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Zac Build Guide by Exoslol

Jungle [11.7] S10 Chall | How To Catapult Urself To Challenger

Jungle [11.7] S10 Chall | How To Catapult Urself To Challenger

Updated on March 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exoslol Build Guide By Exoslol 93 25 255,672 Views 6 Comments
93 25 255,672 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Exoslol Zac Build Guide By Exoslol Updated on March 31, 2021
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Font of Life

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role Ranked #35 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.7] S10 Chall | How To Catapult Urself To Challenger

By Exoslol
About Me
Hello my name is Exos! I have been a Kha'Zix main with Zac as my side champion for the past 2 seasons now. I have reached Challenger on EUNE, Master on EUW with a 82% winrate and Grandmaster with a 70% winrate. Currently I'm pushing my way up to Challenger on EUW too! Eventhough Zac is my side champion, I still feel like I have enough knowledge about him and decided to make a guide explaining how t catapult yourself into some free elo :).
I regularly stream my gameplay on Twitch and upload vods to my Youtube channel. Feel free to check me out. The words are clickable :)
Why Zac

Zac - The Secret Weapon
Assassin, Bruiser, Jungler
Origin: Zaun
Speciality: Engaging teamfights
Why should you pick up zac? Zac is an insanely strong jungler in soloQ. Zac's kit revolves around jumping deep into the enemy team with his Elastic Slingshot and disrupting enemies with CC caused by Stretching Strikes and Let's Bounce!. Zac truly shines in soloQ because he can frequently gank from angles where most junglers can not even gank from! Avoiding vision, Zac's ganks are usually lethal and result in flashes blown or kills for your team. If you are not shy to jump straight onto the enemy team then Zac is the champion for you.
Pros & Cons
+ Ganks from unwarded regions
+ Extreme amount of CC
+ Perfect peeler
+ Very tanky while still dealing high damage
+ Low cooldowns on E in the mid game
+ Great duoq champion
+ Great synergy with most midlane champions (easy camping)

All in all, Zac is a great SoloQ champion that has a lot of gank potential and playmaking potential. As Zac you are able to decide teamfights by jumping straight onto their backline or by peeling for your damage dealers. Because you can gank from unwarded visions you have greet synergy with mid/top laners that can follow up your engage. DuoQing is a +.
- Can be kited
- E can be cancelled by champions like Thresh/ Jarvan IV/ Janna
- If engage is badly timed you can find yourself alone inside 5 people
- Passive can make you feel overconfident
- Early game cooldown on E is HUGE (20s)
- If CC is missed, you will be useless for a little while.

Zac has his weaknesses just like other champions. Champions like Thresh, Janna and Jarvan IV can cancel you out of your E which makes your engage close to useless. Early on in the game Zac has a very high cooldown on his E which makes it crucial to hit it. If you miss your E during a gank in the early game, they can kite you and possibly even kill you if you jumped to far but failed to hit anyone. Champions with mobility can easily kite Zac and dodge his CC skills. In order to battle this, wait out their mobility skills before focusing them.

This runepage is the most optimal rune page to take for Zac. The only keystone you should take on Zac is Aftershock. Aftershock increases your armor and magic resist whenever you disruspt an enemy with hard CC. Hard CC means making the enemy unable to move or displace them. Zac can proc Aftershock with multiple skills in his kit. Namely his Q, E and his R. Therefore, Aftershock is the best fitting rune on Zac allowing Zac to be more tanky on impact.
In the second row you want to opt for Font of Life. Shield Bash offers o value for Zac since Zac has no shields in his kit. Demolish is also a viable choice, however allowing allies to heal off of your max percentage HP makes Second Wind more valuable for your team in the long run.
On Zac you will mainly be building HP accompanied by armor and magic resist. Therefore taking Conditioning is a great choice to increase that armor and magic resist from items and the rune it self. The alternatives, Second Wind and Bone Plating are also viable options. However, Conditioning offers the most value in my opinion.
In the last row of runes you will always want to take Revitalize. Revitalize
increases your healing from bloblets from your passive by 5% which increases to 40% when below 40% hp. Overgrowth offers extra hp but after testing it out its becomes clear that Revitalize is a huge help in healthier clearing, healthier teamfighting and just safer gameplay. Unflinching is not really a good rune for Zac since it gives you tenacity after using a summoner spell. This rune is mostly good for champions that need to flash in and then engage and make sure they dont get cc'ed. Since Zac engages before flashing usually, he does not need this rune.

For the second tree I advise looking at the runes at the top of the guide. However I personally always take Magical Footwear & Cosmic Insight on Zac since they lower the CDR on your skills which drastically help out in the transition from early to mid game. Magical Footwear is a great rune which allows you to purely focus on your jungle item.

