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Jayce Build Guide by Kryppler

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kryppler

[6.18][Mid/Top] - DIAMOND JAYCE ONE TRICK GUIDE - [Kryppler]

Kryppler Last updated on April 6, 2017
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Threats to Jayce with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jayce (NOTE: FOR SIMPLICITY I PUT EVERYTHING HERE) EASY MATCHUPS: Overall Jayce stomps on tanky champs who lack any sort of instant gap closers. You can constantly bully them around in laning phase with auto's and poke and zone them off cs. Jayce also does well against squishy melee champs who take time to build up their dmg like GP, Fizz or Kass. EVEN MATCHUPS: This category applies to almost all ranged mages and bruiser top laners. These matchups are simply a matter of skill and can all be won with good decision making and mechanics. HARD MATCHUPS: Assassin matchups are what you need to avoid at all costs. If they get a lead they simply blow you up in one combo and with no counter play possible you will be snowballed on. For this reason I picked up Gnar as a second option to avoid these matchups.
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Edit: THIS GUIDE IS SUPER OUTDATED but can still be kinda helpful. I wrote all of this before lethality came out but my build and tips are still viable.

Just a heads up, this guide goes extremely in depth. This guide is mostly intended to teach advanced Jayce concepts and techniques for those who are already familiar with the basics.

A good guide shows a player how to play a champ one way, the best guides show a player how to play a champ in multiple ways to adapt to each different game.

Edit: Wow, im finally done and all I have to say is that this is my first guide and I wanted to literally put everything in it and this honestly ended up as more of a guide on how to play league

So before we get into the guide, first allow me to introduce myself.

I am currently a diamond III Jayce one trick pony who plays practically nothing other than Jayce with the occasional Gnar game. Ever since the champion mastery system came out I have racked about 620k points on Jayce... plz help me xd

I first picked him up somewhere during season 3. Jayce was the first champ I ever "mained". For some reason back then I thought, hey, this champ with 6 abilities seems really cool and complex, I'm gonna main this champ and learn absolutely everything about him. I then began my long journey down the Jayce one trick path with an unmovable (jk I play a lil bit of Gnar) devotion that still remains to this day.

Fyi, Server just came up from maintenance, das wai I has no friends online D: ^^^^

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Why Jayce?

Jayce is no champ that anyone just picks up for the sake of being op. Jayce's win rate ain't necessarily high (49%) and he is far from being in meta with a with a pick rate of about 2.3%. Most people are dissuaded to play Jayce since his kit is complex and difficult to get used to and has an overall unique playstyle that differs from other champs.

So why would anyone play Jayce if his kit is so complicated? Well, it is because his kit is so elaborate, that there will always be ways to improve. Even as a diamond player, I still make mechanical mistakes and am always thinking of new ways to improve. On other champs, mechanics can only bring you so far, however on Jayce the maximum mechanical potential is unreal.

I truly believe that Jayce is a great champ to pick up. Also there is nothing more satisfying than blowing up others before they even realize that they are dead. Lets be real, what's more awesome, a Malzahar who walks up, presses R to pick up a kill or a Jayce god who spams abilities making mechanical sick outplays.

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Finding your playstyle

Alright, if you have read all the way down to this chapter you are clearly extremely bored with time to kill or are dedicated to improving your knowledge and understanding of Jayce. Unlike past seasons, nowadays there are many different viable builds and play styles that can work on Jayce.

For this guide we will be dividing all of these builds into three main categories, those of which are; assassin, dps and full tank. This guide will only be focused on the assassin Jayce playstyle as it is the style that I always use and have found the most success with.

I have played around with dps and full tank focused builds and they are indeed viable. I also know other high ranking Jayce players who go with these other playstyles. However as I said, I personally go with the assassin playstyle because A) you can snowball like crazy if you get even the slightest of advantages in the early game (higher reward). B) Easy kills if you are familiar with exactly how much dmg you do with a full combo throughout stages in the game C) It looks fkin awesome to blow up people with a full ability combo :D

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If you want a single rune page that works against everything just use this page. This page has armor Seals and mr Glyphs which is standard in most rune pages. This way you are prepared for both ad and ap matchups. You can also replace the armor pen Marks with flat ad Marks since they are cheaper. Doing so will give you less kill pressure but better minion management (because minions have no armor).


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

On the other hand if the enemy team has both an ad jungler and ad laner you can replace the mr Glyphs with scalling mr Glyphs. Why invest in early game mr if you won't be against any ap early on? This way you will have more mr in the late game for team fights where you will be taking ap dmg.


