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Urgot Build Guide by Urgod420

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urgod420

(5.17 Updated) In Depth Guide To Top Urgot - Locked On Targe

Urgod420 Last updated on September 12, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 0

Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Heimerdinger He's super squishy and you can harass him even if he is in a triangle of his towers from afar. You should win this lane easily. Just ward so you don't stumble into any Donger nests.
Karthus EQQQ. You win, he's going to get kills from his ult but if he channels it in lane you can stop it with your Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser.
Teemo What's that? A blind? Missiles have no eyes. At every possible opportunity you have to poke him. He won't be able to do as much damage to you as you will to him. His blind only stops your Basic Attacks from hitting but they still apply the slow. A blind will not affect whether or not an Acid Hunter hits so spam away! One of the easiest lane matchup, if not THE easiest lane matchup Urgot can have. Hope you have fun with this one :D
Urgot Lol, x9 for trolling pls.
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It's Time For Some New F*cking Management

Adding this in before all of the other stuff, but this is 2015 or as I like to call it "The Year Of The Urgot". Kicking off the year we've got some great buffs to make Urgot's shield a LOT tankier into the lategame (We're talking a few hundred here) and we've also got a shorter cooldown on his ultimate, from 120 / 110 / 100 to 100 at all ranks. Lovely stuff. This guide is still being updated to deal with the current season (and I'm learning to do things to make it look pretty), so if I'm not 100% on point with keeping it up to date, do bear with me.

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A little about me

Hello. My name on EUW is currently Dr S Facilier, so feel free to add me in game and have a chat if you want to talk about some things concerning this guide. I recently hit Plat after about 350 games of urgot (and 900 games with others) and wanted to put something out there and hopefully teach people about my favourite champion, Urgot. People might hate him but I just love the guy. I might not be Chimalpopica but I think I know the champion well enough to write something like this. This is my first guide so any feedback would help me update this for season 5 and I'd love to contribute to the community in some way so this is my way of giving back after picking up a really fun game.

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Welcome To The Urgot Happy Fun Town!

Right lets be honest, no one plays Urgot. But you either want to give him a try or you random locked and now are searching up an obscure mobafire guide to give you the best setup possible so you don't start out playing like a fool. People might hate the poor bastard but I love him. He does damage, he's a tank, he's chubby, he looks a bit like a crab... What more is there? If you're going to play Urgot, or any champion for that matter, you need to learn what your abilities do and how to use them properly to get the best result in a game, and that's what these next few chapters are dedicated to.

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Pros / Cons

Before we get into what the abilities do, here are some good Pros and Cons for picking Urgot Top.


+ Great tank stats in the lategame
+ Amazing damage with his Acid Hunter
+ Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser can catch out targets EASILY
+ People don't know how to play against him
+ Best Armor shredder in the game
+ Permaslow with the Terror Capacitor
+ Upon killing a unit Acid Hunter refunds 20 mana
+ 2sexy5me


- No mobility
- Still mana hungry in the early game even after the buff
- Squishy in the early game
- Ult can be stopped by cc while channelling
- Requires the team to do a lot of damage when ulting a carry
- To do damage in fights, you will usually have to hit your E
- You have to hit skillshots to damage the enemy
- 2ugly5me

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What The Bloody Hell Is Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter?

I love this passive. I rarely notice it but it really helps in every single 1v1 situation possible. If you're against a riven and you have 300 hp and her ult does 330 damage at the first rank. You can live through it with a well fired[Acid Hunter or a cheeky basic attack. If you can hit enough people in a fight, you can reduce the enemy team's damage output by a surprising amount. It's essentially a mini exhaust, in both duration and damage reduction.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Acid Hunter?

