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Kennen Build Guide by vic10tor2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vic10tor2

[6.15] Kennen Top Guide - Cuz Big targets are the Best

vic10tor2 Last updated on July 30, 2016
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Threats to Kennen with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank Start boots and dodge barrels, Poke for days, only thing about GP is his map pressure through ult and pushing. He also scales well into late game but he should not get there vs kennen.
Sion Sion match up and others in detail at end.
Trundle Just don't get in his melee range and don't let him hit turret. Care for his sustain though.
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I finished Platinum V last season. Kennen helped me reach last season's goals (61% winrate last season). Now I'm Diamond V with 61% winrate.

I started out as Bronze 1 in season 4. I put in practice for farm and watched loads of videos. I finished Gold 3 after decaying from Gold 1. Cuz who needs elo anyway right >.<

I reached my mid tier goal of Diamond now I'm aiming to get D3.

Kennen Overview

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[6.15] Patch for Kennen

Finally some nerfs this patch but there are still a bunch of OP's around. TY RITO. Luckily Kennen is one of em!

Ghost over TP this patch. What Ghost over TP? Kennen is a teamfighting champ not splitpush. Ghost helps you get into teamfights and has lane utility as well. Pick TP if you're going to get **** on. The TP channel is too long to initiate anything but perfect fights.

Never use TP if mid kennen

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Kennen general playstyle

With Kennen in lane I play him pretty passive and rely on my poke when cooldowns are up. Unless your Opponent is low, you want to prioritize farm over poke.

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee is how you want to poke with and play kennen in lane. He does not do well with all out engages in lane unless you are fed and/or have ult up. You're going to be using the cooldown of Thunderlord by only moving in to poke/trade when you have Q Thundering Shuriken or W Electrical Surge proc up. Your E Lightning Rush is only to be used for farm under turret and escapes/dodges.

If you have an empored AA and want easy poke or you want to zone, use Q Thundering Shuriken to CS in an attempt to hold onto the W Electrical Surge. Hit the CS though as stacking up doesn't take long. Mastering your Q is key on Kennen.

For roaming you should use E Lightning Rush for the Move speed but note that you are volnurable without it.

If you are a good Kennen, I think you can pick him against almost anything. Most bad matchups will result in a farm lane if played properly.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Run Scaling AP Runes if you are going to hit the CDR cap with your build 100% for sure. It's odd though but while my rune page hits way above CDR cap on full build. It works very well for me. Your CDR will be realy high no matter what your first items are. Kennen's goal is to topple the game with his mid spike anyway so full item build isn't our goal.

Kennen works fine with most blue runes. Yellows you can get scaling HP mixed with armor or just one exclusively. If you have flat AP or Scaling AP there's no need to buy CDR for Kennen's sake.

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Farming tips

Early last hitting with Kennen might take some getting used to, you only want to use your spells if you can push, hold the wave off turret (as farm under turret pre 3 will be hell if not prepped) or just to not miss farm. Kennen without Doran's Blade and no spells early is very prone to bullying. Rushing level 2 by using auto attacks and Q Thundering Shuriken if safe is a good strategy. Going all in before your first AP purchase e.g. Needlessly Large Rod with this build will not work out unless they are low, you get a gank or you have Ignite.

Under turret you want to E Lightning Rush all caster minions and at mid game fighters as well if your minions havent arrived yet, this will allow you to last hit with 1 auto attack.

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Zhonya's is still a core item. I used to think it wasn't as good with its changes. The item is still great, however it is not a complete must build anymore. Abyssal, Rylia's and protobelt are more important atm.

Get this versus AP lane and/or if the enemy team doesn't stack MR. This item is much better now especially with it's CDR to top it off. Kennen easily applies the passive MR reduction and all stats are great on him.

Get void staff against teams who stack loads of MR as it will be more efficient penatration wise than abyssal. You can get both though.

This item gives HP that goes well with the resistances, AP and loads of slow to trap people even more in your ult. It helps with poke as well.

This item gives HP as well and synergizes with Rylia's. It's also a tank shred item thanks to it's % HP damage.

Luden's gives nice move speed which is good for Kennen. It gives nice poke and loads AP.

I generally don't build this item as I rarely reach super late game and the other items offer easier build paths with more utility. Also if they get MR you are better off having a Magic pen item than just more AP.

