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Kindred Build Guide by Adynimis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adynimis

6.3 Kindred - Go Big or Go Home ADC/Midlane/Jungle Guide

Adynimis Last updated on February 24, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Kindred with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe You are able to execute your bust easier than her and towerdive when shes low.
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Heyo! This is Adynimis here (Adinymis IGN) and welcome to my first guide!!! I have loved Kindred <3 Since her release. I loved her kit, her lore, and concept. So i played the **** out of her. And eventually i learned her so much i got bored with her. (So sad T_T) So i came back to make a Guide on her. Hope you enjoy it!
(This is in the process of being updated Visually and content wise.)

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must. As a general rule, every ADC should have it.
Heal: Definitely needed. When preforming those ballsy plays, and you need to win a trade, Heal is your best friend.
Ignite: A subsitute if your support is a healer like Soraka, Sona, or Nami.
Teleport: Another subsitute. If you feel like you have a good matchup and can win your lane, you can take this to be more mobile.
Ghost: Sometimes used instead of Flash because it has a lower CD, you can trade it for Flash, but i dont reccomend it.

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Items And Build Order

Build Order
:You want to get on your first back B. F. Sword and if you can Boots of Swiftness. Next rush into a lifesteal item ( The Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King).Next follow up with Berserker's Greaves. Situationally you could build another Lifesteal if you are behind, or if you are ahead go with Statikk Shiv , Rapid Firecannon, or Infinity Edge. Next Phantom Dancer or Maw of Malmortius if you are ahead. Then Infinity Edge and Essence Reaverfor the end. This Build order can vary depending on Matchups, and situational needs of you and the team. The next Sections will be in my intended order.

The reason I like this item over The Bloodthirster is that it helps to proct a lot of things on Kindred. The bonus attack speed as a first item will make it easier to prot Mounting Dread, Kindred's 'E'. Additionally, because the branches are easier to build, you dont have to worry about being behind if you happend to need to recall. The passive on Blade is very similar to Kindred's own passive, making this a very synergetic item. The active on Blade is also good for up close encounters where you need that extra edge. The fact that you can steal life in the form of an active allows you to increase the amount of initial burst damage.

You need Boots of Swiftness. Plain and simple. Kindred is all about the hunt, so how can you hunt someone if your not fast enough, added on to the fact that this item gives you attack speed is a must have. You dont have to rush the Alacrity enchantment but if you have spare gold after your 2nd or 3rd full item, buy it.

This is just a solid ADC item. Crit, Damage, Bonus Crit. Staple for every adc. This Procts well with Kindred's 'Q' Dance of Arrows. Each arrow applies on-hit effects. So if your chasing somone, and all 3 arrows hit the target, thats a lot of crit.

This is a great item. Once you get into midgame you will be spamming your abilities a lot, so this is quite helpful. It gives you the cooldowns you need withought having to shirk other items. Infinity Edge + Rapid Firecannon already gives you 20%+ CDR. And it restors mana as you crit. Soooo Helpful when you have to spam harrass against lane bullies.

Is such a great item. Because of its second Passive, you can win most trades against other ADCs. The attack Speed + Crit is just great. Its first passive grants movement speed, so its really helpful in the hunts.

Almost exactly like Statikk Shiv, Except that its released charges also damage structures. The reason I use this over Statikk Shiv is that with this build, you already have a **** ton of Crit, so the little passive isnt as Neccissary. This item is helpful in taking down towers, which i would rather have than criting minions.

Honorable Mentions:

A great standard item with most ADCs in general, but with Kindred, you want a mix of many things. And the whole kit with Blade of the Ruined King is just more synergetinc with Kindred's kit.

Not a bad item, although it did get nerfed, but not completly well on Kindred. Its too costly for it to put me ahead. I want Damage, Crit, and Attack Speed + 1 Lifesteal item. Sure it gives me all those minus Lifesteal and plus CDR, but the ideal build will be more synergetic, and this will muddle it up.

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Lets start off describing Kindred's Passive, Mark of the Kindred. Periodically throughout the match, Wolf will mark an enemy Jungle Camp. When you take the Large Monster of one of those camps, you will recieve a stack on Mark of the Kindred. upon reaching 6 stacks, the last Jungle mark will appear at the Baron Pit. That is the last possible Jungle Mark for you to get. After that, the only way to get stacks on your passive is to manually mark enemy champions, and kill, or assist in killing them. There is a cooldown between times you can mark a differnt champion, and a longer one for the same champion. You can use this marking to your advantage. Sort of like Poker, where you can bluff, and do something else, the same strategy could be applied to Kindred. You could be roaming, mark midlane, make the scared to advance, and instead, your ganking top. Mind games are a big portion to League gameplay. You can mark champions and reap the rewards as soon as you enter The Rift, and there is an infinite amount of stacks as far as i know. I havent gotten more than 15.

