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Gnar Build Guide by matek1207

Top platinum

[10.24] Gnar - Trinity

By matek1207 | Updated on November 29, 2020
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Runes: Precision + Resolve

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[10.24] Gnar - Trinity

By matek1207

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Some informations about me and guide.

2. Pros and Cons
Intormations about advantages and disadvantages of Gnar.

3. Runes
More about runes.

4. Summoners
Quick about summoner spells.

5. Abilities
Briefly about skill sequence.
6. Items
Build order, cores, situationals, example full build.

7. Wallhops
Some wallhop tricks.

8. Champions
More about counters, match-ups and synergies.

9. Tips and Tricks
Tricky stuff.

10. Other Guides
Mine other guides.

Hello everyone, I'm HG White
from EUNE and I love all marksmen + gnar <3. I'm playing league since 2012 but I still learn about this game. I'll give you some tips/advices about Gnar. Maybe he is really hard to master, but after seeing this guide you should know what you're doing. Please give me your feedback to improve my guides :D.


+ Percentage Health damage
+ High mobility
+ Epic initiations
+ Good late game
+ Many crowd control effects
+ No mana

Gnar is a good option to carry mid/late game. He's got many ways to escape, for example Hop on ally minions, or Wallop enemy then Flash. I recommend Sion, Malphite and Jarvan IV in jungle, since V4.16, Gnar's ultimate interacts with Jarvan's ult, therefore he is amazing at a teamfight combo, other 2 options make a good initiation duo, when prepeared.

- Hard to master
- Poor early game
- Difficult mechanics
- Low-range basics
- You can't control the transformation gauge
- Very long Cooldowns

Gnar can be poked when tring to catch Boomerang Throw (40% cooldown reduction). Gnar's initiate is countered by Flash or escape abilities like Katarina's Shunpo or Corki's Valkyrie.

First kit - Conqueror

  • 10% Attack Speed - (can also be additional 5.4 Attack Damage) but I prefer attack speed due to Hyper and Wit's End
  • 5.4 Attack Damage - it gives you early game flat damage that helps you farm and poke.
  • 8 Magic Resist or 6 Armor - depends on enemy top laner and jungler.

Conqueror is back cause ranged champions have same amount of time to proc. You don't have true damage since 9.23 but healing and bonus AD is amazing.

Triumph - I think it's best option out of these three.

Legend: Alacrity gives you attack speed - this is what you need as attack speed carry gnar. Also if you won't team fight too much and farm hard you can take Legend: Bloodline.

Coup de Grace - because this build is more like carry than tank you don't need Last Stand as much as in grasp build.

Second Runes:
Bone Plating helps you especially against poke champs, but generally it's good rune cause it 'tanks' for you a bit of damage.

Overgrowth is best of these 3 - it gives a bit health so you can live a bit longer. Also you don't have to last hit mionions to get health so it's good especially against match ups that harras you hard.

Second kit - Grasp of the Undying

  • 10% Attack Speed - (can also be additional 5.4 Attack Damage) but I prefer attack speed due to Hyper
  • 5.4 Attack Damage - it gives you early game flat damage that helps you farm and poke.
  • 8 Magic Resist or 6 Armor - depends on enemy top laner and jungler.

Grasp of the Undying - solid rune that makes Gnar more tanky. You don't need to choose +15-90 health and you can go for armor or magic resist. It's also easy to stack against melee champions. In mid/late game it can deal so much damage because Mega Gnar has got so much health with this item set, Overgrowth and this rune itself.

Demolish after turret changes you can earn a lot of gold with this. Font of Life isn't bad idea but in aggressive match-up because you won't be able to push him back to his turret and as mega gnar you can heal yourself and teammates a bit while trading. Shield Bash is kinda bad because Gnar doesn't have any shield from abilities.

Bone Plating helps you especially against poke champs, but generally it's good rune cause it 'tanks' for you a bit of damage.

Overgrowth is best of these 3 - gives a lot of health (works pretty well with Grasp of the Undying). Revitalize - you don't have shields or even lifesteal (except Doran's Blade/ Cull) but it's not enough. Unflinching - I didn't acknowledge it as good for me.

Second Runes:
Legend: Alacrity - I think it gives you better duel potential due to Hyper with more attack speed you can proc it faster. Also it's not that hard to stack as Legend: Bloodline

Last Stand - it gives higher profit (5 to 11%) than Coup de Grace (7%) - because Gnar is tanky you can have 30% health and still fight with others. Cut Down is just bad cause you'll have probably most health in the game.


For better positioning in teamfights. When you are becoming Mega Gnar use Hop and bounce on your teammate or minion then use ultimate. Flash is the most prime spell in League of Legends. Everyone takes this spell, cause this is always helpful.


Teleport in my opinion is good spell for every toper but since it's nerf, it's harder to use properly. It give you more mobility but you can't cancel it. For example you are pushing top lane and there is teamfight on bottom. You have no time for walk through river and mid so you should use Teleport and help your teammates. In elo up to low platinum almost noone do that so you can surprise opponents but don't use it brainless cause you can die easily. I mean if there is 2v5 and 2 of your teammates are almost dead don't use it cause you can't cancel it anymore.


