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Corki Build Guide by JayKm1

Middle [12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Corki Mid Guide (IN-DEPTH)

Middle [12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Corki Mid Guide (IN-DEPTH)

Updated on March 2, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1 Build Guide By JayKm1 9 2 22,796 Views 4 Comments
9 2 22,796 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1 Corki Build Guide By JayKm1 Updated on March 2, 2022
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First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Corki Mid Guide (IN-DEPTH)

By JayKm1
Hi, Im JayK. Ive been playing Corki a while now and ive enjoyed him quite a bit. I think hes in a good state right now and is someone you can pick up.
I thought I would make this guide as Corki's pickrate has gone up recently and ive seen a lot of people picking him up for the first time. I don't find him to be the most difficult champ but he can be a little tricky.
+ Safe pick into most comps
+ Lots of damage
+ Good in team fights
+ Easy to farm and waveclear
+ Really good poke
+ Good zone control with Hextech Munitions

I think he is a strong pick into most team comps and at any elo. His consistent burst damage and AOE damage makes him a lot of fun.
- Mana relliant
- Very limited mobility
- Item Dependent (Weak Early Game)
- Very Limited CC
- Squishy
- Doesn't have a lot of magic pen options.

Like most ADC's he suffers from low mobility and squishyness. With no CC you can easily be punished if you are out of position. The core of his damage is all skill shots so your going to need to be able to land them. The high mana cost of his abilities also adds on to his weaker early game.

I find Lethal Tempo to be a very strong rune for corki especially in the early game where you can easily do a lot of poke damage with auto attacks.
Presence of Mind is a really good rune since Corki is mana dependent so it helps out quite a bit. If your confident your jungler will give you blue buff then you could also go Triumph
Because of the little sustain Corki has even with Immortal Shieldbow I like to go Legend: Bloodline for the extra healing.
Flash is what you should be going 99% of the time as Corki since your mobility is extremely limited and your going to need the extra escape tool.
Teleport is one you're gonna take into most matchups as it will help you not miss any CS which is important on Corki and can also help you setup plays with your package.
Into hard matchups with lots of burst damage like assassins your gonna want to take Exhaust so you can't just get one shot.
Unseen Predator
I believe Corki's passive is an extremely underrated ability. I think the package if used properly can make game winning plays. The damage and CC can be easily landed on objective fights or in the early game to cut off a lane so theres no escape for the enemies. Ontop of this the speed boost it gives allows you to get back to lane making it essentially a free teleport. This is why I like to stagger my TP and package making sure not to use them both at the same time so I almost always have an option to get back to lane quickly. Even after the nerf in 12.3 I still find it to be a very crucial part to being successful with Corki.
Phosphorus Bomb
This is his main source of damage in the early game and is also his main source of wave clear. It is pretty easy for the enemies to dodge so you should aim where you predict them to move like when you know they are about to walk up to last hit a minion. Its also important not to spam it early game as it will take up a lot of mana.
Valkyrie is Corki's only mobility so you should only use it when you need to dodge a high damage ability or when you need to get out of danger. Although it does damage it should really never be used as a damaging ability because of its long cooldown. Most people will know its your only escape tool and try and bait you to use it before going in so make sure to use it wisely.
Gatling Gun
Although this ability doesn't do much damage it does however reduce enemy Armor and Magic Resist which is very beneficial to your team in teamfights. It can also help in quickly waveclearing.
Missile Barrage
This is your main source of damage late game and also poke. The damage really ramps up when you have 4-5 items and the AOE damage is really nice in team fights. It can also be used to waveclear quickly or last hit from a distance.
Immortal Shieldbow
This is the best mythic for Corki in my opinion as it helps him get through lane with the sustain and also gives you safety with it's passive.
Ludens Tempest
This is the mythic for the hybrid build. Compared to the Immortal Shieldbow buildpath it has a weaker early game but your rocket damage late game will be insanely high against certain team comps. If your going this you must take First Strike
Corki has an extremely weak early game with his little damage, health, no sustain and also prone to being out of mana quickly. At this point your only goal in lane should be to survive and farm CS.

Against melee matchups its especially important to never let your opponent get CS for free so using your ranged auto attacks and also your Phosphorus Bombs to poke is important. Your goal is to really just outscale your opponent by playing off your 3-4 item powerspike and by having a CS lead.

You want to be careful not to push the wave to their tower by constantly using your Phosphorus Bomb or your Gatling Gun on the wave since you only have a little dash with Valkyrie so being deep in lane is just asking to be ganked.
At this point in the game you will have access to your Missile Barrage but it's damage will be minimal so you should be using it to poke and last hit from a distance. The cooldown on it will be short but you will quickly run out of rockets so make sure not to waste them by missing.

You should also be using your packages to make plays around the map if you know they are on drag or rift or on top or bot lane if they are over extended. You should be pinging when its off cooldown so your team knows you can use it.
Now at this point your damage will be extremely high so you should be with your team always for group fights since you can be constantly DPSing in your team's backline.

The long range AOE damage with Missile Barrage will be your main source of damage and you really just want to think of yourself as a marksman as you just want to focus on not dying and doing as much DPS as you can.

Using your package late game can be hard since if you just use it right into the enemy team you can be deleted instantly because of how squishy you are. It should instead be used as a zoning tool or if your team is already engaging.
Here a couple of useful tips and tricks I would keep in mind as they can come in handy.

- Your package refreshes your Missile Barrage inventory so you can spam your R until you have a red rocket next and then pick up the package so you have your red rocket ready

- Phosphorus Bomb reveals enemies in bushes.

- Valkyrie can be used to go over thin walls

- Your package slows enemies hit by it so it makes it way easier to land your rockets after you used it on them
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1
JayKm1 Corki Guide
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[12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Corki Mid Guide (IN-DEPTH)

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