CDR boots: cheap, has uh CDR and the vital thing -> summoner spells CDR. These are the kicks a lightning hamster wears, it's the latest fashion ok.

Get pen boots over CDR boots if you will get CDR cap from your regular items, but honestly that shouldn't be happening.

This item has become core as the dash and its build path synergize with your kit.

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How to Engage

Use Lightning Rush for the move speed. Try to hit someone as it will refund energy, do damage and apply a stack of your passive Mark of the Storm. You want to get in their team as fast as possible that's why combining Flash with your all in can devestate teamfights. In an ideal situation you have all CD's.

Why get in their team fast: they can't respond well, you will hit more people, they have a hard time to damage you or CC so you can combo effectively.

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Team Work

Kennen's teamfight is really important. You can fit into a poke comp or an all-in comp really well. To engage in an ideal situation you want to flash ult Slicing Maelstrom their entire team wait a bit to hit W Electrical Surge on all of them.

If you can't hit 4 or more members you have to consider things more. Blow up champion X or do aoe dmg to several people or maybe try protect your carry. This is all very situational. The basics to selecting targets in teamfights are: kill enemy fed carries or protect your carries if they are fed.

Teleport is more versatile than Ignite and lets you pull off those epic TP's. I also prefer TP as kennen gets good wave clear around mid-game. Ignite is strong but if you lose lane you'll wish you took TP and even if you win I feel TP offers more than just stomping your own lane.

Whoever you decide to unload your rotation on, don't forget that not only your spells are on CD your team's are most likely on CD as well. It's not uncommon to make the mistake of blowing a target up for which you and your team burned alot and instead of waiting a bit. They get ahead of themselves thinking it's a 5v4 and then get rekt anyway. Keeping track of everyone's positioning and CD is hard and I myself get caught in the same trap myself, but atleast I'm aware of it. Nothing sucks more than losing a teamfight and sitting there not knowing WTF just happened to your won game. Note that if you blow up a carry you can win the 5v4 easy, if it's a tank it might be a different story.

Kennen Specific Lane Opponents

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Farm Practice

A video I made to help you get better at csing very fast + good habits to get into.

My growing YT channel :)

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Laning vs melee aggro champions

Against champions like Riven (champs with a dash) you have an ok time if you manage your Mark of the Storm stacks well. The second they dash to engage you proc the marks for a stun and back away. Champs who dash and stun you instantly can be a problem though or champs like Renekton who can double dash with a fast stun.

The hardest are champs who can deal with CC well and dash/jump fast like Irelia or Zed. Zed is a skillmatchup, your main issue is dodging the shadow shuriken and spin, if he hits plenty he can all in. Another problem vs zed is his ult Death Mark.

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Laning vs tank champs

Tank champions can be easy if they are like Trundle.

A tank with a shield or sustain from early is another story. This will be a farm fest or he will even outsustain you, thus making you back first. Shen and Malphite are good examples of tank champions who have good base damage, can take poke and can brawl you.
Shen is particularly annoying. The taunt Shadow Dash forces you into longer trades, which you lose. The only good thing you have to offer vs shen is range and the fact that you can stop his ult Stand United. Hope for a farm lane but play back at max range unless you can quickly hit W Electrical Surge and proc.

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Matchups in Detail

- Jarvan IV: J4's ult Cataclysm lets him sit on top of you and blocks your teamfights , his flag and drag combo let him escape your all ins as well. In lane look for early advantages and dodge the lance. Ganks or his all in require you to outdamage him burn flash every time.

- Riven: A good riven will dash stun you instantly so keeping a distance beyond her first dash lets you insta stun her before the engage. If she does get on top of you and you can still stun quickly after the CC, even if you have to E forward and back that's worth if she's CC'd.

- Renekton: A hard matchup as he will double dash Slice and Dice even if you stun him in the first dash. His stun Ruthless Predator is quick and his Q Cull the Meek has range + sustain against your poke. Play far back as you would vs a darius. Poking him without jungle presence has no use early and is dangerous.

- Darius: A slow Crippling Strike, a pull Apprehend, bleed, he builds Phage to chase you and that BS ult Noxian Guillotine you can't Flash or Zhonya's Hourglass (oh and it resets hooray for darius). Darius is bad news and once he pulls you in there's no stopping his combo. Oh and he heals like crazy from his dumb *** Decimate.

