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Fiora Build Guide by Gruppenrabatt

AD Offtank [6.14] Now a worthy opponent again [Comprehensive Fiora Guid

AD Offtank [6.14] Now a worthy opponent again [Comprehensive Fiora Guid

Updated on September 7, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gruppenrabatt Build Guide By Gruppenrabatt 64 4 3,353,123 Views 50 Comments
64 4 3,353,123 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gruppenrabatt Fiora Build Guide By Gruppenrabatt Updated on September 7, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Superficially, this Guide is not embellished with many images or other things because i give the content, the informations that you need without distracting sht that you dont need. After reading the whole guide which does not take that long you will know everything you need to know. Not more and not less.

The Reworked Fiora is an allround carry Champion.
You can outtrade every Opponent with your Kit which makes Fiora a Killing Machine.
The following Guide is for the Toplane Bruiser which is her best role.

I started playing Fiora because i knew that shes harder than the old Fiora, but if you master her even stronger. And its true. Using the W, attack moves and a good decisionmaking exhibit a good Fiora.
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General Tips and Tricks

Your E resets your auto attack.

To Combo AA + E + AA + Q + HYDRA + AA gives you 5 auto attacks in one second.

Try to always hit an enemy with your Q so that you get the cooldown refresh.

Use your passive. Dance around the enemy with attack moves and your Q. Important to know: As soon as you are far away from an enemy champion, his Vital spot disappears and when you get in range again, a new Vital spot is generated. Use this to always get the spot where you want it to be. (To your easiest hit range)

Always keep in mind which heavy crowd control could hit you and predict it to get the best effect of your W.

Furor enchanted Boots are amazing at Fiora. They Synergize well with the Passive of Trinity Force or Black Cleaver and makes you dance around the enemy even faster.

Avoid all-ins without your ultimate.

Before you use your Ultimate, ping the enemy you will ult to get the correct focus and the heal quickly. Using your ultimate is a big decision because it mostly decides the whole situation. You can either Carry or Fail a fight with it.

You will get many mindgames with your W for example vs Lee Sin R, Lissandra W, Riven W... play Fiora against champions like them to learn how and when people would use their heavy CC abilities.

Activate your E, last hit a minion with the "slowing aa" then dash to your opponent and get the 100% crit on him which will improve your trades.

In teamfights, use your ultimate to the least mobile target to safely get the heal.
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Pros / Cons

High Mobility
High Base damage
Massive true damage
W blocks everything (unless tower and fountain hits of course)
Auto attack Reset (not much attack speed needed)
Great Pusher

Squishy without tank items
High cooldowns early
Very skill based
Not able to successfully all in before lvl 6

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Never build Fiora full damage - Fiora has such a high base damage that you can already deal massive damage with 2 damage items.
Also, Never buy Trinity force and Black cleaver at the same time. - Its useless, the passive is Unique and you lose a lot of potential another item would give you.

Your absolute core is Ravenous Hydra

Your second item is Trinity Force or Black Cleaver
This is how you decide it:

Trinity Force
- Youre ahead
- Enemy team is squishy
- Its generally better
- You want to deal more burst damage

Black Cleaver
- Your team is full or heavy AD and the enemy team has many tanks
- You generally prefer to be more tanky
- you dont have money for the expensive triforce

Summary: Triforce deals more damage and should always be built if youre not too behind and the enemy team cant build much armor

Your Boots

You have the options of Mercurys, tabis, Swiftness or Cooldown Boots.

Generally, the Cooldown boots are the best on Fiora. Fiora needs cooldown reduction for all her abilities because she has high base cooldowns (except the Lunge)

You buy Tabis, if the enemy team is AD and auto attack heavy. Fiora is locked down quickly by a well kiting adc if she has no resistances against their damage.

Buy mercurys, if the enemy team has much different heavy crowd control even after you block one with the W As soon as you leave the 0,75 seconds of immunity you are vulnerable to every cc following.

Generally do not build swiftness boots. But if you see that the enemy champions can kite and escape from you, buy them because they also synergize with the percentage movement speed from your Triforce.

Other Offensive and Defensive Items

Which ones you buy depends on your playstyle and the enemy team
Usally buy them in this Order: Hydra -> Black Cleaver or Triforce -> Defensive -> Defensive -> Defensive or Offensive depending on the current situation.

Most people prefer an Offensive item as the last one to get that little powerspike in the Late Game. There are many different offensive Items for different situations.

Usally you can go for a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Fiora is pretty much based on Physical Damage with great Base stats like the 100% crit and the Q scaling. Armor pen supports this damage and Youmuus is going to blow every enemy in a fight Quickly.

If the enemy team is very squishy, go for an Infinity Edge or a Bloodthirster. A squishy enemy team often means many assassins, mages or bruisers which deal much damage to you in a short time. If you notice dying to enemies too quickly, get the Bloodthirster which not only gives you 75AD and 20%LS, it also boosts your Hydras lifesteal which makes you able to fight many Champions at once and keeping yourself alive with your lifesteal.
If the enemy team is squishy because they are behind or picked squishy utility champs (Sona and other squishy supporters), get an Infinity Edge. This is a huge Powerspike because you get 65AD, 20% crit chance which makes a total of 30% with Triforce but it also boosts your E's 100% crit Damage very hard.
Buy a [Maw of Malmortius]] against heavy AP teams, heavy AP carry burst or if you have an AP enemy on your top. (Only buy hextrinker and sell it late game if the whole enemy team unless your lane opponent is AD)


If you built Trinity Force as second core item, Sterak's Gage is a good Item as third or last depending if you want HP or resists in mid game, because it gives you additional base attack damage, which synergizes with Spellblade (Triforce passive), because the bonus damage is based on your base attack damage. This bonus damage will be huge and even bigger, if Steraks passive activates.
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Your essential points of the Laning Phase are

Get every CS Possible - Your core (Hydra and Tri/BC) is very expensive so take all the money you can get.