This is your bread and butter ability. Everything depends on you being able to hit your skillshots in lane. Your Q, Acid Hunter fires a 1000 range missile for a small amount of damage. This has a decent amount of damage early on with 1 cast but combined with your E and W can allow you to get 3 or (at 30% + cdr)4 Acid Hunters onto one person. at level 3 without taking resistances into account (or your Noxian Corrosive Charge) this can get you 150 damage from the Acid Hunters alone. Perfect ability and later in the game it allows you to get a huge amount of damage onto the enemy Adc, enough to straight up remove them from the fight with one combo. It can proc on hit effects and when locked on it can seek out targets in the fog of war. But this doesn't reveal the targets hit while they are in the fog of war, so you're going to have to be predicting their movements if you're trying to track them. Overall a great ability and it is fundamental that you learn how to hit near to 100% of the Acid Hunters you shoot.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Terror Capacitor?

This spell has very few downsides. While the shield is intact any autoattacks and Acid Hunter missiles slow the target. This can be very useful when trying to stick to an enemy, as it's essentially a permaslow if you can fire off enough Acid Hunters, and getting in basic attacks just refreshes the slow so you really end up making the enemy slowed to the point where they won't be able to tell if they're trecking through glue. The shield strength is pretty weak but it's a nice thing to use to use to soak up a few autoattacks or spells in lane and later on when you have more health and resistances it really doesn't seem like a weak shield anymore. The only downsides with the shield are, if the shield is broken, your Acid Hunters and Autoattacks don't slow. Another downside is that it scales with AP (Build full AP urgot and I'll commit seppuku up front). If Riot manages to change this I'm sure Urgot will become a much stronger champion in any role.

EDIT (5.5): Now these buffs are important. Your shield is weaker at earlier levels by a really miniscule amount. However, it now scales with 8% of your maximum mana. Urgot will always be getting a Muramana and a Frozen Heart. This, along with a few other options, can now increase your shields strength at level 18. It would normally be at 280, but in my recent games I have seen this value increase to around 500-600. This is a huge increase in strength meaning Urgot can survive more in the late game. I feel this change has made Urgot an even stronger pick, and hopefully I'll be seeing more of him in competitive play.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Noxian Corrosive Charge?

The lock-on feature allows you to have some of the best poke in the game, it does some decent damage at early levels, it scales pretty well and combined with the slow from Terror Capacitor, it allows you to lock onto a champion and permaslow them with Acid Hunters.
The armor shred is great for objectives as it allows your team to do more damage to the Dragon and Baron Nashor. It can be difficult to land sometimes but you've got to learn which way people will try to manoeuvre to get away from the aoe. If you're having trouble hitting this, aim your Noxian Corrosive Charge in the direction that the enemy is moving. This is very difficult to land when the enemy has a lot of mobility (Riven, Jax, Irelia etc) so learning over time how to land this ability is key.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser?

Not the best spell at early levels but it can still be useful. Your EWQQQ combo has about 500 more range than your level 6 ult, however, if you can manage to get close enough to ult someone into you (and your hp is relatively even) you're guaranteed to at least get a flash, if not a nice 300g. You'll win 1v1 fights with this ult because of the great resistances it provides and because of the great 3 second slow. This will mean that people will be unable to escape from you and your combo. Another great thing is that even with the 40% slow the slow from your W allows you to slow the target even more, crippling them with a measley amount of movement speed. Your ult is a suppression and therefore allows you to stop channelled abilities. This can be great in certain situations. For example, if you are in a 5v5 scenario and you see a Fiddlesticks channelling his ult, you can stop it, saving your team, and trapping the Fiddlesticks into a 1v4 pummelling. As the range increases at ranks 2 and 3, it becomes a lot easier to catch people out. You can swap one of the enemy carries into your whole team and this, in most circumstances, can win your team the fight or in some case the game. You might be thinking "But I'm just putting myself into a 1v4, how is that a good idea?" Well allow me to explain. You are a tank. If you really need to, you can always flash out of the enemy team, closer to your team to help you. The enemy carry will in most cases be squishy and unable to escape 4 of your team members without taking fatal damage or being melted. A good idea can be to flash and ult to catch an enemy off guard. While this puts distance between you and your team, you can still do damage to some of the enemy team before dying and you aren't the only damage dealer on your team, you'll have an adc and a mid laner to do the damage for you. However, you can't cancel your ult if you use it and see that swapping yourself is a bad idea, and it can be cancelled, stopping the swap from happening. Despite all that, I feel that this is a really great ability at later levels and can win games easily, but you can't ult if your team isn't there to follow up, so make sure you have a good idea of where everyone is positioned in fights.