- Garen: Sustain and tanky champ who can kill you with his ult Demacian Justice even when behind. Make this into a farm lane and garen will want to do the same. If you plan on getting ahead reliably do it early as his passive Perseverance isn't as potent yet. Time his passive and you can see the passive coming up. If he tries to push you into turret early punish him with poke, don't let him trade you though. It should be a safe lane but his pushing can be a nuisance.

- Irelia: Just like renekton, don't pick kennen into her. She has everything needed to make your life hell. Tenacity from her passive Ionian Fervor, more scaling, a fast and short cd/reset dash Bladesurge, a stun Equilibrium Strike, sustain Hiten Style and a fck ton of dmg. She just has to start with some kind of pots and then not be brain dead. Farm from far back and make plays elsewhere.

- Gnar: Gnar is relatively easy as long as he doesnt get ahead. Dodge the Boomerang Throw and watch out for mega gnar. Your poke is far superior if you keep it short and succinct. His jump and mega form are really easy to predict so get the stun ready and disengage. Important note is that he heals off of transforming and you generally don't want to fight a gnar in mega form wether it's a 5v5 or lane phase.

- Yasuo: Some pick yasuo into Kennen thinking Wind Wall is a counter. While it can be annoying, if you play this matchup right and dodge tornado he will cry under turret. Proc his shield Way of the Wanderer if safe wait for it to pass and then apply your thunderlords. Only allow him to block either Q or empowered AA if anything at all. If he blocks both then back away as your only disengage is running or stunning with ult waste. Quick tips on yasuo: his bar being full means he has shield and wind surrounding him means he has knock up.

- Dr. Mundo: Just farm and get plays elsewhere. Infected Cleaver is pretty much his only engage tool and you can dmg from behind minions so if you can't juke it just use W to apply some pressure and stay safe till cleaver is on CD. You pretty much never want to get in melee range unless Doctor mundo is out of ultimate Sadism and not post mid game. Ignore him in full on 5v5's as he will have MR from lane phase and you can't afford to waste ult on him.

- Fiora: She scales really well and has outplay potential. It's really hard though for her to Riposte your stun unless you toss Q or use E from far away. Don't get Lunged on and you should be safe.

- Sion: An immobile tank who should never reach you. Poke him down, push him in and if your team knows how to focus you should be much more useful than him altogether.

- Rammus: Though he's fast with Powerball and has his puncturing taunt, as long as you have range and E you can outplay him. The point of his taunt is to get his return damage off from Defensive Ball Curl and so you get minion aggro. If you use E to run away from him and/or he taunts you in lightning form you won't AA him. Poke him down but care for taunt combined with a gank.

- Vladimir: Vladimir is tricky, play from far range and only move in for applying Electrical Surge as he will try to retaliate with his Q Transfusion. Try to time your harass when his Q is on CD. Your W active and Q Thundering Shuriken have more range than him. If vlad pokes you down and you have no health pots, You are in great danger of getting dove. He is an easy gank though as long as you are not too low and especially if his Sanguine Pool is down.

- Lulu: Lulu like most utility mages depends on who hits more poke. Like any champ with a shield, avoid hitting in that timeframe unless its for a stun or w/e. She can set up good ganks so care for those and the heal from her ult Wild Growth. Whimsy Stops your spells and even active ones. This is honestly your biggest threat vs her as she can stop Slicing Maelstrom and Lightning Rush. You don't want to be the engage vs Lulu in a teamfight unless whimsey is on CD.

- Wukong: His engage is the kind Kennen hates, fast dash Nimbus Strike with loads burst and move speed from ult Cyclone to sit on you. Establish dominance pre 6. This lane is winnable but again volnurable to ganks. His trades are annoying as he can negate any return damage with Decoy.

Lissandra: Shes a utility mage and relies on her poke to dominate you early. Her ult Frozen Tomb is your main worry and the root Ring of Frost. She can however burst you down with 6 like most mid-laner types. Dodging the Q Ice Shard isn't that hard and if you keep dodging it she'll have trouble engaging.

- Quinn: I lack experience with this matchup. I think it's pretty much who gets strong first. In an all-in without real items she should kick your *** though.

- Kayle: While I really have no experience with this matchup, She has good range and a strong ultimate Intervention. She scales insanely hard, your main advantage is that she builds squishy. I reckon you can burst her down with stun. You should win early lane phase as her heal costs loads mana and she needs items.