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Shaco Build Guide by sworter

Top [10.15 Diamond] controlling your oponnents - Shaco Top Guide

By sworter | Updated on July 22, 2020
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Runes: Rune Page for Ap / Hybrid

1 2 3 4 5 6
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #11 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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About me

In League of Legends is my name ExtraPortionSpaß and at the moment im Plat 1 (last season Dia). Have over 200 Ranks played Shaco top with
a win rate of over 60%. I have a youtube channel with the name "sworter"
I have also have a Kled guide
Here is my Promo Video for the Guide.
Ps: sory for my bad english its not my main language.
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Why Shaco Top?

Shaco is normaly played in jng because he have all things what a jungler needs.
He have jng-clear, have good ganks and with ignite a solid earlygame DMG.
So Why should you play shaco top ? Shaco provides a unique playstyle, with is for many people (me to) very funny to play.
In my opinion everyone who have fun to play shaco top, can reach something with it.
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-Very high dmg possible with boxes
-hard to get ganked from the enemy jng
-not much played and because of this many people dont know how to play against it
-make fun to play it
-you can play it in many differents ways
-big outplay potential

-every matchup winnable


-at the start very hard to play (you will die alot)
-risky to play
-with the normal dmg builds you have no tanky toplaner

-needs the w dmg to kill people
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After the rework this spell just deal a bit more dmg for aa and your e do more dmg when you hit in the back from the enemy

His Q is his main ability to escape and engage.
+ its more than 1 time useable in fights.
Can also be used to cancel some click and points spells (garen,darius,karthus ult ect.).

(W)Jack in the Box
The w from Shaco is his main dmg spell on the lane and is the reason why shaco top is playable.
The 1.5 sec fear and the massive dmg equal his other lane weaknesses.

(E)Two-Shiv Poison
The passive of his e make that every auto atack slows the enemys (only when e is not on cooldown).
The aktive is a finisher that does more dmg when the enemy have low health and from behind.

Shaco disappear for a moment and spawn a clone of his self. This can be used in very much situations (more infos in tipps).
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Tricks and Tipps

1) When you use your R you disappear for a moment with you can use to dodge almost every spell.
Examples: Garen/darius Ult animation cancel (is to possible with q) or spells like karthus R or Veigar R.

2)Your Ult use your iteams, in other words he use your passives of the iteams.
Good examples are Draktar,Hextech Revolver or LIch Bane.

3)You can Ult while you invisble and stay invisble.
You can use this to confuse your enemys and let your clone tank their dmg and cc spells.

4)The moment will come when the enemys buy pinks and oracle to counter you but you must have in mind that your boxes will be anyways there to do dmg. When you place a trap in a pink ward or oracle they will still fear the enemy.

5)You will have a longer Q range when you use it over walls (in extras is a video for this)

6)A good way to use your Q is when you run in one direction and than q in the other.

7)You can use your tp and backport while you invissble. When you use this with your maxed q and tp or baron recall you will be full invissble
for the full duration. (right now it dont work bugged)

8)Shaco is a good splitpusher and you should abuse this fact.
Never forgot to split only when you have Tp ready to help your team in fights.

9)A good way to play shaco in low elo(Bronce,Silver,Gold) is to let the enemy get you low life and than bait him in your boxes.
This is to playable in high elo but alot harder to do there.

10)Like i said in the Pros and Cons you must play very much with your boxes because you have very bad early/mid game dmg without them

11) You can now use your R to Jump over walls constant

Movie Clips to the tipps are in Extras
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Early Mid and Late Game

1.Early Game
In The Early you have almost zero DMG without your boxes in other words dont try to fight wihout them.
Playce your boxes at the edge of your lane or behind your minions and try to bait/force him in your boxes.
When the enemy is coming to your boxes or in your boxes place a box behind him to get a longer fear
he will so get more dmg and you can make more auto atacks on him.

2.Mid Game/Late Game
The most of the time you will splitpush or pick enemys who are alone.
Don´t forget to abuse the fact that even when they try to stop your splitpush they must run in your boxes .
When Teamfights starts tp (when you splitpush at the moment) or wait that the fights beginn (you can´t start the teamfight with Shaco).
In the fight you must use the invisibility to get to the ADC or when this is not possible than to a non Tanky Champion.
Than use the Following basic kombo: With Q to the enemy, than w behind him, Press R and let the clone atack him (at this moment you
must be still invis) and than youself start atack the enemy and finish him with the e.
Kombo: Team Fight Example:
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Here some examples for the Tipps:

Here some montages from me:
League of Legends Build Guide Author sworter
sworter Shaco Guide
[10.15 Diamond] controlling your oponnents - Shaco Top Guide