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Singed Build Guide by Jessmess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jessmess

[6.16] Hello Im Josh Challenger build - Climb out of elohell

Jessmess Last updated on August 15, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Singed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jax Jax is kind of like malphite because he can't keep up with your movement speed and he has to come into your poison range to attack you. It's very easy to zone/harass him with your poison if you drop it in front of cs he's trying to get. Careful with fighting him when his passive is fully charged, No extended trades with jax. Trades should consist of you just slowly whittling him down with your poison 1 tick at a time. Build attack speed slow if you want to be unkillable vs him. Early on he's very weak and takes about 20 minutes to get to a point where he can do lots of damage, so abuse his early as much as possible and zone him out as much as possible because he does scale very well.
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Who am I?

I'm a Diamond Singed main and I play on the NA server. I started playing league of legends during the summer of 2014 and reached diamond this year.

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Why Singed?

As you can see by the match-ups, Singed has lots of counters, so you may be asking, why pick Singed. #1 you like the play style of just running around and watching people helplessly chase you and #2 he has great teamfighting and splitpushing in the mid/late game. Singed can shove lanes easily and roam to teamfight or catch people out. He does have a tough time laning vs ranged champions and even some melees, but if you can make it past early game you will have a bit more fun mid/late game watching the enemy team chase you.

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CSing early on - IMPORTANT

If you're laning normally (not proxying) it's super important that you don't poison the entire creep wave, because if you do, you will miss a lot of farm. Try to rely on your AAs for Csing early. This shouldn't be too hard since Singed has one of the highest Base AD stats at lvl 1.
I can't stress this enough.. DON'T POISON THE ENTIRE CREEP WAVE AT LEVEL 1.

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Tower killing with Singed

Singed isn't very quick at taking towers, however he still has a decent autoattack base damage and if you have ultimate ability and your laners roaming and you can't follow with tp, then you can use your ult and it'll give you extra on-hit magic damage to kill the tower faster. Proxying vs low sustain champs that can't tank the waves is also good way to take towers really early on, since the minions are going to be attacking the turret.

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5.13 Singed Buff Galore - Singed is a top tier Top laner now

Singed receives higher base magic resist at 32.5 and a 1.25 magic resist per level stat. Singed Fling- Mega Adhesive Root combo receives slight Root duration buff. Rod of Ages recieves a slight early nerf, but receives an overall scaling buff. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is supposed to apply 20% slow (buff), but appears to be applying a 40% slow (even more buffed) instead (bugged). Righteous Glory slightly nerfed, but overall doesn't hurt Singed. Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff buffed by 20 AP, but also costs more. Liandry's Torment buffed for 30 AP and costs a little bit more. Singed also laughs automatically everytime he Flings someone How cool! Singed win rate skyrocketed after these buffs. He was at 49% win rate before and now is at a 54% win rate just a few days after the buffs. Thankfully his ban rate hasn't risen too much.

Update: (6.1) Singed win rate went down to 51.6%, but he is still a really strong pick and has improved a lot with the recent patches.

(6.15) Singed is still top tier top laner. He is by no means a godly top laner, but definitely tier 1 right below the OP champs.

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Pros and Cons of the Mad Chemist


+ Easy to learn and play
+ Very forgiving champion
+ Great scaling into mid and late game
+ Very hard to chase and kill once he gets a Rylai's
+ Has a strong ultimate that provides lots of stats
+ Main damage ability only costs 13 mana per tick and is AoE
+ Hilarious and obnoxiously fun play style
+ Great for pressuring side lanes especially when ahead
+ Can split push even when behind
+ Great champion to play if you don't main top and have to fill.

+ People have to chase you to get poisoned, so they can just decide not to chase you
+ Can be kited easily by ranged champions with slows or speed boosts
+ Can get easily counter picked in lane
+ Relies heavily on xp and farm to scale into the late game
+ Small mana pool early on

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Teleport or ignite/exh

Teleport is overall better than Ignite in almost all situations as Singed, but in lower elos, Ignite can work really well for winning lane. I wouldn't really recommend Exhaust just because you aren't really going to be staying in people faces for very long, you will mostly be running from them.

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How do you fling people over walls?

Simple. Right-click towards the very edge of a thin wall that can be wall-hopped and once you reach the point next to the wall where you click wait for the person thats chasing you to walk up to you and click Fling. 3 things to note when trying to do this.

  1. The person chasing you has to be near you and the wall when you try to flip them, so it helps if they are a Melee champion
  2. you want to make sure you are casting the spell as perpendicular to the wall you're trying to flip them over as possible.
  3. you want to make sure you are as close to the wall as possible before flipping to avoid any flips that face plant your enemy into the wall instead of over it.

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Flip-AA Combo

When you Fling anyone, you can basic attack them by right-clicking or attack moving while they're in mid-air to get some extra damage into your fling combo for free.

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Why proxy?

Simple. Lots of champions have a hard time csing under tower in the early game. When you proxy, they are forced to farm under turret. If they decide to tank the minion wave to get all the cs they lose lots of health because they cant tank minions as efficiently as singed. If they are farming the minions under their turret the turret will be constantly losing hp and they will have no choice but to lose their turret while yours is completely safe. Proxying is also a great tool for denying gold/xp from laners who start wolves/raptors at lvl 1. In the current meta, champions like Hecarim, Riven, Maokai, and some others have been starting on a jungle camp and Teleporting to lane for xp/gold advantage, but Singed can deny these people a whole creep wave of xp/gold if he proxys at lvl 1. Another use for proxying is if you can't really lane vs a lane counter like Teemo, Vladimir, Gnar, etc. You can just proxy farm and stay safe from your opponents harass. You can even double proxy in the enemies' base if you're ballsy enough for some extra gold/xp and map pressure. Careful not to deny your other laners however because if done at the wrong time, you will put your teammates behind in gold and xp. Triple proxy can be done too, but you basically have to suicide under the nexus turrets to get all the farm or buy an Ohmwrecker so you wont die.

