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Urgot Build Guide by Mr. M0unT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. M0unT

[5.17] Mid Lane Crabgot Item Build & explanation FOR BEG

Mr. M0unT Last updated on September 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone,

In this guide I'll be talking about the favorable build for Urgot in the Mid Lane for starters.
When the Tank meta started Urgot became one of my most played champions (on Mid and ADC).
Present times I've seen Urgot's popularity and win-rate drop since the Tank meta is a bit shifting now, but if you are up against a Tanky team composition or you simply need some AD I still think Urgot is a good option.
Be aware that Urgot is a very Early game Dominant Champion and he relies on snowballing to make a big impact on a game and his damage does fall off a lot in the late game.
Now I am definitely not the most experienced Urgot player but I still think that this guide provides the build to get the most out of this Champion and become a strong Urgod.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spell 1:
Flash is always usefull for the escape or maybe a suprise ultimate. Take it 100%

Summoner spell 2:

An aggressive options that gives you more kill pressure in lane. Usefull for snowballing.

Good for escaping dangerous fights or for staying alive just long enough. Also a viable option.
(Note: Always take heal as your 2nd summoner when you are playing ADC Urgot in bot lane.)

Take Cleanse when you know you are against a very high CC Team composition or your enemy laner or Jungler has dangerous CC.

Exhaust is safe if you are up against strong DPS assassins.

Barrier will keep you safe against high Burst Champions

Note: Know when you have to use Exhaust or Barrier! Take Barrier when the enemy team relies on Bursting combos and take Exhaust when you are up against curtain High DPS Fighters.

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Passive and Abilities

Before we get into Urgot's intresting item build let's take a look at his abilities first!

"Eternal life... endless torture."

Passive: Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
Urgot's basic attacks and Acid Hunter (Q) reduce all damage that his target deals by 15% for 2.5 seconds.

This passive is in my opinion one of the most forgotten and underrated passives in LoL, and this is what Urgot makes what he is: A great duelist.
Urgot can be an insane champion when is comes to 1v1 fights, because his kit focusses completely on dueling, and with this passive it becomes even harder for enemies to kill Urgot in a 1v1. Don't forget to damage enemies when they try and get damage on you as it will temper down their damage output.

Q: Acid Hunter
Urgot fires a missile in a line towards the cursor, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits. His passive is also applied to the target. Killing a unit will refund half the mana cost.
Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over a unit afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge when casting, causing Acid Hunter to fly directly to the target and ignoring all other units. Acid Hunter can lock onto units hidden in Fog of War, brush, and in stealth, but does not grant sight of units hit.

Urgot's main spam spell and very usefull to last hit minions as it refunds half the mana cost when a unit is killed.
As you can read above this ability goes extremely well with Urgot's E giving him free hits on a units from a very long range afflicted by the Corrosive Charge (E), this combo gets even better with Urgot's W. Always max this ability first!
-NOTE: The 3rd level of Acid Hunter gives the ability a power spike in the early game, making it do brutal damage with the right items.

W: Terror Capacitor
Urgot charges up his capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs damage for up to 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's basic attacks and Acid Hunter missiles will slow targets hit for 1.5 seconds.

This spell is mainly used to pick people out of position in combination with your E and Q because the spells will apply a stacking slow which is good for stopping retreating foes.
Also as read above it will give urgot a shield that scales of of 8% of his Maximum Mana and 80% of his AP, but it is not worth buying any AP items on Urgot and the Mana scaling is good enough. Max this ability last or put an extra point in it early if you are having trouble in lane.

E: Noxian Corrosive Charge
Urgot launches a corrosive charge at a target 150-radius area, afflicting all enemies hit for 5 seconds. Enemies afflicted by the charge have their armor reduced by a percentage and take physical damage over the duration.

This skill goes as Bread & butter with the Q ability; being able to spam your Q from long range to enemies who are under the effect of the corrosive charge. I suggest maxing this ability second.
Note that leveling this ability increases the Armor reduction and AD damage over time, however the damage over time is quite low but can be devastating when landed on a squishy opponent. After landing it feel free to press W and spam QQQQQQQQQ!

R: Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
Urgot targets an enemy champion and channels for 1 second, suppressing the target for the duration. If the channel completes, Urgot and the target will swap positions, the target will be slowed by 40% for 3 seconds and Urgot will ignore unit collision for 1 second.

Urgot also gains bonus armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds, starting from the beginning of the channel time.