Hunter's Talisman
Hunter's Talisman deals DoT (damage over time) to monsters you have damaged while simultaneously healing you for 6hp/s for every enemy that is burning. You want to take this item every time as you will be full clearing and this item will allow you to sustain the clear properly. Since you will mainly be using W while clearing camps the talisman synergizes perfectly with that.

Stalker's Blade
You always want to opt for Stalker's Blade AFTER BUYING Bami's Cinder on Zac. After jumping in, smiting the enemy gives you more certainty of connecting your Stretching Strikes and getting
a succesful kill. You should keep in mind that Stalker's Blade not only slows the enemy, it also grants you the movement speed you slowed the enemy for. It is also great in order to escape..


When doing your first recall. Always buy Bami's Cinder. This item increases your clear speed and your damage output early on during ganks while also increasing your health which in turn, increases the damage output on all of your skills. After having bought Bami's Cinder you want to finish your jungle item into a Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk.

Always opt to complete your jungle item first. Any other item is simply not worth delaying the power spike of your jungle item. Buying several Control Wards to secure vision is always a good idea to do if you have leftover gold.

Finishing boots after your jungle item is your best choice here. You want to be tanky and having a good pair of boots instead of flip flops that make you faster. The decision of which boots depends on the enemy team. In full AD/AP or heavy CC matchups you will need to alternate between Ninja Tabi for full AD comps and Mercury's Treads for AP heavy or CC heavy compositions.

After boots, the next item you should be getting is Warmog's Armor. Warmog's offers you a great amount of HP combined with cooldown reduction which is exactly what you want to buy on Zac. The unique passive Warmog's Armor has will come in real handy after reaching 3000 hp. The health regen gained from it will allow you re-enter fights after running low. Opting for a Spirit Visage instead is also viable depending on the enemy comp. If they have a lot of AP then going Spirit Visage could be better than Warmog's Armor. Same counts for Dead Man's Plate and full AD comps.

Build Example

This would be an example build for Zac. The build is mainly focused on acquiring HP in combination with defensive stats like armor and magic resist. In addition to the core mentioned above here you can see Spirit Visage, Dead Man's Plate and Thornmail added to the build. These items would make a great Zac build against a normal enemy composition.

Spirit Visage is a great item for Zac. It synergizes perfectly with his passive and the rune Revitalize. Increasing the healing he receives from his passive makes Zac a true monster when he combines Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage.

Following the Spirit Visage, a Dead Man's Plate is another great item allowing Zac to increase his HP and armor. With all the items mentioned before and Dead Man's Plate combined, Zac has a great variety of defensive stats against any type of damage (Except true damage).

The last item I usually take but sometimes partially build in the middle of the game is Thornmail. In the current meta, there are a lot of champions that either heal, or buy items that heal them for a lot. Like champions buying Death's Dance. Buying Bramble Vest and later on finishing it into Thornmail makes them heal less when they basic attack you which they will be doing since you are going to be deep inside their team after catapulting in.

Situational Items

There are a few situational items Zac can take. I have listed the ones I take situationally. These items are taken when you need special attributes or when opting for a completely different playstyle as Zac.

A great situational item when your team is in need of more (ap) damage and you are far ahead is Liandry's Anguish. It offers health but also ability power combined with a very powerful passive that shreds the enemies HP in combination with your skills. Picking this up when your team lacks AP is also a good option.

If you happen to play vs a Kalista, fed ADC that builds crit or just need more armor. Going for a Randuin's Omen is a great option. It offers health, armor and a good active which slows enemies and their attack speed in an AoE around you, allowing you to peel more effectively for your teammates.

This item might sound a bit weird, but building Zeke's Convergence on Zac can be really powerful when you opt for a more supporting style of Zac. If your support for example is squishy Xerath who pokes and does not really buy support items, you can decide to take Zeke's Convergence for your ADC and play around him. The passive is great in combination with Zac's ult. This item truly pops off when you also have a Knight's Vow for the same ADC. Both items offer perfect defensive stats for Zac while also buffing your ADC. Duoqing with a Katarina or another heavy carry champion can also be a good reason to opt for these items.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is an essential summoner. It allows you to close gaps to kill the enemy or to escape from the enemy. There is no debate possible about this rune.
SMITE: Just as Flash, Smite is a non negotiable summoner spell for every jungler. You can not build jungle items without smite so make sure to always take smite.
Cell Division
Each time Zac hits an enemy with an ability, he sheds a chunk of himself that can be reabsorbed to restore 4% of his maximum health.
Upon taking fatal damage, Zac splits into 4 chunks that attempt to recombine. If any of these chunks remain after 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 seconds, he will revive with 10-50% health depending on the health of the surviving chunks. Each chunk has 12% of Zac's maximum health, and 50% of his armor and magic resistance. This ability has a static cooldown and is unaffected by cooldown reduction.

