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Fiora Build Guide by DippyDan

Top [11.18] DippyDan's Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

Top [11.18] DippyDan's Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

Updated on September 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DippyDan Build Guide By DippyDan 102 7 112,017 Views 9 Comments
102 7 112,017 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DippyDan Fiora Build Guide By DippyDan Updated on September 11, 2021
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Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.18] DippyDan's Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

By DippyDan
Table of Contents
- Introduction
- Rune Options
- Items
- Mythic Items
- Legendary Items
- Fiora Gameplay
-Laning Phase
- Conclusion
Hello everyone!
My name is DippyDan, and for the past 2 seasons after picking up Fiora as my new main, I have reached Grandmasters in season 10 and am currently Challenger this season playing her in almost every single game. Being a Fiora one trick has given me plenty of experience for every Top Matchup, especially counter matchups, to provide you with all the vital information needed in this guide to help you correctly play each one. For quick navigation please refer to the Table of Contents above, enjoy the rest of the guide!

Here is my opgg
Rune Options


Conqueror is overall the best keystone on Fiora. Fiora is a AA heavy champion with very short cooldowns like Lunge and Bladework that will help her stack up conqueror in a very short amount of time. A simple Q+AA+E can instantly stack up conqueror halfway in just about a second! The extra healing when fully stacked synergizes very well with her overall kit and can help with extended fights. It is the go-to Keystone for pretty much every matchup.

Grasp of the Undying is a very viable keystone on Fiora that is specialized for lanes that require consistent short trading. It synergizes very well with Lunge since it procs grasp, which increases your overall poke damage. Also since Q is a very short cooldown, you can poke very frequently every 4 seconds when Grasp is activated. It is the best rune to take when going against a melee champion that avoids long trades like Akali and Camille.

Fleet Footwork is a very situational keystone for Fiora. It boosts her movement speed for a short period, which isn't really necessary for Fiora, but still a good bonus. It is mainly chosen to help sustain in lane and to avoid further damage from short trades with Lunge because of the added movement speed and healing. Fleet is a very strong rune for tough ranged matchups like Jayce and Teemo that will constantly bully you in lane.

Other Slots


: Best pick in the first row of precision. Provides survivability for diving, teamfighting, and scales very well in comparison to Presence of Mind and Overheal.

: This rune is VERY important to take against CC heavy teams, so do not forget to choose this. This rune is a game changer along with Unflinching to help you survive longer in teamfights and to help proc your vitals, especially when you activate your ultimate, Grand Challenge.

: Can't go wrong with extra lifesteal. The next best choice when enemy team has very little CC.

: Great option for tank heavy teams or opponents like Cho'Gath

: Best choice for top laners, but not too big of a difference in damage in comparison to Coup de Grace, so its just preference.


: Helps with sustain, but the only reason to even choose from the domination tree is for Ravenous Hunter and this is pretty much the best secondary choice.

: Gives permanent Omnivamp for each kill, but since Fiora is a top laner and a split pusher, it makes it very hard to stack. The omnivamp applies on all damage, including true damage, so it is extremely OP when fully stacked. Nonetheless, it is a very good choice if you are going to be in teamfights often.


: My go to secondary rune when going the grasp keystone. It stacks very easily with Q and helps your mana problems without going Tear of the Goddess or Essence Reaver.

: Provides shorter cooldowns on items, spells, and also shortens your non-ult abilites even more at after each takedown. (At level 11)

: Great option to replace Manaflow Band when going Sorcery as your secondary. You can replace this with manaflow for when you go Tear of the Goddess or Essence reaver.


: The only good choice in the first row when having Resolve as your primary runes, and it is not a bad rune at all. It will help you get early turret platings and provides more pressure when splitpushing.

: Best option in your primary or secondary rune slots. Gives great sustain from dps and poke.

: Also a great choice when going resolve in your primary or secondary. Soaks up a lot of short burst damage which helps win short trades especially at level 1. Very useful against champions like Renekton and Riven.

: Boosts shielding and healing by 5% which is perfect for Fiora since she has plenty of built-in healing in her kit. Also even better, the percentage also doubles when she is below 40%!

: Goes very well with Legend: Tenacity, especially when it is max stacked (40% Tenacity or more). Essentially, it is perfect for when the opposing team has plenty of CC.
Item Choices

Mythic Items


This is the standard core Mythic on Fiora for it's great sustain and clearing ability. This Mythic also has the best build path out of all other Mythic options on Fiora because of the Ironspike Whip and Phage. This item also synergizes best with Ravenous Hydra, which is also a core item on Fiora.

Divine Sunderer

A very good choice against Tanks/Bruisers. This Mythic item synergizes best with Fiora's Lunge. The 12% Maximum health damage and healing from the damage works great to shred through Tanks. The Sheen passive is also great for short trades and breaking down turrets.


