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Nasus Build Guide by A_Drunk_Carry

Top [11.23] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

Top [11.23] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

Updated on November 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Drunk_Carry Build Guide By A_Drunk_Carry 117 11 256,027 Views 8 Comments
117 11 256,027 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Drunk_Carry Nasus Build Guide By A_Drunk_Carry Updated on November 17, 2021
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Runes: Standard Runes

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Grasp of the Undying

Legend: Bloodline

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

By A_Drunk_Carry
Welcome to my Nasus guide, and thanks for taking time out of your day to check it out! <3

I'm A Drunk Carry, a NA top lane/adc main. I'm currently Plat in Season 11, with most of my games in the top lane this season. In terms of top lane I specialize in split pushing/macro champs. I also stream over @ so feel free to stop by there and catch me while I'm live and ask any questions that you may have!
Why Nasus?
Why play Nasus?

Nasus is a champion that can excel even while the rest of your team is behind. Something that is extremely useful in solo queue.

Nasus scales extremely well into the mid and late game. And even when behind Nasus can stack Qs and become useful later on in the game.

Nasus focuses on farming, split-pushing, and being a patient player. You will be paid off with a ridiculous tower destroying titan that can 1v9 when needed.
-Mechanically easy
-Extremely strong split-push/dmg to towers
-Great scaling, strong mid & late game
-Can stall out losing games with split-pushing
-Solo carry potential through objective control
-Great at teamfighting

-Immobile/susceptible to ganks
-No forms of hard CC
-Unfavorable matchup vs a large amount of meta top laners (refer to match-ups section of the guide above)
-Macro intensive, you need to know where enemies are at all times
-Very weak early game
-Will often get zoned out of CS/be down in CS early.
-Can get kited very easily.
Abilities Rundown
Passive: Soul Eater Nasus gains 10/16/22% lifesteal (based on level)

One of the oldest and most basic passives tbh. Nasus just gets free lifesteal on his autos and Q. Note that the 2nd rank happens at lvl 7, and the 3rd rank happens at lvl 13. Basically just free stats for his survivability. It's not extremely inventive, but it works. You get monster heals off your Q procs late game.

Q: Siphoning Strike Nasus empowers his next basic attack (you have 10seconds to auto) and he gains 25 bonus range along with bonus physical damage (30/50/70/90/110 + # of siphoning strike stacks). Every kill with Siphoning Strike gives 3 permanent stacks, which is increased to 12 if you kill a champion, large minion (cannon/super minion), or large monster. (Cast time: 0sec, Mana cost: 20, Cooldown: 7.5/6.5/5.5/4.5/3.5sec)

This ability is like 90% of Nasus. Siphoning Strike is how you and your cane strike fear into the enemy team. Make sure you last hit minions with your Q to get permanent stacks. You have to ESPECIALLY get the cannon minions (they come every 3 waves) as they'll get 12 stacks. Note that using Nasus' Q will reset your basic autos. So in a fight try to auto-Q-auto in that order for optimal damage. Siphoning Strike is uncancelable once the animation begins as well, much like an auto. So someone trying to flash away/losing vision/etc won't stop the damage from coming out.

W: Wither Nasus places a debuff on an enemy champ for 5seconds, slowing and crippling (lowered attack speed) them. The effect is increased over time. (Target range: 700, Cast time: 0.25sec, Mana cost: 80, Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11sec)

Max Slow %: 47/59/71/83/95%

Max cripple %: 23.5/29.5/35.5/41.5/47.5%

Wither is a targeted ability that slows the movement and attack speeds of an enemy champion. The percent slow goes up per level, as well as per second of the cast. When it reaches the maximum duration it can LITERALLY slow an enemy for 95% of their movement speed. That isn't a typo. Do note that Wither has it's effectiveness lowered by Tenacity. Target enemy carries with this, and watch them go slow as molasses.