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Finally, in the case that the enemy team has both an ap jungler and ap laner you can replace the armor Seals with flat health Seals or scalling health Seals. It's better to invest in health which is actually useful against ap unlike armor.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

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For masteries you go 12:18:0 to go for Thunderlord's decree. Thunderlord's synergizes really well with Jayce since it is easy to proc with him and adds extra bullying capabilities during the early game which allows you to win lane and zone the opponent off cs.

In terms of variation between games you can switch feast for double edged sword and cookies for assassin. Feast and cookies help you get through laning phase against tough matchups with that extra health in lane. On the other hand if the enemy is a late game champ that needs to be shut down early you can take double edged sword and assassin.

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Starting Items:
Doran's Blade Doran's Blade: This item is an essential starting item that I grab 100% of games. The item itself is so ridiculously gold efficient and gives you amazing raw battle stats.
Health Potion Health Pot: Buy one of these along with your Doran's. You should then continue to buy these as you visit the shop although watch out to not buy to many. Buying pots sets you behind and although they may replenish lost hp (and mana if you have cookie), you can simply avoid this dmg by trading properly and dodging/sidestepping enemy abilities.
Warding Totem Warding trinket: It is simply standard across all champs and roles to grab a warding trinket at the start of the game. However, later on once you hit lvl 9 swap out your Warding Totem for a Farsight Alteration. The Farsight Alteration allows you to do the essential part of warding without putting you in danger of getting close to unwarded bushes. It also saves you time which allows you to not miss any cs.

First Back Items:
Tear of the Goddess Tear: Jayce naturally has a really mana hungry kit, especially early on. For this reason tear is an essential first item. The Manamune and Muramana that the tear builds into will then help you deal insane dmg in the late game. Having a tear also gives you peace at mind knowing that it's alright if you aren't stomping your lane because you will outscale them.
Vision Ward Vision ward: You should always be buying these throughout the entire game no matter what champ or role you play. I usually only back once I have enough for a tear AND a vision ward. Spending 75 gold is always worth the chance to potentially save your life. Having a ward is also what allows you to push and put pressure safely. If you are mid lane you should also be hovering more or less around the side that you placed the ward. Another thing to do is that if your ward or any ward for that matter spots an enemy, notify your team by pinging. Having info on where enemy champs are is the key to making safe plays.

Rush/Core Items:
Manamune Manamune: This item is practically made specifically for Jayce. Manamune should always be built as a first or second item. It's passive that gives ad based on your max mana is just so gold efficient and the extra auto dmg from Muramana is insane. Although an important thing to note is that Manamune usually shouldn't be rushed. The reasoning behind this is that you should wait for your tear to have some stacks before transforming it into Muramana. Transforming your tear early will mean less extra ad from Manamune's passive. It's usually better to get Long Sword, Serrated Dirk or Caulfield's Warhammer for your Youmuu's Ghostblade. I usually transform it at around 500 stacks although the amount of stacks should vary depending on how much gold you have when visiting shop and what's the most gold efficient way of spending your money.
Youmuu's Ghostblade Youmuu's: This item is your main should almost always be your second or first item since it gives you great early game kill pressure and allows you to snowball even the slightest of leads. Just like I mentioned, you should also be building it's components ( Long Sword, Serrated Dirk and Caulfield's Warhammer) at the same time as you build Manamune.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity Cdr boots: These are the best boots on Jayce, since Cdr works great on Jayce and his spammish kit. Also having reduced cd on ss is really good since Jayce is highly reliant on Flash as it is his only method of dodging enemy abilities other than sidestepping.

Viable Following Items:

COMING SOON because im lazy xd

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Skill Sequence / Ability Combos

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start with To The Skies! / Shock Blast -> Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate -> Lightning Field / Hyper Charge (Q -> E -> w) and then max out To The Skies! / Shock Blast -> Lightning Field / Hyper Charge -> Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate (Q -> W -> E).

You start with Shock Blast simply because it is your main method of trading with your opponent laner. A common mistake is to take Hyper Charge first because it seems like a good ability for trading and while yes, It may have more total dmg than your Shock Blast, it takes time to put out all 3 auto's while your Q deals dmg on instantly. Then you also have To The Skies! which further helps with wining quick trades.

