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Ryze Build Guide by Polarshift

Middle diamond


By Polarshift | Updated on March 1, 2021
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Runes: Phase Rush

1 2
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

++8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
Ryze Teleport
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 46%
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Champion Build Guide


By Polarshift

Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!

My name is Polarshift. I'm a player that has always been interested in a bunch of roles and champions, allowing me to possess quite a lot of general game-knowledge. So why don't I use my knowledge to help other people out that are interested in the same champions that I enjoy to play? Before I make any of these guides, I like to do my own little research about the champion to correct any wrong views I might have, thus raising the quality of these guides. I hope that you enjoy reading my guide and that it'll answer any questions you had.

Ryze is one of my favourite champions and he's really strong when piloted correctly. Do NOT get deceived by his low winrate, because he is REALLY HARD to master and will get punished when played incorrectly; especially now that he doesn't have any sustain abilities anymore. Ryze can get through a lot of the mid and toplane matchups safely, even when it's a hard matchup.

I've spent a lot of time on this guide and I'd love it if you'd like to follow me on Twitch. Come and join my Discord community server if you have any more questions or would like to chill, join giveaways and be updated for more guides and tips!

Currently I have guides available on Graves, Ryze, Warwick, Rengar, Draven and Yasuo!

Please upvote and leave a comment if you liked the guide so more people get to see it!

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+ Pros and Cons and when to pick Ryze.
+ Ability sequence, rune setups, summoner spells.
+ In-depth itemization. Read the notes on the builds too.
+ All kinds of combos, tricks and animation cancels.
+ How to play Ryze in the laning phase and after it.
+ Matchups for Ryze; they're at the top of this page.

Note that matchups are a bit sketchy to do since it doesn't take into account that you have a jungler.
Don't forget to read the notes at the top of the page for more info on the builds.

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+ Amazing waveclear after getting mana items.
+ Ryze has killing pressure when splitpushing.
+ Safe first pick because of his waveclearing ability.
+ Insane teamfighting, gank setups and zoning capability.
+ Very mechanically intense and great playmaking ability.
+ Amazing to learn the fundamentals of midlane with, since making a missplay on this champion is often unforgiving.
+ Thrives in organized environments, so definitely an amazing pick for your 5v5 team if you need an AP control mage.


- Ryze has a very short range and is thus easily targetable.
- Very manahungry before tear so you need to manage your mana extremely well.
- It will hurt your jungler if you spend a lot of mana before the scuttle crab spawns.
- His only form of self-peel is some movement speed and his W ability which you can only use once.
- His ult is useful, yet quite useless in SOLOQ since coordination will often lack for it to be properly used.
- Even though he can be picked blind because of his waveclear, he still has a lot of bad matchups. However, that doesn't mean you can't survive the lane, because in most matchups; you can. You quite often want to push and roam if it is hard to survive.

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Ryze is a versatile champions and can be picked into and against a lot of teamcompositions. As Ryze you really excel when you can play around your jungler, since you have a good gank setup and waveclear to get lane priority for him. Ryze thrives best when his team can peel for him and play around him (his root and damage). Ryze needs time to scale, but he excels in skirmishes and teamfights where he has the time to deal damage and catch people off with his root. With his excellent waveclear he can split very well and return to his team very quickly when needed, whether that is by walking after pushing a wave or by using his ultimate or teleport.

Ryze has an awful time dueling (1v1) this season, because of his sustain problems. If you don't manage your waves correctly early in the game, you will definitely be zoned from your creeps or even killed since your escaping tools are below mediocre. Ryze relies HEAVILY on good positioning and doesn't thrive when the enemy has a lot of cc, especially cc that is hard to dodge or just plain point-and-click. Ryze's E does spread, but tanky champions, like Maokai, are still a nuisance to him since he won't be able to access the backline properly. Champions with hard-engage are a nightmare for Ryze, since he doesn't have any movement abilities. Don't pick Ryze when your team is already heavy on magic damage since the whole point of Ryze is dealing magic damage in high amounts.