E: Spirit Fire Nasus unless a aoe circle of spirit flame at the targetted area that deals magic damage to all enemies in it. The circle stays for 5 seconds, dealing damage per second to anyone standing in it, and reducing their armor. The armor reduction lasts for a second past damage. (Reduction: 25/30/35/40/45% of armor)(Target range: 650, Effect radius: 400, Mana cost: 70/85/100/115/130, Cast time: 0.25sec, Cooldown: 12)

This ability is interesting as it does a few things. It adds much needed range to a champion that gets zoned out hard early. I said it in a few of the match-ups above, but use this to safely farm ranged minions early against lane bullies. It also applies a pretty nice de-buff to enemy champs, lowering their armor. My combo for going in is often Wither-Spirit Fire-auto-Q-auto, etc.

Beware of the mana cost, it's the only ability that Nasus has that costs more mana as you put more points into it. That's why I level it 3rd, unless you're going AP Nasus or if you need 3 pts early to deal with champions like Teemo.

R: Fury of the Sands Nasus transforms for 15 seconds, gaining bonus HP (300/450/600), bonus magic resist (40/55/70), 30% increased size, and 50 bonus attack range during this time. While transformed Nasus

Basically Nasus turns into a big bad doge and suits up for war. Always proc this at the start of an all-in attempt. I see a lot of low elo players do this 3-4 seconds into a fight, and I think it's a waste. It lasts for 15 seconds, which is an ABSURD amount of time honestly. Even if you end up not fighting for a second or two it's better to be safe than sorry.
What are stacks?

Stacks are slang for when you last hit with your Q ability, Siphoning Strike. You permanently deal 3 more dmg per "stack", and it's increased to 12 for cannon minions, super minions, large monsters, and champions.

The goal of Nasus is to get as many stacks as quickly as possible. That's why you want to get items with ability haste, so you can Q more often. Last hit with your Q as often as possible, especially on cannon minions.

The ideal amount of stacks you should be aiming for once you're comfortable on the champion is 150 stacks at 10 minutes, 250 at 15, 400 at 20, etc. Notice that the number over time (from 10-15 mins is +100 but 15-20 mins is +150) due to ability haste, lowered cooldown on Q from maxing it first, etc.
Early Game/Laning Phase
Refer to the match-ups above for the champion that you're facing. About 95% of the time I go Doran's Shield and a Health Potion to start out the lane. Note that you can change your runes to match if you're vs a AD or AP champion. I wouldn't mess with the ability haste rune, it's super good on Nasus.

Think of early game as the investment period. Sure you're a tiny little pupper right now, but every minion you farm helps you work your way towards doggo dominance. Getting perfect farm isn't important here, but don't waste a single proc of Siphoning Strike. Make sure you know how much damage your Q does, and last hit minions with it. Especially cannons.

I talked about this earlier, but be sure not to take too much damage pursuing a Q stack. Enemies know what Nasus wants, and will often zone him off the wave, especially the cannon. Sacrifice a wave or two if it means being able to safely farm on your side of the map.

I generally recall around 1k gold if I can, for a Sheen and Boots. You'll be turning the Sheen into Divine Sunderer. It gives you some much needed early game kick to your Q as well as ability haste. Use your first Teleport to get back to lane after this if you're pushed in, as you generally will be. If you can safely save your Teleport then do so, as you could be a very valuable asset for the first Dragon fight.

Aside from that it's business as usual. Farm up, get strong, get your first item power-spike. If the enemy does TP bot/to a teamfight that is lost before you can react be sure to NEVER waste your Teleport. Your teammates may flame you in that instance, but you can use this time to pick up a wave or two, as well as some delicious tower platings.

I'm going to quickly touch on wave management right now. Be sure not to spam your E Spirit Fire on the wave in an attempt to harass your opponent. This will push the wave into them, which is your biggest nightmare. You're pretty much opening yourself up to a gank or the enemy freezing the wave then.

