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Shaco Build Guide by White Cr0w

Jungle 📓 [14.3] The Black Bible of Shaco| White Crow Sexy Guide

Jungle 📓 [14.3] The Black Bible of Shaco| White Crow Sexy Guide

Updated on February 8, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author White Cr0w Build Guide By White Cr0w 2435 134 14,073,584 Views 260 Comments
2435 134 14,073,584 Views 260 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author White Cr0w Shaco Build Guide By White Cr0w Updated on February 8, 2024
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Shaco
    AD Season 14
  • LoL Champion: Shaco
    AP Shaco madness


Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Starndard Setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

📓 [14.3] The Black Bible of Shaco| White Crow Sexy Guide

By White Cr0w
Starting Items

IMPORTANT: We creators rely on you readers to grow. If this guide somehow helps you out, PLEASE VOTE IT and comment so I can keep improving!

Common Full Build

+ Strong pre-6 Ganks.
+ One of the best counterjunglers out there
+ So good for soloing drake/herald
+ One of the most fun champ to play with.
+ So Slippery and annoying.
+ He is the most mental champ out there.
+ You can easily win people with Coulrophobia.

- Weak early ganks if not used to them.
- Hard to play. Extremely hard to master.
- You MUST stay focused and calmed to play him.
- You'll get flamed sometimes for picking him.
- Squishy champ.
- He have troubles against Guardian Angel and revealing champs like Twisted Fate.

Introduction - Be ready for Shaco madness

Shaco is a FUN, worth, powerful Champion.

Is he a carry?No.
Is he an initiator/engager? No.
Is he a tank? No.
Is he a support jungler? No.
Is he an assassin like Kha'Zix? Kinda.
Is he a bruiser that can fight for a long time? No.

So.. What can this little funny guy do for my team? Is it there anything he can do better than anyone?

Shaco has evolved over the seasons. While he isn't the best assassin, his kit is perfectly designed to tilt enemies and attacking them when they less expect it. With his built in dash with invisibility and his nasty invisible boxes, Shaco is one of the most terrifying Champions of the Rift.

Shaco Roles

Shaco is as an anti-meta, and you will be busy when playing him. As a quick reference, Shaco has two "main objectives:" to Deny and Demotivate your enemies and make your team rich. While he is not the best fighter or assassin, he has epicly good utility.

A good comparison would be Twisted Fate. He doesnt have the best burst like LeBlanc or the best fighting power like Ryze or Swain, yet he is still one of the top picks on high ELO due to his utility and is not rare to see him banned. Shaco is somehow the same, but as a jungler role instead of a midlaner.
Shaco Skillset - In Depth

Shaco Skills are a little bit hard to understand. You may know the range, the Cooldown and the damage of each one, but the important point is knowing HOW and WHEN you must use them. Season 7 added few tweaks to them that made them even better.

Shaco's passive is pretty sweet. it grants BONUS DAMAGE when striking from behind with both your Autoattacks and your Two-Shiv poison.

Many people say that the use of this skill is what makes a Shaco good or bad.

BACKSTAB - Advanced Tactics

Aaaah... Deceive. This is Shaco's signature move along with it's shiv! It is basically a Flash that turns you invisible for few secs and enhances your next attack.


We will grab this Amazing heaven gift at lvl 2 and is gone stay as youre one-point-wonder ability.

Deceive - Advanced Tactics

SURPRISE! This is Jack In The Box, an invisible machine-gun that will appear to the first target that approaches it, will make it flee and will shoot him AND ALL THE ENEMY TARGETS AROUND. Early-game it works nice to tank early buffs and make them being cleared in 4-5 seconds at lvl 1. Late-game you will want it mostly for the fear and to set escaping routes when killing turrets.

We're taking a point of Jack In The Box at lvl 1. Jitb is going to be your main jungle clearing tool in the first minutes until you buy your Tiamat. Afterwards it will mostly work as a gank tool and a trap setter.