You then take Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate second because the gate basically doubles the Shock Blast dmg with Acceleration Gate as well as a knock back from Thundering Blow for pesky all in champs like Riven or Yasuo.

Finally you take your Lightning Field / Hyper Charge last for overall nice dmg output with prolonged trades or all in's.


The reason why you max out To The Skies! / Shock Blast first is because it will be your main source of dmg in the early game. The ability is meant for quick trading in the laning phase as well as poke in early-mid game.

Up next is Lightning Field / Hyper Charge. You max out this after To The Skies! / Shock Blast because it is more of a late game team fight dps tool and To The Skies! / Shock Blast is simply better for early game.

Finally you finish up with maxing Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate. You max these last simply because they are your main cc abilities and almost all non-support champs max their cc abilities last. It's simply better to have better dmg than more cc.

Ability Combos

Combo 1 Main poke: Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast

This is basically your simple poke combo. One error that literally all new Jayce players make is that they place the gate at max range way out in front of them. Instead the gate should literally be placed directly on your champs or ridiculously close for two main reasons. A) It gives the enemy more less to react because your Shock Blast projectile will waste less time being slow between your champ and the Acceleration Gate and B) By placing the Acceleration Gate directly on you, you it's speed buff instantaneously as opposed to waiting for your champ to walk forward into it.

Here is a Link to how good Jayce players poke, however I actually disagree with his "what best Jayce players do". Instead just look at his "What good Jayce players do".

The reason why I never Shock Blast before Acceleration Gate is because then I can't observe the enemy's movements and overall it just doesn't feel comfortable. When poking from far distances you should never be aiming directly where the enemy is, instead aim at where they will be. You should be using the slight amount of time between your Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast to observe the enemies movements and adjust your shot accordingly.

Combo 2 All in from ranged:
Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast -> Hyper Charge -> Mercury Hammer -> To The Skies! -> Lightning Field -> 3 Auto Attacks Thundering Blow

Combo 3 All in from Melee:
To The Skies! -> Lightning Field -> 1 Auto Attack -> Thundering Blow -> Mercury Cannon -> Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast -> Hyper Charge -> 3 Auto Attacks

95% of time you will be using the all in combo from ranged since you spend the majority of your time in ranged anyways. Being able to repeat this combo flawlessly and comfortably in about a second is essential to any good Jayce player. Being able to pump out so much dmg so quickly always catches the enemy by surprise. On top of being able to do this combo swiftly you should also be aware of how much dmg the entire combo does at all points in time. Knowing whether or not you can kill an enemy with your all in allows you be able to get kills in a safe calculated manor with minimal risks.

Combo 4 Insec gank setup all in:
Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast -> Hyper Charge -> Mercury Hammer -> To The Skies! -> Lightning Field -> Flash or walk behind enemy -> Thundering Blow

This combo is mainly used in the early game to get kills with the help of your jungler. Usually you wanna Flash behind the enemy to get the knock back into your team however, sometimes just the slow from To The Skies! is enough to let you walk behind the enemy. You can also walk behind the enemy if your jungler cc's him or her.

Honestly when it comes to abilities you should just be spamming them as soon as they come up and you know you can actually land them. It's mostly just a matter of practice and experience to know when and what abilities to use. The entire reason why you buy Tear of the Goddess is so that you can spam abilities.

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With OR OR

Spell 1: Flash

The first spell is Flash which is taken for obvious reasons. Flash is what makes all the fancy outplays possible. Because Jayce is an immobile champ with no dashes or blinks, he is really reliant on flash to dodge enemy skill shots.

You should always be keeping the enemy skill shots in mind, especially the skill shots with cc (like an Elise cocoon or Ahri charm). Try to save Flash for the moment they throw their cc skill shots at you.

This may be hard at first because you literally have less than a few seconds to react but dodging enemy key. A small trick is to not only visually wait for the ability but also listen for the sound.

Spell 2: Option 1: Teleport

The first option for your second spell is Teleport. Teleport should always be taken when you play top no matter what. Teleport is what allows you to contribute to early game fights at drag or in bot lane and also lets you split push in the late game. During laning phase you should constantly be glancing at your bot lane on the minimap.