For the most part you want to last hit when possible, but ALWAYS stay in exp range. As I stated above in this section you'll miss out on some farm just due to the nature of the champion, but falling behind in exp is deadly. A opponent getting a large amount of exp up on you is certain death early as a Nasus. Try your hardest to avoid letting the wave hit your tower as well. I know this can be focusing as you want to be RIGHT in front of your tower area, but not in turret range. It'll take some practice, but you'll see what I mean over time.

Always be sure to crash the creep wave into the opponent's turret before recalling, or you're again opening yourself up to the opponent freezing the wave. For those newer to League mechanics the idea of freezing is when a laner holds the wave exactly in one area, to take advantage of a favorable lane situation. The freeze will generally be right in front of the laner's turret, without it crashing onto the tower. They can then in theory farm for as long as they want, last-hitting minions just as soon as the next wave will come to replace them.

[NOTE: If you do get the wave frozen on you ask for your jungler to come gank and break the freeze. Otherwise you could fall 2-3 levels behind if you're against a proficient top laner. Even if the gank is unsuccessful in killing the enemy, breaking the freeze is vital.]]
Mid Game/After Laning
By this time you'll be about 15 minutes or so into the game. You should have around 200+ stacks, and either completed or are working your way towards Divine Sunderer. Understanble to not have this item if you had to build something with Grievous Wounds like Executioner's Calling to deal with your lane matchup, or if you upgraded your boots for MR/Armor/etc.

This is the point where you start beating a lot of those early game bullies. Keep stacking up, but take advantageous fights. Especially as soon as you get Divine Sunderer a lot of people get surprised by the DPS that you can put out. If the enemy walks too close hit 'em with the old W-auto-Q-auto combo and show them who's boss.

This is the most important time of the game to make appropriate macro decisions as well. Enemy laner wasted their TP to go to a Drake fight that their team is already winning? Hard shove the wave with autos and your E, and take a tower or two. You have that kind of power now, especially with Demolish and empowered Qs.

Look into the situational items for this build now. I like Hullbreaker 2nd (unless the enemy team is EXTREMELY AP heavy), but in terms of 3rd/4th/etc items go based on enemy team comps and the champ that the enemy top laner is playing.
Late Game
Oddly enough I despise late game more than the mid game. Nasus is often forced to use his Teleport to help teammates out during this time, as one fight can decide something major like the Baron, losing an inhibitor, etc.

ALWAYS buy a pink ward and place it in the jungle or river of the lane that you are splitting late game. You dying once will also result in a huge team swing, as the threat of your split push is off the table and the enemy team will have a 5v4 power play.

Many champs (adcs/ranged tops/scaling jgs/etc) are able to chunk down Nasus at this point of the game. This is why I said I like mid-game more, because you often get kited during late game. Play the teamfights wisely, and prioritize front to back targets unless you can get in Wither range of a carry. Especially a immobile one.

Aside from that keep stacking. Become such a nuisance to the enemy team that they're forced to react to you. Many top laners will struggle to stop you from pushing, Q'ing the tower 1-2x (often for 1/4 or more of it's HP), Withering them, and walking away. In lower elos the enemy jungler will often come to assist the top laner, or they'll send both bot laners to handle you due to a range advantage. Ping this to your teammates, and make them aware of the overall mismatch on the other side of the map. Don't be afraid to use your Teleport for a cross-map teamfight, especially if they send the enemy jungler or bot lane to you.
Current Patch/Closing Thoughts
11.23: Preseason, here we are. I added the new First Strike keystone and a rune page that I'll be trying out in lane. The idea behind it is fairly simple. Hit your opponent with E right before you start fighting, to start up the First Strike rune. You'll do additional dmg + get gold off of them. This will help early to get gold towards your first few items. I'll have to test to see if it's better than our standard runes, but that's what preseason is for!

Objective bounties are BIG as well. Below are the gold amounts for each:

BASE TURRET 400 gold
League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Drunk_Carry
A_Drunk_Carry Nasus Guide
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[11.23] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

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