Jack In The Box - Advanced Tactics

Tips and Tricks
  • Placing a Jack In The Box in the feet of an enemy during a 1vs1 can make you win the fight. Never forget it.
  • In teamfights use it to protect your carry. Place a Jack In The Box near your Varus, so when that Kha'Zix jumps into his face to burst him he will get feared and you'll be able to burst him down.
  • Place one or two boxes before a Teamfight, they'll grant you and your team an escape route if things go wrong.
  • It not only grants vision to you, but your teammates. Gift the lane you ganked with a Box in that bush without a ward. If you are low and the ganked one died, their jungler may be coming. Put a box, save a life.
  • JITB works as an skillshot blocker. You can place a box in front on you when Blitzcrank is trying to grab you. If the box is still visible when the grab reach it, it will take the box instead of you.
  • Always take care of your mana. If you are in middle of a fight and you have less than 50MP, dont be a suicidal machine and use that mana to place a box that will probably die in secs. You'll may need that MP to Deceive to safety.
  • Red trinket reveals Shaco boxes, but it doesn't deactivate them anymore.

KNIFE IN DA BACK! An amazing ability that will work both as a finishing nuke and as a perma-redbuff. With the recent changes, TWO-SHIV POISON DEALS BONUS DAMAGE WHEN STRIKING FROM BEHIND.

Since the slow's strenght and the damage increases with the skill level, you're going to want to max out Two-Shiv Poison FIRST. This little friend now deals damage according to enemy missing health. Overall, a nice finishing blow that slows and works wonders in addition to your Red buff.

Good news: It deals enhanced damage according to enemy missing HP, but being the max already when under 30% (yay!),it scales with bonus AD (yay x2!) and now DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE (yay x3!)

Two Shiv Poison - Advanced Tactics
Tips and Tricks
  • Don't use your Two-Shiv Poison to engage. NEVER, unless you're facing someone like Sivir or Nocturne that could block it.
  • Two-Shiv Poison does magic damage now. That means that even if we're building AD and enemy builds armor, they will take a lot of damage from it!
  • Remember this skill PROCS Backstab AGAIN. Always try to use it from behind, a knife thrown right between the eyebrows won't hurt as much as if it is thrown on the back.

What is worse than one annoying Shaco...? Yes, TWO ANNOYING Shacos!
This little guy will duplicate yourself, and will help you to kill people, bait people, melt turrets, check bushes and solo Dragon at lvl 6-7. I personally move clone with Alt+right click. Some people do move it with R, but you'll find it rather unconfortable.

Just take Hallucinate wheanever possible (6,11,16) like most ulties in any champ. Pretty straightforward.

Hallucinate - Advanced Tactics

Tips and Tricks
  • Shaco's have 75% of your AD, but procs all on-hit sources of damage such as Blade of the Ruined King. Your Hail of Blades will be used on Shacos Clone, too!
  • Controlling your Clone (alt+click) is an art to be mastered. Think as if you were using two champs at once, don't use your main shaco and clone shaco by turns.
  • It's really easy to bait with Hallucinate. If someone is chasing you and your Deceive is on cooldown, enter a bush, use Hallucinate and make the Clone go out to the path you would normally take if you were fleeing. If they chase him it will explode and damage your follower, while letting you deceiving out to safety (if you are low and he high on hp) or deceiving in (if you think you can kill it) for the WOMBOCOMOBO of Hallucinate explode + Deceive + AA + Two-Shiv Poison + Ignite
  • If you are 1vs1ing and someone fights you back (and is facing you), position your clone at his back and make him attack from there, so he procs Backstab.



You must understand that Shaco doesn't have a fixed item setup. You need to adapt to the team you have and the team you're facing in order to take the maximum profit from the gold you spend. Don't stick into a fixed build, or you will find yourself failing in a game while you actually played nice and you won't understand why.

So lets start with the items:

Starting Items

Scorchclaw Pup: Standard start. Better exp, better farm, better sustain, basically a must for every jungler out there. We're taking this little guy at lvl 1. I prefer Scorchclaw instead of Gustwalker Hatchling since i love finishing off low target people, but that's a matter of taste, so feel free to use Squirtle if you like being faster.