Edit (5.5): Cooldown changed from 120 at rank 1 to 100. 20 seconds off this shield really does help if you're running teleport. Your ult will be up 20 seconds earlier than it normally would be, hopefully meaning that you might have an advantage over your opponent. At rank 2 we're knocking off 10 seconds from the normal cooldown (same point as before) and at rank 3 we have the same cooldown as before. This gives Urgot's ult a little more potency in the early game, as it's more available, meaning you can make use of the shorter cooldown. You could abuse your lane opponent more, and with your ult on a shorter cooldown, you can make ganking a little more convenient for your Jungler. Not a big change, but I can see the impact it could have.

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Skill Sequence

Q is your most important ability, max it by level 9 always. The choice between W and E is not really debatable. I've often taken a second point in my E at level 8 and then maxed it last because of the extra damage from getting another level in it and the difference in the cooldowns. I still suggest maxing your W as it makes you tankier and when you already have a damaging ability on such a low cooldown, why would taking another do you any good when you could be staying alive in different situations? Always max your ult whenever you can, the range and resistances are really helpful in both 1v1s and teamfights. You can get your E at level 2 if you want to be poke heavy but I prefer to take my W for the damage soaking and because your basic attacks can slow your target, letting you get several autoattacks onto the enemy top laner and possibly an Acid Hunter or two, depending on your ability to hit skillshots.

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Teleport/Ignite almost 100% of the time. Teleport is great for getting around the map and helping out other lanes that are struggling. Ignite is perfect if you need kill pressure early on, or if they have someone with a lot of regen (Vladimir, Mundo etc...) The only times when I would change them would be teleport in exchange for an exhaust or for a ghost. Exhaust can be very useful when either your support doesn't take exhaust or if the enemy team has 3 or 4 heavy damage dealing champions (Riven, Zed, Udyr, Vayne). Ghost can be useful when trying to stick to your enemy but I feel like it's a bit pointless because you can already do that with the permaslow from your Terror Capacitor.

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Armor pen is vital on Urgot, so getting 9 marks and 3 quints gives us 19.2 Armor Pen. Health seals are nice to help you in lane and a much better investment than Armor seals after the nerf. I get scaling Magic Resist glyphs because normally you won't be against many AP top laners, but it's really nice because by the end game your build will give you less magic resist than Armor, and these glyphs even out the differences. Not much to say on this one but that's because you really shouldn't be changing out your runes for any lane partner. Armor can be nice early but one of your core items gives you a load of Armor anyway. I'd say get cooldown runes for early dominance, however, you can get 35 or 40% Cdr from your Frozen Heart and some other tosh easily, so you might as well keep some other nice stats.