Whenever your bot lane gets ganked or the enemy bot lane goes all in you should look to Teleport behind them and try to save your bot lane by forcing enemies to back off or pick up a few kills for yourself and the team. You can also tell your bot lane to put a deep ward in the enemy bush for you to Teleport

Later on in the late game whenever your Teleport is up and you are able to 1v1 the enemy top laner you should be split pushing lanes and using your Teleport to join your team if a teamfight starts. By doing so you apply pressure and either A) get to destroy turrets B) get yourself in a favorable matchup where you can threaten to kill the enemy laner over whom you have an advantage C) attract the attention of two or more enemy champs, in which case your team is left with a number advantage of 4v3. Either way, all of these cases are good to you and split pushing allows you to get a full lane of cs instead of sharing with your team at mid or bot lane.

Spell 2: Option 2: Ignite
If you are mid you should be taking Ignite 95% of the time. Ignite just adds a ton of kill pressure, especially early on in the laning phase. It just adds an extra bit of dmg when you are going all in. Try to only use Ignite when you are sure the dmg will be enough to kill the enemy. Also keep in mind if the enemy has any shields or heals. The only time where you should be using Ignite early is if the enemy has some sort of heal because Ignite reduces healing.

Spell 2: Option 3: Exhaust
The final option for your second spell is Exhaust which should be taken if you are mid and against assassins such as Talon, Zed or Yasuo. Exhaust works well against these types of champs because it reduces their dmg dealt by 40% for 2.5s. All you have to do is Exhaust them once they go all in. By doing so they won't be able to do any significant dmg to you at which point you can either run and successfully escape or turn back on them and kill them.

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Laning Phase

The laning phase is probably the most difficult of all phases while playing Jayce, especially if you fall behind however, if played right you can zone and bully your opponent off cs to gain small cs advantages and even get a few solo kills.

While spending time on your lane you will spend about 95% of the time in Mercury Cannon stance. The reasoning behind this is that being ranged allows you to easily cs from a safe distance while also being able to bully the enemy. The only times where you should be in Mercury Hammer are when the enemy is gone and you are pushing, the enemy is not being aggressive and you can melee cs safely or finally when you are going all in. The reason why you should try to get as many melee autos on minions as possible is because of your Lightning Field / Hyper Charge passive that gives you mana on hit. Just make sure to not get too greedy with this passive.When it comes to bullying or trading with the enemy you should be as aggressive as possible but only when you know it is safe to do so.

You should always be asking yourself these questions:

    -Can I actually win trades?
    -How much dmg do I do?
    -How much dmg does he do?
    -Are his abilities on cooldown?
    -Where is the enemy jungler?
    -Where is my jungler?
    -What sums does he have up?
    -Is my flash up?
    -It it ok to play passive and outscale?
    -Should I be agressive because he outscales me?
    -What items is he building, any item power spikes?

Another thing to consider is whether you should be pushing or freezing the lane. For those of you who are unfamiliar, pushing a lane is where you are constantly auto attacking and using your abilities to kill the enemy minions as fast as possible while freezing is holding a wave a it's current position by only last hitting minions at the last second.

Advantages of pushing/freezing:

The advantages of pushing a lane are that you deny the opponent farm by shoving your minions in his turret to be killed, put pressure and threaten to kill enemy towers and finally you are attracting the attention of the enemy jungler which reduces the likelihood that he will gank your other friendly lanes.

On the other hand freezing a lane can be useful because it keeps the wave closer to your tower meaning the opponent laner has to overextend to get cs while at the same time your are close and safe near your turret.

How to push/freeze lane:

As mentioned above, pushing is killing the enemy minions as fast as possible. When it comes to pushing, Jayce is a great lane shover. with 6 abilities he can usually kill the entire wave with one rotation of his abilities. You should always try to use your Shock Blast, To The Skies! and Lightning Field on clumped caster or melee minions and then do the last hitting with your autos. If two or more minions are about to die at the same time you can always use your Hyper Charge or Thundering Blow right after your autos to get all the cs.

Freezing on the other hand is extremely simple, all you do is last hit at the absolute last [/color]second. If the enemy wave is about to crash into your turret you can kill a few minions or tank the wave until your next wave comes.

When to push or freeze:

Early on I usually freeze. I only push when I am winning my 1v1 match up and I know I can push safely. I always consider who the enemy jungler is and where they are on the map. If my Flash is down I usually freeze. However, when the the enemy leaves lane you should always push. Later on after level 6, you should always push 24/7 no matter what. Denying a few extra cs just ain't worth the overall pressure that you could be putting. In higher elo's almost everything revolves around land pressure.