Health Potion: Not needed anymore

Core Items

Tiamat:TIAMAT IS BACK, BOYZ AND GIRLZ. Outstanding item for Shaco. It makes our waveclear decent againt without needing to spend 2-3 points into Jack In The Box so we can max your Shiv either. Good for comboing and makes viable a Solo Grubs Clear.

Blade of the Ruined King:I'm still waiting for it to be nerfed. While meant for melting HP abusers, it synergyzes PERFECTLY with your Hail of Blades and will add damage to your oneshot combo. couple it with Hydra and you will DESTROY anyone on 1v1.
Profane Hydra: A game changer for many melee AD champions, Shaco not being any different. The new hydra help us lowering target's HP right before we throw our Two-Shiv Poison, Rush it.


Situational Items

Serylda's Grudge : I'm in love with this item. Nice AD and lethality to burst squishies, amazing unique passive that makes your ARMOR PEN to scale out of LETHALITY, so it will help you melt tanks, too.
The Collector: Collector is a wonderful item when you're facing squishier teams. it's letalithy and passive will enhance your snowball. While is not that good against tanks as Serylda, this can be your 3th item in your games
Opportunity: One of the best items I found for Shaco in mid-lategame. it boosts your damage against the first champion you hit -like a poor Ashe that awaits to be oneshotted- and the passive allows you to GTFO of there fast. Sweet item, try it out as an alternative to serylda when you got a very clear oneshot target in a game
Infinity Edge: The old Infinity Edge is back, yet we are in a more lethality-oriented playstyle now. Shaco's passive, Deceive and two shiv poison proc it. Couple it with Essence Reaver and The Collector and you will have your Crit-Shaco core ready.
Guardian Angel: Guardian angel brings great aid when facing bursty AD champions on lategame, like Rengar, and you're fed enough to be everyone's main target. Being able to survive the first combo in a late Teamfight is key. GA is a wonderful choice when an enemy saves his combo specifically for you.

Maw of Malmortius: You are not going to use Malmortius a lot. It's a situational items that can work wonders in certain situations (2-3 AP assassins on enemy side), and be useless and a waste of money in others. Take it when you're fighting AP bursters (Annie/evelynn/Katarina) and you need to burst them faster than they burst you.

Mortal Reminder: Like Maw of Malmortius, Last whisper and Mortal reminder are situational items. Extremely strong in some situations and pointless in other ones, you'll have to use your brain in order to decide if to purchase it or not. Mortal is an AMAZING choice when you have tanky, sustainish champions as enemies (Fiora,Vladimir,Mordekaiser,swain) as you will melt them. Useless against squishy targets.

Worth Mentioning

Bloodthirster: While it still needs testing, bloodthirster rework makes it a WONDERFUL choice for Shaco. You will be full HP 90% of the time when trying to burst someone, and 40AD is A LOT of damage. I usually build it as last item if i need damage+sustain over defensive stats (hello GA)


Boots:Even after the nerf, they still are a must for early ganks. Don't do your second back if you can't afford them.
Berserker's Greaves:I used to hate this boots. A lot. Not only I used to hate them, but I thought they were the worst option for Shaco. However, with the new jungle and new runes, I still have the mobility I used to have with Mobility Boots, and the attack speed of this boots help A LOT at early jungle clearing and duelling. Clearing fast is a must if you're going to counterjungle, and it will help you at top ganks ,where the champion is usually tanky and you'll need few more hits per second. If the team have 3 or more stunners (Leona + Amumu + Malphite + Ashe + Veigar) you may consider take Mercury's Treads or Plated Steelcaps instead, specially lategame.

Boots of Swiftness: Some Shaco players use these. If you are in a one-shottish game where do you expect very short fights, these shoes will let you in-and-out quite fast.


