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Anivia Build Guide by APigHunter

Jungle [12.4] Predator Anivia Jungle Guide

Jungle [12.4] Predator Anivia Jungle Guide

Updated on February 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author APigHunter Build Guide By APigHunter 4,960 Views 0 Comments
4,960 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author APigHunter Anivia Build Guide By APigHunter Updated on February 28, 2022
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Runes: Core Runes

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Summer Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.4] Predator Anivia Jungle Guide

By APigHunter
Hi Everyone! My name is APigHunter and here is my predator Anivia jungle guide I have been an Anivia main ever since I started in season 11. While I have switched mains here and there, my number 1 main will always be Anivia.

Anyways, this guide will particularly cover the primary and main strategies I use when it comes to jungling as Anivia in an AD/Gank Oriented Jungle Meta. Considering that you are reading this, I will assume you are somewhat familiar with ins and outs of Anivia and ideally,[ you should have 30 games under Anivia at this point.

However, if this is your first time; I would suggest picking up this challenger guide by Poliko. This guide is very useful for an introduction into Anivia Mid and the tips and gameplay there certainly plays a role in Anivia Jungle

This is my first guide so any comments in regards to the quality and content of this guide is much appreciated (I will try my best to include everything as much as possible).
Spells & Runes
First things first, why Teleport Instead Of Flash?

As a flash user, it is essential for junglers to incorporate flash whether as a playmaking or escape tool. Whether or not a champion like Amumu flash R or a Kha'Zix flashes to steal objectives before jumping away. There is always a note of play potential given the versatile utility of flash.

However, it simply does not work on Anivia.

That is because Anivia is immobile and squishy. I often than not find myself in situations where flash somewhat helped in achieving my goal but overall resulted in my death and eventual loss for my team. So after countless games, I resorted to a much more impactful summoner spell (which is Teleport)

Many players find Teleport as a secondary tool when it comes to entering team fights from solo pushing or defending towers from the same split pushing enemies. This constant pressure of someone going to teleport to the nexus from an exhaustive team fight or a baron take usually makes one person on the enemy team defend by pushing back waves that can potentially usher in a teleport play.

Likewise, my use of Teleport is the same in principle but different in practice. While I would use teleport to similarly apply pressure to lanes and objectives. It will be jungle-oriented and this enables me to be a split-pusher as much as a jungler. My teleport will always ensure that I can be there for objectives and open to being contested. But while this is the principle application given the normal usage of Teleport. It very well is a complement to Anivia's Rebirth passive as teleporting before going in egg form will result in you getting away safely unless you can get bursted down by a 5 man team in those 4 seconds of uncertainty. A famous example of this by pro player froggen during a pro game

For a more recent clip of this (Season 7),
So, where am I going with this?

Well, given the better impact and pressure teleport offers than flash (+ Safer escape tool). It suffices to say that I would prefer Teleport over Flash anytime in jungle Anivia. Nonetheless, you can always switch it up to whichever fits the team composition but ideally, teleport would be your go-to spell.
Starting Items
Moving to your first items when the game commences,

Item Sequence

Boots 300
Refillable Potion 150
Stealth Ward 0

Given that you will be running Predator, going Boots instead of Hailblade will instantly grant the insane predator passive ability at level 1 with Predator boots. Now for the reasoning of that, I will go into the next chapter but it bows down toone thing. Establishing a early-game lead

Refillable Potion is optional if you believe you cannot establish a lead (more on that later) but I always like having a handy tool to replenish hp given that Anivia base hp is really low compared to other champions.

Stealth Ward is useful in the first few minutes as you earn 90 seconds of vision that can provide vital information as to an enemy jungler position and any future camps they will be clearing.

On your first back (once you reach 350 gold & lvl 2), you should ideally procure a Hailblade and if possible a Control Ward. You should swap out to Oracle Lens as vision plays an extremely vital role in ensuring that you do not feed or give a lead to enemy jungler early game and therefore snowball and increase your chances of losing.

Item Sequence

Hailblade 350
Control Ward 75
Oracle Lens 0

If you are wondering why I prefer Hailblade rather than Emberknife is because the slow is much more impactful than damage implication(especially if you are getting chased by hypermobile champs like Warwick or Hecarim)
Level 1 Strategy
Now, after noticing that you get Boots first instead of jungle item ( Hailblade) from the previous chapter, you may ask yourself?

What is the point of it?

Well if you guessed a level 1 cheese strat, then you very well should continue reading this guide otherwise this would not be off-meta and I would instantly make this a normal anivia jungle guide. Ideally, you should cheese the lane of the person you are duoing with but if you are solo queueing because your friends think your Anivia Jungle will not work or you do not have any friends.

Well my friend, Welcome to League Of Legends.

Anyway, while it is not necessary to cheese someone's lane. I find it imperative to get first blood or an assist because you will have only 50 Gold or 200 depending on whether or not you also get Refillable Potion and so its either you wait it out passively or you can have a takedown in any of your lanes within the first 3 minutes of the game. As often than not, junglers with fast clears like Master Yi and Hecarim will just gank instatnly should the opporunity rises. Just be sure to note of this during champion select.