During the laning phase you should also be looking for Teleport ganks in bot lane. However, with all the Teleport nerfs it now takes 4.5 secs to tp as opposed to the 2.5 and 3.5 sec tp's of the past. Because of this I always use my first Teleport as well as most my following ones to go back to lane to build up cs advantages and put pressure.

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Mid Game

At this time you will be constantly pushing your lane you will have slight gaps of time to do things while your opponent laner is catching the wave at his or her tower. The first thing you should always do is walk out of enemy sight. By doing this you can scout for enemy Vision Ward while also forcing the enemy to spam the Mia ping which forces the opponents in other lanes to play passive. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing and guessing where missing opponents are.

The next option to do during this time is to actually go roaming for kills or objectives. Some things you can do include:

    -Go roam bot
    -Go roam top
    -Go roam mid
    -Sneak a Scuttle
    -Get the Rift Herald
    -Assist your jungler in invading
    -Go for your or the enemy's raptors (if you are mid)
    -Get drag with friends (although only do this if you know it's safe)

Mid Game is mainly the time where 2, 3 or 4 man skirmishes occur. Assassin Jayce is especially good when it comes to picking enemies in these fights since it is around this time that he hits his Youmuu's Ghostblade and Muramana powerspikes. Getting kills during the early and mid game is really good on assassin Jayce since this playstyle is ridiculously snowbally.

Another extremely important thing to note is the fact that when you do manage to get a kill or two, you should always look towards getting objectives after that. Just wiped out their bot? Time to go for a drag. Killed the enemy mid laner as your jungler ganks? Get that turret first blood gold. Anyways, you get the point. Always look to capitalize on enemy's faults. IT also doesn't have to be kills. Sometimes it can be things like the enemy jungler getting spotted by a deep ward in their jungler which can lead to your team taking a drag, turret etc.

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Late Game/Team Fights

Late Game

In later stages of the game you are your team should always be grouped as 5. The only exception is if you have your Teleport up and are split pushing in the side lanes. Then as a team you have a couple of options:

    -Elder drag
    -Going for picks
    -Actual team fighting

Note: There will always be times where you disagree with your teammates on what to do however, just go with this one rule, Go with the flow. Even if you are right, it's usually best to just go with whatever the team wants to do. Staying grouped ensures that you won't be picked. We all know how frustrating it is when a teammate dies off alone in some pointless solo mission.

Jayce is dah mastah when it comes to sieging turrets. You can constantly spam your Acceleration Gate -> Shock Blast poke combo with all the mana you have to constantly keep opponents at low health and if you do get a small opening to do some dmg on a turret you can hit it with a Auto attack -> Hyper Charge -> 3 Auto attacks for a quick succession of 4 autos to deal massive dmg almost instantaneously.

Playing from behind (Defending and Looking for picks):
Sometimes your team will unavoidably fall behind, after all you can't win all laning phases and mid games. When this does occur, you should ask yourself this question. Is my team comp based around 5v5 head on fights or is it better at getting picks. In general tanky champs with aoe abilities like Amumu or dps champs like Kog'Maw are built for late game team fights. If your team has a strong scalling 5v5 you should look to either stall the game and if you do fight, make sure that it is the enemy who is fighting you under your turrets.

On the other hand if your team has champs like Thresh, Blitzcrank or Twisted Fate that have good single target abilities made for picking off targets who are not grouped, you are your team should stay grouped and actually use these champs to go for picks. Even if the overall enemy team is ahead, all it takes is one of them to be picked off quickly which can lead to objectives. Good champs for getting picks also include assassin champs with good single target burst dmg like Zed or LeBlanc or even Jayce

Baron/Elder Drag:
Alright, there are a couple of main factors that push towards your team doing Baron / Elder Dragon and those are:

-Your team just aced or killed the majority of the enemy team
-Your team is overall ahead of the enemy team and has a better team fight
-Your team has better vision control of the Baron / Elder Dragon
-Your team has very high dps and can melt Baron / Elder Dragon
-The enemy team is elsewhere on the map and you can kill Baron / Elder Drake before they arrive

Also here is a list of the priority of objectives:
    -Top/Bot lane inhibitor
    -Mid lane inhibitor
    -Elder drag (can be better than Baron if you already have lots of drags)
    -Second or higher tier turrets or first blood turret
    -4 Elemental drags
    -Rift Herald
    -Tier 1 turrets

Dragon tier list:

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-Jayce sux
-I doubt you read all of this
-Here is my so you can see how washed up and rusty I am nowadays

Link to my OP.GG