you from getting much, much better runes. It's like throwing away a 100 dollar bill because you see a few five dollar bills on the ground. Just not worth it. And on top of that, you can't even choose to proc it. Bad rune.

Ingenious Hunter is only good in active item builds, which are specialty and often taken with Glacial. That's the only time you should ever take this rune.

Ultimate Hunter isn't actually that bad, but you miss out on too much by taking it.

Shield Bash does poke damage! Too bad that's not what Yuumi cares about.

Second Wind is a good rune that you'll only want to take if you're being aggressive with autos and getting poked a lot.

Future's Market is a mediocre rune, that if you take, you'll be stuck with an even worse second secondary. Don't take this.

Bone Plating is the opposite of Second Wind - take this if you're scared you're going to get all inned and die early game. Won't save you late game.

Lastly, the stat runes - Health and armor! You will be taking one of these as your last option stat rune in every game. I reccomend armor, as Yuumi is one squishy baby. Either is fine though.

On to D tier - these are runes that if you're taking, you're either trolling your premades and having some fun in norms, or incredibly confused.

Electrocute is strictly worse than all other damage keystones in the higher tiers.

Dark Harvest is a stacking rune that gets its value off of resets - something you won't be doing in late game teamfights. Stick to Comet if you're building 100% damage. Or Aery. Take Aery.

Cheap Shot seems okay until you realize you can't proc it with Q alone.

Glacial Augment is alright if you're building ingenious hunter active item build. Otherwise you're trolling your team.

Zombie Ward is probably the best option of it's row, but that's all it is no more no less. You should never take this as a secondary.

Nullifying Orb may have some fringe case uses where it's very good, i've yet to find one. Manaflow is so much better.

Cosmic Insight is a fine rune, but you give up too much to get it. Not worth.

Biscuit Delivery isn't blatantly trolling, but I VERY much dislike this rune. Maybe I'm just undervaluing it, but at best, it'd be C tier regardless.

And the stat rune - the MR isn't really ever worth taking unless they have like straight up 5 ap. You're going to only be taking damage from auto attacks 99% of the time, MAYBE some ap from supports in lane but they'll be autoing you too - just take the armor.

And finally, the rest of the runes. These aren't even worth talking about. Don't even think about it.
Yuumi's Life Goal and Win Condition
Yuumi is a unique champion in the fact that no matter how you build her, she's completely team reliant. Yuumi's entire purpose because of this is to do the one thing she's best at, be a glorified stat stick and provide the most support to the person who's the most likely to carry her, and the team.

Keeping your ADC or chosen laner alive is more important than anything, and while playing League of KDA is fun and all it's far, far more important to make sure your carry is in the best position available to them - more often than not, this means carving a path through the enemy team with your body or your life as a whole, maybe being used as bait so they can escape or whatever else, don't be afraid to die for the person who you're trusting the game to. Your life isn't worth it, theirs is.

Be it from sitting on your tank to get deep wards, sitting on your fed talon and camping the enemy blue buff, or maybe taking a risk and hopping on you 1/3 illaoi top who's sitting on 10/cs a minute.

Yuumi's not so much about mechanics, she isn't one for fancy plays, but Yuumi sure as hell shows all about how whoever's piloting her and their judgment - this could be showing how you're able to track the jungler and ward safely, maybe it's knowing how much damage your carries do at any point and time and shotcalling fights, maybe it's even doing something as simple as just hopping on and off someone to re-trigger aery and save their life from ignite while your heal is down at level 2.

There are lots of kinds of Yuumi players, and most of them are very similar, but when it comes down to it, a good Yuumi does shine through like any other champion's main would.
These are also covered if you hover over the notes in the item build.

Core items

These are items that will be in nearly if not every one of your item builds.

Shard of True Ice - Self explanitory. Wards op.

Athene's Unholy Grail - Yuumi's best item. Gives her absolutely everything she needs and then some. The flat healing is absolutely insane on Yuumi. Also gives bonus scaling to all your mana regen items, which you'll have quite a few of!

Ardent Censer - Even after all the nerfs, this item is still fantastic. I buy this second every game there isn't an incredibly scary hard CC on the enemy team. even without the attack speed or on hit damage, the core stats are fantastic. If your main carry doesn't use attack speed, don't buy this. Buy Salvation AND mikaels instead of one or the other.

Mikael's Blessing - This item will save you the game many times over in many matchups - buy this when your adc is vulnerable to hard cc, snares, stuns, etc. If pressured you can even buy it first item, but i don't think generally that's worth it. Athenes is too insane.

Redemption - This item is my 3rd item whenever I don't need mikaels to get rid of any incredibly dangerous hard cc, otherwise take mikaels so your ADC doesn't get instagibbed before they can react.

Rabadon's Deathcap - This item is Yuumi's other core item besides Athenes. No matter what build you're taking, you need this. Buy it at latest 5th item.

Morellonomicon - This should only be bought vs healing teams as your sixth item. Your ult applies it to the entire enemy team. Value. Good AP.

Spellbinder - This is the cheapest AP you can get for your sixth item. If you don't know what else to build, just get this.