The revival speed is increased every 4 levels.
Stretching Strikes
Zac stretches his left arm in the target direction, dealing 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+30% of ability power) (+2.5% of Zac's maximum health) magic damage and slowing the first enemy hit by 40% for 0.5 seconds, as well as attaching it to the target for 2 seconds.

While his arm is attached, his next basic attack is replaced by a second Stretching Strike, gaining 125 bonus attack range and dealing the same magic damage and slow.

If both Stretching Strikes affect two different targets, he flings them against each other, dealing the initial magic damage around the point of collision and applying the slow again.
Unstable Matter
Zac's body erupts, dealing magic damage equal to 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 plus 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6% (+2% per 100 ability power) of their maximum Health to all nearby enemies (max 200 damage against minions and monsters). Picking up a chunklet reduces Unstable Matter's cooldown by one second. Hitting a jungle monster allows Zac to walk through them.
Elastic Slingshot
Zac faces the cursor and begins charging for up to 1 second. Upon reactivating the ability, he launches himself towards the target location, dealing 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+90% of ability power) magic damage to all enemies hit and knocking them back for 0.5-1 second(s), based on how long Zac charged Elastic Slingshot. Zac creates extra chunks for each additional champion he hits with this ability.

Can be cancelled by moving or after 0.9 / 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 seconds of channeling, refunding 50% of the health cost and halving the cooldown.
Let's Bounce!
Passive: Increases Cell Division's healing from chunks by 1 / 2 / 3% of Zac's maximum health.

Active: Zac bounces 4 times, knocking back and dealing 140 / 210 / 280 (+40% of ability power) magic damage to enemies he hits. While bouncing, Zac gains 20% - 50% bonus movement speed and can cast Unstable Matter.

Enemies hit by Let's Bounce! are slowed by 20% for 1 second after being knocked back. Enemies hit by multiple bounces take 50% less damage for every bounce beyond the first and are not displaced more than once.
Jungle Pathing
Blue Start

1. blue buff
2. gromp
3. wolf
4. raptor
5. red buff
6. krug
7. scuttle

This is a standard full clear starting from the blue buff. As Zac u always want to full clear because your E has a really low range on the first level. Keep your eyes open for lanes nearby pushing in too much. Your gank at lvl 3 is strong but it depends on how deep the enemy is because your first E is going to be short ranged.
Red Start

1. red buff
2. krug
3. raptor
4. wolf
5. blue buff
6. gromp
7. Scuttle

This is a full clear starting at the red buff side. The same rules apply for the start at blue side. Keep your eyes open and make sure to check up on your laners. When you have a free gank, take it. A succesful gank is worth more than farming your camps.

When playing Zac most ganks you will make are from angles where enemies most likely dont have vision. For example ganking mid from raptor camp, ganking mid from behind the wall and ganking botlane from tribush using ur Elastic Slingshot. It is crucial to abuse the spots where enemies have no ward to succesfully gank as Zac.
After you succesfully managed to land your Elastic Slingshot and you already leveled up your Let's Bounce! hitting Stretching Strikes on an opponent and while they are being CCed. you should either walk or Flash behind them and then use Let's Bounce!. This pushes the enemy further away from their tower/safety and makes the enemy chance of survival way lower.
Teamfighting & Lategame

Teamfighting & Late game with Zac
In the late game teamfighting with Zac is fairly straight forward. Make sure the enemy damage dealers are pre-occupied dealing with you while your damage dealers are staying alive and can dish out damage. You need to find a balance between peeling your damagers and engaging onto the enemy damage dealers.

You need to keep your eyes on the map and be wary of potential flanks from the enemy. Ultimately, you need to be looking for good engages around important objectives such as baron and the elder drake in the late game. It is also possible to let the enemy start these objectives and you then fight them at the entrance of the pit where they are trapped. Using Elastic Slingshot combined with Stretching Strikes and Let's Bounce! will hit hard with the neutral buff also damaging the enemy.
You are a great teamfighter in the late game due to your tankiness and CC. Be sure and confident you are going to hit your E. Hitting your CC in the late game is VITAL and ESSENTIAL. If you miss your CC this late into the game you risk being shredded down fast or the enemy being able to reach your backline. Do not go for bad plays. Wait until the right timing and let your team know you are going in.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Exoslol
Exoslol Zac Guide
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[11.7] S10 Chall | How To Catapult Urself To Challenger

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