You should cheese the lane where BLUE SENTINEL is located as crest of insight is invaluable to maintaining your mana in the early game.

Addtionally, another key part of this is also to soak up xp of your laners until you get level 2. That is because without a leash, Anivia's Flash Frost will prove hard and diffcutlt given its long cooldown and low initial damage. Therefore, having Frostbite will ease the burden and ensure a reliable and safer clear in the jungle.

Overall, the primary objective of this level 1 strategy is to hopefully establish a early game advantage for yourself and your team alongside with tilting the enemy as well. Having Predator boots ensures that you can poke down an enemy even if they burn their Flash or Ghost to escape an otherwsise cheesy gank by an Anivia at level 1 (Assuming they are deep in lane). Otherwise, I would continue soaking up xp and passively earning gold to make sure I can CLEAR my camps regardless your laner/friend flames you for "stealing xp".

Exp does not matter to me in the first 3 levels in my opinion as I would be usually be backing to base as soon as I get level 2 and 350 gold.

As the cilent loading screen says, "Sharing exp between two members of your team is more effective than one".
Objectives and Jungle Gameplay
Moving on, you have gotten your Hailblade (optionally Control Ward & Oracle Lens). You must be wondering, how am I gonna catch up to my enemy jungler as they would be level 4 or above with more than 40 cs at this point.

Well, No need to fret, for there is catch-up xp implenmented by our lovely RITO back in season 11. This jungle CATCHUP-XP allows you to "catch up" to your enemy junglers level once your average level falls below the level average of b both teams in the game. What this means is that, if you are level 2 or level 1 and the both your allies and enemies are level 5 or above. You can easily close that level gap through 2 or 3 camps.

Now, if you want to know which camps to clear. Always priortise BLUE SENTINEL or "blue buff" as crest of insight provides mana regen and ability haste, both of which is essential to Anivia early game high cooldown skills. (Use 1 smite chage for blue buff) Following blue buff, procedd to gromp and use a smite charge if you get low (below half hp) but clear gromp normally if you have more than half hp. Afterwards, proceed to to "red buff" or Red Brambleback and at this point, you would be level 4 or halfway to level 5.

Note: The jungle clear is on the premise where you do NOT GET INVADED, if you suspect that your camps get invaded either through vision or intuition. Proceed to getting the Rift Scuttler as after level 1, the next step is to reach your powerspike of level 6 (where your most powerful ability Glacial Storm is unlocked. I would suggests clearing your entire jungle or giving it to your laners as Anivia is not too reliant on xp after getting ult but xp is welcome nonetheless.

Her Scaling in my opionion is down to getting Liandry's Anguish and Seraph's Embrace along with the Sorcerer's Shoes that make Anivia extremly strong in the mid game.

Depending on how proficient the enemy jungler is when it comes to their indivudal skill and understanding of Anivia jungle, most likely than not you will lose the first drake but that is not a problem so long as you do not give a lead to the enemy team. Once the mid-game starts, you can leverage your 1 or 2 item powerspike to carry your team alongside with Teleport and Predator allowing you to make plays throughout the entire map.
Gank Strategy
With Predator on hand, how do you expect to gank and fight knowing there is a enemy jungler doing the same thing?

Simple: Patience

If you are trying to set up a gank, I would do my ganks in one of two methods. Firstly would be rushing to a low hp enemy very well knowing the jungler is not nearby or secondly, holding out in the bush hoping the enemy laners walk up or unknowillingy have their jungler gank a lane where I was waiting at the perfect moment. This is why Oracle Lens is very important as the element of surprise factors greatly in whether or not your patience pays off. I would also note objectives and potential team fights happening so I can use my Teleport or Predator at the right time.

HOWEVER,Try your best not to gank without Rebirth as your squishy nature will surely lead to a takedown for the enemy team. Thereby evening out a potential counter-gank or 3 v 2 teamfight. Therefore, having other tools such Stopwatch or Zhonya's Hourglass will greatly increase your chances of survival waiting and holding out in the bush for the perfect opportunity to gank.
There you go!

You have reached the end of this long and hopefully detailed jungle guide. There are chapters I did not include like how to fight in the river or how to clear camps because to my end. I wanted to provide a brief overview of how to execute Anivia jungle my way and with Predator. If you wish me to update with those specific, please do let me know in the comments, and maybe in the coming weeks and months I will give a more updated version of this guide :).

Anyways, if rito had not re-added jungle catch-up xp to summoners rift. I do not think this would be viable but who knows, I am constantly refining and noting the different nooks and squares that the game has to offer and without I end this guide with a heartfelt message. Please play according to what you want rather than conforming to toxicity shaping your playstyle because everyone is not perfect and that includes me too.

Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to climb through ranked games and is merely purely for variety and fun in this versatile and beautiful champion that is Anivia. YOU WILL LIKELY GET TOXIC COMMENTS FROM YOUR TEAMMATES BUT DO NOT LISTEN Thank you :)

P.S you can easily get S+ on Anivia due to its extremely low pick rate.
League of Legends Build Guide Author APigHunter
APigHunter Anivia Guide
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[12.4] Predator Anivia Jungle Guide

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