It gives you chance to take lead in early game but you cannot split push that easy as before. I recommend it generally against high heal/sustain compositions.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
We want to max out Boomerang Throw because it's our main damage dealer. Then Hyper as it allows you to harras HP tanks. We level up Hop last because it scales damage from HP not from attack damage. More than half players max Q then W and E at last, because it's just good combination.

Start of the Game

Doran's Blade and Health Potion
This set should be choosen if you can easily last hit and poke. For example: Garen, Singed, Nasus.

Doran's Shield and Health Potion
This set should be choosen if you opponent is more agressive than you and he pokes you. For example: Pantheon, Wukong, Irelia.

It's pretty similar to Doran's Blade but it's more about risk. I like to start with that item but it's kinda hard cause you don't get that good early benefits like Doran's Blade - less damage and health but more healing from basics. In my opinion should be choosen smilar like Doran's Blade - against meele champs that don't have gap closers. Anyway don't try it early, first try to learn Gnar a bit more and then try it.

Early Game

Mercury's Treads vs Ninja Tabi
Of course it depends on enemy damage type, but generally I prefer Mercury's Treads because of tenacity. If enemy toper deals a lot of physical damage and jungler also deals phisical damage you should choose Ninja Tabi. Of course against a lot of cc or generally magical damage you have to take Mercury's Treads.

The Black Cleaver
The best option for Gnar as early item - so much benefit. Cooldowns, health, damage, and movement speed - everything that Gnar needs. For me you should buy it always and always first.

Control Ward
For bonus vision and also to clear wards (for example: you can use that when you are doing Rift Herald to check if there is vision or no).

Mid Game

Frozen Mallet
The best second "big" item for these little boy. Why? Because it gives a lot of health, damage and so good passive, especially when you are Mini Gnar. You can kite so easily with that item, meele champs without gaps can't get into you. To be honest it's core item aswell as Black Cleaver.

Wit's End
Since it's change it is interesting item on Gnar. It still gives attack speed which is good with Hyper but now you can even harder poke tanks with magic damage. It gives attack speed, resists and nice sustain passive so you can deal with poke match-ups bit easier.

Late Game / Situational Items

Adaptive Helm
As I wrote above build it before Randuin's Omen when there is more magic damage. Always buy it against Liandry's Anguish/DOT-like champs: Cassiopeia, Teemo, Singed, spam champs like Ryze, Ezreal, Karma etc. Anyway you should choose it when your team does not got Locket of the Iron Solari.

Locket of the Iron Solari
It's primary item if your support/jungler doesn't have that. If not choose between Spirit Visage and Adaptive Helm. Because you are tank (shield scale with health) and you are almost always in the middle of teamfight it's amazing item for you team.

Randuin's Omen
Should be bought before Adaptive Helm when your top/jg opponents are about dealing physical damage. It's not must have especially if enemies have got magic damage. But it's must have against Tryndamere, Yasuo, Fiora, Pantheon, Gangplank etc. because they build or have got abilities that give them critical chance. Also you can build it if adc builds crits like: Jhin, Caitlyn, Ashe. Do not buy it without these or any 'critical' champs.

Dead Man's Plate
You can change it with Randuin's Omen when enemies do not build crits and there no hyper carry (that one who do a lot of basics).

Guardian Angel
I like this item cause it's this kind of item that is average. A bit amount of AD and armor and also cool passive. If you do not know what to build just build it as last item.

Spirit Visage
Replacement for Adaptive Helm / Locket of the Iron Solari. You can build it if your team does have healing and also already build Locket of the Iron Solari. Sometimes you can choose it when enemies has got a lot of magic damage (so you've got 2 magic resist items except boots).

Thornmail - best counter for adc or champs like Master Yi, Yasuo etc. especially when they have life steal. You can choose it as second armor item or it can be replacement for Randuin's Omen.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
I recommend it at all when you prefer to go more agressive like Maw of Malmortius with that for Thornmail and Spirit Visage.

Last Whisper
It builds into Lord Dominik's Regards or Mortal Reminder. It depends on enemy team. But I generally prefer Mortal Reminder because it'll apply wounds so they heal less. You don't need that extra penetration at all but you can take it if you prefer.

Maw of Malmortius
That one item who is great against high magic damage compositions with for eg. Karthus or Ziggs etc. You can take it with Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Knight's vow
This one is situational item with hyper carry and without support that can build it. It really helps if your adc knows anything about the game.

Map is a mirror

Green Line - Easy Hop (not hard to do)
Yellow Line - Creep Hop (there must be monster)
Red Line - Hard Hop (have to be really close to the wall)
Blue Point - Creep

*still getting database



Aatrox Jarvan IV



starting items:

build changes:



Jarvan IV


More about Gnar

1. You can escape the gank by using Hop on minon because you'll bounce twice.

2. Use Q Boomerang Throw to poke enemy champions, especially melee.

More about TOP role

1. Use wards. Your support isn't the only person in team that should buy Control Wards. Don't be scare to spend 75 gold, it's about 3 melee minions - it can save you from enemy jungler or roaming midlaner. It's better to spend 75 gold than give 300 gold to enemy and lose farm.

2. Don't use Teleport without a brain. Since you cannot cancel teleporting you've to use it in good spot and good moment. Try it on normal games and you'll learn how to use it by time.

Change Log
League of Legends Build Guide Author matek1207
matek1207 Gnar Guide
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