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Let's first talk about maxing out your abilities. Ryze will almost always level his abilities in the same order, except when he has a tough time getting close at level 1. If thats the case, you go E instead and the flux spread will allow you to start stacking Manaflow Band.

You will level up your abilities in the following order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I highly suggest you to read the abilities yourself so you know exactly what they do. To explain it in a few words; your E and W will reset your Q. The whole purpose of your champion is playing around these resets. If an enemy has E applied and you use W he will be rooted, if not, then he will be slowed instead. Also if an enemy has E applied your Q will deal a lot of extra damage. Your ultimate has a passive that will give you extra damage whenever you level it up. When you use "W" and "E" it will give one stack on your Q passive. If you didn't use Q before you reached 2 stacks, it will give % movement speed the next time you use it; this passive ability does not have any cooldowns. Very useful for catching people off guard since most people think you rely on Phase Rush to get close.

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Ryze is pretty straightforward as far as his runes and summoner spells go. Most of the time you want to run the basic page with Phase Rush at the top of this page. Sometimes you can make slight changes to your runes.

versus as main rune:

Going Conqueror on Ryze isn't as good as Phase Rush but can still be used if you play against a teamcomp which doesn't have a lot of damage or cc; it's also useful when you can't really escape anyway and have to take the fight. When your team has a lot of crowd control to peel you, it is also an option, yet more of a high-risk/high-reward choice. Taking Presence of Mind over Triumph is better since it will give you more damage later in the game since your passive that gives you AP scales of your maximum mana. The third row and fourth row in the Precision tree can be flexed depending on your preference and enemy teamcomp.

Secondary rune choices:

In the Domination tree you should take Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter since it gives atleast some kind of sustain in lane while trading and Ravenous Hunter helps later in the game.
In the Sorcery tree you can take Manaflow Band since your passive stacks from the mana you have and Transcendence. You could also choose for Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm. They both scale pretty well, it's just that the second option scales much later which I personally dont like. Taking Scorch is a possibility for some extra early damage in easy matchups, but the other runes are much more useful in my opinion since Ryze plays to scale anyway.

The small rune shards should be: CDR, adaptive and armor/mr. You can also take double adaptive shards in harder matchups to have better waveclear in order to push faster.

As you can see, rune choices on Ryze are pretty straightforward. Let's move on to his summoner spells which are quite flexible.

It is by far the strongest summoner spell on Ryze. It allows him to get his early tear without missing too many minions. Sometimes you don't need to use it and then you can use it to counter a gank in another lane. It will also allow him the opportunity to split even better without worrying about not being able to attend a potential fight or objective play. When you choose another spell, remember that you won't have this amazing one anymore.
Required in a few champion matchups that can lock you down for their jungler, for example Lissandra. I highly recommend not greeding on this since it will be awful to get zoned or pressured permanently in lane and after laning phase.
Very useful if you're versing against teamcomps who have a lot of skillshots. Champions like Cassiopeia are gonna struggle if they can't hit their crucial abilities on you. It's definitely an option you could consider, especially since now the movement speed ramp up got removed!
Taking this is possible for early pressure in lanes and scuttlefights you are confident in.
This rune will allow you to stay alive in hard assassin matchups, for example Zed. Taking exhaust is also very strong if you ever have to duel later in the game.
Barrier and Heal
Both can be taken for more survivability. Remember that Ignite doesn't reduce the amount of shielding by barrier, however it does lower the amount of healing by heal. Not as strong as the other options.

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Since I've been asked to go more in-depth about the items; I'll be explaining why you go a particular item.