IMPORTANT: Remember that we creators rely on you readers to grow. If this guide somehow helps you out, PLEASE VOTE IT and comment so I can keep improving!
Shaco Skillset - In Depth
90% of AD Shaco players use Hail of Blades. 90% of AP Shaco players use Dark harvest. Some random people use Electrocute and thats OK.


Hail of Blades
Hail of blades has recently become the main choice for Shaco Players. HoB now brings a wonderful tool for Shaco players that want to abuse his earlygame and duel as much as they can.


Some amazing shaco players like Facet's still use Electrocute. It is a safe, wonderful choice for newbie Shacos too. It gives a little burst to your combo that people doesn't usualy expect. Those of you that come from playing other assassins like Kha'zix will enjoy using this for a while.


Dark Harvest
Dark Harvest is the greedy choice for those Shaco players that expect a lead. Shaco's kit doesn't include a lot of direct damage, so getting Harvest stacks is going to be hard. This is, however, an amazing choice for AP Shaco.
Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Smite hands down. This is one of the best spells of the game! Not only cause it let you finish the jungle buffs faster and safer, but allows you to counterjungle and steal every single monster in game including baron and dragon. With the new buffs, Smite is also a part of your burst combo.

Amazing for finishing people and extra damage. The other choice instead of Exhaust. I usually prefer Ignite over this one cause I think Shaco actually needs that little damage peak to snowball early. Overall taking it is a must if there there is just an Ignite on my team, and enemy team have a Dr. Mundo, a Volibear or a super duper squishy team. Main choice for most of my games as my second spell.

I like Exhaust in some matches 'cause it gives you both defensive and offensive potential. Red + your E passive + exhaust is almost a stun, plus damage mitigation works wonders against people like Tryndamere. Taking Exhaust is a viable choice if that Annie support thought that taking Ignite would be better for the team when enemies have a tryndamere and an Olaf.
The spell everyones loves. I'm not an exception, I think Flash adds so much speed and versatility to League of Legends. However I think Shaco if one of the few champs that doesn't need Flash to succeed. There are better options and with Deceive you should be fine if you use it correctly.

Good for Hecarim and Singed, bad for Shaco. It is not THAT bad, but there are just better options for tje jester.

: Not a bad option for a second spell if the enemy team have more than 4 Stuns/jails/snares. A combo made of Amumu, Leona, Ashe, Alistar and Ryze may need you to take Cleanse do reliable things Ingame.
Early / Mid / Late

Early Game
  • Shaco Earlygame is the sexiest thing on League of legends. With our one-point-Wonder Deceive being brought back, your main job in your games will be GANK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN while you keep you farm at a good state. Remember: you're A GANKER

Show me EARLY GAME tips!

Mid Game
  • When Midgame appears, Shaco shines. Regardless of the champion you are playing, you must think of Midgame as a race to level 16. Finishing a game is not an objective, is a consequence. As shaco, secure objectives 1 minute before they appear (drake/herald/baron), clear enemy jungle camps and ward the area with boxes. While you do that, let your teammates farm your own side camps. By doing this your team will get a HUGE lead in a very short time.

    Of course, kill that Ashe that goes farming alone, but that's just a candy for us, not the main dish.

Show me MID GAME tips!

Late Game
  • Shaco's lategame is decent, but clearly inferior to other juglers. Try to end the games as fast as you can, since a Xayah with lifesteal, Guardian Angel and Death's Dance will be almost impossible to burst down

Show me LATE GAME tips!
Shaco Jungling explained

As Shaco your jungling objectives are kinda odd, so lets start talking about your job as Shaco in there, and then we will talk about routes.

Shaco is CARNIVORE. If you want to properly play Shaco you'll have to be jungling AND counterjungling. If you don't want to counterjungle and don't like being aggressive, I'm afraid that Shaco isn't a champ for you.

"But White Crooooooooow! I want to faaaaarm my own jungle creeeeeps or my mid steeeeaaaals them and I can't build my Serrated Dirk at level Fiiiiiive!".

