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Qiyana Build Guide by Lunasta

Middle [ 10.22 OUTDATED ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC)

Middle [ 10.22 OUTDATED ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC)

Updated on January 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lunasta Build Guide By Lunasta 170 13 306,180 Views 13 Comments
170 13 306,180 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lunasta Qiyana Build Guide By Lunasta Updated on January 21, 2022
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Runes: The Usual

1 2 3 4
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Qiyana is a really complicated champion with tons of Combos, i will teach you some near the ending of this guide, but most part of'em you're gonna have to learn by yourself, so that you can use the best combo in the best situation, she can be a Damage-Focused Bruiser as well as a One-combo-one-kill Assassin. her kit is really flexible and allow you to do lots of stuff. her Ultimate Supreme Display of Talent is super useful in a Team Fight, even if you're gonna pick off someone you can CC a lot of targets and run away. she is a really hard champion to master, but it's rewarding and satisfying to see the result of it. There are lots of things that you simply have to learn how does the champion works on your own by playing it, then you can fit the best strategy on the best situations. there is no guide that can properly teach how to become a Pro with this champion since there is so much she can do with her kit. there are many different types of Qiyana players but i sure can lead you to the way of mastering her with your own Gameplay style!

+ Lots of mobility
+ Has lots of CC
+ Can get invisible and make enemies lose their target
+ OP Ultimate
+ Flexible Build
+ Has lots of Combos
+ Very fun and rewarding after mastering her
+ Unpredictable since she has tons of combos
+ Really strong roamings

- Really hard to master
- Has ton of combos to learn
- Easily countered by CC
- Doesn't have any good wave clear
- Wastes a lot of mana
- Depends on positioning to get her elements
- Really hard to clear jungle
- Really weak in Late Game


Is one of the best Spells for her since it provides additional damage and spares her ult most of the times


You're gonna use it most of times you're against poke champions or champions that can push the wave really hard, although Qiyana can easily take down any champions based in poke like Orianna or Ziggs, it can be really hard advancing your lane against these champions. specially in the early game and your tower will take tons of damage since her wave-clear requires a lot of mana to be used, TP also is great if you want to roam multiple lanes too, since roaming is a thing she is extraordinarily good at


Barrier is the best spell to use against another assassin, since she can counter most of the enemy's burst damage


Not really recomending. if you're gonna have CC troubles go for QSS


Best pick for Qiyana ADC since it helps you to avoid getting kited. specially against Caitlyn, Ezreal, Vayne etc
Explaining Elements
Understanding Qiyana's Elements and using each one of them in the right situation is one of the difference between a Casual Qiyana Player and a Really Experienced Qiyana Player that can carry Solo, the other two Differences being her Combos and her Ultimate usage.


It is is her base element, you'll get it in the beggining of the game and everytime you waste the other elements, it's the weaker of all elements but it's possible to make a good use of it with her passive.


I often referred the Earth element as a Fire Element but Qiyana doesn't actually know how to control fire :P You can get Earth Element by pressing W on any wall, it's the most common element and it is the one that deals the most damage, it provides you even more damage if your target has low health, the best way you can use it is for last-hitting,finishing your combo or stealing your friend's kills.

Her Ult's interaction with Earth happens when you ult the wall and it creates a shockwave that deals damage and stuns for 0.5~1 Seconds ( Based on Proximity ) every enemy near from it


The most importante element of her Kit because it grants you Stun and Slow on your Q. you should use it everytime you're starting a Combo and almost always stay with it in the laning phase.

Her Ult's Interaction with Water happens when you Ult in the River it will Freeze your enemies for 0.5~1 Seconds ( Based on proximity )


It's a really fun Element to use because it grants you Move Speed and Invisibility. You can use Grass Element as an alternative of the Water element, for an example if yout passive is on CD as Water, use Grass instead ( Her passive has individual CD for each element ) alternative uses for Grass are Escaping, Avoiding Ganks,Pick-Offing someone who has lots of peel, Engaging someone that counters you, etc. it is the most safe Element.

Her Ult's Interaction with Grass happens when you Ult in any of the Grass scattered around summoner's rift and it will also Freeze your enemies for 0.5~1 Seconds ( Based on proximity )
Starter Items

Corrupting Potion

is OP since she is a champion that wastes lots of mana and needs lots of sustain to trade multiple times, but doesn't even compare to how much mana Doran's Ring can provide you

Doran's Ring

Even though Qiyana is not AP and her AP ratio is TERRIBLE. She wastes a LOT of mana to clear wave. it also helps you to deal against hard-pushing enemies like since those champion can take your tower really fast if you go back to Base multiple times. Zoe, Morgana, Heimerdinger etc.
CC and Peel Champions like Leona, Amumu, Rammus, Janna are always gonna be a problem for Qiyana As much as every assassin, i would always recommend you to change your build a little bit and try to go for a Bruiser playstyle with , , . Those items really help you to survive even if you get CC'd, you can go for split-pushing ( be really carefull with the map, CC champions can kill you in instants ) or going for TeamFights, if you go for TeamFights don't attempt to Pick-Off since you don't have enough damage to kill the enemy carry before he gets peeled. stay in the backline and wait for the perfect time to use your ult, and only then you attempt to kill someone.
Qiyana has two types of build
Damage-Focused-Bruiser and Full Damage Lethality, although Lethality is overall stronger for her, there are situations which you'll need extra tankiness to do something in the game, and those are:

If there's already a really strong fed carry that you can trust in your team .