Luden's Tempest
Amazing first item vs squishies, since it gives 80 AP, 10 AH, 600 Mana and 10 Magic Pen. The passive gives you extra damage and it also gives movement speed. All other legendaries also get magic penetration which amplifies your damage against champions that want to build mainly damage! Most often you want to combine this with Sorcerer's Shoes and Mejai's Soulstealer to deal heavy damage to every squishy on the enemy team.
I sometimes like to build Everfrost, since you can root someone for a total of 3 seconds if you combo your spells right. Everfrost works exceptionally well versus targets without dashes and is a decent tankier and more setup-oriented alternative to Luden's Tempest.
Liandry's Anguish
When the enemy has a lot of champions that stack Health this item can be useful; since it ignores their magic resistance up to 15% and it deals maximum % health damage. Other than that it also gives you 80 AP, 600 Mana and 20 AH. The passive also gives you ability haste on your Legendary items, which works well with a battle-mage like Ryze.
Seraph's Embrace
Completed version of AA. Gives a lot of AP when finished, much needed mana (which also translates into a lot of AP) and the ability to build tear early. You want to get this item relatively early, since it synergizes so well with Ryze's kit. Sadly it doesn't give a shield anymore since Season 11, so it does not give you a lot of survivability.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Amazing item for extra survivability and it also works to deny some ultimate abilties like Zed's Death Mark. Remember that using Zhonya's Hourglass active 'Stasis' while using ultimate does NOT work anymore on Ryze.
Banshee's Veil
Verdant Barrier is going to be a really useful surviving tool in AP matchups. The passive of Banshee's Veil is useful against champions who like to use their CC or ability as an engaging tool. It gives you a lot of AP, 45 MR and 10 AH.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Very strong on AP champions, however this one is a bit more risky. Should only be build if you think you'll be able to stack it and stay alive. Also gives you 10% movement speed. This item is the cheapest Legendary; it will give you the extra stats from your Mythic item of choice.
Rabadon's Deathcap
Incredibly strong item on AP scaling champions, the passive gives you a total of 40% bonus AP. The item got a bit more costly in Season 11.
Item that's useful when the enemy has champions with a lot of healing. Applies more Grievous Wounds when the enemy is below 50% health and Liandry's Anguish re-applies it for a total of 4 extra seconds.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Synergizes decently well with Ryze's kit since it gives a whopping 90 AP, a lot of extra health and a slow that allows you to hit your spells once applied. Still, because there are better items to build right now, this item has become obsolete.
Sorcerer's Shoes
Great item for some early to mid game damage since it gives 18 magic penetration quite early. These are gonna be the shoes you will nearly always but with Luden's Tempest, since it stacks well with the Mythic passive.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Great for if you're snowballing and works well with any active items you might have.
Other Boots
Defensive ARMOR/MR boots can be taken in harder lanes if you don't plan to build Zhonya's, for example vs Zed. They can also be build if the enemy is very heavy on one AD/AP. For the other boots: I don't recommend the other boots since they dont work that well with Ryze's kit.

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Ryze has a lot of combo's, but most of them are improvisation; that's what makes the champion Ryze hard. "What combo is the best to use in this situation?" is what you need to ask yourself multiple times per game. Here are a few combo's that are basic on Ryze:

Q, W or E - Poking enemies or stacking Manaflow Band, but be careful with your mana.
EQ - Spread and damage. Good for waveclearing and poking the enemy.
EW - Rooting an enemy. Good for setting up a quick play when your damage isn't important.
EEQ - Using overload to get close to enemies and catch them offguard. Wait for your E CD before casting Q.
QEWQ - Basic combo when you want to escape quickly, this will proc Overload. You can leave out the first Q when needed.

Remember that you can wait with using your abilities in order for your E to come off cooldown, so you can use the rest of your combo faster. So apply E to an enemy and then wait till its almost off cooldown again. These two combo's are also useful:

QWQEQ - If you want to do the most damage you can ASAP.
QEQWQEQ - Ryze's "most advanced" full damage combo.

A lot of Everfrost combo's from a Reddit user:

Reddit Post.