Dark Seal / Mejai's Soulstealer - These items should only be bought if you're absolutely sure you know not only who will carry the game, but if you're sure you can trust them with your life. I would not recommend buying these items in all but 10% of your games, though when they do work they're incredibly powerful.

Twin Shadows - if you have Ingenious hunter or REALLY need to keep your ADC alive from a stalking assassin / kiteable champion.

Trap items

Items you shouldn't buy, something to consider is these items CAN NOT replace your core items without a serious downgrade in build quality or have to be your 6th item - both of which are just bad.

Boots - Straight up trolling. These aren't ever worth the gold, nor are they worth the item slot. Please don't buy boots.

Locket of the Iron Solari - Scales off of your max HP and is strictly worse than Salvation. Buy that instead.

Knight's Vow - stats are worthless and the healing / damage redirection is cut in half for Yuumi since she's ranged. Again, there's better options to protect your ADC with.

Zeke's Convergence - Many, many wasted stats and the active isn't worth anything at all on an enchanter, much less one who won't ever be anywhere near the enemy team to proc Frostfire Covenant.

Luden's Tempest - This is the definition of a trap item. On paper, it looks great, but in reality the CDR is better obtained elsewhere, the AP is lackluster and the spell damage proc doesn't help you do what you need to be doing - keeping your ADC alive.

Do not build this in normal Yuumi or i'll cry. Full ap or don't buy this, p l e a s e.

Archangel's Staff - Provides a decent amount of AP and lots of mana, but the active is pretty unhelpful and you're better off spending your money on pure ap or a Forbidden Idol item.

Shurelya's Battlesong - You're buying mana regen, effectively 20 AP if you have transendanec and 10% heal and shield power and the active - not worth it in my opinion, you gain enough move speed from your E that I don't think the investment is worth it.

Everfrost - Likely wasted CDR and while the slow is good, if you're slowing people that close to your adc it's probably too late - I'd highly recommend Spooky Ghosts instead

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Literally doesn't apply the slow, your Q slow is already the same - it doesn't stack. Wasted gold on Health and less AP than you could be getting. Waste waste waste.
Sometimes, you just need to move on : Not everyone can carry
Following up on Yuumi's showing of skill and decision making, there's one very, very unfortunate thing that you have to understand about this champion - Yuumi, in all her glory, isn't an early game champion.

The biggest problem with this is that you're almost always going to be behind if you're playing bottom lane against an equally skilled duo with a more, say, active support - and there is an absolutely massive problem with this, being that while your adc might be behind, they might be your duo, it's INCREDIBLY important to know when you need to abandon them. This is something that's I think without a doubt the hardest part about playing this champion, being able to realize who is and what your win condition is, do you stay on your ADC in hopes they pull through and win that crucial 2v1 bottom lane and pull it back in? Or do you abandon your ADC to farm in the solo lane, hope they don't get dived and sit on your midlaner, who's two kills up and itching to fight?

Lots of people always complain to me, 'oh, but you're taking my exp!' This really saddens me, a good Yuumi will always outweigh the EXP differential you'd be up if you were alone.

More often than not, you'll likely have to decide between possibly upsetting your ADC who feels like they've been figuratively (and literally) left for dead, or sticking on something that you believe isn't going to be able to win you the game. Does your ADC have the mental state to keep playing if you leave, or will they tilt? It's incredibly important to be able to read your team and tell if you're going to be tilting them, as if you leave to go to a different lane and you might just make your ADC mental boom -- game's likely over regardless of how well top or mid is doing if that happens.

Really, when it comes down to it, if you're playing with your friends in a normal game, don't do stuff that's gonna upset them. If you know that you're going to be ruining your friend's game just because you don't like the way they're playing, then just don't play Yuumi. Don't be that guy.

Similarly, if you're playing ranked, you need to realize that while you might be matched with people, that you're still an individual champion - you need to make your own decisions if you want to try to climb. Don't let people get to you if they're telling you how to build, what to do, anything like that. Do your own thing unless you feel like it's going to cost you the game, following your gut is super important.

Whenever I'm playing with my duo, the phrasing usually is such like 'Do you value winning more than fun?' and of course, his answer is yes - we're at an understanding that he might not have fun, he might have to take the back seat, but all in all that's going to give us the best chance to win. If you can, definitely find people with similar understanding. Yuumi is such a fun champion to play, yet if you're playing alone it's often overwhelmingly unfun for one or more players on the team if you aren't careful.
Q : Why don't you sit on the jungler?
A : If you're sitting on the jungler, you're losing out on precious EXP that you need to do what you do best - scale! Jungle camps aren't shared EXP, You're better off sitting on literally any laner.

Q : Can Yuumi roam?
A : By herself? No. If you're caught out by any champion at any point walking between lanes you're likely dead. The only time you should be by yourself is if you're 100% sure you know where it's warded, where it's not, and where the ENTIRE enemy team is. If you don't know these three things, you shouldn't be walking between lanes or warding, nothing like that.

Q : Why should I pick Yuumi?
A : Honestly? You probably shouldn't right now unless you're just wanting to have fun or you have a competent duo - Yuumi isn't a someone you can easily climb with because of how little impact you have directly onto the game. If you're playing Yuumi, it's quite likely you're either the best or worst player in the game.

Q : Where's the art from?
A : @Eunsaur on instagram !
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