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21 in the offensive tree for some pretty solid reasons. We've got sorcery, because of the great early cdr it provides. Double edged sword, because you want to do as much damage as possible while being tanky enough to negate the side effects. Brute force is nice for the late game scaling. Expose weakness allows you to give your allies extra damage if you manage to land a 5 man Noxian Corrosive Charge or if you just manage to hit a lot of different people with your poke. Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are crucial to your kit. You are going to be using your Q and basic attacks in lane A LOT. With Spell Weaving and Blade weaving, you can get TONS OF DAMAGE on your in lane harass (That's the Phreak joke out of the way). Warlord is nice for the late game ad scaling, especially if you go for a damage based build rather than a tankier one. I only take 1 point in warlord because I almost always go tanky (occasionally building 1 offensive item, e.g. Maw of Malmortius when they have 5 akalis, and even then it's so you'll last longer in a fight) and I don't think that the other 2 points actually help much when you could get other masteries that provide more benefits. However, if you're thinking about going more offensive later on, I'd advise picking up the extra 2 points and dropping 2 from dangerous game and 1 point from executioner. Executioner is pretty good in the late game. This is because normally if you manage to get your whole EQQQ combo off onto the enemy adc with your muramana you'll definetly be dropping them to below half their health, if you don't manage to kill them, and this mastery further increases that damage. Armor pen is absolutely vital on urgot, a great reason to take 3 points in devastating strikes. Pick up havoc because you've put 20 points into this tree and it'd be a waste not to get an extra 3% overall damage.

9 in the defensive tree for most ad bruisers. Block and unyielding reduce your damage income overall, Recovery will help you survive in lane a little bit longer because of the extra hp regen, and veterans scars and Juggernaut really help if you're going slightly tankier (e.g. Warmogs, randuins).

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Starting Items

Dorans Blade - Some nice sustain and damage but to go down this route you've got to be very Mana conservative or you're going to be out of Mana really fast.

Cloth + 5 Pots - Take this against heavy AD top laners. Take a combination of pots (at least have 1 Mana pot) so you don't run out of Mana immediately. You're taking Cloth 5 to sustain, and without Mana you won't be able to do anything anyway, so keep that Mana Potion handy.

Long Sword + 3 Pots - My favourite starting build. Damage so you can abuse in the early game, pots (usually 2 Health pots and 1 Mana pot) to keep yourself in lane long enough to get an early kill, and keeping that Long Sword on you (instead of buying a Doran's blade and selling it later on) will help you build your Phage.

Crystalline Flask + 3 Pots - I've never really tried getting this. It keeps your Health and Mana high early on and provides a nice little heal if you decide to keep it for the rest of the game (until you sell it for an actual item) so if you're really having trouble staying in lane early on, this might be just for you.

Boots + 4 Pots - Not really viable. You don't need boots early on unless you really can't dodge skillshots, but even then normally there aren't many skillshots in most common top lane matchups and if you take any other item with pots you've pretty much got the same amount of sustain but you can actually use the Attack or Armor stats to help you.

Doran's Shield - You have just as much sustain with the Flask or Item + X Pots starts. You don't need the useless passive when you're normally out of range for most melee champions, and you don't need the Health Regeneration when you've got other pots. Avoid.

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Your Core Urgot Build

By the first back you want to be going for at least a long sword and if you've got enough gold, a tear. You need it for the mana regen and you want to get that muramana as fast as you can. Always get at least one ward on your first back, I cannot stress this enough. Even if you get a lead early, it can always be taken away by that eager Amumu waiting in the wings. If there's a bandage toss with your name on it, make sure you can see it so you don't end up giving up a quick 300g.

You're going to need to get something to build towards a Black Cleaver. You should always build a Black Cleaver and a Manamune next. Then you're going to need to get a Frozen Heart. Those are your 3 core items. The next items are debatable but I'd suggest getting a Warmogs next, and then a Guardian Angel. Build your T2 Boots whenever you feel you need them, if you're needing to kite a Jayce's Shock Blast or if you're thinking about roaming.

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Other Options

Randuins Omen: A Randuins can be useful if the enemy has a lot of autoattacking champions. The passive can reduce their attack speed and the active is good for engaging/disengaging. It's got some nice health as well as the armor.

Warmog's Armor: Go to item for Hp and Regen. You'll become an insane tank with this, but don't pick it if the enemy has multiple Borks, a Gnar or a Vayne. In those situations, get a Randuins Omen.

Locket Of The Iron Solari: Nice Cdr, a good active to give your whole team a shield, some nice defensive stats and a passive Magic Resist aura for your team. If the support hasn't built this and they have a decent amount of ap, go for it. It's not a really expensive item and yet it gives a tonne of good stats for Urgot.