Only go for a trade if you can safely hit the enemy Vital spot. - You will probably win every trade if you hit the spot.

All in with the ultimate for safety. - If the enemy is marked by your Ult and the 4 weak spot, he is going to retreat or will lose the fight. You can potentially deal at least half life with only the Bonus True Damage. Aditionally you have your Q and the Crit auto attack which is probably going to kill your opponent.

If weak spot is at the wrong side, get enough distance to the opponent and wait until the Spot disappears. - This resets the weak spot if you go towards your enemy again. You can do this until you get the weak spot you want. But make sure to get all cs and xp.

If you use your Q to escape ganks or retreat, try to jump so that you hit an enemy with the Q strike. - Doing this refreshes 60% of the Cooldown so that you get 2 Qs to escape easier.

Always try to trade if your W is up - You will win the trade even harder with using the W in it. It has high cooldown but its worth waiting for it until going for the fight.

Use your Ult after you hit a Passive weak spot - You will get 5 instead of 4 instant bonus true damage hits.

Roam often. A losing midlaner in your Team is another chance to grab Kills/Assists and help your midlaner catch up. When you see the enemy midlaner permanently pushing your mid under the tower, Push your lane with your big waveclear and go straight down. Even the defensive Spells some midlaners have (Xerath E, Brand Q ect.) are not a Problem for you and yo will shut him down.

As soon as you are ahead, save your teleport and TP into a bot fight if you have ultimate - This will often get flawless trades if you do it properly (Use ult on the Champion you are focusing or going to kill first) - you get the AoE heal which will win the fight even if Counterteleported or ganked

This leads us to Mid Game
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Mid Game

You go into midgame in 2 possible Situations. You are ahead, even or behind)

If ahead, you have these options

1. You have to stick with your team, because a teamfight with a fed fiora is probably won because who ever she focuses, he has to retreat or is going to die. (Read Teamfight chapter for more information)

2. You permanently split push and they have to send at least 2 to you which gives your team the 4v3 advantage to get other objectives. Only do this, if youre confindent, not to fail your W and using the ultimate on the correct Champion in a 2v1


1. Splitpush, a decent fiora is able to escape or win a 2v1 if even if not ahead.

2. Get at least one tower and focus on turret destruction and pushing. Fiora can lock down turrets fast due to her auto attack reset and attack speed buff.


1. Stay with your team and prefer using your ultimate for the Heal not for the damage. Do this with ulting the target your team will kill first and get the huge heal.

2. Buy a defensive item before the 2nd Core.

2. Permasplitpush. Fiora is one of those annoying champions you cant kick out of the game.
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A teamfight with Fiora is depending on her decisionmaking much.

She has 3 Opportunities

1. Dive into the enemy team and focus out a carry of them.

2. Fight with your Carries and kill the Bruiser/Tank quickly with your True damage.

3. Try to fight 2 enemies at the same time to give your team a 4v3 advantage - In my experience this doesnt work well because you often are the main damage source and their carries are stronger than yours.)

Decisionmaking is made by this criteria

1. Do this, if
- You can lock down the carry quickly
- Have ultimate up
- Know about the consequences (Enemy CC and damage will hit you hard)
- You can sucessfully use the W if they try to defend the carry

2. Do this, if
- You know that you can not kill the enemy carry without the risk of failture and dying for nothing
- You want to stay safe
- The enemy team is heavily focusing your carries in teamfights
- You built Black cleaver
- Your ult is up

3. Do this, if
- The enemy prefers focusing you instead of your carries
- You trust your carries/they are stronger than the enemy carries
- Your ult is up
- You are able to win 2v1 situations (YES BECAUSE YOURE FIORA)


Dont fight without your ultimate
Dont go ham
Learn from previous Teamfights how your carries are focused and how strong they are
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Late Game

A fully builded Fiora is massive.
You have no cooldowns, huge damage and a good tankyness which makes you able to beat everyone in a 1v1.
Due to that, you can Splitpush or catch and burst enemies down to get advantage. Only do this if you can trust your team to win without you.
Using your ultimate for the AoE heal influences the late game Baron/Dragon fights very much.
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Fiora Plays (Montages of my Fiora)

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Straight/Hidden Fiora Buffs/Nerfs in recent patches


Starting this chapter at Patch 6.11 since ive noticed that i am able to play Fiora successfully again which was impossible for about 2 Months.
Influence Rating by colour (White = Little influence - Yellow = mediocre influence - Red = Big Influence)

Patch 6.11
- Ninja Tabis - Basic Attack damage reduction to 12% from 10%. Rather buy these now against auto attack heavy teams

- Trinity Force - Crit Removed, no big deal it was just a bonus anyway. Attack Speed up to 40% from 15%, amazing since there was always that little unfilled gap in combos/duels which should be filled now. CDR up to 20% from 10%, huge impact on Fiora's powerspikes since she needs crd which made people buy Black Cleaver rather than Trinity Force. Triforce clearly is the better option now. Total cost reduced while Gold efficiency did not change much.

Tank meta is falling off which makes Fiora great since she can 2v1 two nontanky targets pretty easily

Patch 6.14

Passive: Health on Vital hit from 25-110 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 30-115 (at levels 1-18). Improves Fiora's overall Vital Health on hit.
Q: Scaling ratio from 0.55/0.7/0.85/1/1.15 bonus attack damage ⇒ 0.95/1/1.05/1.1/1.15 bonus attack damage - This is very good for fioras early to mid game because every little AD she buys strengthens her Q much more than before.
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