Some tricks on Ryze:

When you use ultimate you want to walk out of it and back in, because if you're not facing your champion to the circle and you're on the outer edge it will sometimes not take you with the ultimate. Your ultimate can go over walls (if you ultimate in the wall) if you are closer to the other side of the wall. You can ultimate before some abilities hit: Karthus R, Zoe's E, Fizz R damage. You can also use it to go back to lane to miss less cs or join a skirmish or teamfight later in the game. CC will cancel your ultimate so be careful when you use it! Don't use your ultimate to get close to champions with AOE abilities like Orianna, Malphite and Fiddlesticks, you will just bring in your team to die and potentially lose the game. Ryze is able to bring minions with him when he ults; this might be useful if you want to push a turret fast. Zac blobs can be taken with you too. Also another tip: Rooting enemies will cancel their teleport summoner spell. That's about it for the combo's and notes!

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Ryze isn't the strongest early game; because of his mana (much better in Season 11 since we can directly build Tear) and sustain issues (no heals or shields) he can't trade carelessly. This doesn't mean that you can't though, trading with Ryze is good in the early game especially vs matchups that are in your favour. Generally what you want to do is farm and stack your tear and the rune Manaflow Band every time is comes off cooldown. Remember that extra mana, even from runes like Manaflow Band, give you AP. If you play against melee matchups, you might be able to keep building slow pushes early-game, while poking the enemy, so it bounces back every time it hits he enemy tower. Ryze is a champion that excels in lane priority and denying the enemy resources (like taking enemy raptors), however you can also keep the wave on your side of the lane for your own safety and to potentially set up a gank for your jungler. Definitely use pings or chat to communicate with your jungler when playing Ryze.

As a midlaner you always want to think of your lane as a part of the jungle, that you're actually 2v2 instead of 1v1. Before the game starts think about who is a threat to you (even supports and toplaners can roam and be annoying) and whether you can win skirmishes with your jungler vs their midlaner and jungler. Depending on if you have a decently strong jungler (like Lee sin, Elise, Graves or Jarvan 4) you will be able to join scuttle fights, given that you didn't spend too much mana in lane. If your jungler is a strong invader, you can try to keep slow pushing your waves and join him; since if you crash a wave the enemy laner has to decide between missing minions or helping out. You always want to hug the side of the lane where you placed your ward/the side where your jungler is. You want to put a control-ward in the bush at the side you want to roam the most to this game (e.g. you want to roam bot; place a control-ward in the botside bush, you can ward the pixel bush too, however the pixel bush most often gets warded by someone else on your team). Later in the game you want to keep pushing waves and farm up by taking camps and roam to exert pressure on the map; preferably roaming with your jungler.

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When first tower goes down you want to go to a sidelane so you don't share farm with your teammates. I won't go too in-depth about the art of splitpushing; but basically it functions as a tool to exert pressure on the enemy. Splitpushing will force the enemy to choose between taking the wave thats about to die or hit their tower or staying with their team to guard them. If you are REALLY strong then they might even have to send two people to contest you. While splitpushing you want to keep looking at the map. If there is someone coming to you or multiple enemies are missing on the map you want to be a bit more careful and most likely back off till they reappear on the map. Having a deep ward will help you exert more pressure with splitpushing since you'll know when enemies are rotating. If you can't pressure the tower, you want to push the wave to their tower and hover your team while being out of vision or take the enemy jungle camps depending on the state of the game. When the wave starts pushing back you can start walking back to the sidelane to push it again. Depending on whether you have the summoner spell Teleport up or not, you need to choose a sidelane thats further or closer to the next objective that will appear on the map; in that order. Keep doing, this, farm up and try to group with your team when possible and take baron when the enemy gets caught to end the game!

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I hope you liked my guide. I hope I have the motivation to make more extensive guides for other champions too so I can help you guys out. Please leave a thumbs-up if you liked the guide and I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitch!

If you need to know anything else come join me on my Discord:

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