I like to take Wolf's Frenzy first because when you get into lane, you have this huge circle that you can engage LVL. 1, and kite around while dealing damage to the enemy ADC. But you wont use it much in lane unless you are comboing off or need to eleviate some preassure. At level 1, this wont do a lot of damage unless you take the Thunderlord's Decree route. <--Scares the **** out of the adc :D

Next you are gonna take Dance of Arrows, which is your main source of damage off of your skills. Each of the 3 arrows proct on-hit effects, and can target the same enemy, if there is only 1 in range. Its best not to use it in lane close to minions because if you are trying to go for the enemy Champions, you will most likely hit a minion instead. You can hop over most walls with this Skill if you are right next to it, and is a great gap-closer and maker. Dance of Arrows has a two second CD when Wolf's Frenzy is active.

Mounting Dread is your next option left at that point. This is one of those ADC 'On every third auto...' skills, but is really good. Like i said, on every third auto, you will fill up the mark you placed on whatever target you put it on (Monsters, Minions, And Champions). The Next auto will unleash Wolf, and no matter the distance, Wolf will bite them in the *** (not really) but will deal a lot of damage. Mounting Dread also slows the target by 70% for 1 second once casted, so its really good for catching up to champs.

Lamb's Respite: This is probably the hardest skill to learn how to use. Lamb's Respite Makes it so all living units within Lamb's circle she creates cannot have their health lowered past 10%, and at the end, all things inside the circle heal for a flat amount. This can only be placed under an allied champion. This skill can be used to win in teamfights, escape, towerdive, and save allies. However timing is cruicial, and deciding when is an appropriate time to use it is key, and rather difficult. But through coordination with your team, this skill will win you games.

The order in which i would Max my skills is Q>E>R>W. When going in, the combo would be Q>E>W>Auto.

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The Ferocity tree + Warlord's Bloodlust is the clasic ADC Pick. While at the same time, Thunderlord's Decree is also seeing a lot of play on ADCs because of the insane bust damage it gives. This is the part of the guide where i say, its up to you to decide. Both options to the Mastery page are viable. But in my opinion, Thunderlord's Decree is the fun route, wheras Warlord's Bloodlust is more appropriate.

The reason i dont like useing Warlord's Bloodlust is that kindred already has a passive heal. Additionally you have health pots, Blade of the Ruined King with its lifestal and active.

Fervor of Battle isn't helpful to you because its generally better on fighters like Jax, Udyr, and Irelia. As for Deathfire Touch , your not making the best use of it because it also scales with your AP. Kindred is only AD, so this would be a waste. But wait, Thunderlord's Decree also scales with AP. So why Thunderlord's? because Thunderlord's has even scaling, can deals the damage in one instace, adding to bigger burst damage and quicker kills.

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I choose this set to pit you against the botlane. Lategame you are going to be squishy regardless. Your job is to deal a **** ton of damage and that's it. So I put The armor pen to give you that bit of 'True Damage' and the marks of damage for obvious reasons. The Quints are to help your 'E' and the Armor i split in that way so that you have a decent early game, and lategame in teerms of defense. I wouldnt put health, because you already have a passive heal, and on top of that your are just expected to be squishy. The glyphs could be switched for MR if the enemy team is heavily AP.

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Synergetic Champions

Here i will talk about champions that work well with Kindred and why.

Leona: Reason i like Leona with Kindred is that both Champs can initiate a fight in botlane easily. As well as Leona's Stun/Slow in conjunction with Kindreds slow, allows Kindred to successfuly finish her 'E', which is a large portion of the damage you are dealing.

Blitzcrank: This should be a given, but i decided to put him in here. His grab/knockup allows all the room you need to kill. However; Blitz tends to attract a lot of attention botlane soooo, up to you.

Thresh: Historically, grabbers, and pullers have been some of the best supports. Thresh is great with Kindred, because he allows her to towerdive easily, grab/slow enemies, dealsome damage, and use his ult to a great advantage. Flash-ulting as Thresh allows for a surprise the enemy team isnt ready for, and allows you some easy pickings.

As a general rule when asking for a support, but you dont know what they have, you want an aggressive champion with hard CC. This is of course based off of my playstyle, so if this doesnt suit you, change it.

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Pros/Cons to This Build/Champion


    Built-in Kiting
    Anti-Death ult
    Synergetic with many items
    Built-in Heal
    Counterd by ANY CC
    Requires a minigame like
Bard to make you stronger

Kindred scales well with this build
Syergetic with Kindred's character design
Procts well off of her Abilities

    Relatively defenseless
    lower amount of lifesteal than other builds.

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Thank you all for reading my Guide. Please, if you liked this, or if you benifited from this, please vote yes as it does help me out a lot. Thank you again! See you on the Rift!