A questionable ultimate at first but you have to remember where Urgot is best at: Dueling.
This Ultimate -while not dealing any damage- gives Urgot a large boost in Armor and MR, if you combine this with his passive and a few strong items Urgot is going to have an easy time 1v1 pretty much anyone if he's not at a large heath disadvantage.
The Magic Resist and Armor boost increase to high amounts when you level up the ultimate (+60 / 90 / 120 Armor & MR).
Also note that when Urgot gets his Ult at level 6 he is pretty much ''un-tower-diveable'' which means that no one can safely tower dive Urgot when his ultimate is up, because Urgot switches positions with the target they will be put directly under your turret and with the added resistances it takes too long for your enemies to finish you off under your tower.
Also do keep in mind that this is not a iniciation-type ultimate, what I mean with that is that you can not simply switch the frontline of the enemy team into your team because you are then in a very awkward position and it will get yourelf killed.
Instead use this ultimate to pick people that are out of position to pick up an easy kill for your team and keeping yourself safe aswell.

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Starting items

A Flask is an excellent starting item in the mid lane as it gives you enough health & mana sustain so you can use your Q to last hit and harass your Lane opponent.

An Agressive start with a Doran's Blade or Long sword gives you more kill pressure in your lane (especially with Ignite) in trade for less heatlh sustain and significantly less options to spam your E + Q combo because of less mana regeneration, that is why buying some extra mana potions is not a bad idea. You mainly wanna start aggressive if you know how to counter your lane opponent and are aiming to snowball.

Ofcourse the stardard Health(+ mana) pots and a Warding totem.

Its important to buy wards as the game goes on to secure your safety in your lane. This is more important then you might think!!

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Early-game items

Try to get enough gold and a lane advantage so you can back for the tear ASAP so you can start stacking it early for more maximum Mana. This will help you with Urgot's early mana problems, a spammable E,W,Q~ combo and a Larger shield on your W.

Personally I like to build a Brutalizer after the Tear (especially when you start with a Long Sword) as it gives you more Attack damage, Cooldown reduction and Armor penetration which are Urgot's main stats. This provides you with some more kill pressure.

Ofcourse a pickaxe for the young Manamune.

The Glacial Shroud will build into a Frozen Heart later and is great for some extra Mana, Armor and Cooldown Reduction. The Glacial Shroud is also a good option if you are struggling against an high AD champion like Zed or Yasuo.

The Hexdrinker is an excellent item if you are facing a Mage (like Orianna or Twisted Fate) or AP assassins (like Katarina and Ekko these days) because the passive shield will make you win duels or prevents you from dying so you can escape safely. Do not hesitate to buy it early against a high AP team and build it into a Maw later. The Magic resist on a Durable marksman like Urgot is great. The more shields on Urgot the better.

Ofcourse get boots somewhere in there. Mind getting them earlier if you have to dodge skillshots in lane (or just walking sideways).

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Core items

The Manamune is Urgot's Main item. Try to buy it early for the extra Mana, Attack Damage and the 'Awe' passive, start stacking it up to a Muramana for Dangerous DPS Damage.

A Frozen Heart. Now I hear you thinking; ''Why would you want a Tank item on a Champion like Urgot?''. The reason Frozen Heart is a core item for Urgot is because of the synergy with the Manamune/Muramana. The 'Awe' Passive reads:

Gain attack damage equal to 2% of your maximum mana
. Basically what this means is Mana = Attack Damage. And don't forget that CDR is extremely usefull on Urgot so he can get as much damage off as possible with his E, Q combo.

An important note here -as seen in the Ability Preview- is that Urgot's W shield scales of of his maximum mana, simply put; the more Mana the More damage your Terror Capacitor shield can take!

Also a factor that makes Frozen Heart viable on Urgot is obviously the +90 armor. Because Urgot needs to get in a close- to mid range to pull of his combo running at risk of getting Damaged severly by strong AD opponents. The armor also makes Urgot do surprisingly well in a 1v1 versus burst champions in combination with his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser and his passive, making it very difficult to burst Urgot down.

The last Wisper; a must-have item for pretty much any Marksman going into the Mid to Late game. A very basic and useful item for piercing through your opponents armor.

I recommend keeping the Brutalizer until you really have to swap it with a stronger AD item, but I'll get to that later...

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"You can't beat me, so join me. I need a good pair of legs."

Your type of boots depends on what champions you are up against. Mercury's Treads are always handy especially versus an high CC or AP team composition seeing as Urgot's mobility is low.

