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Rengar Build Guide by JayKm1

Jungle [12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Rengar Jungle Guide (IN-DEPTH)

Jungle [12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Rengar Jungle Guide (IN-DEPTH)

Updated on March 2, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1 Build Guide By JayKm1 21 6 46,448 Views 2 Comments
21 6 46,448 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1 Rengar Build Guide By JayKm1 Updated on March 2, 2022
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace
Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

[12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Rengar Jungle Guide (IN-DEPTH)

By JayKm1
Rengar, The Pridestalker
Hi, Im JayK. When autofilled jungle I almost always go Rengar. I find him to be one of the most fun and satisfying junglers.
I thought I would make this guide as Rengar has a steep learning curve and can be hard to start on so this guide is going to be beginner orientated.
+ Extremely Fun
+ Lots of different builds
+ Satisfying to one shot
+ Can be played jungle or top
+ Easy to stomp games on
+ Good at jungle skirmishes

Even while being in a weak place in high elo. At low elo he can definetely carry games in the right hands. He is super fun with the various amounts of builds that can fit your specific playstyle.
- Weak against tanks
- Hard to master
- No disengage
- Needs to be ahead
- Struggles in group fights

With Rengar you need to be ahead to feel relevant but when you are ahead its an amazing feeling. A couple big flaws are his weak ganks pre 6 and him not having any form of disengage so in groupfights where the enemies are grouped up its hard for him.

I find Electrocute to be the best rune especially for beginners. Since Rengar has high burst damage Electrocute helps get one-shots off. Its also really easy to proc electrocute with a simple Bola Strike -> Savagery -> Battle Roar combo. With letality items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Eclipse it synergises realy well. Its also a must against squishy teams where it would be hard to proc Conqueror.
Sudden Impact is a no brainer for even more one shot potential. It can really make the difference of finishing a kill or them getting away with a sliver of health.
Eyeball Collection gives you more adaptive damage so can really help in skirmishes.
Flash is what you should be going 99% of the time as rengar can easily be out of position and also has no disengage so having Flash to be able to get out of the enemy team's backline when going for their adc for example is very useful.
Unseen Predator
Rengar's passive is what makes the core of his gameplay. Some things to keep in mind is to remember that when you leap from a brush with 0 ferocity stacks you gain 1. This is super important when clearing early on. Also if you are able to get 5 trophies early on it gives you a super big advantage.
This is his main source of burst damage. Most times you when your at full ferocity you should use an empowered q. This means that when leaping from brush at 0 stacks onto someone you can get two Q's in really quickly which is how you burst someone down. Some tips are to not press Q while in your Thrill of the Hunt as you can press it after you land which gives you an extra autoattack.
Battle Roar
This is a simple ability but a lot of beginners use it wrong so its important to keep in mind a couple of things. You should be using it at the end of your combo so for example if you jump on someone and do E and Q its best to do your W last since it gives back 50% of the damage taken in the last 1.5 seconds. So if you use it when you jump on someone you likely havent taken any damage yet.
Bola Strike
Early game Bola Strike is extremely useful as you don't oneshot yet so being able to chase someone down with an Empowered Bola Strike is really important.
Thrill of The Hunt
This is your main ganking tool so its important not the waste it. Remember the small circle around you is the range of where they cant see you. Also keep in mind control wards reveal you while in Thrill of the Hunt
This is a well rounded mythic item for Rengar. It gives sustain, good damage, and has a good mythic passive for shredding tanks.
Duskblade of Draktharr
When their team has 4-5 squishies then this is a good mythic to go also if they have more ranged champs. I would only go electrocute with this item as the benefit is the really high burst damage. There isn't any sustain with this item so you need to be sure you can one shot your target and get out.
Axiom Arc
For beginners this is the second item I suggest because of its passive. Since ganking is a lot harder without your ultimate, having 20% of its cooldown reduced after a takedown is super nice. Unless your behind id go for it also because it allows you to dominate the map early-mid game by being able to ult constantly.
Rengar's early game is strong as you need to snowball early. It's easier than other snowball champs because of his strong early game. It's important to know the matchup against the other jungler since most of the time you win 1v1 against them pre 6. This makes it important to invade and take scuttle fights.

When invading the others jungle its all about knowing their character so you can predict what camp they will be at and also what abilities they have. For example a common strat I use is to be in a bush in jump range of a camp and when the enemy jungler is clearing it I wait until an important ability is used to clear like a Master Yi Q. Then once they use it you can jump on em. Most of the time in early game you wont one shot so its important to go back to the bush and constantly jump back and forth to get passive stacks. Same thing when going for scuttle you always want to try and force the fight near a bush which will almost garuntee a kill.

Ganks with Rengar pre 6 are tricky since hes slow with no gap close. This is why its important to know when to gank. If the enemy laner is full HP and close to tower you are just wasting time trying to gank them. The easiest way to get a gank is to communicate to your teammate to try and get them close to a river bush but only if you know they don't have any vision in it. This is why first back getting a control ward if you can afford it and serrated dirk is important. Also when ganking you need to know the enemy's abilities and if they have an ability they can used to escape. For example if you are ganking a Zed than you would want to wait until he uses his shadow on your mid laner otherwise if you try and gank he can just use it to get away. If there arent any gank opprotinunites then you should just focus on getting level 6 as soon as possible. When you get level 6 thats when you want to immediatly gank a lane as its a big power spike for you.

In the early game you also want to make sure your using your empowered E if you know your burst wont kill them as if they flash or have a mobility you can root them to chase them down.

First back you really want to ideally have 1100 gold which would be after a full clear and a scuttle crab. Serrated Dirk is a big powerspike because of the lethality so you should be looking for kills once you get it.
This is the stage of the game where you can consistently one shot the enemy squishies like the ADC. You want to be constantly using your ult to put pressure on lanes. Your job is to carry the game and prevent their carries from scaling.

You can easily be shut down when the enemy team groups so you want to have smart positioning and never be engage for your team.

You want to be playing for objectives aswell and making sure that you are in a position to go for the enemies backline after your team engages. You can also shred objectives as Rengar. When having two core items or more on Rengar chances are you can take baron at 20 minutes with 1-2 teammates but never try to finish it if the enemies contest.
At this point in the game when you have The Collector / Infinity Edge and you can one shot almost anybody on their team you dont need to really clear camps anymore but instead always apply pressure on anyone on the enemy team whos out of position as at this point of the game if there isnt anyone on their team who isnt grouped up then that should be your target.

The enemy team should be aware of your one shot potential by now so using your R to zone them out is a good idea if they are taking an objective.

In teamfights patience will be key as you need to wait for the enemy CC to be used to go in. You should never be diving their frontline as its probably a garunteed death.
Here a couple of useful tips and tricks I would keep in mind as they can come in handy.

- Your Savagery is an auto attack reset so this makes it useful to maximize dps especially when clearing

- You reset your ferocity timer by either taking damage or giving damage to anything. This includes plants and and jungle camps so you can use it to keep ferocity while moving inbetween camps.

- In 12.2 you can now jump when camouflaged after level 6
League of Legends Build Guide Author JayKm1
JayKm1 Rengar Guide
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[12.5 UPDATED] JayK's Beginner Rengar Jungle Guide (IN-DEPTH)

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