A situational Mythic item specifically for ranged matchups with high mobility. The active slow allows for easy gapclose to extend trades and deny any kiting potential from the enemy. The slow, extra movement speed, and active also makes for an easy 4-vital with Grand Challenge.

Legendary Items

Ravenous Hydra
A staple for Fiora. This is a guarantee buy on Fiora because it all the stats she needs. Fiora needs the AOE damage for clearing/pushing, the Omnivamp for extra sustain, ability haste for faster CDS, and just the raw AD for her whole kit.

Essence Reaver The only legendary item you can get as a first item. Gives a huge powerspike to snowball your lane. It is 500g cheaper than going for a Mythic item, has a Sheen passive, and fixes your mana problem entirely.

Boosts her already strong split pushing-ability to the max. A great 3rd/4th Item when grouping as 5 is not the best option for the team.

Sterak's Gage
A core item for almost every bruiser. Gives plenty of AD to up her damage, a huge shield, and extra health regeneration to increase survivability.

Death's Dance
A very fitting item on Fiora since she has a lot of healing. Having the damage being taken overtime gives her more oppurtunities to lifesteal it back. Overall a great defensive item to mitigate burst damage.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Defendsive item that provides a massive shield that also adds onto Sterak's Gage. Helps to sustain teamfights much longer, especially from both AD and AP damage.

Guardian Angel
Another optimal defensive item against high burst opponents. This item gives you another chance to fight while the opposing teams' spells are on cooldown.

Spirit Visage
Defensive item against AP opponents. It also increases healing and shielding by 25% including from your own teammates. Synergizes well with healers and enchanters.

Used to be a great item on Fiora, but to me, Essence is the better choice. Takes to long to stack and build, but it is definitely not a terrible item. Fiora already scales really well and there are just better items to finish.

Randuine's Omen
I usually only build this for full AD teams or enemies with a lot of crit damage. Buying this will definitely work to mitigate heavy AD damage.

Frozen Heart
Another great choice against AD heavy teams. It gives 80 armor for only 2500g. Not a bad pick up to counter AA heavy champions. It also gives plenty of mana and ability haste.

Chempunk Chainsword
One of the full items built from Executioner's Calling. A situational item that I rarely finish building, but it is vital for enemies with a ton of healing.

Silvermere Dawn
Another very situational item used against Heavy CC, for example, against champions like Malzahar.

Fiora is one of the strongest champions at Level 1 because of her passive ability, Duelist's Dance and her Lunge which is a very short CD when landed. Hitting your vitals and cancelling AAs with Q, guarantees her to win almost every level 1. Use this knowledge to allow an earlier Level 2 to either extend your trade or go for an Early Q+AA+W combo. THIS DOES NOT WORK IN EVERY MATCHUP. For tips on each specific matchup, look into the Threats & Synergies tab near the top of the page. Once you have gained priority in the lane, you can then shove the 3rd wave and look to help your jungler get top scuttle crab. This is very important for helping you get vision of the river and to keep your jungler ahead. When the enemy team has priority in all lanes the enemy jungler can challenge both scuttle crabs. When this happens, it can be very difficult for your jungler to keep up, so always aim to get priority early. Once you get Ironspike Whip on your first/second back, your trades/clear become much stronger because of the active ability that will alow easier vitals. Use this advantage to constantly trickle down the enemies health by proccing vitals with the passive from the whip every free chance you get. This allows you to All-in with Grand Challenge or look for a dive with your health advantage with your jungler. When you have a huge lead on Fiora, make sure to deny as much gold and EXP as possible by zoning them away from minions.

Fiora isn't known for her ability to teamfight, but focused more on split pushing. This being said, I would avoid grouping as 5 when playing Fiora unless it is for an important objective and you do not have Teleport available. It is ideal for Fiora to be in the side lane, on the opposing side of the most important objective. You should always be pressuring the lane, forcing the opposing laner to defend and look for assistance. When in a team fight, do not engage first unless you have a great flank, or strong follow up from the team. Look at the team composition before figuring out what to do before the fight. If your ADC needs to be kept alive, look to Ult whoever tries to focus them and proc the vitals. When Grand Challenge is completed after getting all 4 vitals, it will heal a large amount in a small radius which can win you fights for your team. If you are the main carry, wait till your team engages and follow up after the cc or when the enemy uses enough threatening abilities. Whenever possible, focus their carries and Flash if you have to. When the enemy has a mega tank with huge CC that your team can't kill, make sure to do it for them with your ult. When a champion like Malphite engages, quickly look to ult and proc your vitals to heal the team. This will also break the enemy frontline force them in an awkward position.

And that concludes my Fiora Guide! Hope you enjoyed it and found it very helpful. If you did, a Vote would be much appreciated. Leave any feedback or any questions in the discussion and I will make sure to answer them. Also, come follow my Twitch and join my Discord by clicking the icons below. Thank you so much for reading!

League of Legends Build Guide Author DippyDan
DippyDan Fiora Guide
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[11.18] DippyDan's Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

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