Ninja Tabi are good against a AD Lane opponent, high AD team or if the enemy ADC becomes threat to you. Tabi and Mercury's are good for making you last longer in teamfights so you can put out constant damage.

I only recommend Lucidity Boots when you want to or are starting to snowball and you know how to position yourself well to not take too much Damage.

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Situational items and More!

Urgot is 'by far' the most durable ADC in LoL and these items provide you some good Health and Magic Resist. While also keeping up his talent of shredding armor.

Let's talk Cleaver:

After the Black cleaver rework I don't think it is still one of the most important core items. Yes, this items is still really good as it provides everything Urgot needs; Health, AD, CDR and Armor reduction.
However I think Urgot does not utilize the Rage passive as well, yes it is a good passive and it can give Urgot a better escape but this passive comes at the cost of less armor reduction. I think Urgot can get more use out of Armor reduction then a short movement speed buff. And it's build path was nerfed down too seeing as it does not build out of a Brutalizer anymore.

The Maw of Malmortius is an most excellent Item on Urgot giving him AD and a Magic Damage absorbing shield. As I said with the Hexdrinker; great item if you are facing a high AP team composition. Synergizes well with his W and Ultimate.

A Scimitar should do the trick against High CC teams, it helps you get out of sticky situations to deal damage from a safe distance or kiting.
Do note that this item is not as reliant as a Maw, because the Scimitar gives you more AD but less MR. And don't hesitate to buy a quicksilver sash a bit earlier if you really need it and build it into the Scimitar later.

Only buy this item if you have nothing else to buy! The Bloodthirster on Urgot is not a go-to choice I would say. The reason for this is that Urgot works different then any other Marksman, because Urgot is not reliant on dealing damage with his basic attacks but needs CDR to do damage with his abilties. And so he does not make any use of the BT's life steal bonus while in heavy combat.
The reason people get this on Urgot is because of the shield it gives, which you are able to get by just auto-attacking minions. Like I said; The more shields on Urgot the better.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is not a recommended item on Urgot, but the reason you might wanna buy this is because it builds out of a brutalizer. Yes it does give you more armor penetration so it can viable.
The only problem is that Urgot can not use the Ghostblade to its fullest potential because he makes no good use of the Active. Also Critical strike is useless on Urgot as his Q can not crit and he does not use many basic attacks. I see this item more as an Stealth/Assassin item.

Well it makes Urgot tankier but a Randuin's Omen does not provide any more Damage for Urgot. You could buy this if you are having trouble staying alive against a full AD team composition and a you don't need a Maw of Malmortius.

Banshee's Veil is a safe options against a heavy AP team with a lot of spell casters, and the passive will prevent you from getting attacked off guard.

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Non-recommended items!

A list of items that are not as viable on Urgot and an explanation why they aren't.

Berserker's Greaves are one of the worst boots options on Urgot...
Even though Urgot is a Marksman he does not utilize the Greaves AT ALL!
Because Urgot needs CDR to spam his abilities and he does not rely on fast auto-attacking.

Do not buy critical strike or attack speed items on Urgot!
Urgot does not put crit items to good use because he lacks the use of auto-attacks. Urgot's auto-attack range is simply too short for him to safely deal damage without getting caught.
Infinity edge/Phantom Dancer/Statikk Shiv = no go!

While decent on most Marksmans the Blade of the Ruined King is absolutely useless on Urgot.
Again: Urgot does not use many Basic attacks so the attack speed won't help you. On top of that; Urgot's Q does not make use of Life Steal effects. The movement speed steal might be good for escaping but Urgot just doesn't utilize the stats enough.

The Trinity Force is a bad choice because -again- Urgot does not make use of most of its stats. The movement speed is always handy but the amount of AD and AP it gives is not enough for Urgot to scale well on.
There is NO reason to buy this item over a Black Cleaver!

The Essence Reaver; A better version of the Bloodthirster you might think at first, as it gives AD and CDR, but as said; the Q does not proc Life Steal. The mana restore on basic attacks can be usefull while farming but has no use in heavy Fights.

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I hope you found this Item build guide usefull and I wish you luck on the Fields of justice!
It is quite a short guide and I did not talk about the Runes & Masteries because I wanted to focus more on the Items and Abilities for the starting Urgot player, so I like to keep it short, simple and understandable.

This is my first guide on MOBAFire so if you have any tips on how to improve these guides let me know!!