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Galio Build Guide by MotrColt

[6.4] Galio - "I Was Laning Against Someone?"

[6.4] Galio - "I Was Laning Against Someone?"

Updated on February 27, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MotrColt Build Guide By MotrColt 4,485 Views 0 Comments
4,485 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MotrColt Galio Build Guide By MotrColt Updated on February 27, 2016
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Why Play Galio?

Galio is the ultimate counter champion in the mid lane. If a champion deals primarily AP damage, Galio will do well against them, no exception. Add to this that Galio has arguably the best team fighting capabilities of any mid lane champion and you really have a powerhouse on your team. Riot makes up up for this by giving Galio and extremely weak early game (before first back), makinghis primary damage spell Resolute Smite (Q) difficult to land, and making him an extremely poor choice when lanning against AD champions.
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STARTING ITEMS - First buy items under all circumstances, unless you want to trade a mana potion for a health potion.

- Ability Power, Health, and Mana Regeneration. No reason to take any other item at the start of the game. Really need the mana regeneration from killing minions before we obtain our Chalice of Harmony. Boots to dodge skill-shots level 1 is not necessary, if you are worried about taking to much damage early just level Bulwark (W) level 1.

x2 - Once you have enough mana to begin casting spells without worry, health potions become somewhat obsolete as you can heal up with Bulward (W). Taking a mana potion in place is a viable option.

- With no escapes, other than minor speed burst from Righteous Gust (E), and Galio's natural tendency to want to push, using your ward early and often is completely necessary.

EARLY ITEMS - Every single one of these items, with the exception of boots, provides Galio with a good sized power spike in lane. As soon as you pick up your Chalice and Negatron Cloak, you go from being losing lane to a significant counter vs alll squishy AP champs.

- If you can't pick this up on your first back you will be in a terrible spot. Nonetheless if you do find yourself backing super early, pick up the Faerie Charm components before the Null-Magic Mantle.

As soon as you pick up this item your gameplay shifts 100% and Galio starts to feel like Galio. You go from an easy target to someone with kill potential. Begin using your Resolute Smite (Q) to poke a little more, Q + E on caster minions to push the lane if you are nearly full on mana, as well as your W to stay near full health. Be careful though as this item doesn't give you will still encounter mana problems quite quickly if you spam your spells every CD.

- Want to pick up as your first item after Chalice. With 25 MR from Chalic and 40 from Negatron Cloak, you can start to shrug off your opponent's damage and should be winning every trade. Can often heal up two of your opponent's spells with a single Bulwark (W) and start to demoralize them into not poking as much.

- At this point you should start to be giving your opponent significant problems in lane and may will likely attract a gank. Need to have Tier 1 Boots at this point to be able to have some amount of safety vs ganks as well as navigate skill-shots in lane.

- Pick up before Abyssal Scepter if you are having a good time in lane. Should no longer have mana problems after picking up Athene's and are able to spam poke against your opponent, push waves with your Q + E, and stay at max health at all times with your W. 20% CD is HUGE as you should be looking to make a play with your Ultimate everytime it is off of cooldown, whether it is killing their mid-lane or ganking top or bottom. Nice chunk of AP to where your damage should start to spike with your AoE spams.

This item does not however provide us with any of our favorite stat, MR. For this reason only pick this item up before Abyssal Scepter if you know you are at 0 risk of dying to your opponent 1 on 1 mid lane.

- Galio's signature item, has everything that makes Galio who he is as a champion. Good chunk of Magic Resistance to make you tanky vs AP champions combined with a hefty amount of AP both from the item as well as your passive. Reduces enemy champions MR which doesn't just help your damage but the rest of your teams.

With this item you should be able to stomp any AP champion on the map. Combine this with your non-existent mana problems now that you have Athene's and you are probably at Galio's strongest Power Spike of the game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MotrColt
MotrColt Galio Guide
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[6.4] Galio - "I Was Laning Against Someone?"

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