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Jax Build Guide by Antecc



Updated on November 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Antecc Build Guide By Antecc 19,156 Views 9 Comments
19,156 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Antecc Jax Build Guide By Antecc Updated on November 9, 2023
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1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide


By Antecc
Jax his basic attacks generate a stack of on-attack for 2.5 seconds, refreshing on subsequent attacks and stacking up to 8 times. Stacks expire by one every 0.25 seconds when the duration ends. For each stack, Jax gains bonus attack speed. Stacking this ability before a fight could be detrimental to winning it.

Jax dashes to the target unit's location. This ability can be cast on wards, allied or enemy minions/champions, Jarvan IV's Flag, Rek'sai's Tunnel, Thresh's Lantern, ...

If the target is an enemy and they are in range, upon arrival, Jax deals physical damage. W can be merged with Q to deal extra damage upon arrival.

Jax empowers his next basic attack or Leap Strike against an enemy within 10 seconds to deal bonus magic damage. If Empower is used on a basic attack, it will gain 50 bonus range. This ability is an auto attack reset, meaning it can be cast instantly after dealing damage with a basic attack while cancelling the timer to auto attack again.

Jax enters Evasion for 2 seconds: a defensive stance that causes him to dodge all incoming non-Turret basic attacks and take 25% reduced damage from all area of effect abilities from champions.

Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second and does so automatically after the duration.

RECAST: Jax deals magic damage to nearby enemies, with the total damage increased by 20% for each attack dodged, up to a 100% increase, and stuns them for 1 second.

PASSIVE: Jax his basic attacks generate a stack of Grandmaster-At-Arms on-hit for 2.5 seconds, refreshing on subsequent hits and stacking up to 2 times. At 2 stacks, his next basic attack is empowered to consume them all to deal bonus magic damage. While Grandmaster-At-Arms is active, the empowered attack triggers at 1 stack instead.

ACTIVE: Jax swings his lantern around, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. If this hits a champion, he gains bonus armor, increased for each champion hit beyond the first and bonus magic resistance equal to 60% of that amount as well as 10% increased size for 8 seconds.


+ Great duelist
+ Great at extended fights
+ Good at short trades
+ Great splitpusher
+ Great waveclear
+ Great scaling
+ Great level 1
+ Low cooldowns
+ Built-in damage, mobility and tankiness


- Mana hungry into tanky enemies
- Sub-par early between levels 2-5 (including those levels)
- Heavily match-up dependant. Jax cannot function well without sufficient match-up knowledge.
- Gets dogged on if it falls behind even slightly. This goes for any juggernaut, so it also applies to Jax.
- Macro-reliant champion. This means that fights are moreso in the enemies' control, due to that champion most likely having more mechanics and tricks to work with. You rely on having a better gameplan and thought process to win the game.

Divine Sunderer

This item is your bread and butter. It gives you sustain, %max hp damage, armor pen, hp, damage AND haste. Basically everything you could ever ask for. This greatly strengthens Jax his short trade AND extended trade potential due to the empowered Sheen effect, making it so you could effectively heal from fighting enemies. This is the mythic you will be going most games and is your biggest spike.

Trinity Force

As of Patch 13.14, the item got nerfed and isn't as good as it used to be. However, it has become better at short trades and only becomes worse in very long fights that take 9+ auto's. You can still run this item into squishy enemies and for splitpushing, as the tower damage is still better compared to Divine Sunderer

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver has been an excellent choice for a second item and still is, but I recommend to opt for Spear of Shojin 2nd instead now. Upon further reviewing and testing, Black Cleaver should only be built into significant armor (think of tanks in general) or if your team is full AD.

Side note: Empower does not stack Black Cleaver and Jax deals hybrid (ad and ap) damage, meaning that this items' effectiveness actually drops relative to Spear of Shojin! This item is still great and is fine to be built 2nd, but the general item is not this one anymore.

Blade of the Ruined King

DO NOT BUILD THIS ITEM. You are better off getting yourself either a Black Cleaver, Wit's End or defensive item like Maw of Malmortius. The reason being is that this item only deals damage to a HIGH CURRENT HP TARGET, weakens you in teamfights relative to the other options mentioned and is countered by sufficient armor, contrary to popular belief. The item deals significantly less damage the lower the target gets and deals less-than-optimal damage into high armor enemies that like items such as Frostfire Gauntlet and Jak'Sho and even a component like Bramble Vest. This is subsequently an inconsistent damage source. It is only recommended into Dr. Mundo and Sion, as these 2 champions want to stack hp by going Heartsteel; the stat that Blade of the Ruined King counters. If Sion is not building Heartsteel, you do not go BotRK. This item is a former shell of itself and is not what it used to be, therefore I highly recommend you to opt for a different item.

