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Kindred Build Guide by Int4Kindred

Middle [11.10] Int4Kindred's Kindred Mid

Middle [11.10] Int4Kindred's Kindred Mid

Updated on May 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Int4Kindred Build Guide By Int4Kindred 5 1 12,321 Views 2 Comments
5 1 12,321 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Int4Kindred Kindred Build Guide By Int4Kindred Updated on May 20, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[11.10] Int4Kindred's Kindred Mid

By Int4Kindred
Work In Progress
I will be including more information on my decisions for certain things such as spells, items and runes here soon. I have been busy recently so it may take a while. This is more a small, personal project than anything.
Hope you have fun on the rift!

Keep in mind that due to it being a work in progress, the sections below are unfinished so the information in them is not truly accurate at this current time.
Hey there! My summoner name is Int4Kindred and honestly, I'm just a random who rarely plays ranked and just messes about in the game. I first started playing Kindred about 2 months before they had the Spirit Blossom skin. Currently I have 112,117 points on Kindred. I first had decided to make a guide as I was trying out Lethality Kindred, a build that was not seen much with the Trinity Force Ravenous and Collector hype at that time. As patches went on though, going Crit on Kindred was much more effective, yet I still like to go with some Lethality using The Collector and other Assassin themed items.

When I started playing them, I wasn't experienced in playing jungle, and I was a mid main, so I decided to try them out there, despite it being an off-meta pick. Thanks to the help of a few friends from the r/Kindred Discord server, I was able to get the hang of it, often building crit and loving the burst damage. At the start of Season 11, I had many struggles with finding an optimal build for Kindred Mid with the new runes, however, after the changes to some items and buffs and nerfs happening, Kindred Mid is just as good as it once was, if not better.

I hope you enjoy the build, and find it as fun as I have been. I prefer it a lot more to the current builds people are coming up with, and hey, maybe some other people will too!

Basic Premise

Kindred midlane plays differently to Kindred jungle, yet there are a lot of similarites, more than you would expect. You end up roaming more than you were to if you were to be playing a more meta champion in midlane, but that's not what this is about!

Kindred was designed to be a jungler. Their kit is focused around camps and ganking, it was designed around roaming. That's why I feel like playing with more of a burst assassin feel works better, and it gives you more ability to have more control over the map.

You need to have a lot of map awareness, tracking the enemy jungler as well as all the enemy laners. When it comes round to getting your marks from jungle camps, you need to make sure you won't encounter anyone by surprise, or if it's a possibility, you are aware of it. This is why I like taking Farsight Alteration, but that is explained later on. This map awareness is also helpful not only just for your marks from jungle camps, but also for getting champion marks from ganking lanes, or just general macro.

After your first 4 marks, I would say don't focus getting your marks too much. Don't forget to mark champions though! 7 marks+ is an ideal amount and that gives you a fair amount of stats as well as 600 attack range.

Scuttlecrab is now a lot harder to get due to the shield on it. Kindred has no cc that isn't a slow so you're not able to break the shield, so you have to attack the Scuttlecrab as normal, which takes a fair bit longer than it did last season. Assists count on marks, so you might be able to get your jungler to take it with you landing even an auto on it or something as well.

Lethality Playstyle

I feel that when playing with Kindred in the midlane you want to essentially play as a burst assassin instead of being more towards a marksman, so instead of comparing your gameplay to being that of someone such as Lucian or Vayne, think of your gameplay as being more like Talon or Akali.

Early Game

Take Cull as a starting item if you want to play more passively in lane. This wouldn't work well with Hail of Blades if you were planning on being ahead earlier.
Take Doran's Blade as a starting item if you want to play more aggresively in lane. This is my personal preference and I find the attack damage and slight omnivamp to be helpful in early poke and fights.

In lane you have a strong level 2 and level 3 against most matchups. Take advantage of your range and poke the enemy frequently, then go in with a combo of W-Q-E-AA-AA-Q-AA and that should be your first kill in lane, as well as your first mark, if you have been already poking them at level 1. It's best not to get the mark off your midlaner until the mark on the Scuttlecrab has spawned if possible as when you have one mark there is only a 50% chance that your jungle camp mark will go on a Scuttlecrab, and the other 50% will be either Gromp or Crimson Raptor

Mid Game

I like taking Farsight Alteration on my first back after hitting level 9, because you can place it on the enemy's Raptors while still being in lane, as well as not having to walk far to ward Drake or Baron. Taking Farsight Alteration means you also don't have to leave lane for longer to check whether your camp has been took yet or not, and if it has been, then you will be able to know roughly the enemy jungler's location. It is essentially a win-win.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Int4Kindred
Int4Kindred Kindred Guide
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[11.10] Int4Kindred's Kindred Mid

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