Banshee's Veil: Some good Magic Resist, health and a nice passive that can save you from getting caught by a Dark Binding or a Rocket Grab. A go to Magic Resist item and a much better choice over Spirit Visage because of the difference in the passives (Even if you get Cdr from Spirit Visage)

Guardian Angel: This item is perfect for Tank Urgot. You can ult yourself into 4 people to swap out a squishy target, and then come back to life after they focus their attention on you. It gives some nice Armor and Magic Resist but that passive is ideal for Urgot's playstyle. (Note: If you die with GA, sell it and get a Warmogs/Randuins/Maw and then buy back after 5 minutes.)

Thornmail: Loads of armor. Lets you deal damage to enemies basic attacking you. Take this only if they have multiple Bork users or 4/5 ad. You can get enough Health and Armor to deal their own damage back to them, while your team does the rest of the work.

Mercurial Scimitar: If they have Cc that is constantly keeping you grounded, you can pick up this little jewel to scuttle to safety. It gives some nice Magic Resist and it's active is a better version of cleanse. If you're deciding between this and a Maw, take into account how much Cc they have. (Note: Fun little trick, this item's active gives movespeed, so you can use it to run at an unsuspecting target and you can swap them into your team.)

Last Whisper: If your team doesn't have much damage or if you're ahead and the enemy team is building loads of Armor, get this to shred right through it. Simple as.

Maw Of Malmortius: A really good passive to stop the enemy Apc from shredding you immediately, a lot of magic resist and attack damage too. Having lower health will give you more damage too, so some situations with this item can lead to you having a huge advantage.

Righteous Glory: The Mana makes your shield tanky, gives you more AD for your Muramana and lets you use more abilities. The Health makes you tankier and the active lets you run at the enemy team like an african security guard. Trying the Mercurial trick with this item is a lot easier, because it gives your whole team the movespeed, and it also is a mini Randuins with the second active. This isn't recommended unless the comp requires it (Wombo initiation) but it's not taboo and can work in certain situations.

Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads + Enchantments: (Read the next chapter)

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Boots and Enhancements

I didn't include this in the normal build because I believe it needs it's own part of the item build section. If they have quite a bit of cc and a fair amount of AP it's a smart idea to go for Mercury's Treads. However, if your enemy has a lot of Autoattacking champions go for Ninja Tabi. They are very useful in situations where the enemy team has a Vayne or a Gnar and in situations where the enemy adc is fed. Go for swiftness boots if they have a large amount of slows or if you want to roam more effectively. If you're going against someone like a Nunu, Yorick, Maokai etc... this can be useful to escape sticky situations but they really don't provide much defense, only utility, and you can already peel people who rely on large pursuits to reach their targets (For example Trundle or Udyr). I'm going to make a point of saying this now. I hate the idea of going for Lucidity boots. 5% cdr from masteries, 20% from Frozen Heart and we're at 25% already. This would bring us up to 40% with Lucidity Boots, but when you can buy items to get cooldown reduction and other stats, why waste the gold? You don't need to waste gold on 15% cdr. You aren't an auto attacking champion, so don't get Berserker's Greaves. Ever. And if you want to buy Sorcer's Shoes I'll go and stick my head in the oven.

Now then, enhancements. Pretty standard. Distortion if you're using your ult and flash 24/7 to catch out key players. Alacrity in very few situations. If you want to move quicker, go for Furor boots. The cost was decreased to 475g and overall that's great for Urgot. You're Q allows you to stick to enemy champions or slip through their fingers while running away thanks to those short bursts of speed. Homeguard boots if you're trying to defend your base or fight in your half of the map and you need to get down there quickly. I like getting these as an impulse buy in case the enemy team is at baron and I'm needed there (Although that's really what Teleport is for) but also if your tower is under threat and you really don't want to let the enemy team get some free gold, scuttle to the top lane and defend it with your life. Quick tip if you buy Homeguards, ask your bot lane to ward the brush furthest away from them so you can Teleport gank with Homeguards and almost always get a kill, or at least a guaranteed flash or two. Get captains if your team really needs to leg it and if you want to synergise it with a Talisman of Ascension but there are better options and I think it's a pointless buy.