Now listen kids, Remember your roles as Shaco we said before?
Your job is to make your team incredibly fed and strong, and enemy team incredibly useless and weak so your team can stand a 4vs5 lategame while you splitpush like a beast and destroy all the turrets.

And to do this you have to do things that solves both missions:
  1. Choose your strongest lane and abuse it with your strong early ganks .
  2. Get into enemy jungle often. Steal enemy jungle if they are alive and/or get the timer of it so you can track enemy jungler.
  3. Let your mid have your raptors whenever possible so he gets ahead in gold regardless of his kill/farm numbers.
  4. Time and Steal enemy buffs whenever possible. Be sure to use trinket to clear your path of wards in the process.
  5. If your midlaner is mana-dependant, make him have always your Blue buff.
  6. Shaco traps are strong early. Try to kill enemy jungler to make him stay behind.

If you do these jobs correctly, you'll get more Gold than if you would if you kept farm your camps over and over. With the bonus of also making enemies behind (and tilted lol) in the process.

Minion Spawns

  • Minor Monster Spawn: 1:30/1:40
    Respawn time: 60s
  • Major Minion Spawn (Blu & Red buffs): 1:30
    Respawn time: 300s/5m
  • Dragon Spawn: 2:30
    Respawn time: 360s/6m
  • Baron Spawn: 20:00
    Respawn time: 420s/7m

Jungle routes

The most efficient route to start as Shaco is, for me,the one that lets Shaco be level 4 at 3:20. Which is a huge lead in comparison to other junglers.

  1. Buy a Scorchclaw Pup and potion.
  2. Head your RAPTORS. Ask your teammates to cover.
  3. Place 2 boxes on the camp from min 0:50, and a 3th one outside of Red's camp.
  4. After cleaning the chickens (USE BACKSTAB ON THE BIG ONE!), go after your red buff and clear it with your box tanking it, you will have time to place another one.
  5. cross midlane and get blue and Gromp.
  6. If you do it right, you will be level 3 at 2:35 aprox. Your job now is to make a decision: Gank your closest lane or go to counterjungle and kill enemy jungler. After that you can base and do a krugs -> wolves -> gromp again process.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Counterjungling is EXTREMELY important for these reasons.
    1. You get a lot of money over your jungler (+1 for you, -1 for him. +2 advantage balance)
    2. You delay his JUNGLE ITEM FARMING. with the new system, your smite can get stronger by counterjungling if you need to contest Big neutrals like Drake.
    3. Track enemy jungler. Sometimes you will face junglers you can't duel (udyr, trundle, whatever). Getting TIMERS allows you to know where enemy jungler is and act in consequence, or punish him if he does a bad pathing.

How to properly gank
This is the other main part where I see many Shaco players fail too. As we all know, Shaco early ganks are incredibly strong. However, if they are not well performed they can be easily evaded by an skilled player. If the enemy you gank have an escape mechanism ( LeBlanc, Ezreal, Riven...) this is even more important.

So lets say you are on a game, you took your Wolves and Blue Buff and stole enemy Red like a baws. Now Seems that it's the perfect time to gank a lane and score a first blood. But... sh1t, you enemy in top is a Riven and she warded river bush. How could you gank her without her noticing it, and good enough to score the kill?

Where to Deceive in from.

Shaco is one of the few junglers who can avoid being discovered by wards if well played, specially river ward, the most common one. When you're ganking as Shaco you should never gank from river. At least, taking the mid path. The 3.5 stealth and the jump Deceive provides can make you gank from amazing positions. Here's a pic from where you should gank only:

As you see, you should never gank directly from river but from alternative routes. Your Deceive lets you do it, and you should use it. This way enemies will be aware of your gank when you already hit them, not when they see your POOF red smoke.

The white spots are where you should Deceive from, then you'll see the paths you should take when invisible. The blue ones are the paths that you'll do more often as blue team and viceversa. However, all routes can be done while playing in any team.