If you're playing against a lot of counters that won't let you pick-off or roam. ( Like Poppy or TF )

If you're playing against 2 or more really strong CC Tanks. ( Like Amumu, Galio, Nautilus,etc. )
Explaining Core and Weird Items
Mobility Boots are a great choice for her since she has an extraordinary roaming and can be used to help your jungler to invade or fight on the river.
I Believe Tiamat is the best item you can get for her after your first turn back to base, if you don't have enough Gold, take Sheen instead. she uses a lot of Mana and will have a great use of it anyway. but since her wave-clear is pretty lame and she can have great uses for Tiamat in a combo it is probably the best choice, although sheen wouldn't be a bad choice since she wastes a LOT of mana.
Draktharr is essential and is the most useful item for her since she
can use to deal TONS of damage at any point of the game. she can explode a target really easily with either one of these builds just by building Draktharr.
Dead Man's Plate is pretty useful for her as an 3rd or 4th item for the same reason mobility boots are (Roaming,Invading,Helping your Jungler and contesting Objectives), Crushing Blow passive can also help her to pick-off someone by providing Lots of damage on her first hit, the extra tankyness this item provides it's also welcome to complete her combos on more than one target.
Trinity Force has a LOT of uses for Qiyana, but it is a really expensive item, so it isn't always worth to build it, i'd recommend only building it as an 3rd or 2nd item only, the Mana that this item provides is great for Qiyana which has to use so many skills so many times in order to make use of her mobility and CDR is always welcome for Qiyana aswell as it'll allow her to kill multiple targets Use it's passive together with Dead Man's Plate and Draktharr to Insta Kill literally anyone. Not a must-have but a really good item still.

The other part of the items are self-explanatory
What to do if you get fed
Qiyana's Late game really sucks so if you get a really serious advantage over your opponents try transfering this advantage to your teammates. roam, invade and gank as much as you can. Feed your team! your roamings are ridiculously good, take advantage of that! It's good to get fed as a Qiyana since she can carry if the match doesn't extend too much but don't take the chance, not worth the risk. so don't take all the kills for you since you can't do much in the late game! got a hard carry in your team like Ezreal, Jinx, Tristana? Great!!! get'em fed and you'll win even if the match gets extended!

Don't trust your team? then try to end the match as soon as possible before you lose your advantage and your enemeis begin to outplay you!
For laning as Qiyana in Mid Lane, if you're winning, you should always keep your W in the River as it can be used either offensively or defensively, it really depends on what match up you're up against, you can see how to behave in each matchup on my Threats section. However, if you're losing against someone bursty or is getting constantly ganked, stay with your W Landed in the Grass since it can help you to escape and make your enemies lose their target.
Laning in Top as Qiyana can be a real pain the *** since there are a lot of champions that can tank her whole combo. my best suggestion is for you to keep poking your foe until it only have half HP so you can land your W on the Water and kill him with the best combo you can find in that situation. if you ever feel like you're in danger and is going to get ganked, land your W in the Grass and get invisible as soon as the enemy jungler appears. there are a lot of ways of escaping a gank with her, but this is up to you, since there's a different ideal way to every situation. would also recommend doing the Damage-Focused-Bruiser build with ( or ), , since it may help your team's lack of tankyness, if needed. more about how to properly use this build in the How to deal against CC section
Just stay safe and avoid all kind of pokes at all costs and try to farm as safe as possible until your level 3. After that you should have resources enough to properly farm, avoid pokes and kill your opponents. be very careful with the enemy support, if it is a Nautilus, Janna, Blitzcrank you should definely wait for your ally jungler to gank., It's recommended to keep constantly poking and dealing as much damage as possible on the enemy ADC, make it go to Base several times until you get a massive XP/Farm lead. Enemy support won't be able to react if you're invisible. Sinnergy is also very importante to lane Qiyana in Botlane, so i recommend you reading my Threats'n Sinnergy section.
Always start on the bot side, Bot Lane's Leash will be REALLY useful, start with W then Get Water, attack, get Grass, attack, finish off with Earth Element. That's gonna help you to make a proper use of Qiyana's Passive. Don't gank until Level 3 or really bad things may happen.

This is the most safe Qiyana jungle-path i could discover:
Keep your W in the Water, Wait for your CD to end and wait for your enemy to last hit so it won't have any time to react, then E>Q W in Earth and Basic Attack>Q>Tiamat your enemy. this is the most basic combo you can do and still burst someone
Take Water on W as usual, wait for your CD to end, E>Basic Attack>Q> Tiamat> W on Grass> Throw Q on it, stay invisible while your CD ends, Take Earth, E>Q and it's dead. This combo is supposed to be used on multiple targets. don't EVER focus the tank as a Qiyana.
Get Water on your W, E>Q>Tiamat>Ult>W on Wall> Basic Attack>Q and it's dead!
If you're building Lethality you can kill any ADC/Assassin with this simple combo
I am much obliged for you reading my guide \( ̄︶ ̄*\)) i hope you've enjoyed it! i've spent a lot of perfecting and creating this guide, testing stuff and etc. i hope it payed off and i expect to have really helped you. it makes me so happy that i can be recognized for doing something i like! it is my very first guide and i'm very happy with the result, this guide is going to be updated very oftenly, Qiyana is undoubtedly my favorite champion and i will never abandon this guide or this champion, i really hope i've teached you something new, if you have any doubts you can PM on Twitter @oi__yuki or comment on this Guide, if you disagree with anything i've said you can comment too!, I Want to kindly ask to you to give me a positive vote. that would help me A LOT! Seriously though, You are AWESOME!


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