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Proxying tips and notes

If you are planning to proxy by running through tower when your minions are tanking for you, you should note that if there's a wave coming already between the two enemy towers and you try to push the wave that's already in the middle of the lane, the wave behind it will stop your wave from reaching the tower and you will not be able to proxy safely because the minions won't tank tower for you. The lane will freeze right outside of the enemy turret and you will have a hard time wave clearing it since you have to be right next to the minions to poison them and might take unnecessary tower shots. Important! To prevent this from happening just wait for the second wave that's between the two enemy turrets to get to the middle of the lane so that you can wave clear both enemy waves very quickly and all at once, then your minions will go into the enemy turret and you will be able to proxy more easily

Important! Finishing tier 2 boots early on if you're planning on proxying is really beneficial because they allow you to get out of many sticky situations

Another good thing to note is that it's easier to proxy if you are blue side because you can just walk around the enemy turret quickly and still catch the wave. Also there are more options for escape on this side of the map.

The best times to proxy are when you are confident you can safely proxy without dying or when you absolutely have to pressure as fast as possible when your laner roams, you can proxy a wave and make your wave hit their tower faster. For example, on first or second back when you have 2 doran's rings and some boots you have enough wave clear power and movement speed to maybe not get caught if you're against low mobility champions. If for example you're vs a gnar top and nidalee jg, you probably shouldn't proxy until the jungler shows on the other side of the map or else you will probably die because gnar has slows/MS boosts and can easily kill you and nidalee is high mobility with a 4 second leap and she gains MS boost through bushes. If for example, you're vs a malphite and xin zhao and are confident you can easily out run them, then go ahead and proxy and you can draw pressure to your lane and take towers.

If you think you will die to your laner or mid/jg that decide to chase in proxy, then just don't proxy because you don't want to feed. I recommend proxying 1 wave then warding in the enemy jungle some deep wards and then going for more waves, but proxying without vision of the enemies is very risky so it's important that you ward up so that you can either escape or execute without feeding kills and gold to the enemy.

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How do I make my poison blue?

Go to your settings and switch to color-blind mode.

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How do I see other high elo singed builds?

Say no more fam.
Go to Lolskill Best singed list You can see the best Singeds' in the world builds and mix things up and expirement new builds that might fit your play style.

Here is Hello Im Josh. He hit challenger with Singed only in season 6 and held the #1 Singed in the world spot on lolskill at one point.

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Dodging skill shots

People will expect you to run straight towards them and will try to kite you with their skill shots. A good Singed will anticipate skillshots and dodge them. Dodging skillshots is one of the few imporant skills you will need to develop to become great at Singed.

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Who should I flip?

Squishies. Immobile squishies like the enemy adc or mid laner. Sometimes even the support. Don't flip a Malphite or Annie into your team as you will give the enemies a perfect AoE CC initiation that they need to win a team fight. Basically avoid flipping tanks with lots of cc into your team, unless their team can't follow through on their initiation i.e. unless you catch them out.

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How to carry with singed?

Singed carry strength doesn't rely on kills as much. Singed carry potential relies on the pressure he can draw to a given lane and on the amount of damage he can absorb and output without dying in teamfights and in skirmishes where he's being chased by multiple enemies. Singed isn't the most snowbally champion, but if you're ahead you can draw heaps of pressure to a given lane easily. If you play Singed enough and watch some high elo vods you will eventually learn how to carry with Singed and how to play to your win condition.

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Planning your flip direction

The direction of you Fling is especially important when you are catching someone out, are getting ganked, or you just need to run from the person thats trying to kill you while taking the least amount of damage possible. Singed will always fling behind him, so you will want to take this into account and position your character accordingly to where you want to Fling someone. For example, you wouldn't want to Fling your opponent away from you and your allied jungler during a gank. Also you don't want to flip people out of your teammates skillshots or abilities so take that into account snd anticipate it. If it's safe, let your teammates launch their skill shot abilities at the enemy and then Fling afterwards so that you don't make your teams abilities useless.

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Alacrity vs Distortion

Alacrity gives 20+ movement speed permanently which is a relatively low movement speed boost. Distortion on the other hand gives you 13% bonus movement speed when using Ghost (10 second boost) combined with a 30% bonus movement speed boost from Teleport (3 second boost). With movement speed quints these 2 bonuses combined add up to roughly 190 movement speed. So would you rather run 20+ movement speed faster while farming minions or run 90-190 movement speed faster for 3-10 seconds in a team fight. I'd just go with distortion over alacrity no contest. If that isn't enough, distortion also lowers your summoner spell ( Ghost, Flash, Teleport) cooldowns by 20%.

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Thoughts on Rylai's rush

Some of the best Singeds in the world go Rylai's Crystal Scepter first item. Then they build only one more damage item in the Liandry's Torment and 3 tank items. Is this a good build? Yes, definitely. Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment are your main damage sources. I will say however that in most cases Liandry's Torment buy right after Rylai's Crystal Scepter is not a good build because you will lack resists and survivability. I'd say you really only need Rylai's Crystal Scepter for damage and the passive and maybe at 6 items you can sell something for Liandry's Torment.

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End of Singed Challenger guide

Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. Now go into the Rift and bait some noobs to chase you.