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Trinket Options

Blue trinket if you're really struggling to hit those lock-ons when you can't see the enemy or if you need some Baron vision and your Adc doesn't have one, but I wouldn't recommend it. A pink ward if you really need some long lasting vision in key areas of the map. A solid choice as of now is the Red Trinket. This allows you to clear multiple enemy wards, which in turn lets you deny the enemy vision, which gives you an advantage over them, as you can set up teamfights or deny them vision on dragon, baron etc...

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Get some Elixirs if you're fully built so you can get some free stats. Iron elixir if you're really trying to tank a lot of cc and you need the tenacity. Wrath if you're going for some more damage and sustain in fights. Ruin if you'd like a little bit more health and if your team is really trying to push down some towers and you're split pushing constantly (You'll probably never need this for the split pushing side of it, but it's a possibility). Sorcery if you've somehow not got 40% cdr by the end of the game. You need to make sure that you've got your abilities (Especially Acid Hunter) on the smallest possible cooldown. You also get a tiny amount of true damage and some ability power to make your Terror Capacitor a little bit more useful.

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Tips and Tricks

As soon as you get your tear, you want to be stacking it up as fast as possible. Get 20 mana stacked on the way to lane, so that you don't run out of mana by the time you get to lane, and use your Q to last hit the creeps you think you won't get.

Your ult can swap no matter where someone is if you've used it. If an akali uses her ult to jump to a minion far away from you and you've ulted as soon as she did, it will swap you the whole distance away. This can disorient the enemy and make them waste their some of their mobility.

Getting a blue trinket can help you hit your Acid hunter on targets that have been hit by Noxian Corrosive Charge in the fog of war. If you're having trouble hitting them when you are unable to see them, this nice little item sorts that right out.

Buying homeguard boots is always a smart idea. Teleport into a teamfight and when the enemy team backs off, have your team chase after them. Then when you arrive, your homeguard boots allow you to catch up with one of their carries and swap them into 4 of your allies. It can only be done every once in a while but it can let you get some free gold and a window of opportunity to go for Baron, Dragon or a Turret.

Warding over walls and having your team deward the area around you is a really good way to catch people out. Make sure your team has a lot of cc, along with a silence to stop them flashing out or using their spells to survive, and you can wait for an enemy to walk by. Then you ult them and dance as they struggle to comprehend what is going on. This works really well at Baron Nashor, because you can bait them by walking over there with your team. Just make sure you have flash in case your plan goes haywire and you get stuck all on your own.

(This section will be updated over time)

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Great champion, great abilities, great fun. If you now understand a little bit more about urgot and your role in team fights, how to dominate your lane and how to be the smexiest crab in the game, take him out for a spin on the rift. If you don't pick him up at first, remember, practise makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if you do badly in some games. Have a wank and a biscuit and try again, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Good luck!

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All feedback is welcome and criticize this guide as you will. It's only my first guide but it is work nonetheless so all feedback and contributions to this guide will help. I don't necessarily think it's terrible but it could use a LOAD of improvements. I'm really eager to learn how to make guides and I hope I can provide more content in the future.

(Sorry about the lack of pretty pictures T_T)

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Special Thanks To

A guy on Euw called Ibeatz77 taught me a lot about Urgot, got me playing him (he's an Urgot main too) and is still an amazing Urgot player. Not sure if he wants me to mention him but I'll give him a plug anyway, so if you want to learn Urgot and want a person to teach you with some friendly advice, fetch him or me on Euw and we'll be happy to tell you about the chubby little chungus.