Tips and Tricks
  • Try to keep on the communication with your team. Ask them for the placement of enemy Control Ward so you can avoid them better.
  • Shaco is one of the best lane-gankers of the game. If there is a Control Ward on river 'cause the enemy laner knows you may come after him, try to gank directly from lane. Use Deceive in your turret and run towards the mid of the lane to start a 2vs1.
  • Remember that enemies can see your *poof* red smoke when you Deceive, even trough fog of war. Be sure they aren't close enough to see it.
  • The range of Deceive has been nerfed recently (WTF RIOT), so if you used to play Shaco and you want to play him back again, get adviced that jumping walls is harder now.
  • Most junglers needs the lane somehow pushed to gank efficiently so the enemy cant escape even when they have seen you thanks to Control Ward. Shaco can't gank in any point of the lane, specially when both laners are trading at mid, since the enemy won't expect a gank yet.

How to gank

So we just Deceived in a gankable lane. How should we act now? It also depends on WHO ARE WE GANKING. Depending on it, our performing will be different on ganks:

Option 1: Baitable Trade
Most Common Champions to use Against:

We will use this when we are ganking an enemy who is pretty strong in Early Trades. Most common cases are Riven, Darius or Garen. They are so strong early, and they tend to bully his opponent to zone him and deny his farm. This also applies to epicly strong Botlane combos, like Leona+ Ezreal.

How to do it:
Our objective is to bait a trade that will turn into a 2vs1.

We will deceive in, but we don't attack yet. Tell your teammate/s your intentions by pinging the target so he initiates it. Enemie/s will expose and initiate what they will think is a 1vs1 or a 2vs2 early trade, which they also think they'll probably win. After the engage and after enemy initiated (so often they do initiate with the escaping skill too, since "nobody is coming from river", he he he), go in and turn the battle into a 2vs1. They will panic, going back trying to save his butt.. so you will face his back. Do you know what does it means? Backstab.

When going in you have 2 choices. If there are no minions, your most efficient move will probably be placing a Jack In The Box between the enemy and his turret. So you make the fleeing even harder. The other option is to proc your Q from behind inmediately if the enemy is squishy and you think you can melt him, or if you think enemy is slow enough to place your jibt later.

with red, your passive E and with box fear you'll mostly get the kill. If the enemy flash away, use the active of your E to catch him up.

Option 2: Pwn da weak
Most Common Champions to use Against:

We will use this when we are ganking an enemy who is pretty weak in Early Trades or doesn't like trades at all. Most common cases are Nasus, Vayne or Veigar. These people hate engaging and just want to farm lategame, when they will be able to kill even the shop guy. We can't ask the ally that is laning with him to initiate, cause that will make our enemy flee and gank will be harder.

So what to do? Tell your teammate you're going to gank, but ask him to let you position behind enemy first ] so he can't flee that easy.

How to do it:
Our objective is to SURPRISE and instakill.
So we have a Garen in our team facing an enemy Vladimir. If our Garen pops his Q and go in to initiate the gank, Vlad will most likely go back to a safer position to poke instead of fighting back. We don't want this.

Instead of waiting, if our ally is in range we will just pop our Q from behind to proc Backstab to full damage. If enemy doesn't have much hp, we can also combo it with our Two-Shiv Poison active and place a Jack In The Box between him and his turret.

100% Result on enemy: Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash

If this don't happen or he just used flash before, your teammate will be able to help you to kill him thanks to your red buff + Two-Shiv Poison OP slow. Even if enemy managed to escape, you helped your bully teammate to zone his enemy even more. Now he will be just too scared to try to approach and farm, specially if you ganked him in the middle of the lane.

Whatever you are facing, you should be keeping on with the pressure the whole game, even when lane phasing is over. You must give the enemy fear. Make enemies think they will never have a true XvsX since you could be anywhere, hiding somehwere preparing to rush in and turn the battle.