Wit's End

A very nice item on Jax. This item synergises well with his Auto-Attacking nature. It's a solid item to go 2nd if you need the magic resist now, or 3rd after Black Cleaver. The 2 items have good synergy. Not much else to say about this item. Build it if your opponent is an AP Champion like Mordekaiser or Gwen. Delay Wit's End by buying Black Cleaver if the Armor Shred is more important, like into Ornn and perhaps Mordekaiser again.

Spear of Shojin

Great item with insane passives and stats. You should be going this item 2nd in most of your games as it offers everything you need. The components are mostly cheap and great as well. This item gives the most ability haste that an item can give, gives 15 more AD than Black Cleaver and also has a movement speed passive. This item has basically no downsides other than it being relatively expensive (+200g over Black Cleaver) and it offering no resistances, however the upsides heavily outweigh the downsides.

Maw of Malmortius

A very nice defensive option into burst mages, such as LeBlanc, Syndra and Ahri. The appeal of this item obviously lies in the magic damage shield, while giving a nice amount of AD too. Build this item into AP Assassins like Fizz (excluding Evelynn, she pierces through it) and any other solo AP carries. This item will save your life often, despite it being a former shell of what it used to be having it's omnivamp removed.

Sterak's Gage

Lifeline item nr. 2. It offers a nice amount of AD depending on level and is one of the only sources of Tenacity in the game. This item should only be built over Maw if the enemy doesn't consist of any alarming amount of AP damage. In other words, build this item into full AD or heavily lacking AP team compositions. ONLY build this item as a 3rd, 4th or 5th option, never 2nd as it's power scales with level (this is why it's a good item for splitpushing).

Ravenous Hydra

The 85 AD item. This item goes very well with Trinity Force and is quite underrated. You want to build this item when you're in need of sustain or are splitpushing, which you most likely are when building Trinity. It is not recommended to pair this item with Divine Sunderer, as the healing is slightly overkill. In the case where you have Divine, you're better off sitting on a Vamp Scepter and building a different item or finishing it into a Blade of the Ruined King in those rare games.

Titanic Hydra

Ravenous Hydra's counterpart. The damage on this item scales with bonus hp, so you should opt for this over Ravenous Hydra if you're leaning towards a tankier build that includes lots of bonus HP, such as Force of Nature and Black Cleaver. Works exceptionally well as a 4th/5th item and shouldn't be built before that. Works equally well into melee and ranged champions.


Everyone's favorite splitpushing item. The item speaks for itself on when to build it; take it if you're aiming for turrets this game or are stuck in a sidelane due to having to match a Yorick or an Illaoi. Splitpushing aside, this item also has great stats; you can definitely teamfight with it, though to make use of the passive you'd have to be alone.

Force of Nature

Now, while this item has been "gutted", it's still a good option into AP champions that repeatedly spam magic damage on low cooldown or have lots of CC. This item gives 90 MR When fully stacked. The downside of this item is that you will lack damage and that it takes longer to stack, so you should definitely build an item with damage after or before building this item. Prime examples of champions that you should take this item into include Fiddlesticks, Cassiopeia, Nautilus and Teemo.

Abyssal Mask

This item is overpowered beyond belief. You get 60 MR (95 near 5 enemies), 300 Bonus HP and 10 Haste while reducing the enemies' MR when near them FOR 2400G. Usually, you'd only go this item in very niche instances where you had a fed AP carry that you'd peel. Now, it should be built in games where you need the MR right now due to it's absurdly cheap cost, incredible stats and indirect damage increase for you and your allies. The latter part is a small bonus though, you don't buy it for that.

Frozen Heart

While not the best option, it's definitely not bad. Jax like this item due to the high armor and amount of mana that it gives. After the mana cost nerf on Master-At-Arms, this item has become better to build as you now do suffer from more mana issues. It used to be a core item due to the cost being only 2500G some time ago, however now the cost has been nerfed and you'll lack damage if you go FH. I'd recommend going this item into tankier opponents, high AD opponents or an attack speed oriented team, such as Jarvan IV and AD Twitch.

Randuin's Omen

Not much to say about this item as it speaks for itelf. Take it into dangerous AD enemies that rely on crit damage, such as Jhin, Tristana and Gangplank. Don't forget to use the active!

Guardian Angel

Item that enhances carry potential. When you're the hero of the game and you cannot afford dying even once moving forward, this item is recommended. Don't care too much about the Armor stat, you buy it for the Revive passive.

Anathema's Chains

Absolutely goated item that should be bought WAY more. It reduces a single target's tenacity and reduces their damage dealt to you by 30%! It is the best item in the game at keeping a single carry in check. Buy it into every single Evelynn and in games where the carry is the only person of that damage type. If the entire enemy is AP, but the only AD person is fed, you buy Anathema's and vice versa. Take it 3rd or beyond.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Build this item when your team has no engage and if you're being hard focused. This item is kind of sub-optimal to build due to its components being lackluster for Jax. It would be much better for you to buy a different item if you're not in need of the stopwatch active, simply put.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Antecc
Antecc Jax Guide
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