After few turrets are dead and you lead your team epicly ahead, change your role from epic counterjungler/ganker to splitpusher thanks to your Ravenous Hydra, your Clone and your team.
New patch, a lot of testing and a lot of changes. After tons of builds and more hours than I want to admit into the practice tool, we got the most efficient Shaco build for new season. Enjoy it, Shacomaniacs!

SEASON 14 IS HERE :D of course, it needs tons of testing, but the feeling is good regarding to Shaco. As the weeks advance i will update the item section and the reason behind them.

The farm meta looks stable on jungle. While you should still be ganking, be sure to clear at least 3 camps before doing a gank to proper lane or you will fall behind in exp.

Not the best meta for AD Shaco currently. With the new playstyle in league, farming champions are hella strongs and carnivore champs like shaco suffer a little. This doesn't mean you cannot play it, but be sure that you have your winning condition clearly and you play over-aggresive over it.

Not many changes that affect us in 13.21/22. The vision-from-bush changes of the last patch may be good to avoid enemies spotting us when our allies missclick an attack from the same bush we're on, but that is not much of a critic scene.

As for the changes that happened a couple of patches ago that "nerfed" jungle pressure, Riot noticed that they blew too harsh and they reverted some nerfs, so we can expect a healthier clear. Monsters have more health, but our pet deals more damage. Overall, a slight balancing issue that won't affect us that much and maaaaaaay force us to farm for a little longer before ganking. Again, nothing game-changing.

Many changes, kids.
Not in Poppy itself, but 13.20 is a huge nerf for junglers. Riot lowered the skillcap of jungling by making smiting easier, but all jungler companions got nerfed. While it still needs testing, removing mosstomper slow resist and tenacity hurts way too much. We will stick to Gustwalker for a while since it seems that the nerf is not that hard on that one.

13.19 is out! There are no changes for Shaco himself, but we can expect more Lee Sin players in the rift now that the Worlds Patch is ready, so consider banning him in solo queue. Also, the economy buff to Randuin's Omen is bad for us since the item hardcounters us.

Good news regarding Rek'Sai's nerf.

GUIDE UPDATED! Massive build revamp with the best current option for AD shaco. Thanks to the admin @Hades4u for telling me about some mistakes involving old-naming, since I still call "tabis" to armor boots. Oh, well.

Season 13 is reaching it's end and Shaco is in a OK state. Several tweaks and changes to itemization system made Shaco "old style" back without making him overpowered, so it is a good moment to try, learn and enjoy Shaco on solo queue.

Have fun, lads! I will try to keep the guide updated even after so many years! :)

Shaco is in a OK Spot right now. He's not the best meta jungler out there and you won't see it on Worlds, but it works wonders on Solo Queue.

I've updated the guide with new builds, items, paths and runes, and I'll keep updating it as the patches goes by. Enjoy backstabbing!

I like shaco in the new season. There are better choices out there, as always, but our Mad jester is in a decent spot right now. I'll try to keep updating the guide until it's finished :)

Shaco has been completely reworked and now he's back as an early game assassin. After tons of work I updated this whole guide to make things clearer for you guys.

Good luck, and backstab everywhere! Remember that you can check my Twitch if you want to ask questions LIVE.

SHACO IS GETTING A REWORK. Shaco is coming back to an earlygame beast soon. I leave the changelist here.

The changes may update. Be sure to stay tuned to the youtube Channel and Twitch for talking about this.

Aloha all! This Shacomania just won the prize as the Best Assassin Guide of 2017 by Mobafire, and I gained the Title of "Backstabber" on the forums. YAY!

To celebrate this, I updated the guide even more, providing details about the currently OP lethality build on Shaco and more tips/tricks to succeed on it.

Today is the day that our Shacomania Guide reached the TOP 1 GUIDE ON ALL MOBAFIRE.

I can't believe it, you guys are freaking sexy. Thank you so much!
I hope you all enjoyed my Shaco guide. I know it is pretty extense, I tried to be as in-depth as possible. If you want to help, you only need to vote it so it keeps up in sight.

Best Regards,

White Crow.
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